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  1. There have now been 500,000 deaths globally. Each year the seasonal flu kills 3-5 million people. So where is the Corona pandemic? Answer, it only exists on TV.
  2. I've talked about these em fields before. Even back when I was an EE major, before I was awake, sitting in my E&M Fields class and thinking about the em fields our bodies generate. Then, on the old forum I posted several times about how cell towers, etc. screw with our em fields. When 2 em fields come together, they don't just pass through each other and keep going. They interact, adding and subtracting and changing. It's the same thing when people think they're communicating while they're all siting alone in their rooms texting. They're missing out on 90% of what real communication is in body language, mannerisms, and their em fields interacting.
  3. Did you see how the District Attorney some of the girls went to for help indicting and prosecuting Nassar talked all of them out of it by scaring them into believing the Defence would destroy their lives? I don't know where she is today, but that woman should be charged with abuse of power and disbarred. She was protecting her social circle of friends, which included the President and other top administrators at MSU. Have you ever watched College gymnastics? They don't look anything like the little pixies that get sent to the Olympics.
  4. There will be statues of Gates, Zuckerberg and Kurzweil, and huge pictures of them on the faces of buildings.
  5. The Estes Method, that's what was used in Hellier, if anyone wants to look that up. It gets even crazier in season 2 when they combine the Estes Method with a God Helmet.
  6. I'm just a bucket of cheer and sunshine!
  7. Yeah, and I was just re-reading what I posted. I have this feeling suddenly that what I posted was not 100 years from now, but no more than 20.
  8. The technocracy is not running things, they're the enforcers, the muscle, the dudes that will come to you if you don't pay up and break your proverbial kneecaps (censor you). It's our fault for letting them get as powerful as they are now. We just have to find a way to counter them. there is a way, we just haven't figured it out yet.
  9. Something that has stuck with me for many years, since where I lived I never heard the end of how it was the white people who were racist and it was all the white people who made us poor, blah, blah blah... So, back in those days, around 1989 or so, my workmates and I strolled into a nearby KFC for lunch. There were 2 black guys right ahead of us, and 2 black women working behind the counter. The 2 black guys walk up and the 2 women are all jovial and exchanging pleasantries. I watched as they picked out the best pieces of chicken for the 2 black guys. When I got up to the counter, the lady who had been all smiling just a minute before, scowled and said "What do you want?" like I had completely ruined her day by even being there. They then went out of their way to give the 3 of us white guys the worst pieces of chicken they could pick out. I never ate at a KFC ever again, and that episode has stuck with me the rest of my life, and directly comes to mind every time I hear a black person talking about racism.
  10. This is by design. The govt has always had a partnerships with organized crime and mafias. They often hire these people to do their dirty work. It gives them plausible deniability.
  11. 100 years from now, human beings will be so disconnected from the natural environment they won't have a clue what nature really is or how it was for us 100 years earlier. All food will be GMO and controlled by one giant multi-national corporation. Energy will be cheap to make, but it will be tightly controlled with each person allowed so many BTU's per month based on their social score. All information and "news" will be filtered through one central information center, and the masses will be conditioned to react to it like a button was pushed that made them all do the same thing at the same time, without anyone questioning anything, because years of programming has shown all of them what happens to people who question. Medicine will appear to be totally socialized and fair, but behind the curtain so to speak, there will be different levels of medicine depending on each level's privilege. Most of humanity will be corralled within huge metropolis like cities, while the privileged class enjoy the clean air and quiet of the countryside that they gentrified for themselves. Each person will wear a personal communication/information device that will also be used to track every person's location, movement, etc., including an assortment of real-time health data, all monitored, collated, analyzed and controlled through a central data hub running various AI's. National govts will be just figureheads used as liaisons between a global central committee and the people. Oh man, I could go on but it's depressing me. I saw much of this when I had my NDE and it left me depressed and suffering with anxiety for quite a while.
  12. Ok, so I just determined that right now is about the worst time to build a PC that we have faced in years as far as parts shortages and inflated prices goes. I went out last night to get the cpu for my new build. I just want a simple Ryzen 5 1600 af, which is just a rebranded 2600, and on both amazon and newegg the price was double what is normal. I started looking around at other components and it is a complete mess out there. Lots of stuff, like graphics cards and such, that were easily available just 6 weeks ago are now sold out everywhere. Prices on everything, even cases, are through the roof. Thinking about it, the supply chains are in such a shambles, with many parts of the marketplace destroyed, I'm not sure we'll be back to normal 2 years from now. I might try to see what I can find as soon as possible before things get even worse. It's gonna end up costing me probably an extra $300-400, sigh.....
  13. Go to the pcpartpicker website. It's like the pc building bible. See if after you enter in all the components you want it gives you places in the uk to get them. If you choose to let pcpartpicker send out the purchases for you, you'll actually get a discount.
  14. It's obvious now that all of this was in the planning years ago, and they were just waiting to get the right pieces in place, their monopolies on internet portals setup, to then declare war on us at a time where we had no other avenues of communication except the news media and social media. Even searching for information, anything other than google is going to get you about 2% of what you're looking for, and now we know that google is absolutely blocking search results. Their first wave was the pandemic. Now they have sent in their second assault, using all the major avenues to financial transactions to block everyone deemed the enemy. The 3rd assault is going to be surveillance and mandatory vaccines. If you try to find alternative information, google makes it invisible. If you post anything that disagrees with the system, you get your post deleted or your account shutdown, and your ability to transfer funds cutoff. If you refuse to get the vaccine, you will not be allowed to participate in social society, no pubs, no sports, no theaters, no concerts, no restaurants. If you choose not to have your every move, your every communication, your every transaction all surveilled 24 hrs/day, you will have to live in a tent in the woods, eating squirrels and pine nuts. Does that about sum it up? Who here still thinks we are not at war?
  15. They're already attempting to circumnavigate our free will through media lies and internet censorship. This began when Obama was President and signed into law the NDAA bill. There was an amendment in that bill that nullified a previous law banning Project Mockingbird, and specifically gave the news media free reign to report propaganda to the American people. I believe you all in other countries might not even know that the same thing has been done to your countries also, likely without your knowledge. 99% of the American people have no clue what was in the NDAA and most of them do not even care because they're too busy watching Hell's Kitchen. We can see with Event 201, the fake pandemic, the destruction of social media accounts of all the big players like David Icke, who were doing nothing more than offering alternative viewpoint, and how the mainstream news media all over the globe has been operating in lockstep to report complete fabrications 24/7, and now routine sweeps across every social media site deleting any offending post and banning every offending account, that war has now been declared on all of us. The question is, what are we going to do about it. I know, I have been posting this "war" message in other OP's, but this is the truth. We know we are at war, because war has officially now been declared on all of us. We each have to look ourselves in the eye as we ask ourselves what are we going to do about it? What is it going to take for us to get back what we had and what human beings deserve?
  16. This is going to continue to happen until everyone who values truth and freedom and just the basic freedom of expression even if we disagree with it boycotts all of these sites and makes sure the owners of those sites knows why. Then, we (and I'm not that person) need someone who can stand up and organize for us a way to do monetary transactions in a way that Visa, mastercard, Discover, et al cannot fuck with, and no bank can fuck with. It's just a matter of time before we catch up to what is going on and come back bigger than the fascists, liars and thieves. In the meantime, everyone should expect things to get far worse before anything begins to get better for us. We are under attack and this is an actual real war that the other side already knows because they are the ones who have already declared war on the rest of us. We all have to wake up and realize that this is a war. It's not some kind of a war, or a maybe a war. We ARE at war, and the war is REAL.
  17. Gated communities are private. They pay for their own waste pickup, street cleaning, and repaving of the roads, etc. So no, protesters do not have the right to just waltz in and claim it theirs, that would be trespassing by the law. The problem with that particular community is that they do not seem to have a private security firm there to prevent this very kind of thing from happening. The only reason I am keeping one eye on the news media is to see if and when this kind of thing begins to creep towards my neighborhood. As soon as it does, I will personally be going door to door gathering up other like minds such as myself, people who are willing and able to setup armed checkpoints at our 2 entrances, and putting a network of people together to help each other. For instance, my neighbor 2 houses down works in the gun shop I did my training in and where I bought my handgun. I'm pretty sure he owns an ar-15 and he knows I own one. The two people in those videos and images were actually very restrained given the threatening way the people confronting them were acting. If a mob wants to parade up and down my street, I'll just ignore them until they get tired of being ignored and leave. If one of them steps a foot onto my property - shit is going to go down.
  18. Wow, where did you get your copy, it looks so much better than mine? You mind sharing the publisher details in the front of the book? I'd like to find a better copy than the used one I have with the faded pages and scuffed, faded cover. I totally agree with you about the growing of food. It's also a proven grounding exercise to get your hands in the soil and planting and growing things. The only other thing I would add is, people need to turn off the TV news and turn off the social media. OMG, I physically felt so much better when I did that, and my entire way of thinking changed for the better. Both TV news and social media are toxic, psychologically and spiritually. I don't mean spiritually in the religious sense, but spiritually with respect to our relationship with the Earth and with each other.
  19. That SpaceX Starlink 5G crap should never have been allowed to happen. You'd think the human race should at least get a say in the destruction of our night sky. Not anymore. The fake pandemic and its aftermath and all of the things they're going to forcibly ram down our proverbial throats as a pretext to "stopping the virus", a virus that's just this year's flu strain, should be a hard lesson for all of us "truthers" that we are losing. Or maybe, we have already lost and don't know it yet. The sheeple outnumber us 25 to 1. I really do not like labelling people, but in the case of sheeple, these people want to be clueless. No one is tricking them or forcing them into being clueless, this is exactly how they want to be, because life is just a whole lot simpler and easier when you keep yourself completely ignorant of anything and everything except someone else's narrative.
  20. There's a lot more to it than psychological. I was pointing out the documentary Hellier in an earlier post. They have one episode that revolves around a type of spirit box that just transmits white noise while you are placed in a state of sensory deprivation with a blindfold and noise-cancelling headphones plugged into the device. I was skeptical about these things until I watched that. I have watched it 3 times now, looking for any signs that something was being hoaxed, and I am convinced these people are the real deal. Not to mention, if they got caught hoaxing, their careers would be ruined and their entire social circle would abandon them. In that episode, someone begins to communicate with these people. There's no way to know who this is or where they are, it might not be a dead person, it might be some other kind of entity that we do not know about or understand. The world and the "other world" is so much more complex than we believe it is, because we're limited by our 5 senses which are very narrow in their bandwidths. I had an NDE in 2005 while I was having an emergency heart bypass at the point of being near death. No one that's never had an NDE can tell me anything about what's real or not. Not anymore.
  21. If it happened to you, you would know if it's real or not, you really would. It's like people who have never had one telling those of us who have had an NDE that it was just an hallucination. Or, it's like a Carpenter telling an Electrician how to do his job.
  22. I'm not sure when California, or The People's Republic of Kalifornia, was actually great...maybe in 1898? It's just unbelievable how so many people can still be believing in this fraud of a pandemic, that was never anything except the yearly flu, when there are so many red flags and so much information to the contrary basically everywhere in every direction right in front of their faces. I'm beginning to think just the act of putting a mask on makes people as dumb as rocks.
  23. Divide and conquer is using emotional wedge issues to divide people by getting one group to hate another group, black vs white, men vs women, heteros vs gays, old vs young, rich vs poor, left vs right, and so on. Because social media is such a toxic amplifier of this effect it, along with the news media, is being deployed to do just that. They know that united we would stomp them into the dust bin of history, so they have to keep us divided and feuding and pointing the fingers at each other instead of all of us pointing at them. 80% of the people do not even want to participate in this, but the other 20% screams so loud the 80% is shouted into silence. The dividers know how this works.
  24. From the book, Beyond a Pale Horse, so much of it has happened just like the book predicted. The chapter explaining how families like the Rothschilds figured out how to model commodities markets, etc. on basic electronic circuits is genius. Being I started in the navy as an Electronic Technician and then started college as an EE major, not only could I understand what he was saying, but I could see that it 100% absolutely works. And knowing this, I do not believe ANYTHING happening in the commodities markets or futures is coincidence or natural, especially when the words shortage or surplus are used. This leads me to the chapter where he describes how the deep state already had a plan on paper back in the 90's to use a fake alien invasion sometime in the future to scare the masses into giving up last stitch of freedom and privacy, and how corporations are scheming, in collusion with politicians to completely subvert democracy. I have to say, based on everything else, I am inclined to believe that book, and anyone who reads it would be foolish not to.
  25. Yes, because they are attacking us on multiple fronts. This is actually a war and everyone should wake up and realize what is happening. This isn't some little game being used to deflect from anything. It's not going to stay in the US, it's going to move to other countries as well, because it has to, because this is partly a globalist driven war. There is a growing number of people who realize we really are, actually are, at war. We just have not reached a critical mass yet to stand up and show our cards. It's quite possible that when that day comes this thing will be over pronto. We will have to wait and see. One thing the Leftists/Marxists fear the most is the military getting involved. Not because the military is powerful, but because the military will NOT put up with this fascists bullshit and destruction of public property.
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