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  1. We must believe that the house of cards will fall. That the dominoes will fall. That justice will be served.
  2. Hahaha, I totally respect that Neil, I was just being curious as to what you may have been asserting. And good luck with meeting David. I’m sure it would be a very interesting conversation.
  3. Oh, come on Neil, be a superstar and share it with us. You say “the final piece has been put into place. It doesn’t matter if I’m killed now - The work has been done. My work has been done. TPTB can’t *undo* it.“. So, go for it!.
  4. Has David changed his ideas?. Isn’t it just that David has uncovered more & more about what is going on in this reality as the years have gone past?. Reptilians entities are undoubtedly a part of human history. From the snake in the garden of Eden to the Chinese worship of the dragon and then some. My understanding is that David claims the reptilians (and the greys) have had their realities, wether they be off this world, or in another dimension, hijacked by the Archons (which are also known by others names, demons being the Christian perspective), and that these entities (not all of them) have been used against us in this plan that has been going for a very long time, or not a long time, depending on your understanding of time. The Sabbatean Frankists are Satanist, in this dimension & of this earth, which easily ties in to his idea of Archons (demons). The Saturn/moon matrix have been used as tools to beam frequencies & vibrations towards Earth that aid with the plan to hijack/change our perception of reality in myriad ways. London & Israel are areas where this Archontic/demonic power have taken hold, along with other places on earth, although the thing is to know that it’s not quite as geographical or as simple as that, as this cult has and sees no borders. I don’t know if this will help explain it to you Marked Man, or even if David would agree with anything I’ve typed. So what I would suggest, as I’m looking forward to doing, is that you order David’s new book The Answer, and take it from there. Peace.
  5. Kanye, God & Elon Musk.. What a team. Trump should just give him the keys to the White House now.
  6. Only the 3 mentions of Epstein dying in his cell?. Incase anyone didn’t believe it the first 2 times!.
  7. “Dare to be different........ No compromise”. ??
  8. Have you read The Trigger?. David clearly explains that The protocols are not a Jewish conspiracy, they are a Sabbatean Frankist agenda. He also clearly explains the difference. Perpetuating the Jewish conspiracy is just wrong pi, on so many levels. peace
  9. Reminds me of that Adele song. “Hello from the other side” ???
  10. Contradictory?. The SNP are worse than that. A political party, and want to be government, that refused to include religious establishments & sporting institutions in their (so called) child abuse inquiry. They are evil. Wake up Scotland!.
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