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  1. I noticed you said on another thread you would like the "re-establishment of Christianity in the US" Are you are Christian Zionist? Because that would explain your ideas on this thread, matching your religious dogma.
  2. Plus one, out of likes. Agree the OP is crazy. Move the Dome of the Rock??????
  3. How do you know Palestinians want to leave their homeland? Have you done a poll? I suggest the vast majority want their keys back pronto, and so would I. Kick out the invaders from 1967 borders and resist the oppressive Israeli regime.
  4. Covert Online Operators Ref. 1814 (GCHQ) "What we’re really looking for is people who are passionate about the online world and are dedicated to using it in order to achieve real world results. Online operators will typically take responsibility for the full end-to-end delivery of covert online operations against our adversaries, with a particular real-world outcome and operational problem to solve, from scoping options for an operation, working with behavioural scientists to evaluate different methodology and ways to achieve the operational objectives. You may be working online with techn
  5. Very suspicious, he was only 57 years of age.
  6. He or she used the word "pedophile " in one of the posts, which is not the usual British English spelling of the word. @ink
  7. Can't Muir and Screaming Eagle rejoin under temporary different user names, until the problems are sorted out?
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