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  1. THX Labrats this sounds very much like the inner workings of these groups. THX 4 sharing.
  2. Thanks you for your positive input, it maybe sometime that will take a bit of practice would you have any books upon the topic to recommend to me . Take care.
  3. Hi, Thanks for all your kind supportive words, the so called 'Hallucinations' sounds like chavy locals playing 24/7 mind games like a Twitter storm attempting to project negative content on to you, like a sick game, you know intuitively know you're being f@@ked with as it carries all the same traits and methods of emotional abuse, entrapment attempts seeking unhealthy attachment to their projections, this also is validated by locals sniffing around you when out in public or out side of your bedroom window or bathroom. You may see bright laser pen like lights following your line of sight, along with their shadows as the street light reflects their presence. I sometimes think this is a new form of cyber crime which gets misconstrued as mental illness being the main goal of participating parties attempts to gaslight an unwanted person just attempting to live their life and co exist with these strange like pursuits of this network of perp's narco form of entertainment. Like Molka or revenge porn with negative outcomes for their chosen scapegoat.
  4. I want to ask the moderator to review this content to see if this forum is the correct platform for the type of content. Thank You.
  5. I really enjoyed reading this post some great points being made.
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