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  1. If he grew his hair out and donned a beard, he’’d make a great Santa Claus for the children’s parties. He’d look like the old white haired God in the clouds, so, yeah, maybe he is the architect. And that tunnel he just opened up into the 5D, AND BEYON!D!, in The Trap is surely worth an Architectural prize or 2.
  2. David recommends these 3 songs in The Trap, so, turn it up loud, and singalong……….. or gtfo!.
  3. We are Infinite Awareness. We are connected to source. We have come into the simulation at this time. We are hacking the system. Now let’s get on with it. “We are the champions, my friends” Ps; Brilliant book!. And how the world has changed since I first took delivery of it!.
  4. Up above the streets and houses Are the elites laughing at the LBGT community?. I think David clearly answers that one. Are the Noahide laws real?.
  5. “………………………………….………………….. Aspects of Infinite Awareness still connected to their source have come into the simulation at this ‘time to literally hack the system and set minds free of the illusion. Yet no doubt a goodly number have themselves been caught in the illusion such is it’s perceptual deceit……… “ Discuss?.
  6. 3D reality has really taken a turn with this unfolding. 4D (AI) is trying hard to push a narrative. Also, there can be no doubt that London will be at a standstill. 5D & beyond well, there definitely feels like a change in the field. Discuss?.
  7. Chapter 7 is good as well eh?. The whole nature of reality questions are invaluable, pure gold. So were the earlier chapters it has to said. Davids summarising of the updates of those KILLED BY VACCINATIONS really hits hard after watching it unfold as foretold. Now let’s unfold 5D. Did I mention Chapter 7?. Pure gold.
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