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  1. again how do they/you test to see if these were Real or perceived threats/dangers/risks ? don`t tell me you told them that every thing they thought was a threat was a threat FFS ???
  2. maybe Ti`s will realise why I so hard on TI`s about getting their facts and evidence correct as its so important https://thereporters.org/article/a-targeted-individual-follow-up/
  3. so it not about but some kind of spiritual possession and synchronicity like I keep saying YOU ARE NOT A TI .....clearly you are trolling or suffering from something else
  4. where you evidence for this ? or is this just a guess/speculation again the cars just pass you like any other car without a funny number plate nothing happens ... where you evidence for this ? or is this just a guess/speculation again
  5. that's Hollywood move about Spirit possession ..its nothing like "gangstalking"
  6. https://thesecretofthetarot.com/number-777/ I personally don`t believe in Numerology
  7. its more about the brain being a pattern detecting engine
  8. the big problem is "gangstatlking" has latch itself into the TI community and the TI community for many years has put public awareness and one off its to goals ..but the "gangstatlking" side of things has took of and be highly publicised and unfortunately discredits real TI`s and is a magnet for people actually suffering from mental disorders to claim they are "not mentally ill" but being "gangstalked" and therefore a TI
  9. again its not the number plate but what YOU or been manipulated to associate with it ..again gets complicated and don`t really want to explain psychological/mind control methods on this thread ...
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