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  1. First comes denial, then the bleedin obvious.
  2. So I think it is important to remember that a lot of people did their bit when called voluntarily and not hold it against them, and a fair number of people that I am aware of are outright refusing the third shot to the head, there's still light in this thing/nightmare.
  3. Yes, and yours amuses me no end.
  4. Please do not forget the advocate system in use of placebo's, and I am leaning toward the 8% of the lulu juice employed, based on some documents I found.
  5. MMM, loads of loot at his house, so I heard on the grape vine
  6. I never trusted the broadcasted numbers but I have to say from straw poll tests of talking to people I thought they could be accurate'ish.
  7. How does that old saying go, something like, if one person is doing it, it means thirty are thinking it, could of got this muddled up.
  8. As Mr O'Looney says and I have said the same, when these children are being born around about the nowish and into January, think Thalidomide, good bye Government time for a good clear out of that house and a damn good disinfection, as that's the real disease epicentre, fresh elections and a good kick off/kick in the teeth.
  9. And six million people who can look another in the eye and say why did you do it, why did you submit to the fear porn so obviously portrayed in the media and then went to get stabbed up as I DID NOT and they will look at you and go "have we been lied to", BINGO.
  10. Excellent IF YOU ALLOW IT point of note quote, forget the others in the room all they are doing is spinning their FEAR PORN in the hope of more stupids on the pay roll.
  11. And please don't forget the twenty year cycle that is on going.
  12. And I say fuk the lot of you treasonous traitors in Government, the LAW is to protect our FREEDOMS and any law that goes against this notion must be put down and not tolerated as it's tyranny!
  13. Okay, you do know that all transmissions over the net from way back to windows 95 has been stored eternally and nothing ever got deleted, you do know this.
  14. Hey daleP, let me ask you something about the net?
  15. Dam it i have nudge unit running all over my brain, thanks sheepy.
  16. Ah, speak easy anyone with jazzed up lemonade.
  17. Congratulations daleP you found the swimming baths
  18. Nah, it's all smoke and mirrors, these are just fall guys, bag holders if you will, someone to point the finger at but not them.
  19. Yes no one is listening any more.
  20. Mmmm, need to dig up more nonsense from daleP, works both ways, ya kno.
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