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  1. False Emotions Articulating Reality
  2. Take note everyone there's a lot of good info in this video. direct link https://www.bitchute.com/video/jDkn7ruUIFuj/
  3. I watched this so thanks for posting and confirms a lot of my cynical suspicions, how much of it is true remains to be seen but I think a bet on this is a good one, going to link this in the milankovitch thread, people need to take note.
  4. Milgram experiment, because no one questions the reality confronting them.
  5. Canada for the win, ARREST THE GOVERNMENT
  6. bobb

    A Conversation!

    Hello, yes, yes, yes, no, good bye.
  7. Dammit you can't unsee it now, my eyes have been indelibly inked,
  8. Correction the caretaker in chief and sock muppet.
  9. I think they did include him in one but it's not exclusively about him will have to trawl through the back video's to find.
  10. You mean Ming the Merciless as correctly identified by the sheep farm boys. https://www.sheepfarm.co.uk
  11. This more than anything will be the moment the Earth stood still as we realise the full extent of what has transpired over the last two years, may God have mercy on us all!
  12. Yup did not remember the megaphone though, must be another example of the mandela effect....
  13. I think this is the same bloke that did this on the underground!
  14. Screw labour, arrest the lot of them I say, then new elections with a government reminded of whom they serve!
  15. Watch the film Network the similarities are astounding and was made 1976. Just another way of keeping the foot in the door that you know you want to slam in their face!
  16. I wonder if this is a glitch in the fear porn machine that no one has turned off yet and is still spewing nonsense.
  17. Directed at the Mirror article and Polly 'muck face' Hudson So the 'pandemic' is only about money and lining your pockets with the momentum, and there is still money in the pot, aha, I see, yup worked that out two years ago!, a bit slow are you not dear Polly! Directed at the Mirror article and Polly 'muck face' Hudson And I am one of what you call 'militant, rabid anti-vaxxers', but when you come for me, I will offer you the chance to listen as I tear you a new quantum rabbit hole with my words, and if this fails to thwart your clearly delusional violent state of mind of causing me harm and others, I am going to beat you mercilessly to within an inch of your life, why, because I love you!, and to remind you that TRUTH and LOVE always HURTS THE MOST WHEN YOU FUCK WITH IT!!!
  18. Not sure if this has been posted by the sheep farm boys who have made some splendid video's. https://www.sheepfarm.co.uk
  19. Which can also be explained by electrical potentials that exist from Earth to the Ionosphere, as the Earth is not only a motor but also a capacitor, so as tension builds before an eruption these electrical phenomena could look like something else. https://www.pnas.org/content/99/11/7352
  20. This is worth a watch and quite humorous, convid, 9/11 and flat Earth.
  21. Wow, the confidence in that statement!
  22. So who is it referring to, i'm assuming you mean prisoner of war and missing in action?
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