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  1. In the middle of the Worldwide Scamdemic, Israel is sealing diplomatic agreements with Muslim Nations! The leaders of most Arab Nations are covert Zionists, but now they are openly supporting Israel. First the United Arab Emirates and now Bahrain. Who's next? USA: "Historic day" - Trump announces Bahrain-Israel peace agreement
  2. This version is not the offical one, but I doubt if Matt Johnson disagrees with it.
  3. Yep well said. As Matt Johnson of The The highlighted in the 1980's He was referring to ZOG Governments in Britain.
  4. Yes, it was years before the accident. He died when he was only 52 years of age and visited Israel the year before his death. I suggest the reason Israel is so advanced in the medical and technology fields is some of the trillions of dollars given to Israel over the decades, primarily by the US (paid for by the American taxpayer from their labour) has been siphoned off from defense to other areas also.
  5. I bumped into Christopher Reeve at the American Embassy in London many moons ago when I was applying for American Passport renewals or visas for British staff on behalf of employees for a company I worked for. Superman and I arrived at the same time and he gentlemanly let me go ahead of him in the queue. He stood behind me in the queue for several minutes, without asking for or looking for preferential treatment. Shortly later a member of staff recognised him and whisked him away to a private office. I wish I had the guts then, to strike up a conversation with him.
  6. Because his career would be ruined if he went public or maybe worse. The media would have slated him. That's what they do. They ruin people for speaking the truth about paedophilia. Rik Mayall went public (in a film), not about paedophilia, but about the depopulation agenda and he died a few months later.
  7. @screamingeagle Please delete my comment quoting Anne, as it contains her personal details.
  8. Stuart Hall former BBC employee convicted of paedophilia, received an OBE before his conviction. "The former television and radio broadcaster Stuart Hall conditioned two young girls to accept years of sexual abuse at his hands, a court has heard. Hall, 84, manipulated them until they became "subservient and submissive" to his demands, Peter Wright QC, prosecuting, told Preston crown court, adding: "It was their secret." Hall, from Wilmslow, Cheshire, is said to have starting abusing one of the girls while she was under 13 and he was in his 40s.The broadcaster, by then a
  9. Most members will have seen this, but posting again for those new to this. BBC bans Johnny Rotten in 1978 for outing Jimmy Saville
  10. Save Our children protest out BBC in London. "Take it down" refers to Eric Gill's (a paedophile) statue outside the building.
  11. Have you thought of applying for an allotment space from your local council? I don't know where you live, but here is the UK Government site for more info. Don't delay, there may well be a rush in the future. https://www.gov.uk/apply-allotment
  12. Great song and lyrics. No record company would touch it. "You're a dirty politician who fucks kids" "I see a mason at my door, 666, molech, baphomet, go fuck yourself" "What's so special about your society, the fact you fuck kids and together you hide it"
  13. Robert Kennedy deserves a thread to highlight his work. In this video he talks about his speech in Berlin last week-end and how the media downplayed the numbers and highlighted a tiny group of allegedly right wing troublemakers.
  14. I had no idea Ben Fellows appeared with Sonia Poulton and Shaun Attwood today. I haven't watch it yet. Posting for information.
  15. I admit it, like Icke I was fooled. We musn't be fooled again. EVER. Research these people before you promote them
  16. Why did David Icke stop his interview to speak to Bill Maloney?
  17. Hi Eve Just a heads up, Ink posted about Ben Fellows who changed his name to Zed Phoenix (which is rather odd imo) on the forum before the hack giving some evidence to say he's not what he appears to be, but I can't find the information because of the hack. Ben Fellows says when he was working at the BBC at the age of 17 years (if I remember correctly) when the former Chancellor Ken Clarke groped him He may well have done and good for Ben Fellows exposing it, but it's hardly child sexual abuse compared to some of the satanic masonic rapes of boys much y
  18. Bill Maloney and Jon Wedger are good mates. You don't like Bill Maloney who coerced Andrew Ash, a man with imo mental disabilties to say David Icke buggered him, but Jon Wedger is legit? Why?
  19. Hi TS Why do you think he legit? He's in bed with Bill Maloney (not literally) What has he said to make him legit?
  20. I provided the link and Jack has too. Usually a Youtube video will upload onto the site, but not his one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87blMIaXmlM
  22. Out of likes Eve, but why is Shaun Attwood giving Ian Puddick a Freemason imo air time for not the first time and saying Brian Hrvey is mentally ill? And why do UK Column support Ian Puddick? Listen from 1 hours and 18 minutes when Shaun Attwood and Ian Puddick do a hatchet job on Brian Harvey and Puddick is so proud to supply his gin to Buckingham Palace, the Foreign office and Whitehall no less! Youtube doesn't allow the upload of the Freemasons Micahel Portillo and Ian Puddick talking to each other! https://www.youtube.
  23. Brian Harvey is not crazy. Brian Harvey was subject to Rupert Murdoch's now disgraced and defunct News of the World Hacking scandal. Shaun Attwood of a smilar age to Harvey and part of the music scene said he had never heard of Brian Harvey and E17!!!!!!!!!! Liar. They had a Christmas number one for Christ's sake. Brian Harvey knows how corrupt the music industry is and he smashed up his awards. NOT CRAZY ... ENLIGHTENED.
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