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  1. I know all the rules, but the rules do not know me. I am going to send my shitty experiences to french embassy and english government. PCR tests are a red herring, we all know that. But after being informed that is hoop that is required to jump through, we do not expect a negative reaction to our negative covid test. Its nothing to do with english, french authorities, but the people who hold the strings. The truth will out ;-)
  2. 16th September 2021 car hire from Birmingham airport 14.52 hours, for 1 week rental. 16th September 2021 - PCR test 2 no. for travel to France. Negative PCR tests within 24hours of travel. 16th September 2021 Premier inn hotel booked for overnight stay for travel. 17th September 2021 DFDS car ferry from Dover to Calais 10.35 crossing. All the above were booked in advance. Negative PCR tests confirmed. We arrived at French customs on 16th September 2021 with all required paperwork, test results & passports. We followed all guidelines from UK government website for travel to France. We were turned away from travelling to France. We were going to visit Fiancee's daughter in Paris. My fiancee has French passport & is unvaccinated, but allowed to travel to France. I am a British citizen, unvaccinated but was refused entry to ferry at French customs. The only reason i was refused entry to France. Because I needed double vaccination! That is it, 2 injections or you are not allowed into France. So, PCR tests are a complete was of money(£300.00 for two) So after arranging all of the above, adhering to all guidelines, following advice from UK government website, 2 vaccines for British or non, not allowed in. We went to Cornwall for a few days. Just before, being in shock being turned away, we found a area by the white cliffs of Dover. We had a coffee, and a Spitfire flew directly over. I got to thinking and remembering all the sacrifices and suffering in ww2. And now, what was that all for, so we can be dictated by a bigger, more sinister plan from our governments. Confusing everybody to easily controlling them. That is not where I am coming from and not where my ancestors are from! Jason Sargeant 22nd September 2021
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