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  1. Having just watched the new video on Bitchute, I just wanted to say, “Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in”.
  2. Try coming at it from a different angle Beth, the pandemic is fake, the vaccine however is real and David has written/warned of it many, many times. Pages 847 to 855 of The Trigger is a good place to start.
  3. And forget the reset. Bring on the Rebalancing!.
  4. Hahaha, maybe someone on the World Economic Forum saw this Henge video and thought it was a documentary?.
  5. You “take” that correctly lake, mines is the physical book. I’d only reread that bit the other day which is why it was fresh in my mind. That and the fact that it seems to relate to the real reason for the lockdown, instead of the whole virus hoax fraud bullshit that we are being fed.
  6. On page 175 of The Perception Deception, whilst mentioning the film Prometheus, David wrote that “Hollywood in general is preparing people for what is planned - the unveiling of the true masters if we allow the global police state to reach a point of full lockdown”. So, yes.
  7. He was one of the headline acts at Glasto that year, I believe. Former lead singer of The Stone Roses?. The point being that he has been very vocal on the whole FRAUD that is “covid19” on social media recently. Much to the attempted ridicule from people who seem to believe everything the government says. I was just joking (or maybe not) that you may have had an unknowing influence on the man.
  8. I was simply paraphrasing a bit about what I took from ‘The Answer’ truthgiverandseeker. Perhaps I should’ve added a little halo smiley or something. I’m not being defensive in anyway, merely sharing my understanding of what David has written in this great, imho, book. Understanding what others have taken from it is what this thread is all about, no?. As an aside, I’m now thinking about giving the One Light books a read, but I’d still love to read what yourself & others have garnered from ‘The Answer’.
  9. That is indeed the answer Oz........ And it sounds like you had a great time at Glasto ‘05!. I’m wondering if Ian Brown was one of the “dozens” who remember your prediction.
  10. There are no “days”. There is only NOW.
  11. If only there was someone out there who had ‘The Answer’.
  12. Why does Biden look like a “grey”?. Hahahahaha. Apart from the obvious!.
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