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  1. Also, to note cointelpro, zerzetig ,JTRIG and MKULTRA are all declassified real programs "gangstalking" is a slang term coined by victims themselfs that cherry-picks from other programs, but there are no documents ..its just what victims have pieced together https://network23.org/infiltrators/2015/03/02/surviving-surveillance-east-german-activists-and-the-stasi/ So again, what activism were people claiming to be "gangstalked" doing prior to being targeted ???? Also, Zersetzung was done before the CCTV and other recording device were so cheap and widespread ...and things like the internet where it all could be exposed easily ....
  2. ok quick recap this is my view of gangstalking "gangstalking" is more of a POV description from somebody psychologically destabilized and in a state of hyper arousal ...possible suffering from shock/trauma and can be easily irritable/startled also they may be a be a victim/magnet for anti-social behaviour, disability hate crimes, informal/formal social control what they are experiencing has led them to research on the internet and have found others in a similar situation and to a the "belief" in gangstalking that lets the navigate there situation ...gives them a template/explanation .....thou this is very flawed and actually makes their personal situation worse and more dependent on other victims and drives/alienates them away from local support from family/friends/community etc
  3. why I am posting here in this part of the forum .....I will give you a clue as I am looking for help with research ok but to do that I need to show how I see things and ,and what I am trying to do etc you already on the other thread shown you don`t have the technical knowledge & equipment that I am looking for nor the understanding ..... also you see things from a totally different perspective/belief system so basically you are wasting my time and sabotaging my thread hence ...start your own thread and stay off of mine ..unless you have some research to contribute
  4. I would just avoid gangstalking subreddit ....
  5. again this is what non TI think about "gangstalking" and the general public at large
  6. well you need to post your own story on your own thread/website etc I want this thread to about generalised not personal ok
  7. I been putting out the similar information for many years based on what I have experienced/learned and based on supporting evidence and facts I yet to find any convincing evidence that supports the "gangstalking" belief ..its just seems to be a POV description of what a Ti beliefs and thinks is happening that rarely match's with realty and they refuse to look for alternative explanations ....and any body that post alternative explanations or points out the flaws in their beliefs normally gets called a "perp" and gets banned simple as I think their must be some type of psychological benefit in believing in gangstalking ....as i can`t see any other ....it does not work in convincing non TI`s ...its not recognised by law /society and deemed a false belief and a sign of mental illness ..not a explanation for it ...simple in the 20+ years of people propagating it ...it does not work and there no evidence supporting it ...... plus I personal tired of people tag it/associating it to being a victim of neuroweapons ...........
  8. so its based on what you subjectively believe, perceive and assume and what other gangstalked TI`s/websites claim and what's the difference between "mobbing and street theatre" from disability hate crime ? sounds like the same thing thou you don`t have to organizes/pay for low life's to commit disability hate crime you just have to deteriorate somebody enough and get them to act out in public so people perceive them as having a disability and a magnet for such crimes also you need to understand the psychological impact ...sleep depravation, trauma, hypervigilance etc now once you understand the above you can actual mitigate it and start to turn your life around and avoid it etc.. and it has less impact on your life
  9. https://www.technocracy.news/military-is-developing-cognitive-warfare-weapons/ interesting will be checking these documents out https://www.innovationhub-act.org/content/cw-documents
  10. again what are you on about ? if YOU post something on this thread then I going to comment on it
  11. right what evidence do you have .....that what you perceive as "street theatre & co ordinated mobbing" was organised via mobile phone apps I suggest that this is an assumption and YOU have zero evidence of this ...ok also why does nobody else around you think it strange when a flash mob turns up every time you are about ???...again its ridicules and with modern technology its not needed ...
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