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  1. This is an interesting article about the uncanny nature of this disease or experience, as it's the only known human disease to have the ability to mob up upon the intended recipient with quite a good common of English and an awareness of cyber abuse trends, as no other disease can achieve this quite as well as this one. Please feel free to read the post and think for yourself. https://www.thesocialcontract.com/pdf/twenty-three/tsc_20_3_wilcox_defamation.pdf An important rule in ritual defamation is to avoid engaging in any kind of debate over the truthfulness or reasonableness of what has been expressed, only condemn it. To debate opens the issue up for examination and discussion of its merits, and consideration of the evidence that may support it, which is just what the ritual defamer is trying to avoid. The primary goal of a ritual defamation is censorship and repression. • The victim is often somebody in the public eye— someone who is vulnerable to public opinion—although perhaps in a very modest way. It could be a schoolteacher, writer, businessman, minor official, or merely an outspoken citizen. Visibility enhances vulnerability to ritual defamation.
  2. THX Labrats this sounds very much like the inner workings of these groups. THX 4 sharing.
  3. This is not a fanatical or conspiracy lead post but based upon my personnel experience's of actually living through this type what seems like a coveted attempt of harassment and character assassination of one singled out outcast within a very subtle form of mobbing. I wondered if due to the close approximation of a well know mental institution as well proof of an historic child abuse trafficking ring coupled with various noticeable cliques from cowboy builders ripping home owners off, a band of twisted neighbourhood watch types routinely performing acted out fake situational events, spoiled chav causal types ruining around mobbing weak less than them individuals, battle axe what's app groups hunting unwitting suspects for violations imagined by the group members. Would the existence of students from this sort of social media abnormality generation be conducting hidden case studies upon the registered voices hears themselves. Due to the fact that if we speak up or point this staged co-ordinated events out we will be cul de sac into accusations of being delusional, nutty, unhinged. If we post our honest opinions or detail our analyses of how this does indeed come across we will be unduly subject to censorship, editing and banning simply for recanting a personnel preceptive, seeking advice or supportive networks during an national so called Lockdown, ( of which is another caveat in it's self) so we are sort of triangulated by covert actions set in place against us, what if were black or of an ethnic background or survivors of sexual abuse known about within the local area. Would this be acceptable to subject someone who was only attempting to high light this within my view very valid points to VH, and Gaslighting, Gang stalking and even the possibility that we hear voices due to it being forced upon us by way of EH. So, would this be largely down to the ambient abuse cased by the exposure of assaults or routinely carried out by ungraduated students performing what's cased hidden case studies with psychiatry to test how we response to perceptual threats or deniable testimonies of targeting. Within my personnel view point this seems to be the most plausible answers out there, of why this could be taking place. What would be the thoughts of others.
  4. Thanks you for your positive input, it maybe sometime that will take a bit of practice would you have any books upon the topic to recommend to me . Take care.
  5. Hi, Thanks for all your kind supportive words, the so called 'Hallucinations' sounds like chavy locals playing 24/7 mind games like a Twitter storm attempting to project negative content on to you, like a sick game, you know intuitively know you're being [email protected]@ked with as it carries all the same traits and methods of emotional abuse, entrapment attempts seeking unhealthy attachment to their projections, this also is validated by locals sniffing around you when out in public or out side of your bedroom window or bathroom. You may see bright laser pen like lights following your line of sight, along with their shadows as the street light reflects their presence. I sometimes think this is a new form of cyber crime which gets misconstrued as mental illness being the main goal of participating parties attempts to gaslight an unwanted person just attempting to live their life and co exist with these strange like pursuits of this network of perp's narco form of entertainment. Like Molka or revenge porn with negative outcomes for their chosen scapegoat.
  6. I want to ask the moderator to review this content to see if this forum is the correct platform for the type of content. Thank You.
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