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  1. https://vimeo.com/648413041 https://vimeo.com/648410571
  2. Welcome. And your valuable input is welcomed.
  3. Not long ago a being in Cleveland, Ohio, termed rap artist, Drake, a modern day Dracula who sucked the energies out of his fans. People could not wrap their heads around this at the time but on November 5, 2021, Houston, Texas youth were made into believers. Drake and Scott claim that since Biden won his infrastructure bill there will be a NWO and the frequencies shall reign all across the globe. What is your take on human sacrifices in Houston on the above date? https://thephaser.com/2021/11/the-devils-frequency-a-concert-in-hell/ Do you think young people are waking up or are they now trapped on a vortex to which there is no escape?
  4. These events will sweep across the globe. They are taking nation by nation. But what's really terrirfying is that things which go bump in the night have had encounters with humans. This information is not being shared by news outlets. https://www.zerohedge.com/energy/india-faces-rolling-blackouts-coal-shortage-forces-power-plants-adopt-emergency-measures
  5. The U.S. Supreme Court just ruled in favor police and their inexplicable acts. This is just one case, but a cop claiming that a dog was a threat shot and killed a man's dog while driving and shooting towards house. Children could have been killed and every power source claimed the shooting was justified. https://fox8.com/news/officer-shoots-kills-family-dog-who-charged-at-him-during-arrest-warrant-search-in-cuyahoga-falls/ Then the Obama appointed judge gave victory to all women who feel that have the right to sleep with anyone they choose, but if they should get pregnant its okay to kill the life. Wisemen and women say that these murders are offerings to sumerian gods that is taking full control of earth. https://www.activistpost.com/2021/10/the-police-states-reign-of-terror-continues-with-help-from-the-supreme-court.html Now check this out. It was a fact that fake people was being used to carryout events which would take away the rights of Americans and cast them into camps or have them killed. This is the way of communism. Also, the feds have now shown the world that the faked events and are placing people on a kill list who looks up the fake victims. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/keyword-warrants-feds-secretly-ordered-google-track-anyone-searching-certain-names. Now the U.S. government and police are pushing the communist agenda with full force. This time next year I hear many people living now will not be living. And this includes over 75% of those accepting the vaccines.
  6. https://darkoutpost.com/on-our-next-show/dark-outpost-live-10-05-2021-covid-vax-creating-black-eyed-children/
  7. https://www.bitchute.com/video/kfpY4QGkEzqS/
  8. These satanic secret societies are everywhere and many if their offspring is within every facet of society. Many of these humans, if you want to call them this, were mentally groomed about these times years ago. They only fed this rhetoric into the hearts and minds of others for decades. Bow there is an army of people preparing for battle against one another. Red October is going to be something. Obama went to other countries saying that Caucasians in America were evil and racist. It was said Trump turned Caucasians against people of color. Bow Biden an Fauci, to name a few, claim that the greatest threat is the unvaxxed. There are three wars taking place on American soil from this rhetoric. Other things are being combined which is sending people over the top. We have seen a lot of changes in our state each time they promulgate that thousands of people were getting sick daily. We even visited some of the hospitals and found that they were not as filled up as reported. But millions are believing the lies which is why the U.S. is about to burn. It's crazy.
  9. Please don't close your eyes to CERN. This is the same device that was portrayed in the 1st movie of the Hellboy series. Malevolent entities are appearing from other dimensions and is playing major roles in the destructions. Seal your solar plexus Chakra by eating right, meditating regularly, and burning sage and other spiritual things. These beings are taking over the bodies of those who leave themselves open or physically receptive. The choice is yours because the possessions will get closer to home the more people are vaccinated with nanoparticles. And just as smart phones steal the consciousness of humans sealing a fate for them that ends up with them, after dying, entering some mechanical device, so is nanoparticles mechanical devices which harness the life force from within. You could be a walking dead or cyborg.
  10. After the gas shortage you may be casted into darkness. Humans don't realize that at some point in our history we had to mental and physically fight the invaders. That time is now but by the invaders controlling everything people are afraid of lose. So they are consenting to dehumanizing conditions which allows further disappearances of their so-called human rights. In other words it going to get a lot harder to survive. We must go back to the natural order of things when there was no use for gas. This is the only way Mother Earth will recognize that you are not part of inharmonious energies. People in your land may have to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their children's survival and future from tyranny. Just food for thought.
  11. It will be wise for people to see the movie by Stephen King called "Desparation." The force of the Chinese will completely take over the U.S. and human lives mean nothing to them. Tak.
  12. We are living in times where we may have to somewhat distance ourselves from our loved ones. The reason I say this is because when we choose to deal with doctors and nurses who have made deals with the devil it is they, after being schooled, decide the fate of us or our loved ones. Natural remedies is the only way. All food is contaminated, water is contaminated, washing powder is contaminated, and even the air we breath is contaminated. There will be casualties. I am a military veteran and I know for a fact that the U.S. government can inflict anyone they choose with cancer tumors in the place of their choosing. Drink plenty of alkaline water and try to fast without eating any food for 30 days. Your immune system will become super charged. However, the only thing we will have to be concerned about is the upcoming roundups if they are successful with convincing most of the population to vaccinate. May your mother relax on the plane of force because she is dealing with problems there as she dealt with then here. Onward and upwards.
  13. When you were a child if your mother didn't keep her placenta then there is a chance that as you grew up your genome got changed. If that be the case then there is some cause to worry because each shot or vaccine does something different. You have what's known as flora which is a fungus or bacteria we all possess. You have both good and had flora. However, certain vaccines change you mRNA and depending on your immune system determines your chance of survival. Many people have had their hearts explode, many developed illnesses like Bells Palsy, some men had their testicle grow enormous sizes and became impotent, and others died from complications. Noone can tell you if you will survive or not but the plan is to kill out over 70% of the human population so you do the math. There is a new breed or species amongst us to take the place of humans when most of us die or expire. Ever wondered why they were building condos in every city and many towns which is to expensive for the natives of the area to afford? Think about it. Also, think about your connection to your anestors. I had a friend who took one of the vaccines and bow he is mechanical. He can make his phone turn on and off without even touching it. The nanoparticles within some of the vaccines are small mechanical devices controlled by mother computers and other devices. Are you afraid of dying? I say this because most of the population is submitting to the vaccines for fear of being shut out of society. So they are dying by the thousands right now which isn't being covered by news media's. And for those who have live streaming factual knowledge, as Obama put it, they are being degraded and then destroyed. This is why Obama just came back on scene due to enough people having their fate decided by their leaders being threatened. Just make a decision that's right for you. Noone on this site know of your genome and cannot accurately tell if you will survive.
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