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  1. That's why I encourage everyone who have previously ignored MSM sites prior to Covid to take an active role to share their knowledge. Don't ignore MSM sites ... they feed some of the ignorant people who are helping the Covid scam to continue. Share your knowledge not just on this site, but MSM sites. For example this Dr Hilary is a threat to people's health. Thumb the bastard down.
  2. The Daily Mail are doing their usual psychological warfare propaganda. They flip flop every day. Pick your side ....media yes should be unbiased, but on the whole they are not. Professor Ferguson was discredited last year, but still the media quote him, ditto the war criminal Tony Blair England's Covid cases spike 76% in a week to 86,000 as 'Professor Lockdown' Neil Ferguson warns Indian variant is between 30% and 100% more infectious and twice as likely to cause hospitalisation in the unvaccinated compared to Kent strain 'Profe
  3. No, no, no to payment free surveillance tracing, facial recognition shopping. Whatever happened to the Monopolies Commission. Amazon putting small and medium businesses out of business every day. Thumbs down please.
  4. Here we go again. Talking about extending furlough beyond Septemeber. Expect more restrictive measures, fake cases new variants later this summer. Doesn't anyone wonder where the money is coming from? I don't think the UK or the world have ever been in so much debt. Generations will pay the price in higher taxes, reduced pensions. Michael Gove says he is 'open-minded' about extending massive furlough scheme as Nicola Sturgeon demands it stays beyond SEPTEMBER ahead of crunch UK leaders' summit today - with figures showing TWO BILLION days of subsidy have been claimed so f
  5. I'm not sure what relevance your comment has to the Jeff Stelling Twitter comment I shared. I used to work with Jeff Stelling's wife many years ago. We were good friends, but lost contact when I moved to Spain. I've met Jeff and although he works for Sky sports, I believe he's a genuine man.
  6. Wow. 30,000 likes on Twitter for this comment today. Thanks Jeff Stelling.
  7. If only the masses understood ............
  8. I don'tknow much about this man and his politics, but I do like his anti Covid Cartoons. I started a thread about the brilliant now deceased David Dees before the forum was hacked, so I hope this one has more longevity.
  9. Who exactly is promoting Posthumanism? I really don't think it's the electorate.
  10. For any people researching establishment paedophilia, the case of Lord Greville Janner was a typical (((establishent))) cover up. http://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2015/04/lord-janner-escapes.html Lord Janner child abuse scandal: Now Theresa May turns heat on DPP over botched case https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3045318/Lord-Janner-child-abuse-scandal-Theresa-turns-heat-DPP-botched-case.html Birthday visit: Lord Janner, right with cake, took Michael Jackson - who was repeatedly accused of child abuse but cleared in court -
  11. I don't know who the people are behind Aangirfan, but for at least 15 years they have tried to expose Satanic paedophilia within the elite and the murder of children in Canada, Jersey etc. Not all of it may be 100% accurate, but most is. https://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2021/06/mass-murder-of-kids-in-canada.html
  12. Unbelievable medical apartheid propaganda. Stuff your dinner parties. Why I'm disinviting my unvaccinated friends to dinner parties "If you won’t have the vaccine, you’re no friend of mine" Kate Mulvey 2 June 2021 • 2:47pm I'm getting that tranny feeling ..............
  13. Parliament has to debate it, if it reaches 100,000 Please sign End all requirements to wear face coverings immediately The Government should remove all mandates for face coverings in all public places, and advise all public authorities and businesses that this measure is no longer necessary. 69,524 signatures to date https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/581316
  14. Government, SAGE and media reacts to news of ZERO Covid deaths yesterday
  15. Belgium's footballers TURN DOWN the Covid vaccine with half of their Euro squad refusing to take the Pfizer jab over fears its side effects could ruin their chances of winning the tournament https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-9644261/Euro-2020-Half-Belgiums-squad-turn-Covid-jab-amid-fears-effects-tournament.html
  16. I don't like the sound of this at all. I believe what you have stated is the intention (coming to fruition) of the malign elite who rule this world. It was also in Crowley's mind, as you are probably aware. "In his poem ‘Hymn to Pan’ (1919), the occultist Aleister Crowley offers an image of Pan that, one suspects, few of his contemporaries eagerly embraced. Crowley presents the demigod as a transsexual, trans-species cyborg that is artificial and biological, mineral and vegetable, shepherd and sheep, sexual attacker and willing victim." https://
  17. FFS ...... 1984 is a reality "Areas including Bolton have seen rises in cases of the Indian variant of Covid"
  18. He has some Jewish ancestry. "Johnson’s maternal great-grandfather, Elias Avery Lowe, was a Moscow-born Jew born to a textile merchant. Johnson confirmed this in a 2007 interview for the Jewish Chronicle" He also has Turkish ancestry. He wanted Turkey to join the EU! He said this, until it became politically expedient to say the opposite. Hypocrite. Sorry off topic. Post in relevant thread if you like.
  19. MSM are Mainstream media sites, BBC, ITV, Sky News, The Sun, Channel Four News, Telegraph, the Guardian, The Daily Mail, Good Morning Britain etc who normally push the Covid narrative to the hilt. I never used to comment on MSM sites before Covid, but now I check out the disinformation, nearly always thumbs dumb the "story" and contribute to the comments to show a different view from that of Government and SAGE. For example
  20. Let them know, this will not be tolerated. I never used to leave comments on MSM before Covid, but now the tide has turned, and the majority of comments are against the Government and Medical tyranny. Join the fight on MSM sites.
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