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  1. Anyone else struggling not just with frustration with, or isolation from, their family, but, GRIEF at knowing one way or another, sooner or later, they are going to be killed, murdered, by this injection we warned them against taking...they are for all intents and purposes already dead...they're walking and talking but you know they're already dead...they'll take all the boosters, gratefully believe all the lies, even if they get hurt it in all likelihood WON'T wake them up...they're gone... GRIEF The family you grew up with, survived difficult times with, had good times with...loved...needed... Gone? Despite trying to save them with the surest of common sense and facts? And to lose so much family at once? In such an ugly and shocking way? Knowing they may die believing you're their enemy, as they will undoubtedly believe unvaxd will be cause of their hospital admission/death? GRIEF Anyone else in this place? How are you coping? Cos I'm not. Not really. I'm feeling that getting angry at them (within) may actually be a good thing, if managed properly. Help with the overwhelming sense of pain and loss. People's thoughts much appreciated
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