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  1. The vote they cast by going along with the sham as if it was all real and legitimate. Myself, I have not complied with a single rule, and I have been living my life normally with the exception that I cannot do certain things because the rest of the world is acting like trained seals in a circus.
  2. The Doctor who invented the test kits has publicly stated that the test kits were never meant to be used for Corona viruses and will give results that are basically meaningless. Switzerland actually did a study tracking the test kits against the spread of the virus and what they found was, instead of an exponential graph that viruses usually show, this Corona virus spread in a straight, slowly increasing line equal to the number of test kit deployment. In other words, the spread of the virus was actually the spread of test kits and false positives. The rest of the world has used these millions of false positives to make it look like there's a disease spreading when in fact nothing is happening except the declining rate of seasonal flu which peaked back in February. There is literally not one true thing about any aspect of the pandemic. They took newly developed test kits, used them on a virus that had never been tested for with test kits before, and then used the results to create a fictional mythology around the seasonal flu. We can prove this just by looking at what happened with the flu this year - it seemed to magically disappear about the same time the test kits were deployed and shipped out everywhere, replaced by the pandemic Covid virus. Colds disappeared, bronchitis disappeared, and pneumonia disappeared, all replaced by Covid-19 diagnoses. They "explained" all the millions of false positives by claiming this new virus infected people who were asymptomatic, and that these people needed to be quarantined because they were asymptomatic virus carriers. It was complete mythology. The entire fraud can be mathematically proven starting with the massively erroneous numbers the WHO used to declare the pandemic in the first place. Their death rate number turned out to be off by 2,000%. The logic they used to claim it's a new virus that started in Wuhan is so flawed it makes zero sense and they have not one shred of proof to backup their claim. They first started saying that people were getting sick in Wuhan. Well of course people were getting sick in Wuhan, people were getting sick everywhere because December and January are the peak of flu season. They took these new supposedly Corona test kits to Wuhan and of course they found people who were positive, because the test kits are completely flawed. They then used these positives, and the fact that people were getting sick in Wuhan, to say that it was proof that a new disease had developed in Wuhan. But, because they had not tested for that before, and because they had not tested for it anywhere else in the world, it is impossible to make the claims they made. What they did was like when the fist human being discovered an apple tree. They used flawed logic to say "This is a new fruit growing here, and because we have not seen it before it only exists right here." That is flawed logic, because the person has no idea if apple trees grow elsewhere in the world. This is what the WHO did in Wuhan. They took newly invented test kits to test for a disease and when they found it they proclaimed it was new and originated right there. A 12 year old can see the flawed logic in that.
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