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  1. again interesting ..many Ti`s believe the area around them is being "vibrated" instead of them "there nervous system being hacked"..so this might be a way or give a us a idea how to measure such things
  2. TI`s who think there v2k is real people need to watch this and reassess there beliefs about AI /chatbots etc think about it once they have a AI or multiply Ai avatars set up .....it works out very cheap for them to use them on you ....far cheaper then paying teams of people to talk to you in real time ok all you need a descent pc and some software ..a few thousand £ or $ ....and it will work 24/7 ...
  3. New Age Voodoo & Shamans At Davos World Economic Forum 2022 Trump / Hugo Talks https://odysee.com/@hugotalks:8/You-Won't-Believe-This!-Hugo-Talks2:c
  4. You REALLY Won't Believe What The UK Govt Are Doing Now! / Hugo Talks https://odysee.com/@hugotalks:8/You-REALLY-Won't-Believe-What-The-UK-Govt-Are-Up-To-Hugo-Talks2:3
  5. These Tracking Links Reveal A LOT About You https://odysee.com/@NaomiBrockwell:4/Tracking-links:0
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