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  1. I've been thinking lately about Filipino women when it dawned on me I don't know a single one without an old white husband...
  2. The first time I experienced sleep paralysis was the scariest moment of my life. It came out of the blue. There was nothing odd going on in my life for me to experience such a thing. I remember waking up, completely conscious, but unable to move. I remember being so scared my heart was pounding out of my chest and I was sweating profusely. After that, it happened a few more times over the next 6 months. One night I experienced it twice.
  3. All the European countries have shut down coal power plants and are heavily reliant on Russia for energy. 40% of Europe's energy needs comes from Russia through gas pipelines...it's nothing but suicide. Ukraine will be divided in two and everything will go back to 'normal.
  4. Are there any articles on Jewish ukrainian oligarchs funding the neo nazi groups in Ukraine?
  5. So apparently Brad Hazzard and Dom Perrottet have backflipped on making booster mandates for healthcare workers... I've been doing double shifts everyday anticipating the booster mandate...now I can relax...hopefully.
  6. I got the vaccine 6 months ago. I honestly feel healthier than ever.
  7. The booster is mandated in many industries already. My days at work are numbered....I can't wait to be stood down, it will be liberating. Thankfully with annual leave and then tax back at tax time I should be able to hold on for a while.
  8. The Health system is completely imploding in Australia at the moment and it's a large part due to the standing down of experienced nurses who declined the jab. I was silly enough to get the jab, but won't be getting the booster and they've mandated the booster now, we're just waiting for the date. They actually have covid positive staff working in hospitals and not just covid wards, because they won't have the unjabbed working. The unjabbed pose no threat - there's rat testing, full ppe, stay away if you have symptoms etc - they pose zero threat. People keep saying to me, would you want an unvaccinated person looking after a sick parent? I ask them, do they want no one looking after a sick parent? I've literally been working 15 hour days everyday recently because there's no staff...whether they've been stood down or have covid or just quit. I can't even begin to exaggerate what a crisis hospitals are in at the moment...some days 50% of the staff are not turning up.
  9. As of tomorrow, all NSW residents whether vaxxed or unvaxxed can do pretty much anything. Whereas in Queensland the unvaxxed are pretty much cut off from everything and that's 20% of the population. Can they even access hospital treatment? Watch the next week or two very carefully. My prediction has always been something happening in Queensland. I predict as people can now enter Queensland there will be a mass outbreak of the moronic variant in Queensland. They will use this against the unjabbed and try locking them up in Ana's concentration camps. This could be the breaking point...somewhere down in South East Queensland. It will definitely be a "domestic terrorist" situation. I wouldn't be surprised if there's two events - one where the ADF is called in as a distraction and the UN peacekeepers aka Chinese troops will be hunting down the unjabbed in Queensland.
  10. It's simple. Qld is 20% unvaxxed. This 20% can't do ANYTHING from next week. They are going to crack. Who knows throw a snap lockdown in just before Christmas and it's on. Complete anarchy. And let's be honest it's not going to be British troops rounding up unvaxxed Aussies or Kiwi troops rounding up unvaxxed Aussies. It's going to be Chinese.
  11. At this same place another person interviewed made stupid comments as well. I can't recall what but ill look for it.
  12. I can't help but think these state and territory dictators who are receiving condemnation around the world are serving the agenda. But not serving in the way we see. We see them as directly serving the agenda, but I can't help but think these despots have been informed to rule in such a way that we will eventually have UN troops here, then that is when we will really be lost.
  13. Someone told me many years ago the only way into Aussie politics is if you have a shady background. The shadier and more disturbing background and secrets you have, the higher you will be elevated. This was someone formerly apart of the Liberal Party. And it seems with the psychotic, unhinged, totalitarian and satanic behaviour coming from the Labor Party premiers they must surely have the most debauched and sadistic behaviour of all. Many Australian politicians are indeed sickos to put it in terms that won't get me arrested by their internet surveillance goons.
  14. Sometimes I go off on a tangent about certain things to people I know and they just stare blankly. Clueless.
  15. Australians are either suffering from Stockholm syndrome or they 100% support the agenda. Don't underestimate the latter.
  16. I must say its good the infrastructure is in place for when the roles get reversed. ;)
  17. Victoria is definitely at the forefront of the Commie-corporate takeover. The fines proposed on companies will be the absolute death of small business, and Dan already has his secret service goons going into small businesses persuading the business to let them be served without vax proof, then handing out penalties. This is going to eradicate any small businesses left. What is happening here is 100% a co-op between Bolsheviks and corporatists. If the Bolshies support the narrative 100% they get their bolshie laws, bolshie education, bolshie culture across the mainstream whilst the corporations takeover unopposed. The left and right have always been in this together. The one thing we can take comfort in is the entire parliament is illegal. They are secret agents/infiltrators who are illegitimate. They are making decisions for a fake country. All we need is our country back and this gets reversed.
  18. The Victorian dictator Dan Andrews is now hiring private contractors to go into small businesses and persuade them to supply services to them without checking papers, then fining the small businesses.
  19. Yep Tasmania...just after NT. The quite disconnected places no one really ever thinks about... Apparently legislation was passed last year regarding foreign military and police immunity...anyone have info on this? It won't be long before the unjabbed (taliban) are hiding out in caves on the Nsw/Qld border when the UN come to liberate the jabbed from the domestic terrorists.
  20. Absolutely 110% the original federated Australia ceased existence in 1973. From this point on the secret agents/politicians began swearing on "The Queen of Australia" which is a non existent entity. Previously they would swear on The Queen of UK, which is an office in the UK obviously. The highest office of Australia. Every politician who has been sworn in under the Queen of Australia is illegitimate. It is since this time Australia's interest has been completely corporate. Whether Australia actually is a corporation, I'm not 100% sure but it would seem that way given Australia's foreign policy is completely American and every single action is corporate. I would go as far as saying Australians born 1901-1973 and their descendants are displaced people and we need our own sovereign nation.
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