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  1. The high priests of the WHO proclaim Covid from up on high. The Covid Evangelists on TV preach the doctrine of Covid day and night. The true believers kneel before their big screens, worshipping the Gospel of Covid. No one has actually seen it. No one knows anyone else who has actually seen it. They haven't had it. No one in their family has had it. None of their friends have had it. None of their neighbors have had it. But these self-subjugating congregation of believers, wearing their masks of allegiance, structure their entire day and every aspect of their lives around Lord Covid.
  2. It's caused by a certain kind of ignorant idealism, where these people believe that with just a few more laws, just the right people in charge, just the right system in place, the world can be like a Utopia. To these people, these ideas are not theories, they are the reality that can be achieved right around the corner if only this and that will happen, and they just assume that all of the rest of us are in total agreement, because who wouldn't want to live in a Utopia. They fail to look at even a short moment of history, where we have case after case of these kinds of Utopias, ca
  3. I say we use those custom t-shirt online sites to create t-shirts to protest, like "#PandemicFraud", or "Covid-19 is a Fraud" or whatever. I'm not that clever with that kind of thing, but if someone who is wants to chime in. I am definitely going to do this myself, and I WILL wear the shirt everywhere. I want it to call attention from the Mask Zombies. I want them to stop me and question me about it. I want other people who might be afraid to be different right now to know they are not alone.
  4. Even some people who get the flu have strange and unique symptoms. That does not mean those symptoms should be added to the symptom list for the flu, that would be dumb. But dumb is what we're living today. It's all about money...money...money. The more symptoms they can add to the Covid-19 symptom list, the more people they can diagnose with Covid, then the more money they get. The more people get diagnosed the more they can keep increasing the supposed numbers of infected and deaths and so the more they can keep up the appearance of a pandemic, which will rake in even more money, money,
  5. Veterinarians are even worse. They want you take your cats and dogs in every year for the same series of virus injections. The drug companies lobbied to make Rabies vaccines mandatory yearly for all dogs and cats in most states. My vet always says "It's the law" when I tell her I don't want my cats injected. Last time, I told her "Just because it's a law does not mean it isn't stupid. And I'm not stupid either."
  6. I perpetuates it because these scientists and "Doctors" were setup into what have become some of the most heinous industries, and it's no coincidence that this has happened. Our biotech industry, pesticide industry, pharmaceutical industry, genetic engineering of food, etc. (it's a long list) all came out of Paperclip. Another group, experts in psychological torture and brain-washing were sucked up by the OSS, which later became the CIA, and were directly responsible for MK Ultra and other inhumane Intelligence and CIA projects. Just look at the environmental damage Bayer is doing. You rea
  7. People just do not use their common sense any more. We all know the way the vaccines work is to create an immune response to whatever type of vaccine it is. Does it even cross these people's minds that your body creates an immune response to every other ingredient also? It's just asinine that people can think it's ok to inject vials filled with unknown chemicals into the bloodstream of an infant and they don't have the mental capacity to question anything. This is why so many children have allergies today, because they had immune system reactions to other ingredients in the vaccines, lik
  8. I'm talking about things like AG Farben injecting pesticides into people, which came to be known as chemotherapy. This is the kind of stuff that was going on, and it continues even today, and many of the most hideous biotech companies setup after the war were setup by these so-called scientists who, because they were "useful", were allowed to run free.
  9. The only reason any intelligent human being would agree to get a vaccine is because they are being mesmerized by the image of a trusted white lab coat nurturing their health. Having a vial of unknown chemicals bypassing all of your bodies natural defences against outside invaders by injecting it directly into your bloodstream goes against all rational common sense. A person will not eat a potato chip they just dropped on a clean floor because it might have something on it, but they'll willingly let someone inject a vial of unknown chemicals and animal DNA directly into their blood
  10. Did half a tab of acid back in 1984. It was really great. I was with a group of friends and we watched that Star Trek movie, Wrath of Khan I believe. I drove back to my apartment, which was on the other side of Virginia Beach. It was Sunday morning, so I was the only car on the road and I was almost freaking out that I was lost and out in the middle of nowhere. Somehow, I drove straight to my apartment ok. I found a large wooden spoon in the sink from the day before. I decided to wash it. It had a large black spot on it that I could not get out. I scrubbed and scrubbed until I gave up
  11. Hand sanitizers are like using pesticide in your garden. A small few pests have just the right genetics to survive the toxin, then they pass this trait to their offspring and before you know it you have bugs everywhere that nothing will kill. Sanitizer is just like this, and the medical industry has been saying for years that the over use of it creates MRSA and other super bugs. The health care industry knows this is true, but it's like they're mesmerized with all other sheeple.
  12. This thread got clipped on the change-over. I promise I'll update it and get it all caught up, including equipment reviews and new things I have learned here in the next few days.
  13. I find it peculiar that across the 4 airliners involved there were only 266 passengers. This would mean the 4 planes were around 75% below capacity, with mostly empty seats. Things that make you go "hhmmm....."
  14. @wodens_vengeance, yep. All the numbers are just fraud and fiction. The news media talks about ICU's being filled up with Covid patients, and in the background they have video of nurses moving terminally ill patients around in an ICU, leading the viewer to believe those are all the Covid-19 patients, when in fact that video is just stock footage of a busy ICU that could have been years old, or it's stock footage of a drill. This is how they mesmerize people with false beliefs.
  15. Except that you can see the Nazi SS fingerprints on every evil thing that happens in US society and elsewhere. Read "Rise of the Fourth Reich" by Jim Marrs. It gives full bibliographed detail about how Project Paperclip was used to basically infect our society with the philosophy of these evil people because they were given very quiet, but prominent roles in the development of everything from soap to biotech industry to drug companies. The experimenting they were doing on people in WW2 they just picked back up where they left off, doing it quietly behind the scenes through corporations and
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