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  1. Within my understanding they are symbolic of how Cults work by gaining a belief and following based upon false doctrine and potentially damaging all who come into contact within the teaching.
  2. He was also a famous TI the FBI had him under surveillance and smeared him and Yoko.
  3. Over the years I have noticed a clear distinct pattern of almost actual behaviour to the nature of hearing voices, as though in real-time conversations with a person or persons. I would love to hear from anyone who has or can relate to these observations as in a relative model. In order to make it more digestible, I will list them as follows. 1) They (voices) use tactics to make you respond to them, as they(voices) are looking for a reaction or some kind of response, in order to form a type of repeatable trigger, the idea is to use anything they (voices) can use to get you to engage within the conversation, it could be flattery, humouring you, or mostly using invasive insults directed at you. What stands out is the need for you to feed them with your acknowledgement or attention. 2)The use of negative psychological tactics like Bait & Switch, procuring a trigger or anchoring you to a word or phrase in order to torture you with said stimulus. This is known as anchoring. 3) They at times when grouped together use sort of Phishing tricks in order to extract information, emotionally groom you or try to psychological blackmail you, once successfully phishing you for weakness within your character, also even more noticeable is that combined the 'voices' have the characteristics of a sociopath. They will constantly goad and taunt you 24/7 even when in the bathroom, it's like being tied to a sex offender as they will use you as a common street drug. 4) The rate of volume differentiates between loud group mobbing's, to the single whispering of one voice reminiscent of a game of charades, whereby you have to finish off the last word or guess what they referring to. 5) The use of uncommon language or unknown vocabulary within the context of what's said by the voices, you would have to lock up the intended reference or veiled suggestion. 6)They are more frequent at night time when trying to sleep, also this can be accompanied by a feeling of lightness of your head like if drunk the night before, as well as a momentary blue flash of light like a spotlight or street light shone directly at you, are about to nod off. You notice out the corner of your eye. 7)The voices can comment on real-time events and things that you are doing, which makes you think you're being covertly filmed or spied upon. via bugs or hidden camera's. Mimicking abusive trends like Molka. 8) It always responses back to your inner speech or what's termed as sub-vocalisation or silent speech. This offend gets confused with actual thoughts a person is having, as most real cognitive thoughts are non-vocal, like moving your arm or moving your head from side to side. 9) There seems to be an ear or side of your head that is more broadcast-able, with me it's my left Ear. 10) They stop the harassment/broadcast when you take the meds.( Rohypnol) 11) The experience can include momentary Tinnitus which sounds like a very tonal high pitched tone, like what you hear when attending a hearing test at Hospital Audio-gram machine. 12) Some times the voices are 24/7 and last for a number of years and at other times it's reduced to none at all. 13) By its nature it mimics trolling culture and Twitter storms, also Snap-chat witch hunts mobbing campaigns. 14) They 'Voices' try to turn you into their plaything or play cat & mouse with you, by use of power and control manipulation mind games. They want you to be a controlled victim or abuse plaything.
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