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  1. Alot of strange things have happened on 'The Chase'! Black eyed child, slenderman, bigfoot, UFO's etc.... Castle Ring is meant to be one of the most paronormal places in the country
  2. You say move onto public transport, what public transport? Over the past few years us country folk have seen tons of bus routes cut leaving many stranded. A strategy to get people to move into the cities?
  3. I heard that we will have completely eliminated petrol/diesel cars by 2030, bit soon is it not? I thought it was like 2040 when we will stop using diesel/petrol cars?
  4. I reckon once Lizzie passes on this will all come into force, as far as Britain is concerned anyway!
  5. Ado folks, something that has been bothering me for a while now is weather Australie will open the borders. I have family over there who I would dearly love to see! What are the chances they will open up you reckon?
  6. Hi guys, this my first actual post on this forum other than on the welcome thread so please excuse me if anything I post has already been discussed! Anyway, let's cut to the chase, is it me or have they started pushing climate a hell of a lot more since the 'Covid era' began? I didn't notice it as much before, yes we learnt about it in school but that was all you really heard about it other than the ocasional 'Low emmisions' transport news.... It seems to be promoted everywhere now! On trains, buses, soaps etc
  7. Evening all, I'd just like to say hello to you all
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