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  1. Now that's the talk right there, you and me brother/sister/other.
  2. Actually your observation on the octopi is astutely concise in it's origin, a lot of science has come to the conclusion it does not fit well with other species on planet stupid.
  3. Well i'm bored again, ho hum, apparently daleP is sitting on some uber secret and likes to play games with it!
  4. China also and a plethora of other bandits.
  5. And I suppose you are banging on about the dig tool that comes with your operating system is that it?
  6. Fukin hell, it's easier to get blood out of a stone with you, what are we digging for, any clues your highness.
  7. Yes I have I just wrote one so fuk you, pah more going on in this head than you could ever dream of, anyway I am not here for Quantum rabbit holes that lead nowhere, you said dig which = mining which = btc, no?
  8. No that should be diluting away your worth.
  9. Good point, but when you realise that the whole of parliament has been over run by a foreign power and has become treasonous, treacherous and traitors to the people of Britannia, you will then realise the current idiot don't have a clue.
  10. And as far as fluffy sniper bunnies go I like this one...
  11. And I think I have met someone more lunatic than I am, so any clue on this dig we are supposed to be doing or are you just full of coffolloxs like the news.
  12. Well good luck with your Quantum rabbit hole and don't forget to take a ball of string with you, simple technological gizmo's often are the most reliable.
  13. So what am I digging for and where shall I start this dig, is it a dig fest or summat.
  14. I am not having you on as you say, this is not a joke I am discussing here although I do see the punchline of it and that's you and I, and all the other stupids on planet stupid.
  15. Go and dig what exactly, I stand my ground based on truth.
  16. Oh I have learned to use my emotions very effectively and very loudly, because when you say something that can not be successfully twisted into their corner, particularly in public, the wankers run for the hills and think twice about coming back.
  17. But that has been the endeavor through history, how do you keep your wealth private and not have it lose value overnight, rendering the whole process moot.
  18. Awww, you miss out on having fun
  19. Mmmm I prefer the direct approach to some pedophilic mentality that thinks they can do what ever they want to you/me and tell them to fuk off.
  20. I got as far as David Cameron and thought mind fuk unit, welcome to UK-ULTRA please fasten your seat belts as the driver knows fuk all about what he is doing or going.
  21. Do what I did to the Conservative canvasser that knocked on my door and tell them that the only thing you will be voting for is for all the current sitting MP's to be arrested and put before Judge and Jury for what they have done to us and then slam the door in their face, no need to be polite about it when expressing your right to free speech.
  22. Can you expand a little on nudge unit, I have not heard this term before.
  23. And that would be so secure that not even you could enjoy said wealth for fear of exposing where your wealth is hidden?
  24. who is going to claim an infringement on me when I haven't even made a profit off of it? Are you sure about that?
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