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  1. i know the police went out and visited the flat but they never even got back to me, the complainant of suspected child abuse (!), even though i had left them my address and phone number. after a while i got a letter from one of, now, ex-friends lawyer asking for £50 if i retract my allegation lol. how fucking strange is that. so i retracted it thinking i must be wrong beause who would like to believe that and cover it up.


    after a year we all became friends again but it was clear they were up to something. it all felt wrong. new people would be coming into the 'friendship'. one, who i know now, raped his sister and left her in a mental hospital where she took her own life. this person also has convictions for battering women and stabbing his brother in the back, actually stabbing him, and the judge decried that police were failing to provide the evidence and this stopped the case going forward, so he had some protection from police. this persons other brother became good friends with us, but he lied about his name for 5 years. his real name is joseph but he told us his name was christopher which was his young sons name ! so for 5years he basically stole his sons identity (including the surname which was the mothers). he had children which he wasn't allowed to see. he had "paedo scum" graffitied outside his flat wall twice but he claimed it wasn't for him.

     during this time they were of course infiltrating for their future gang stalking. i started to get what is known in gang stalking terms as 'same time exit/entry' which is when you leave your house, street (or return to) and there are always people/persons walking past or vehicles come passing by,  i don't mean sometimes, i mean ALWAYS (9 times out of 10) and at times it is convoys of activity ... people and dog-walkers and the vehicles will screech tyres and rev engines and beep horns.  the people would also spit, cough and hack or take out their mobile phone or keys and jangle them as they walk past. morning noon or night this would occur and a lot of odd people would appear out of nowhere.

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