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  1. Even if you just post like-minded comments in blogs and videos and places like reddit, youtube, or any other social media, it lets people know that they are not alone and that there are many of us supposedly silent voices out here who know we are all being scammed and duped and ripped off.
  2. Is this any kind of a smoking gun? Alternative news websites everywhere have the now defunct link listed on their pages.
  3. And every child that starts having respiratory problems will get labelled a Covid victim and given vaccine boosters. I didn't really believe the 5G connection to the pandemic fraud, but I am getting closer and closer to getting on board with this theory. Basically, when more and more people start having respiratory problems, that's going to be used as "proof" that the Covid pandemic is still raging, which will keep the mask wearing and social distancing required behavior for as long as they want to make people act like that. It's very possible that this will be a pretext for mandatory vaccines (even tho there's no such thing as an actual Corona vaccines, it's a cold virus), mandatory vaccine passports for every citizen to carry around, and a global system to track and log "symptoms" for every citizen. TV news and social media will be used to gag and silence anyone who speaks out against this. When 5G gets rolled out into a new location, and noticeable numbers of people there get ill, they'll say this is proof that Covid is moving through that area. I 100% believe this is going to be happening.
  4. The Technocracy, the global Corporate system, the entire Progressive side of the political spectrum, the largest industries, like drug companies and health care, every part of the internet being run from Silicon Valley, like google, social media, youtube, etc., and much of Wall Street have all piled into bed together and pushed all of their chips, so to speak, onto a wholly Marxist agenda. This agenda is also being inoculated by silent big-money players like Soros, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. The reason most Marxist experiments have failed in the past is because they have been national in scope, which makes them easy to marginalize or defeat. But, what we're facing is Marxism on a globalist scale. It has no national boundaries and it has no patriotism or allegiance to some flag or state. This is the greatest threat and enemy that world freedom and personal liberty has ever faced in all of human history. To make matters even worse, the TV news media in the US, the UK, Australia and the EU has very quietly implemented an invisible and highly technological form of subliminal messaging that is 100%, absolutely brain-washing the people who watch it. You only have to look at the "pandemic" to see this is happening. It is primarily the people who watch TV news who have completely fallen for this con job. It's like these people are mesmerized. Their belief in the pandemic is so unnaturally deeply embedded in their minds that no amount of trying to convince them otherwise is going to get through to them, and they will get so defensive they'll actually start screaming at you or running away from you in fear. You can also see this happening on Facebook as people completely disown their family and friends for simply not believing in the pandemic. This does not happen just because someone watches TV. There MUST be something else happening that's making otherwise intelligent human beings behave like programmed circus animals.
  5. I have had several of my cats die over the years. They do not live long, but they are like shooting stars, short lived, but my they sure burn bright while they're here, and each one of mine dying was traumatic for me. Both my wife and I have felt an invisible cat walking across the bed soon after one of our cats dies Just a few nights ago, I was lying in bed about half asleep when I felt something jump onto the bed, start scratching at the covers, and then walk up and put its front "paws" on my chest. I opened my eyes and there looking at me was a shadow figure of a small animal, like a cat. It actually frightened me at first, and when it saw I was afraid it vanished like smoke. Twice I have had close family members die, and then that night as I was lying sleepless in bed, thinking about my lost loved one, a large shadow has appeared in a corner of my room that stayed there for a few minutes and then left. I believe this was my loved one coming to check on me, and probably making his/her rounds to each of our family. My father in law was an Engineer and was really into electronics, ham radio and that sort of thing. The day after he died, after all the visitors had left my mother in law's house to pay their respects, we were all sitting in the living room quietly when 2 different light bulbs blew out within a few minutes of each other. I just know that was him telling us he was ok and that he was aware that we loved and missed him.
  6. The power of social media cannot be underestimated. ALL of the politicians are now deathly afraid of it. They know that the mobocracy, a small vocal group of social media do-gooders, can destroy their career in a day if they try to stand up to them or if they try to go against the prevailing narrative of the day like "Support BLM". It's like all of these people are in on it together, even though the majority of the population does not even follow this crap, the corporations, politicians, the mainstream news media, all the sports and teams, and everything that has a public face is all being driven by social media narratives now. We no longer have any kind of a democracy that's controlled by the opinion of the majority, we have a small-group mobocracy controlling what is now allowed and not allowed. Silicon Valley, the Technocracy, is who owns all of this, and they are completely in bed with the mainstream media now. It's wholesale Marxism on a global scale once again rising up and trying to take control of society. This is the first time in human history that they are actually succeeding. Time will tell if they are eventually successful. It will take the majority finally realizing what is happening and putting a stop to it to defeat them.
  7. Anyone else notice how AI and metrics algorithms are completely taking over many sports? F1 racing is completely computer controlled now. All of the tracks, all of the possible strategies, and every sensor on ever part of every car are all fed into computers that script every decision out to the teams telling them exactly what to do at all times. This kind of technology is also just now leaking into NASCAR, and within just a very few more years, every decision during a race, like when to pit, what to do, and how to set the cars up, will be read off of a computer screen. American Football, in just a very few years from now, every play to run will be determined by a computer. I watch a lot of tennis, and I can already see that pre-match strategies about how to handle an opponent are beginning to be determined by AI programs.
  8. Those are not changing ideas, those are all the things that are happening simultaneously. There isn't just one type of bad guy exploiting us, there are many. The way many different bad guys exploit us in society, like con men, politicians, corporations, military defence, is a microcosm of what he/I is saying.
  9. I just use Firefox with no-script add-on and Download Helper add-on installed. No-script blocks every external script from running, so when you first go to a site like bitchute, you will have to click on the no-script icon in FF to allow the video to run, and then just click on the DH icon and select the video to download. It's that simple, and you don't have to dig through source code. This is how I have been doing it for years. Occasionally, you will get to a site that DH does not work on, and then you can try the source code way. If you try it this way, PM me if you have any probs.
  10. And all of these people will believe (are believing) that every cold or sniffle is evidence of Covid. It is simply mind-boggling how many people believe in this fairy tale. Watching certain sports, which is something I do to control anxiety, is really painful as all of the TV networks and teams have ordered everyone under their employ to be masked up at all times, even when they are sitting/working by themselves with no one around. The hundreds of athletes who have tested positive, even tho they actually have no symptoms or any illness of any kind, are referred to as having "having Covid-19". After the events, the athletes are interviewed wearing masks while they talk into microphones taped to 2 meter long extension poles. Even the science fiction programs, movies, and books I have read over the years have not had people acting this insane and stupid. I watched an auto race just this past week, and they had the cameramen, who were perched high up on cranes all by themselves, wearing masks. They showed the limited number of spectators they're allowing in going through a turnstile while a person all gloved and masked up took each person's temperature with a forehead probe, and handing out masks to any person who didn't have one, and each person was required to read a sign before they proceeded that read "Masks and social distancing will be required at all times." Somewhere, George Orwell is chuckling to himself and saying "I told you so."
  11. I intend for this to be a diary of sorts. I'll have pictures later. I bought the following items: Mars Hydro 3' x 3' x 6' grow tent AC Infinity S4 exhaust fan AC Infinity 4" Carbon Filter Mars Hydro sp150 full spectrum LED light Fox Farm Happy Frog organic slow-release soil Espoma Organic Perlite various other supplies and plant nutrients. I intend on growing feminized Granddaddy Purple medical grade marijuana, but for this first test run, to get everything dialed in, I will be growing a few bagweed seeds I got from a relative. I already have 2 week old plants coming along nicely under a 125w full spectrum CFL. In another week or two I will move these under the LED light.
  12. In order to create a public perception that there is a second wave, they're rolling test kits everywhere, knowing these test kits are mostly all false positives, and then acting like all the false positives are infected people when none of those people are infected with anything. The public is so dumbed down and uneducated that they don't even have enough common sense to see this is what is happening. They're buying the whole thing around here where I live.
  13. I haven't been on here in a couple of weeks, but I just wanted to report what's going on in North Carolina. I thought things would be getting better here, but they are in fact much worse. There are more people than ever now wearing masks. When I go out anywhere, I am almost the only person not wearing a mask. Many places like hair cutting shops you cannot go in without a mask. All of the medical facilities have been turned into something that looks like a science fiction Outbreak movie, with people setup outside with temperature probes, masks for people who do not have one, and questionnaires to be filled out to show you have not had, nor do have, any symptoms of Covid. Then when you get inside, they have all seating set 6 feet apart, with a Nurse going around and spraying down chairs when someone gets up. Every store now has social distance dots stuck to the floors. I saw on one of the sports channels yesterday, in order to be one of the few people allowed into a NASCAR race, you have to get your temperature checked, fill out a form, and then sign another form swearing you will wear a mask at all times, that you will practise social distancing, and that you cannot shake hands with anyone. There's still many businesses not operating because of these draconian rules. I feel like I am the only sane person in a veritable sea of complete idiotic morons.
  14. Well, yeah. That's because we are surrounded by a pure poison called "materialism". It's the most intoxicating and sinister force in the universe. The last thing that happened to me (that I can remember) when I had my NDE, was one of my spirit guides drew a diagram on the chalk board (they had me sitting a school classroom) showing the the two paths we have a choice of walking, the spiritual path or the material path, the two paths being the antithesis of each other. Imagine a horizontal line with an arrow at each end. Label one end Spiritualism and the other end Materialism. This horizontal line is the path you are on right now and everything you do, every decision you make, affects the direction you're moving on that line. Their are dark forces all around us who absolutely spend their entire lives, everything they do and think about, trying to get us all moving to the material side, because that is what benefits them, through money, power, and control. They tempt us everyday with "modern conveniences", money, technology, and false promises that feed our egos' frivolous wants. We are at a time in history right now where mankind has never been this materialistic, and if we cannot change course, life is going to get much worse for most people.
  15. Yep, and now they've set it all up to blame all the sickness and death on a virus.
  16. It would take a Tier 1 unit of Navy Seals all of about 30 minutes to have every person in there laying on the ground in zipties.
  17. The first swine flu was just badly handled, but they learned from it, especially Bill Gates. He probably was not behind the swine flu hoax, but he saw it, he studied it, he saw how he could use it, and he studied the mistakes that were made. There is one thing that changed for sure since then that no one has connected the dots to...until now. Listening to Jimmy Church last night, I was presented with a proven, actual conspiracy that I had never heard about before, and it was a conspiracy proven to be true. It seems, probably as a result of Project Mockingbird, the news media was doing some really devious and sinister things on TV and radio like hiding subliminal messages in things like the national anthem that said things like "Conform, Consume, Obey.....Conform, Consume, Conform, Consume....The government is great. The govt is good.....Rebellion is prohibited.....Love your government" I know, it's like They Live, only this actually happened. This kind of crazy shit went on unseen by the unwitting public until the Frank Church Commission put a stop to it with a new law that banned this kind of behavior. Fast-forward to the Obama administration, and his signing of the NDAA, which effectively nullified that law, giving free reign to the media to once again begin brainwashing an unsuspecting public. What does this have to do with the pandemic? Well, we have all been scratching our heads at how easily the public bought into the fake narrative, even though to many of us (but not enough) the fakery and lies are so blatantly obvious that a half blind person with basic math skills can see it's all a fraud. And not just that, but how all these people who have bought into it have turned it into a deep-seated religion like nothing I have ever seen before. It really is like they have been brainwashed. Just imagine how far the subliminal and brainwashing technology has come since the days of black and white TV and transistor radios. I am intuitively convinced, from the pit of my gut, that this is what has been going on. We haven't really talked about that, or maybe we didn't see those dots exactly, but we need to deep dive a little more into this shit. I'm just too tired today - insomnia - to do anything.
  18. One Yamaha gc-101 (I think?) classical guitar One Carvin Bolt that I built myself from a kit, and it is sweet One Alesis Micron synthesizer One Nektar midi keyboard Two cats that sing on command, they're sweet also
  19. I used a Commodore Vic 20 and Basic to solve a set of fourier transforms for a lab in my EE 305 Motors and Generators class, because that's all I had at home and I didn't want to drive all the way to school just for that. It took that little sucker 15 minutes to spit out an answer, but she got'er done! Man, those were fun days. Seriously, what we're in right now looks like a dystopian nightmare compared to my life back then.
  20. They're going after the low hanging fruit right now, and after they keep going, by the time they're done the entire internet will look like a specialized site designed just for extreme left-wing Marxists. All of those idiots will be walking around with their social scores proudly blinking on their smart watches.
  21. Dontcha know how easy it will be for them to use those "voluntary" chips to store your personal vaccine passport.
  22. I have lived through many different recessions. I do not see how what they have done is not going to be a major depression. We're not talking about bad sales reports or a bad couple of quarters on Wall Street. We're talking a total and complete halt to the economy that includes the permanent destruction of at least 50% of small businesses, completely disrupted supply chains in every single economic sector, shortages in everything from computer chips to wooden coat hangers, and many of these factories will take months to get back online and running at the level they were before. To make matters worse, their insane social distancing rules that every business is required by political correctness to enforce are making it impossible for the entertainment and sports industries to get back on their feet. People might be just starting to go back to the beach, but what can they do when they're there and where are they going to spend their money when 50% of everything is shutdown and the other 50% is acting like a major toxic spill just occurred on the premises. There's actually a reason why so many politicians have been using the term Great Reset, because that's what they're about to do, and they have already telegraphed to us that "life will never be the same" and "this is the new norm". You don't even have to read tea leaves to see it coming.
  23. Oh dude, thank you. I should be asleep right now, haven't really gotten to bed yet and it's 5am here...well, I was in bed, but I was listening to an old art bell show on Ultimate Art Bell...lol...but I am going to try to track one of those down. I have some Kratom steeping. Hopefully I can gulp that down and then hit the sack before too long.
  24. If you've seen "The Man in the High Castle" (I won't spoil it...much), I can just picture them dynamiting Mt. Rushmore, dropping 500 lb bombs on the statue of Liberty, and melting down the Liberty Bell, and broadcasting all of it on TV on every channel during prime time.
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