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  1. The high priests of the WHO proclaim Covid from up on high.   The Covid Evangelists on TV preach the doctrine of Covid day and night.  The true believers kneel before their big screens, worshipping the Gospel of Covid.  No one has actually seen it.  No one knows anyone else who has actually seen it.  They haven't had it.  No one in their family has had it.  None of their friends have had it.  None of their neighbors have had it.  But these self-subjugating congregation of believers, wearing their masks of allegiance, structure their entire day and every aspect of their lives around Lord Covid. 




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  2. It's caused by a certain kind of ignorant idealism, where these people believe that with just a few more laws, just the right people in charge, just the right system in place, the world can be like a Utopia.  To these people, these ideas are not theories, they are the reality that can be achieved right around the corner if only this and that will happen, and they just assume that all of the rest of us are in total agreement, because who wouldn't want to live in a Utopia.


    They fail to look at even a short moment of history, where we have case after case of these kinds of Utopias, cases going back generations, and they're all the same.  They exploit the ignorant idealists, who are mostly people under 30, who are unmarried, do not have careers, never owned any property, and never had to be responsible or accountable for themselves or anyone else.  Then, after the coup, these idealists soon find out that actually 50% or more of the people do not want to live like that, and like all Utopias, they can only be successful with 100% obedience and cooperation.  They soon get to watch people in their families, some of their friends, their neighbors, getting hauled off to the gulags for non-conformity, because everyone must conform.


    I think there's a certain kind of blind laziness in many people also.  They want someone else to do all the thinking, making all the decisions, determining all the hard choices.  It absolves them of having to be accountable or responsible for anything, so they can live in like an alpha wave intoxicated-like stupor, obsessing on trivial bullshit like social media and how many Likes they have.

  3. I say we use those custom t-shirt online sites to create t-shirts to protest, like "#PandemicFraud", or "Covid-19 is a Fraud" or whatever.  I'm not that clever with that kind of thing, but if someone who is wants to chime in.  I am definitely going to do this myself, and I WILL wear the shirt everywhere.  I want it to call attention from the Mask Zombies.  I want them to stop me and question me about it.  I want other people who might be afraid to be different right now to know they are not alone.


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  4. On 8/4/2020 at 7:35 AM, Marksparktoo said:

    Hi, I can't find this on another thread. 


    I understand well all that is going on, as well as anyone can, and have been following David /Corbett /Igan for many years.


    But, I understand that many, including David, thinks that there is no virus at all. And I have no problem accepting that - but I would just ask what are the "strange and unexplainable symptoms" that were reported early on. I remember specifically 2 doctors who were talking of high altitude - like symptoms and extreme but never before seen breathing difficulties... 

    What was the thinking there? 


    Even some people who get the flu have strange and unique symptoms.  That does not mean those symptoms should be added to the symptom list for the flu, that would be dumb.  But dumb is what we're living today.  It's all about money...money...money.  The more symptoms they can add to the Covid-19 symptom list, the more people they can diagnose with Covid, then the more money they get.  The more people get diagnosed the more they can keep increasing the supposed numbers of infected and deaths and so the more they can keep up the appearance of a pandemic, which will rake in even more money, money, money for politicians, drug companies, govt agencies, etc.  If they can keep it up long enough and make it big enough, they can go for the mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports, which together will be somewhere around a $300 billion industry.


    The proof that there is no virus is in the numbers.  Heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia, bronchitis, strep throat, asthma, diabetes, common colds, and the flu are all down 90% this year.  We have decades of data showing what each of these should be, collated by month, and all of them are mysteriously almost non-existent now.   Even people dying of cancer are having Covid-19 put on their death certificates.  There isn't any more proof needed than that that there is no Covid virus.


    Go all the way back to January.  January is the month that is the peak of flu season.  The WHO just happens to be in Wuhan, and the first week of January begins reporting that some people in Wuhan are getting sick with flu-like symptoms.  Well, duh - January is the peak of flu season!!  Then, when one of these flu-like people dies, the WHO is already directly keyed into all of the news media, which begins to sow the seeds of a coming pandemic.   A week later, the WHO starts using brand new, just invented Corona virus test kits, and determines that these sick people in Wuhan just coincidentally happen to have a brand new never before seen Corona virus that just happens to match their brand new test kits.   That's right folks - of all the thousands of viruses that could remotely possibly jump from an animal to a human, and in the many thousands of places on Earth that this could happen, the WHO is magically right there at ground zero when and where it happens, and they even have newly invented test kits that exactly match that particular virus even though that virus supposedly never existed before.  In other words, this is impossible.


    Then, we have the WHO testing only sick people in the calculation of the virus's infection and death rates, when they're supposed to be testing across a random sample of the population, not just sick people.  This type of error, called "population bias" is something that the WHO has a long, long history of doing, and this type of error produces wildly inflated results.  In this case, their calculated death rate was approximately off by 2,000%.


    The common symptoms of Covid-19, we're told, are exactly the same symptoms of the flu.  Now that we have months of data, we can also see that the infection and death rate of this virus is also the same as the flu.  We have decades of data showing that every year 3-5 million people die from the flu.  Most of these deaths are elderly people, because in elderly people the flu often evolves into pneumonia and respiratory arrest, exactly like what we're told Covid-19 does.  In other words, Covid-19 is the seasonal flu and it always was the seasonal flu. 


    The test kits have proven to be completely useless.  The false positive rate is around 80%.  The other 20% are people who have been exposed to any of several common Corona viruses, including the common cold.  The media and the politicians and many corporations and health care companies, are using these ridiculously unreliable test kit numbers to misreport what's happening, using false positives and positives from the common cold to manufacture hysteria and to manufacture a pandemic that does not exist.


    As of last December, both the TV news media and the WHO were on the ropes, so to speak.  TV news media was losing millions of dollars per month, with ratings at the lowest in their history, and with talk that some of them would soon have to shutter.  The WHO had already had millions in funding pulled by the US, and other major countries were also about to pull their funding.  In other words, the TV news and the WHO were both about to go extinct. The only thing they needed was one good pandemic to save them.  It has been a smashing success, don't you think?


    If you still are not convinced just look at Event 201 and who the players in that were.  They basically scripted the entire pandemic out, down to the very virus involved, and it was all scripted and documented last October, three months before the "pandemic".  And all of the people involved in running and controlling the pandemic were all there in attendance.  Add to that, Bill Gates's tweet on December 19th saying "2020 will be the greatest year ever to invest in vaccine companies".


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  5. 6 hours ago, arcella said:

    Does anyone think like me the measures imposed as a result of this pandemic would have been untenable only a generation ago? Only a few decades ago intellectual discourse was still prevalent and the general public were credited with intelligence. In the nineteen eighties minoritarian viewpoints still had an outlet on broadcasters such as Channel Four but now dissenting views are increasingly marginalised and news bulletins and public debates are so low brow and philistine. 




    Not just a generation ago, but just before social media became a thing.  Social media is a psychological group-think scourge that artificially magnifies small groups and trivial ideas into something massively bigger than they really are.  It also psychologically brings out the kind of narcissism in people that makes them unable to debate anyone on anything, which results in labelling and screaming.  Even worse, the Technocracy has made sure that social media is used to enforce political correctness that makes it virtually impossible to speak the truth about anything without getting flamed and banned by their mobocracy.



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  6. 7 hours ago, CyprusAvenue said:



    @shadowmoon currently GP Practices receive £10.06 for each routine and annual vaccine.  Remember, each Practice is a business.


    Veterinarians are even worse.  They want you take your cats and dogs in every year for the same series of virus injections.  The drug companies lobbied to make Rabies vaccines mandatory yearly for all dogs and cats in most states.   My vet always says "It's the law" when I tell her I don't want my cats injected.  Last time, I told her "Just because it's a law does not mean it isn't stupid. And I'm not stupid either."


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  7. 15 hours ago, wodens_vengeance said:

    @motleyhoo Fair enough, I admit I haven't read up on the origins of chemotherapy. I think Marrs did great work on the Kennedy assassination but he should have quit while he was ahead. In all the interviews I've seen with him he seemed to take a very conventional view of "ze Germans" as in "they were evil".


    I am aware of Paperclip and have never found it particularly surprising that the allies "brain drained" German scientists, I mean the deal was sweet on both sides, allies get knowledge, scientists get a new life in the States with the alternative possibly being years in a Soviet gulag.


    However, I fail to see how the likes of Von Braun or some AG Farben chemists relocating to America perpetuates an "evil SS ideology" If only they had transferred some of the noble principles of honour and loyalty that were the central tenets of the Schutzstaffel we might not be in such an appalling geopolitical situation as we currently find ourselves in. 


    I perpetuates it because these scientists and "Doctors" were setup into what have become some of the most heinous industries, and it's no coincidence that this has happened.  Our biotech industry, pesticide industry, pharmaceutical industry, genetic engineering of food, etc. (it's a long list) all came out of Paperclip.  Another group, experts in psychological torture and brain-washing were sucked up by the OSS, which later became the CIA, and were directly responsible for MK Ultra and other inhumane Intelligence and CIA projects.  Just look at the environmental damage Bayer is doing.  You really should read "Rise of the Fourth Reich".  That one book changed how I look at the world and what I see now when I look at it, and everything in it is footnoted and verifiable.


    Personally, I believe the Nazi's at the highest levels were infected by things that latched onto them when they got deeply into the occult, and when we let those people into our country, those "things" came in with them and infected our country from the inside.  This is where the deep state came from.


  8. 14 hours ago, zarkov said:

    a compelling listen




    This guy is completely correct, but also notice that it peaked exactly when the seasonal flu normally peaks.  It's just more evidence proving what I and many others have been saying about this being a fictional narrative wrapped around the seasonal flu.  Even the WHO being in Wuhan in January and appearing to freak out about people there falling ill with flu-like symptoms, and then pretending that this was abnormal, when January is the peak of flu season in Wuhan just like it is everywhere else. 


    They used flu victims in Wuhan, in coordination with faulty test kits that are completely useless, to concoct a complete fiction.  Then, the news media was used to turn this story into something sounding so horrific that the people watching suspended their common sense, thus falling for the entire sham, which was subsequently foisted onto the entire world for Bill Gates and his merry band of white collar criminals.


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  9. 53 minutes ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

    Ahhh that's music to my ears matey, it wouldn't surprise me if the media scumbags scale the figures right down to 'a few thousand'.  Thanks for getting back on this,  1.3 million is one hell of a crowd and also - if even half that figure - - or a tenth of that figure - it's still a humongous crowd of people with something to say... it's one hell of a statement to the elite lapdogs and PTW  'powers-that-were'.


    Notice no one is wearing a mask.  I'd give anything to see this in the US, where most people still believe in the imaginary invisible boogeyman.  It is so difficult to watch sports right now.  Every sport is mandating masks, especially for anyone who will appear on camera, even if they're just in the background.  It's like they are trying SO HARD to keep the scam going, and then you have to see the non-stop ticker-tape across the bottom of the screen constantly announcing all the new positive tests and club closings because 1 person on the team tested positive.  It's really insane.  And they don't announce that people just tested positive, they use the words "has the virus" or "is infected".  And you also get to see the non-stop pure propaganda scrolling by about college sports not being able to resume because of widespread Covid, even though no one actually knows anyone who has any kind of virus.


  10. People just do not use their common sense any more.  We all know the way the vaccines work is to create an immune response to whatever type of vaccine it is.  Does it even cross these people's minds that your body creates an immune response to every other ingredient also?   It's just asinine that people can think it's ok to inject vials filled with unknown chemicals into the bloodstream of an infant and they don't have the mental capacity to question anything.   This is why so many children have allergies today, because they had immune system reactions to other ingredients in the vaccines, like peanut oil, that form permanent immune disorders.  Think of what's happening with all the other ingredients, like the dna fragments of animals and genetically engineered crap that we don't even know about.


    If you google the name of any of the major vaccine companies, followed by the word 'fraud', you will see that every single one of these companies has been found to have committed fraud multiple times, with many of these cases of fraud resulting in the documented deaths of thousands of people killed by their faulty products.  Do any of these people have the mental capacity to even check this out before they inject their children?  Does it seem logical that you would inject vials of unknown chemicals, manufactured by companies that have been guilty of committing fraud multiple times, and even killing people by the thousands, into children?  It's psychotic.



  11. 9 hours ago, wodens_vengeance said:


    You make a good point but unfortunately I disagree with everything you said. 🙂 What are these "evils" the Germans are supposed to have committed? If it's all that old stuff about jewish soap, human lampshades, shrunken heads and experiments on twins then you're talking about things that were made up after the war by primarily jews, the US army psychological warfare division and the soviets.


    I'm talking about things like AG Farben injecting pesticides into people, which came to be known as chemotherapy.  This is the kind of stuff that was going on, and it continues even today, and many of the most hideous biotech companies setup after the war were setup by these so-called scientists who, because they were "useful", were allowed to run free.


  12. 53 minutes ago, Shy Talk said:



    This link may have been posted before but I wouldn't be surprised if the kits were withdrawn because they were too accurate and no-one was testing positive. On a side note, the way the company got the contract was an exercise in corruption (Tory MP on the board).


    The NHL announced that all 2,400+ of their tests across all the players and staff were negative.  This is a real head-scratcher since 1) we're being told Covid is raging, and 2) we know the tests are so unreliable that there should have been at least some false positives.  But, they had ZERO positives across more than 2,400 tests.  ?????


  13. The only reason any intelligent human being would agree to get a vaccine is because they are being mesmerized by the image of a trusted white lab coat nurturing their health.  Having a vial of unknown chemicals bypassing all of your bodies natural defences against outside invaders by injecting it directly into your bloodstream goes against all rational common sense.


    A person will not eat a potato chip they just dropped on a clean floor because it might have something on it, but they'll willingly let someone inject a vial of unknown chemicals and animal DNA directly into their bloodstream.  How does this make any sense at all?





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  14. Did half a tab of acid back in 1984.  It was really great.  I was with a group of friends and we watched that Star Trek movie,  Wrath of Khan I believe.  I drove back to my apartment, which was on the other side of Virginia Beach.  It was Sunday morning, so I was the only car on the road and I was almost freaking out that I was lost and out in the middle of nowhere.  Somehow, I drove straight to my apartment ok.  I found a large wooden spoon in the sink from the day before.  I decided to wash it. It had a large black spot on it that I could not get out.  I scrubbed and scrubbed until I gave up.  Crashed and slept all day.  Woke up later to find this spoon in the kitchen that had been scrubbed so much the wood was bleached. LOL!


    I laughed so hard and for so long that night that my ribs hurt for 3 days.


    I have seriously thought about growing a batch of "Golden Teacher" mushrooms to experiment with.  I have severe RLS and the healthcare industry has completely failed me.  I want to see if micro-dosing can help my symptoms, along with smoking a little Granddaddy Purple weed before bed or when my symptoms are really bad.  I'm growing a practise batch of weed right now to experiment with several techniques to maximize growth, and in a few months I'm getting seeds of GDP and Purple Kush to grow.


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  15. Hand sanitizers are like using pesticide in your garden.  A small few pests have just the right genetics to survive the toxin, then they pass this trait to their offspring and before you know it you have bugs everywhere that nothing will kill.  Sanitizer is just like this, and the medical industry has been saying for years that the over use of it creates MRSA and other super bugs.


    The health care industry knows this is true, but it's like they're mesmerized with all other sheeple.


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  16. They have been playing canned recordings of spectator sounds, clapping and cheering, during tennis matches on the tennis channel.  It's really ludicrous. 


    Nothing I have seen so far is as ludicrous as NASCAR requiring everyone that might appear somewhere on camera to wear a mask.   115F temperature radiating up off of the asphalt and they have tire changers, jack men, and fuel men all wearing masks over their faces.  What's so insane is that they are not exposed in any way from anyone from the outside who might be infected with something.  They're completely isolated and they're acting this way.   I saw one driver actually had a mask stored in his car during the race, and immediately after the race he took off his helmet and put the mask on.  It's like humanity has suddenly turned completely stupid.  Oh yeah, and what really looks moronic is the 6 foot microphone extensions they use to interview people before and after the race.  LOL!!!



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  17. @wodens_vengeance, yep.  All the numbers are just fraud and fiction.   The news media talks about ICU's being filled up with Covid patients, and in the background they have video of nurses moving terminally ill patients around in an ICU, leading the viewer to believe those are all the Covid-19 patients, when in fact that video is just stock footage of a busy ICU that could have been years old, or it's stock footage of a drill.  This is how they mesmerize people with false beliefs.



  18. On 7/30/2020 at 7:32 AM, Chica said:


    Yes. Too bad most people are unable to understand or even believe this. 


    Except that you can see the Nazi SS fingerprints on every evil thing that happens in US society and elsewhere.  Read "Rise of the Fourth Reich" by Jim Marrs.  It gives full bibliographed detail about how Project Paperclip was used to basically infect our society with the philosophy of these evil people because they were given very quiet, but prominent roles in the development of everything from soap to biotech industry to drug companies.   The experimenting they were doing on people in WW2 they just picked back up where they left off, doing it quietly behind the scenes through corporations and govt agencies.  That does not mean Zionists aren't here too.  We have multiple enemies.  These enemies fight each other when it suits them, and they cooperate with each other when it suits them.


  19. My supermarket now has a large professional sign on the front saying masks, sanitizer and social distancing are required to enter.  I ignored all of it, and even though I was one of only a very few people ignoring it, no one said anything to me. 


    The lady who was at the entrance sanitizing cart handles directed me toward the "clean" ones and I reached over and intentionally grabbed one that had not been "cleaned" yet.


    I was really tempted to walk through the store fake coughing and sneezing just to see what the face-muzzle people would do.  I have also been tempted to create a flyer and leave copies of it all over the store shelves everywhere.


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  20. I do not believe there will be a 2nd lockdown.  Instead, what they're going to do is use the new school year coming up to mount an all-out psychological attack on our children.  Even college students, the age group that is least affected by Covid-19, are going to go back to schools that look like something from a sci fi movie.


    Even the WHO and the CDC have been saying for months that Covid-19 for college age students (people in their 20's) is no more of a threat than the common flu.  They have been saying this over and over.  They have it posted on their websites.  And yet all of the schools are in full hysteria mode as if something 10 times worse than the Black Plague is about to poison everyone.


    They're also going to use the Fall and Winter sports season to condition "fans" into complying with new Orwellian "rules" for attendance.  The NFL, NHL, and NCAA have all been slowly trickling out what they expect the new fan rules will be, and they're all completely insane.




  21. Reading through the scientific data in some of the posts above just confirms my suspicion that there was never a SARS-COV-2 in the first place.  It never existed.  No one asks the question, why was the WHO coincidentally sitting in Wuhan waiting for a "wild virus" exactly when SARS-2 supposedly jumped from an animal to a human right there exactly where they were?


    The next question - given the amount of time it should have taken to develop a test kit for such a complex virus, how were they able to produce 1,000's of test kits immediately after the supposed initial infections at ground zero to test for a virus that never existed before?   How did they know months in advance to produce test kits for a virus that never existed before?


    We actually have not a single instance in all of human history of a virus anywhere near as sophisticated as Covid-19 jumping from an animal to a human.  There are suspected cases of viruses, like bird flu, doing this, but when they do it they infect a very few people then disappear.  This is because a virus that infects humans has to circulate throughout the population for many generations while it evolves to become sophisticated enough to be as complex and deadly as something like the flu.  The probability of an animal virus doing this are extremely low because they don't have time to evolve around our defences before our immune system stops them.


    Covid-19 is so complex it supposedly has over 30 symptoms now.  The odds of a virus jumping from an animal and then immediately being that sophisticated are next to impossible.  They have used sci fi movies, TV shows, and fear mongering news to get people to believe in totally false scenarios that are actually nearly impossible to ever happen in reality.


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