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  1. I can't help but think these state and territory dictators who are receiving condemnation around the world are serving the agenda. But not serving in the way we see. We see them as directly serving the agenda, but I can't help but think these despots have been informed to rule in such a way that we will eventually have UN troops here, then that is when we will really be lost.
  2. Someone told me many years ago the only way into Aussie politics is if you have a shady background. The shadier and more disturbing background and secrets you have, the higher you will be elevated. This was someone formerly apart of the Liberal Party. And it seems with the psychotic, unhinged, totalitarian and satanic behaviour coming from the Labor Party premiers they must surely have the most debauched and sadistic behaviour of all. Many Australian politicians are indeed sickos to put it in terms that won't get me arrested by their internet surveillance goons.
  3. Sometimes I go off on a tangent about certain things to people I know and they just stare blankly. Clueless.
  4. Australians are either suffering from Stockholm syndrome or they 100% support the agenda. Don't underestimate the latter.
  5. I must say its good the infrastructure is in place for when the roles get reversed. ;)
  6. Victoria is definitely at the forefront of the Commie-corporate takeover. The fines proposed on companies will be the absolute death of small business, and Dan already has his secret service goons going into small businesses persuading the business to let them be served without vax proof, then handing out penalties. This is going to eradicate any small businesses left. What is happening here is 100% a co-op between Bolsheviks and corporatists. If the Bolshies support the narrative 100% they get their bolshie laws, bolshie education, bolshie culture across the mainstream whilst the corporations takeover unopposed. The left and right have always been in this together. The one thing we can take comfort in is the entire parliament is illegal. They are secret agents/infiltrators who are illegitimate. They are making decisions for a fake country. All we need is our country back and this gets reversed.
  7. The Victorian dictator Dan Andrews is now hiring private contractors to go into small businesses and persuade them to supply services to them without checking papers, then fining the small businesses.
  8. Yep Tasmania...just after NT. The quite disconnected places no one really ever thinks about... Apparently legislation was passed last year regarding foreign military and police immunity...anyone have info on this? It won't be long before the unjabbed (taliban) are hiding out in caves on the Nsw/Qld border when the UN come to liberate the jabbed from the domestic terrorists.
  9. Absolutely 110% the original federated Australia ceased existence in 1973. From this point on the secret agents/politicians began swearing on "The Queen of Australia" which is a non existent entity. Previously they would swear on The Queen of UK, which is an office in the UK obviously. The highest office of Australia. Every politician who has been sworn in under the Queen of Australia is illegitimate. It is since this time Australia's interest has been completely corporate. Whether Australia actually is a corporation, I'm not 100% sure but it would seem that way given Australia's foreign policy is completely American and every single action is corporate. I would go as far as saying Australians born 1901-1973 and their descendants are displaced people and we need our own sovereign nation.
  10. Both federal and State parliaments in Oz are fraudulent. Quite literally. The Australian parliament has been fraudulent since 1973, when "elected" politicians started swearing on a non existent entity. All politicians since then have essentially been secret agents working for Australia as a corporation, not a country. They will never be served by law.
  11. The J people also played a huge role in apartheid South Africa, profited from it, then condemned it and fled. https://www.haaretz.com/opinion/.premium-s-african-jews-apologetic-abused-1.5357208 "Back then, it was schizophrenic: Jews helped to maintain apartheid out of all proportion to their numbers because they were so significant in commerce and industry. At its crudest level, a Jewish factory owner who had trouble with his black workers – who had no legal right to strike – acted like other whites and summoned the police who beat a few heads and ended the problem. So apartheid served the factory owner. Jews were also highly prominent as judges, lawyers, academics and doctors" Now innocent whites are being hunted down and killed whilst the Js are doing their same tricks in the countries they moved to. Their goal is to have every white country turn into South Africa.
  12. Scummo introducing anti troll legislation https://www.9news.com.au/national/australia-social-media-anti-troll-legislation-to-unmask-online-trolls/680a25ca-bbc5-4b88-9928-a54fa6bf4a0b
  13. I don't always put things the most eloquently but what I was getting at is only so many digits are guaranteed in a bank account.
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