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  1. 9 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    are you sure that's what he is doing?


    i mean sacha baron cohen used to say that his 'ali g' character was mocking white people who engaged with black culture but to me he looked like he was mocking black culture whilst hiding behind a cover story


    I think you're both right:classic_biggrin:

  2. 21 hours ago, Basket Case said:



    Very latest from SpaceBusters.. 


    How many dots do you want connected and explained ? 


    No virus - fake vaxxines - graphine dioxide - agenda 21 - NWO - transhumanism - and much much more. 


    A must watch in my opinion. 








    I watched this so thanks for posting and confirms a lot of my cynical suspicions, how much of it is true remains to be seen but I think a bet on this is a good one, going to link this in the milankovitch thread, people need to take note.

  3. 37 minutes ago, RobSS said:

    A lot of people don't really know why they had the vaccine. They think they do, but with a few Danny Shine questions, it quickly becomes clear that most people had it because they just did what they were told or because they were following what everyone else is doing. They didn't think it through, even though they thought they did



  4. 2 hours ago, ink said:

    So .... If we had phoned each other and now we are chatting .... I may say ....


    Hello, yes, yes, yes, no, good bye.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Mr Chinnery said:

    Doesn't surprise me. Labour and the left seem to be the most rabid vaccine and lock down fanatics.


    Screw labour, arrest the lot of them I say, then new elections with a government reminded of whom they serve!

  6. 5 minutes ago, Saved said:

    I keep coming back in my thinking to the person (forget who) on here that proposed the entire scam was going to be deliberately aired to all people via the mainstream (there is no other way) in order to make them mad with rage and bloodthirsty for justice. Politicians, celebrities, front men like Gates, Whitty, Vallance, media hacks like Piers Morgan all being hung out (maybe literally) to dry and destroyed.


    Watch the film Network the similarities are astounding and was made 1976.


    7 minutes ago, Saved said:

    They know full well what is going on. I got the impression watching that 5 minutes that these two have been chosen to both almost tell the truth and be a platform for it. Berrenson is effectively saying (I think) that the 'virus' is in the vaccine - if not an acutal 'virus' then the very thing that is going to and is killing people. Well that is what people on here have been saying for a very long time yet Berrenson talks as if it is a fresh revelation that came to him over his morning cornflakes


    Just another way of keeping the foot in the door that you know you want to slam in their face!

  7. 23 minutes ago, Mr Chinnery said:

    “If everyone who was offered a vaccine and booster would take it, the pandemic

    would be effectively over in richer countries,”

    Directed at the Mirror article and Polly 'muck face' Hudson


    So the 'pandemic' is only about money and lining your pockets with the momentum, and there is still money in the pot, aha, I see, yup worked that out two years ago!, a bit slow are you not dear Polly!


    23 minutes ago, Mr Chinnery said:

    The vaccine hesitant – those who are afraid, because they’ve genuinely fallen for untrue propaganda – need to be persuaded. The ­militant, rabid anti-vaxxers will never be persuaded, so they need to be forced."

    Directed at the Mirror article and Polly 'muck face' Hudson


    And I am one of what you call 'militant, rabid anti-vaxxers', but when you come for me, I will offer you the chance to listen as I tear you a new quantum rabbit hole with my words, and if this fails to thwart your clearly delusional violent state of mind of causing me harm and others, I am going to beat you mercilessly to within an inch of your life, why, because I love you!, and to remind you that TRUTH and LOVE always HURTS THE MOST WHEN YOU FUCK WITH IT!!!

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  8. 18 hours ago, Mr H said:

    If you watch Max Igan video today, he has a video with a missile hitting Tonga


    Which can also be explained by electrical potentials that exist from Earth to the Ionosphere, as the Earth is not only a motor but also a capacitor, so as tension builds before an eruption these electrical phenomena could look like something else.



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