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  1. I don't actually agree. While there might be a component to deflect, I think the real purpose is much more sinister. I believe we're witnessing the beginning of a war, that the actually sane and peaceful side has so far refused to take the bait on. But, in the meantime, these Marxists, because this actually really is a Marxist revolution, the planning of had been going on for years, have been looting, burning, pillaging and destroying every aspect of our history. We'll have to see how much more the sane side takes before the guns come out, myself included, because there comes a point in time when you have realize there's more going on than just a reflection and if you wait to long, then, well you have waited too long. The media is still raging on Coronavirus, and still pumping out the 2nd wave propaganda. None of that has changed. The plans to completely re-engineer the social underpinnings of our society are still going forward and they are not hiding any of it.
  2. Louisville - you gotta love how these Leftists have to spin everything into a some kind of White Supremacy angle. As soon as the shooting happened they were all on twitter posting about white hate and hateful white people shooting at them. It turns out to be a Black homeless dude who was kicked out of the park by the "tolerant" Leftists because they didn't like his behavior within their all-inclusive club. Because he had been "living" on that property before these Marxists idiots in their tens took it over, he got pissed off and left the area to go find a handgun, which he came back and used on the group of people that kicked him out. The entire psychology of these Marxists tearing down statues and squatting on other people's property is that of hate, division, and demagoguery. They preach tolerance and inclusion, but viciously attack anyone who disagrees with them, including destroying other people's property.
  3. Trying to buy his books in the US is not easy. Found some on amazon but they're really expensive.
  4. They didn't inject money into anything, they gave it to multinational corporations, banks and drug companies. Everyone who has their greedy hands in the Federal trough filled their pockets to overflowing. .
  5. This is how the deceptive reporting works. First of all, 271 total deaths up to June 12 is a really low number for a pop. of 340,000 people. It's well below the threshold for declaring a pandemic. It's not even close to being pandemic numbers. But they're never going to tell you that. Instead, they want you to believe 271 is a huge number when it is not. Then, they want you to believe 658 new cases, which is just the number of people declared positive, which could be anything from a runny nose to a cough to just a positive test result, is somehow a huge number when it is not. It's far below that of an actual pandemic.
  6. Yep. I have been saying this over and over for months. You cannot say a virus is new just because you gave it a name. This Corona virus, along with many other Corona viruses, has been with us for 1,000's of years or more, and it has been regularly spreading throughout the population all of that time. What they did was, they took a virus so common that it didn't have a name, gave it a name and used the new name to mean the virus was new. I saw them doing this all the way back in January, along with how they were incorrectly calculating their statistics. Same thing with saying it originated in Wuhan. You cannot say it originated in Wuhan if you were not checking other places around the world to see if it existed there also. Of course, it actually did exist all over the world already, but because they only "tested" 1,000 people in Wuhan, and found 5 positives, they then made the statement that it originated in Wuhan. It's faulty logic that a 12-year old could see through once someone showed it to him/her. But, the masses are taught not to have intellectual curiosity, so they just absorb misleading headlines and articles like sponges without fact checking anything or even giving the false information a second thought. And this is how we got here. The entire Covid story is so flawed that someone with an IQ of 90 should be able to easily see that we're being fed false information and misleading cherry-picked statistics.
  7. motleyhoo


    Is going on a vakay for a few days worth being treated like a bar-coded livestock? Not in my book, I refuse. And until more people REFUSE, this shit is just going to get worse and worse while they slowly cook all of you frogs in the proverbial hot pot.
  8. There are applications like Calibre you can use to convert kindle files to standard epub. I use it all the time.
  9. He needs to use the power of his followers to mount a very vocal campaign that they are all closing their Twitch accts and moving to a different platform. Hit these fascist is their wallet and they will cease and desist that fascist crap. When are fools going to wake up and say enough is enough of this PC marxist bullshit!!
  10. The sky where I live here in NC is light grey at night, not Black. The city I grew up in, Charlottesville, is near a series of important Observatories, so they actually have light pollution laws that ban the type of lighting that shoots light outward or upward. It's so completely different how much darker the sky looks when I visit back home.
  11. That's what I am saying. They are in a system where you do what you are told and you trust the system. All of these people trust the system because at a personal level the system has not given them a reason not to. So, when a global emergency is declared (even if it's fake), they pull out the special manual for super emergencies and all hell breaks loose. None of them have the mindset to ask questions because they're too embedded within the muck to see what we see from the outside. And any of them that is awake enough to see what's happening, they all know if you speak up you're going to get fired.
  12. If Corona was lab created and foisted onto the world, then where is it? We've had the same number of deaths world-wide that we usually have during a typical flu season. So, where is this deadly Corona at? If this channeler is correct, then we have not seen what she was talking about yet, which begs the question, could it actually be in the vaccines that are coming?
  13. If they did the same thing for the flu that they have done with Covid, adding every symptom that comes along no matter how rare, without even testing to see if those symptoms might actually be caused by something else or a secondary issue, the symptom list for flu would look exactly like Covid - because Covid is the flu and it has always been the flu. If they had not invented corona test kits we would have had a normal flu season and nothing that has happened would have happened. Millions of people wouldm have gotten sick, which happens every year. Thousands of people would have died, which happens every year. And no one would have said a thing. It would not have a been story. The media would have ignored it. This is a fact. I believe, the fraud around test kits was how the entire scam was designed at Event 201. They knew they needed a key ingredient to prop the entire scam up and the fraudulent test kits was what they came up with. They knew the masses would trust the test kits for the same reason they trust vaccines and all of the other toxic poisons and fraud that comes out of mainstream medicine. All they need to fake a 2nd wave is just employ millions of test kits all around the country, force through mandate that many high profile people have to get tested, and of course, since the test results are mostly asymptomatic false positives, it will look exactly like a virus is spreading again when it is not. I just read that the PGA is now mandating all of the golfers, caddies, and all of the supporting staff be required to get tested with one of these test kits before they're allowed on any PGA golf course. Their reasoning is that 7 golfers tested positive at the last event. They even said that all 7 had no symptoms. These morons actually are so clueless they're unable to see that the reason no one has any symptoms is because no one is infected. They just stupidly assume that a positive result means you're infected because they are incapable of thinking for themselves. And that's exactly how the fraud is being perpetrated on the world. Remember back in early March at the beginning of everything, even before the test kits had been distributed everywhere, CNN and MSNBC already had their bullhorns outs proclaiming that Corona was special because people with no symptoms were highly infectious carriers that would be walking around and infecting everyone. This was a complete lie that they made because they knew all the way back then the test kits were garbage. But, because the masses have latched onto the news media like it's the mesmerizing Pied Piper, they still believe this nonsense today, even though there is not a shred of evidence that this is true. The test kits are the key to everything. Without them we would have no pandemic.
  14. I have a pet peeve that I challenge myself to achieve, which makes a new build for me like a long term research project to see how much power, at the least amount of noise, and the most efficient cooling I can get at the best price. I guess it's the Engineer in me. I spent a LOT of time picking out each component under the stipulation that I might want to play a few decent games (haven't been a gamer since I last played halo 1 on my old xbox), but I don't have the need to be able to play every new AAA game, so 1080p is good enough to me. I knew I wanted a "mesh" case, so that meant I had to spend about $75 extra for the fans, an extra $30 for the Gaming X card, which is totally silent unless maxing it out, and $70 for the cpu cooler. Even under a decent load the entire machine is so quiet it sounds like a single fan. It's barely a whisper, even though it's right next to my head. I guess I messed up by getting it all right, because now I really have nothing to upgrade and nothing else to research or components to track down. So, I decided to build another desktop for my wife around a Sapphire rx-580 Nitro+ graphic card. I'm going to get her the same case I have because I really like it. And I already have an MSI b450m Tomahawk Max motherboard. Some of you guys above have some really nice components. I learned to build PC's while doing an internship during college as an IT help desk tech. at a defence contractor. They were just transitioning over from paper to computers and most people there did not have a computer. We built all of our PC's in-house and that was one of my jobs, building each PC to the employees needs and then installing and setting them up. I find building a PC a cathartic experience. It's like a stress relief, and it's so awesome when you get one built and it successfully boots up the first time. I wish I could just keep building them, but that would be crazy and my wife would disown me.
  15. motleyhoo


    I don't even like travelling 2 miles to my local grocer. The vibe in the air is something I do not want to subject myself to, and seeing all the dumb-ass lemmings walking around who are going to decide my life for me because they outnumber the intelligent, sane people about 25 to 1. It gives me heartburn.
  16. Exactly right. And this is where the news media is complicit and should be prosecuted for inciting riots and spewing out lies, and for being racist themselves with their behavior. What do you think would happen if BLM and Antifa suddenly tweeted that CNN was racist, which they are, and that their HQ needed to be ransacked and burned down? The news media has directly been used as the #1 megaphone for all of the destruction and the tearing down of monuments and the defacing of buildings, because without the media none of it would have happened. The entire thing was media created theater, just like the pandemic, and it is 100% guaranteed that the producers and PR people of the major news companies were in direct contact with BLM and Antifa organizers. I hope everyone on here knows where the impetus for this comes from and when it started. It really began under Obama when he personally worked on and signed into law an amendment that made all previous laws banning media propaganda null and void. What we are seeing is Project Mockingbird under a different name. We need to find a way to get this fixed, but I do not know how.
  17. I believe they were smarter than we are in many ways. It's quite possible we devolved 12,000 years ago when civilization had to restart again. Then we have a certain type of human that seemed to come along in Europe that we now call the PTB. However these people got created, they have been the scourge of the Earth ever since in their psychotic desire to have more and more and more. Is it true evil, like what's defined in the bible? I don't know, maybe it's just a genetic mutation that some people have. because good people are generally passive, it's natural that the psychopaths end up at the top in control of everything. I wish there was a global hunting season, with a certain number of permits available to bag psychopaths, the ones wearing suits being the most valuable, to stuff and put up on the hunting lodge wall.
  18. My thoughts are, the greed-mongering PTB haven't done enough polluting the ground and the air, they're next going to take on the night sky, filling with all manner of flashing, strobing satellite trains and whatever other obnoxious light pollution they can think up. The Milky Way I used to stare at for hours late at night while laying on the picnic table in my parents backyard is soon going to be gone forever to us. I believe staring up at the pristine heavens is a sublimely grounding exercise, and they want to take that away from us. Yeah, I'm a cynical old geezer.
  19. In the latest build 20.04 LTS, nvidia has been great and I have not had any updates do anything hanky. I haven't installed any games yet, but the game related nvidia posts on the pop os reddit group have been very positive. I wish I had switched to Linux much sooner. I have Timeshift installed, and I always create a "restore point" before a major update, but I have not had to use it yet.
  20. Try hemisync Deep 10. It's a CD that contains a guided deep relaxation program to relieve tension, anxiety and stress. It will take you so deep into a state of relaxation that you might actually leave your body.
  21. Yes, like the Native American story. You have two wolves inside of you, one good, the other bad. The one you become is the one you feed.
  22. You have to remember the actual nurses, doctors and healthcare workers, many of them work in a bubble within a system that is top-down scripted, and the system is holding all of these people in meetings everyday giving them all kinds of dire predictions and exaggerating the "threat" like it's Armageddon. Many of these people cannot see the forest for the trees because they're too close to the "action", so they do things like really believe every positive test is real Covid, and overreact because they've been filled with fear. From the emergency management side of things it's even worse. These people train all year for various emergencies and when nothing happens for years they get almost psychotic in their desperation for something to please happen, and then when an exaggerated fraud of a pandemic comes along, as soon as they hear the word "pandemic" they immediately set into motion like an apocalypse is about to happen, with each person having a scripted manual of each things they have to do, and once this machine of people gets rolling there is no stopping it. The school systems are the same way, and you just follow the rules of the supervisors, who are following the rules of their supervisors, unless you want to lose your job. It's almost like a comedy movie or Bennie Hill skit how the system works, turning people into mindless cogs.
  23. There were highly advanced civilizations living over 12,000 years ago that were decimated by the solar event of 12,000 years ago. The societies that eventually rose up after that just adopted these ancient cities, or were given credit for those ancient monuments. When I went to Giza in Egypt, what I was struck by was how little the Egyptians knew about it and how disconnected they were from it. They even destroyed a lot of it, tearing off the exteriors to build parts of Cairo. The Pyramids were built 1,000's of years before Egyptian Pharaohs came along. Anyone who knows what water erosion looks like will see immediately that the Sphinx was eroded by water many 1,000's of years ago before the Egyptians were there. It likely happened after that solar event when the glaciers suddenly melted. We're actually due for the 12,000-year cycle solar event. Looking at the world right now, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing.
  24. People come back and speak to their ones in dreams all of the time.
  25. Ok, so...I'm not actually trying to sell Hellier...but I'm watching Season 1 again from the beginning. It has to be one of the best produced and edited doc series I have ever watched. Better than the Discovery and History channel stuff. I watched it before on my tablet, while laying in bed, but now that I have cut cable, I'm watching it this time on the big TV.
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