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  1. And this highlights very eloquently the debate that there are Jews all over the place running everything and even hiding under your bed debate, which I think is just a distraction from the real truth, which is you do not need much of an organisation to bend the world to your crooked finger.
  2. Please remember that all transmissions across the net are stored and never deleted, you can argue that it is just DATA, but it can and will be used against you at anytime by any entity that wants to pick a fight by SPINNING it in their favour, hence the bullshit we are going through right now on planet stupid.
  3. I am absolutely in agreement here, this is an open debate utilising free speech, and if the morons who think they are running this country want to jump in, I say jump right in and tell us where we are going wrong, I bet they will not though because they are afraid of losing a debate!
  4. Correction nazi bot, that should be JEWvenile, giggety.
  5. It happened just after i posted the Aids-Covid piece I found wandering around the netsphere as you do, can not say there is a relationship of the two though.
  6. you do realise that 99.99% of the worlds population are only interested in getting on with their lives without being pestered by the 00.01% fuking them in the arse all the time!
  7. No just expand a little that there always has been a group working for it's own means and playing the sad old game of, hey stupids look over here, but never look over there because I am picking your pocket and playing with your trouser snake at the same time and too dumb to realise it, type of game.
  8. I am saying who is it behind the curtain that sets everything up in advance so that there is always a fall guy, no?
  9. Agreed, kill the tank is the first objective and then look for survivors, if any, hmmm that looks painfull, regardless of who you are.
  10. Agreed, and I bet we could find a common thread weaving it's way through all denominations that has nothing to do at all with any of them.
  11. God I hate this term along with Efficacy, deep state, kyc, Illuminati, gas lighting, newbie and other such nonsense use of the English language that I have been exposed to, I may start another thread of 'Things I truly hate having been exposed to the netwebby of thingamajigs!'
  12. And what the Vatican had no say in any of this? There are no other organised groups? The man behind the curtain only exists in OZ? I never mentioned HATE at all, merely that the McCarthy years of looking for boogie men is in full effect?
  13. As in there are Jews under the bed everywhere, umm I do not subscribe to this theory, for the simple reason that if you are going to blow the head off a JFK, you must first have your LHO in play?
  14. It's a bit harsh though to lump all in one basket and use a ten foot wide tar brush to paint with, I mean even Mr Icke has pointed out that the, Canaanites then Hebrews then Israelite's and now jewish are not all of the same faction, they are in fact, if you want to come closer to home to understand them, like the British whom an outside observer would use to describe, Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English in generalised terms, and they very much do not agree completely with each other about who they are!
  15. Agreed, but hey they will soon get sick of me and have no choice, I am going to watch the video you have posted, I have heard of this cycle but need a refresher course so thanks for posting.
  16. Oh it does make me laugh, since joining this forum I have two nutcase verdicts and just received one point for spamming, how many points are required for a full ban?
  17. This is something that goes back and forth a lot in my head, I mean what's the obsession of measuring absolutely everything, what's going on here, for me I can just use my thumb and say, yep happy with that, crap innit.
  18. And exactly what purpose of EXISTENCE is achieved if it is filled with trees and nothing else.
  19. I know where you are coming from on this but I have to disagree here as thinking and observing nature turns what is essentially DATA into INFORMATION, and that can not happen by a tree alone.
  20. No there is a difference in concept between how the Scientific God is used and the belief notion of God described in books such as the Bible and others.
  21. And can I add that if you are not serious of finding the truth and standing for the truth no matter what and this does include the jack boots knocking at your door, then burn your communications equipment never come back to this discussion and head on over to pepper pig world where you will be welcomed with open arms by our dear leader!
  22. This is very true as there is a verse describing that he wanted this cup removed from him, his destiny that must be fulfilled, I can not imagine the emotional trauma with in him at that point. A true Atheist does not dismiss the idea or notion of God, but can not understand the HOW of God, and without the how it makes no sense at all, and if trying to logically look through the optics of Science, then the whole thing is even more confusing, it is a conundrum, it is for the most part a philosophical argument with in the individual, and for me at least the philosophical debate between something and not nothing was won by the startling realisation of, I exist therefore I am, I have René Descartes to thank for this, but put slightly differently.
  23. My question is this why is the death rate proportional to those with aids and those without?
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