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  1. https://thesecretofthetarot.com/number-777/ I personally don`t believe in Numerology
  2. its more about the brain being a pattern detecting engine
  3. the big problem is "gangstatlking" has latch itself into the TI community and the TI community for many years has put public awareness and one off its to goals ..but the "gangstatlking" side of things has took of and be highly publicised and unfortunately discredits real TI`s and is a magnet for people actually suffering from mental disorders to claim they are "not mentally ill" but being "gangstalked" and therefore a TI
  4. again its not the number plate but what YOU or been manipulated to associate with it ..again gets complicated and don`t really want to explain psychological/mind control methods on this thread ...
  5. again I used to fall for such mind games , again its exploiting the fact how you are unconventional attacked by invisible beams at distance ..you are hard wired to deal with local threat's like a predator jumping out of a bush ..flight or fight ...so your brain looking for "threats" or "pattern's" in your environment and also trying to make sense of it all who how why etc .....also they developed mind game as getting you to act erratic out in public/online , make false claims that can be used to discredit you and set you up for a delusion disorder ..... so common mind games are red cars , number plates , people parked up on their phone , head lights on the day time etc also synchronicity is a common ....normally when you look at a clock thou
  6. what do you think or suffer from seeing these numbers plates ....what harm do they do you ? what if you just ignored them ..and walked past them ?
  7. its probably not even Chinese .... https://www.defensenews.com/2022/08/11/uk-to-test-sierra-nevadas-high-flying-spy-balloons/
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