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  1. Just try to find someone...anyone...who knows someone...anyone...who actually has Covid. You won't find anyone.
  2. And the media will not mention that these temperatures are far greater than the cutoff for the survivability of Corona viruses. That's why it's very rare for anyone to get a cold during the Summer, given that colds are corona viruses. Covid-19 is the first magical, faith-based Summer corona virus in 100,000+ year history of mankind.
  3. That's me every night. Sigh..... But, I've been coping. And because of the atrocious experience I just recently had with my sleep Doctor, I have decided that the health care system in the US is so broken that I HAVE to take matters into my hands. I am ordering a set of "weed" seeds from 3 varieties of "medical weed" that are specifically designed for sleep. I have a grow diary somewhere on here. It got clipped during the re-doing of the site, but I'll get around to filling it back in soon.
  4. I'm sure you are right, I just wish they would call it what it really is, flu-related pneumonia, instead of the Covid-19 imaginary boogeyman.
  5. What's happening to Trump is what happens to every President. Once they get in there, they're completely insulated inside a bubble from the the outside world. The only thing they know about what's going on in the outside world is what their "advisors" tell them. They don't even pick whom these "advisors" are. This is by design and it's exactly how the deep state and PTB want it to be. The one good thing about Trump that is still mostly intact is his hatred toward multi-national globalism. So far, he has shut a lot of that down, but his handling of the pandemic has been a D- at best.
  6. I bet he has the TV news on in the background all day, and so he is constantly taking into his brain a constant stream of fear-based fake horror and subliminal messaging. So now, his belief has become a religion embedded within his most basic instinct. There is nothing you could show him, and no amount of information to the contrary, to change his mind. He is now a "true believer".
  7. It's not just that the tests are basically bogus, but also how the media reports every positive as an actual case of Covid-19, even though in over 80% of the positives the people actually are not infected with anything, and within the other 20%, they're positive because the people were exposed to one or more of the many Corona viruses always going around sometime within the last year or so. The faulty tests and millions of false positives are masking the fact that Covid-19 does not exist, and it never did.
  8. 1) ventilator's caused 1,000's of deaths when they should not have been used, but were because of Covid hysteria and over-reaction. 2) many patients not getting the usual and required amount of care in hospitals and nursing homes, because of Covid hysteria. 3) people being treated for Covid, because of Covid hysteria, when they actually had something else. 4) people being treated for Covid, because of false positive test, when they actually had something else. 5) fraudulent numbers. Take your pick. They all add up to many deaths due to Covid fraud and hysteria.
  9. It's happening in every sport now, all governed by political correctness, and any athlete that has a different opinion gets forced out. Kyle Larson banned from NASCAR and his career destroyed because he said something offensive while playing online virtual racing. It's just ludicrous. NFL players getting fined for putting personal messages to their families someplace on their uniforms. Kaepernick getting pushed completely out of the league for kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality, but now it's ok for BLM people to burn down cities. Insanity.
  10. Please keep posting. What you're saying - it's so very valuable to our fight to have actual inside information confirming everything we have been saying for months now.
  11. I still believe this is more BS. There is no Covid-19, so what exactly is it they think they're curing. Every Doctor in the world knows that Cold viruses are Corona viruses, and that during seasons when the Cororna virus strain is worse, and Colds are really bad, most of these people get diagnosed with the flu and sent home with instructions to take some aspirin and drink more fluids. In other words, Covid-19 is this year's cold and flu - mild cases normally being called a cold, and worse cases normally being called the flu. We can actually see this in the PTB's own data, as flu cases are magically down over 95% this year, but if you look at how many people actually had something being called Covid-19, these numbers match the missing 95% normal flu numbers. In other words, their own data shows that Covid-19 is this year's seasonal flu. It's just mind-boggling that 90% of the population cannot see this simple logic and simple math that any 12-year old can easily understand. On top of that, it is completely normal for millions of elderly people to die every flu season from the flu, because within that specific demographic, and among other people with weakened immune systems, the flu often leads to respiratory arrest. This is nothing new, and there is absolutely nothing unusual about so many thousands of elderly and sick people having flu symptoms and then ending up in an ICU with respiratory failure. This is normal and it happens every year during flu season. Once again, this is more proof that Covid-19 is actually this year's seasonal flu. It behaves EXACTLY the way the flu has behaved for 1,000's of years.
  12. This is exactly what they tried to do to the US right before Trump was elected with those Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific Partnerships. These were nothing more than trojan horses giving total control of our Congress and Commerce Dept to multi-national corporations. They actually had language in them stating that the US was required to do a certain amount of business with each of the 1,500 multi-national corporations, and if we fell short on any of them the tax payers would have to pay the difference and penalties. This is actually what the NWO is. I posted earlier about the NWO using new highly technological subliminal messaging in TV broadcasting in all of the leading industrialized countries and someone replied that it's unlikely that they would be able to do this across all of those countries. Actually, it's through these backdoor trade agreements that this stuff very silently gets implemented without anyone knowing what's happening. And because ALL of the media is now in the hands of a very few people, people who coordinate together to advance their profits, this is very simple to do now. The other thing that's changed is the news media in all of the industrialized countries are all owned now by trans-nationals that have no allegiance to any flag or state. Their only allegiance is to money, power and control. So, now ALL of the media is all reading from the same script at the same time, which is also a brain-washing system to control the masses. It's why, among people who sit riveted watching the news, they don't just believe in the pandemic, their belief has become a fundamentalist religion, where the false narratives are reinforced over and over on every news channel.
  13. I don't really care how many karma points I have on reddit, but my number was steadily climbing a little each day. I got into an argument with a "Covid true believer" about a month ago. My number decreased by 5 and has not moved up or down since.
  14. It has a lot to do with making life so dehumanizing and stifling that living in a VR life will become preferable to living in a real one.
  15. Here's the kind of hysterical insanity that's happening in the city near where I live. We all know by now that the fraud test kits are what they're using to keep the "pandemic" going, and that there is actually NOTHING really happening. My local news reported last night that people visiting pools needn't worry, because Covid-19 cannot be transmitted through water of any kind. The very next news item was that every pool in the city is closing down, and all of them are being drained and deep-cleaned, at a cost of thousands of dollars to local tax-payers, because 2 people who work for the Pools Department tested positive. I really believe most of the human race has just gone completely insane, along with losing about 40 points off of their IQ. I know the world is a fucked up place, but I never imagined an entire population of people could be reduced to a giant mob of complete idiots like what's happened over the last several months.
  16. The PTB know full well that no Corona virus is going to spread during Summer months, and they are taking this opportunity to keep the fraud going by rolling out hundreds of thousands of these fraud test kits all over the US, and especially to athletes, knowing that many thousands of false positives will occur, which they then report as "new Covid-19 cases", even though none of these people actually have Covid-19 or anything else. I have been watching the sports channels and it's crazy how they keep reporting these athletes testing positive as the people "having Covid-19" and then none of these people ever asks the question "Why do none of these people ever have any symptoms, and why are they all subsequently testing negative a few days later". All of these different sports are banning athletes who test positive, but most of them will let the athletes back in if they subsequently pass two negative tests. All of these "positive" athletes are testing negative, but no one mentions "Why is this happening? What's wrong with the tests?" Meanwhile, in the US, all of the news channels are reporting now that "Covid-19 is raging across the country". That's the exact wording that EVERY news channel is using, and it's all based on the fraud test kits that have been at the center of this global scam from the very beginning.
  17. I am pretty damn sure at this point that there is no such thing as Sars-COV-2 and there never was. The entire thing is an Event 201 exercise in how to commit massive fraud on a global scale and get away with it. There is more going on however than meets the eye. There's gotta be a good reason why they showed us so many of their cards when they didn't even bother hiding Event 201. I've just begun to think about it and to talk about it. Listening to David Icke, I believe he suspects it also, and what I am talking about is a highly advanced and technological new form of electronic brain-washing being deployed across most of the industrialized world, and that part of this pandemic fraud was a test of that new technology.
  18. If you look at all the major policy centers involved in the control of the pandemic, like the WHO, NIH, etc., all of these institutions have either taken direct Gates payments, or are connected to the Gates Foundation, or they have ties to GAVI. It's just one big pandemic fraud circle jerk of money laundering many, many billions in our tax money. All anyone has to do is look at who attended Event 201 and then look at the mouthpieces spewing out the pandemic rhetoric on TV news all day long. It's all the same faces. Even an idiot can see t6his was all setup last years months in advance, and they didn't even try to hide it. How did they know they would not need to hide what they were doing? They literally telegraphed through Event 201 that they were creating a fake pandemic to start in January. Yes, gates is the front man. Behind him there's a huge machine of players, each a cog, each doing their part to make sure an ignorant, distracted, dumbed down population would comply and obey, even though a veritable idiot should be able to see right through the scam.
  19. Man, I so appreciate and understand all the hard work that has gone into what's been happening the last few months. I don't want to even ask how many hours some of you have been putting in. I was a Software Engineer, so I have some idea. Anyway, you dudes have done Yeoman's Work. I too was having withdrawal symptoms the last few days. Good thing I have my new "weed" grow to keep me busy, and the forum is back just in time now that I have everything setup to just water every few days with nothing else really to do. 14 weeks until harvest....tick-tock....tick-tock.....
  20. I posted on the old forum about 5 years now my prediction that the next version of facebook would be be based on VR and avatars, and that instead of being glued to their phones, the next generation of addicts would be spending their days all alone in their rooms with their VR goggles on facebooking in 3D, and that facebook was putting a lot of work into designing this new version of itself to be even more psychologically addictive. Take my prediction and connect it to our new reality of a "deadly pathogen", fear, social distancing, and the elimination of many millions of jobs in order to "save the world". The dots just fall right into place.
  21. Add to that the demise of TV news last year. As of december, news channels like CNN were losing millions of dollars with talk of having to be sold or shutdown, because they had the lowest ratings in history. Now they have the highest ratings in many years, and they're going to ride this wave as long as possible by keeping the pandemic fraud going as long as possible, with wave 2,3,4,5......how long can it go on? Then we have the WHO that was also on the rocks with bad publicity about their long history of wildly incorrect numbers and predictions. The US was pulling their funding, with other countries saying they were also going to pull their funding. The only thing they needed to get back on the high horse was one really big pandemic, and thanks to big donors like Bill gates, they had the funds to pull it off.
  22. This narrative about a killer virus, capable of creating a global pandemic, jumping from an animal to humans and then miraculously infecting the entire world has been bread-crumbed into our society for the last several years, until so many billions of people believe in this science fiction nonsense like it's actually true. The truth is, there's not one single provable instance of this ever happening in all of human history, and yet billions of people now believe it. The truth is, in order for a virus to become that sophisticated, it can't just behave that way immediately after jumping, it has to circulate throughout the population for many years before it learns (so to speak) how to thwart our immune systems. That's why it's never happened before, because any virus that would do that would at first be too dumb and our own immune systems would block it before it spread enough to get going. If this was not the case, humanity would have been wiped out ten times over millenia ago. Look at how many millions of people sleep with their pets at night and this doesn't happen. Look at how many people actually let their nasty dogs lick their mouths and faces and this does not happen. It's science fiction.
  23. I don't have proof as yet, but I am really convinced that, beginning with the NDAA in the US, the US, the UK, Australia and the EU have all very quietly implemented a new highly technological form of subliminal messaging within TV news media. For months I was wondering how so many people had fallen for this hoax even though it is so freaking obvious to the rest of us. And they haven't just fallen for it, they believe in it like it's their new religion. It's like they have been in a brain-washing program for years. How could this have happened in as little as a couple of weeks back in early February? Then, I heard about a US Intelligence program, part of Project Mockingbird, that was using the TV news media in the US to broadcast subliminal messages, particularly during broadcasts of the national anthem. Fast forward to 1975 and the Frank Church Commission that uncovered this sinister shit and made it illegal to ever happen again. Fast forward again to the Obama presidency and the passing of the National Defence Authorization Act, which had a law added to it nullifying the laws passed by the Church Commission. They didn't have a dozen lawyers writing these new laws if they were not intending on using them. Now, with that information in hand, and surmising that the subliminal messaging technology must be 1,000 times more advanced than it was 50 years ago, it's not hard to see why the people who have stayed glued to TV news are now acting like programmed robots. I am convinced this insidious shit is happening once again, and I think the behavior of the pandemic believers is living proof of it.
  24. Since learning of the 12,000 year solar cycle, I am convinced, and know it down to my gut that this is a real phenomenon. Apparently, every 12,000 years or so the Sun goes through a cycle where it "flashes" in every direction, like a sphere of highly charged solar radiation blasting out across the entire solar system and into space. This was the catalyst that kicked off the end of the last ice age and explains how/why it happened so suddenly that the world was quickly flooded on a massive scale. This is why there is a cutoff point of art and sculpture 12K years ago and why so much of that sculpture and paintings depicts just the image of the Sun. It's why there seems to be an end to many societies like Gobekli Tepe and the society that built the Giza Plateau all at the same time around 12K years ago, and why we have sunken cities off of every major coast all over the globe that seem to date to that time.
  25. I had to wear a mask to get a haircut. I avoided it for as long as possible, until my hair was down to my shoulders because I had not had a trim since December. I tried to find a shop that did not require a mask and could not find one because social media and political correctness pressure is being used to force compliance. Any shop that tries to do otherwise will get shredded on social media.
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