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  1. I have always wanted to make a homemade water filter for rainwater, out of sand, gravel, mesh coffee filters, paper coffee filters and activated charcoal. I know it will work, and it's not difficult, but I am lazy. I have this intuitive feeling that, once you filter out the pollution, rainwater is really good to drink. Even tap water put through a many-stage counter-top filter, which is what we use, still has pharmaceuticals and fluoride in it.
  2. Ok, I'm a bit bored, and thought I'd post the first computer I built in over 10 years. I don't have a pic, but maybe I'll post one later. case: Fractal Design Meshify C TG m/b: MSI b450m Mortar Titanium cpu: Ryzen 2600x cpu cooler: Be Quiet Dark Rock Slim gpu: MSI 1660 Super gaming X ram: 16gb G.Skill Flare X cl14 ssd: 512gb Samsung EVO 970 Plus hdd: 2tb Seagate Barracuda 7200 psu: EVGA Supernova G3 650W monitor: AOC 27G2 27" w/gsync plus, set of cable mod psu cables in classic black mesh plus, (2) Fractal Design 120mm Venturi input fans plus, (1) Be Quiet Superwings 3 exhaust fan Running Linux Pop!_OS 20.04 LTS (f*ck microsoft)
  3. All you need to know about Twitter is that they allow these kinds of posts. If I post anything to the contrary, or anything Conservative, or anything disputing the pandemic claims, I get a message in my email saying my post was deleted because it was "dangerous to society". But it's ok if I'm Black and I want to call out for the killing of another race just because I don't like them. If I disagree with a BLM post, I get called a racist and have my post deleted, but it's ok for a black person to just say "I hate white people and I wish they were all dead."
  4. OMG, that usatoday article is so full of complete crap. Of course there's going to be more diagnoses when there's more testing and a widening of the symptom list. But they never say just how many of these people actually have an illness, or how many actually have an illness and it's actually a cold being called Covid. many fewer elderly are getting it because they're not being tested like they were before. jeebus!!
  5. All of the above. The NWO isn't just one giant faction, it's many factions that get along when it prospers them to get along, and that fight when it prospers them to fight.
  6. The day that shit becomes sentient is the day we are done. I mean for real done. It won't take a sentient AI more than half a millisecond to know what the Earth's greatest enemy is. It will spend the other half of a millisecond figuring out how to get rid of us. But, before that happens, our greatest threat from AI is that it becomes so well trusted, and touted as being infallible, unlike humans and all of their mistakes, that it becomes relied upon by the govt and the politicians in all of their decision-making. I do not believe we are far from reaching that point, maybe 5 years, and these AI's will all be built and controlled by multi-national corporations and defence contractors who do not fall under the prudence of govt rules and law. Nor do they have to adhere to FOIA requests or any other govt openness rules. I spent half my career as a software engineer developing AI and data mining algorithms. I have been telling people for 20 years to be ready for what's coming.
  7. Sane post. I am biased however, because that's what I was saying many weeks ago. Just refuse to go along with it. get in your car and take a drive, go to the park and take a walk, invite friends over, invite friends to the park. Go downtown and walk around. If you want to go in any place that requires abnormal behavior, make sure they know why you refuse to go in.
  8. Let's ask those folks about a year from now how that racism-free zone they moved to is working out.
  9. And if you read that article carefully, you will see no one actually had anything, they just "tested positive". This is happening in the news all over the world, but in the US this kind of deceptive reporting is now rampant, like they have already setup the foundation for the 2nd wave of fakery with newspapers and TV news reporting in nearly every state "thousands of new Covid-19 cases".
  10. All you have to do is ask for one piece of proof that it's real, and no matter what piece of proof they give you it's very easily refuted. Then you ask them for another piece of proof. You can go like that until they have nothing left, and then just quietly extricate yourself from the conversation. They'll spend the next 24 hours pacing around in circles in cognitive dissonance.
  11. I do. I got so freaked out about 2 years ago when I got one of those emails saying they had used my webcam to get video evidence of me doing one thing or another and were going to send it to everyone on my email address list, which they had hacked, if I didn't send them money by some date. As proof, they had my actual userid and password, which they showed me. I googled it and found out it's a complete scam, and that what they had done was gotten my credentials from some site that had been hacked. It turns out, because I use ooma for my phone system, and because ooma had been hacked, they got my credentials from there, and everything else in the email was fake. No matter, I have a piece of blue painter's tape over it now anyway.
  12. And it's not even a virus that's worse than a mild flu. The brainwashed masses have seen this data for sure, because even the CDC and WHO have been saying it's no worse than a mild flu, and yet they seem deaf to the very same people who filled them with terror 3 months ago. I'm beginning to believe that what's going on at this point is people actually want there to be a pandemic to be fearful of. They're so addicted to the fear and excitement and cortisol that they can't get enough of it, and they're all in it together like it's turned into a massive cult. It's classic Stockholm Syndrome on steroids.
  13. Ok, just came back from grocery shopping. Still a lot of people with masks. All off the employees with masks. The crazy "only drive carts in one direction" rule is gone. I saw a lot of people not social distancing. Stopped by the local auto parts dealer to get a new battery for my Jetta. They had giant plastic screens up in front of the cash registers like most places. $185 w/tax for a battery now!!
  14. I just had an altercation on reddit with some dude claiming he knows Covid is real and widespread killing the population because he works in an ICU and people are dying in there. I asked him is people usually die in ICU, and of what, and he hasn't gotten back to me yet. I shouldn't even have bothered, but I got sucked into the argument.
  15. That's because of inversion like we were talking about on here a couple of days ago. Most of the people accusing everyone they differ with of being racist are actually the real life racists. That's how their mind game works now. Turn every thing backwards and upside down to suit whatever insane belief you have, and all the other brainless inverters will follow right along behind you.
  16. Man, I hate when you think one thing about a celeb and then you come on the DI forum and find out something completely different. I just adore Annie Lennox's music. I think her voice is sublime. But, I check in on the old forum one day a few years back, and someone has this huge post about her being a complete NWO sellout. LOL! I still listen to her music anyway. I do find people who live in LA a little suspect. How awake can you be if you live in a place that is destroying a big chunk of the world trying to turn a desert into an oasis so large it spreads from horizon to horizon. It's madness. It's like when people in the Eastern US move from the Northeast, because it's been destroyed by sheer human density, down to the Southeast, and then after they get here they immediately start trying to make it just like the hell hole they moved away from.
  17. I used to get my dad's Irish Setter and then walk him through the nearby University grounds. I was mobbed by women every time and got a few dates out of it. If I had the dog with me, I had no problem walking right up to the Women's dorm and walking right in. It was great!
  18. Start fake sneezing and coughing and you'll have your entire section of seats to yourself to stretch out and relax.
  19. Yeah, and you see on those pictures there, that's why they have everyone wearing masks, well, one reason anyway, because they're using the masked faces to calibrate in their facial recognition AI so it will be able to recognize people even under a mask. This is so that when we all finally decide to revolt, even if we wear masks they'll know who we are. My guess is, if you wear a mask, some kind of wild, oversized glasses and a ball cap, you'll mess them up.
  20. Yeah, the problem is the same as in the States. They're trying to make it as onerous as possible to live rural. They keep passing new regulations and what-not to make it harder and harder and more expensive, doing things like banning wood stoves in some places, passing solar taxes in places. In Colorado now, a state that has a lot of undeveloped land, you cannot even buy a 5 acre lot if you plan to farm on it. If you just want to build a house and cut down all the trees, that's allowed.
  21. Yep, just say you have "Asthma".
  22. But, the thing is, Antifa actually are terrorists. Attempting to terrorize the population is exactly what they're doing, they've admitted it, and they have obviously been planning what's happening for some time now. Just look at what they did to Charlottesville, they terrorized those people. If you come into my town thinking it's ok to destroy the business district, burn half of it down, and then destroy all of our monuments, being called a terrorist will be the least of your worries when people like myself get through with you (I'm talking to any would-be Antifa idiot).
  23. Well, it could be people going stir crazy being locked down so long, and then they're seeing all the violence on TV, protesting, looting, burning, statues torn down and they just decide "hey, I think I'll run out and stab a few people."
  24. I read an article about a company selling thermal scanners now to be setup in restaurants and other places like ball parks, that scan your body heat as you walk through to make sure you don't have Covid. So basically, anyone with a fever now is just assumed to have Covid, and we all have to go through scanners like we're cattle at the stockyard.
  25. This is exactly where they're getting all the "new cases" and how they'll create a 2nd wave. Combined with test kits that have 80% false positives, they can make it look like half the country is ill with something when no one is actually sick with anything other than a cold or allergy. It's what they have been doing all along from the very beginning. I live in the US, and the fraud here is much worse than anywhere else. They are literally putting Covid on the chart of everyone in the hospitals and they're ramping up the use of test kits all over the country and calling every positive a "new case of Covid". It's obscene what is going on.
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