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  1. That one was pulled pronto. Excellent analysis from Noel Gallagher ........ He fumed: "Listen to me ... it's not a law. There's too many f****** liberties being taken away from us now. I've been in shops today. [They said], 'You have to wear a mask.' Says who? I choose not to wear one. If I get the virus, it's on me. Noel, 53, also hit out at the small print in the UK law that says people don't have to wear a face covering if they are eating or drinking, as he said the virus won't leave people alone just because they're having a snack. He added:
  2. "A secret group of men called The Brotherhood, including former and current senior police, is operating in Melbourne, the Victorian ombudsman says. In a report tabled to parliament today, ombudsman George Brouwer says there are up to 350 men on the circulation list, including many current and former police officers, two state MPs, members of the public service and private organisations. Mr Brouwer says The Brotherhood, which was formed in 2003 by a police inspector, was established to serve the interests of the founder, who controls membership of
  3. Australia is occupied by Zionists. Daniel Andrews the Premier of Victoria included. Nathan Jeffay - Journalist and Speaker· 14 December 2017 · "Interesting time in Jerusalem with DANIEL ANDREWS the Premier of the Australian state of Victoria. "Daniel Andrews told me he feels 'at home' here. "Andrews pushed Aussie-Israel ties by opening a trade office for his state in Tel Aviv and exploring Israeli tech. "He enthused about Tel Aviv, as 'the biggest innovation hub outside of the United States', the 'economic powerhouse of Israel', and said: 'There is no
  4. The man run over by the police, pepper sprayed and then kicked in the head was not a protester. He is now in a coma. He is bi polar and went to the Northern Hospital in Melbourne for help, but after waiting for a long time he left afaik. The hospital alerted the police and they kicked his head in. Fuckers.
  5. The horses even have the masks and the checkered sign of Freemasony, as well as the police uniforms BS-19 Cruelty to Animals in Melbourne
  6. Bravo Andy. We could all be Palestinians bereft of our homes under Zionist Occupied Governments worldwide. Labour or Tory, Republicans or Democrats all support the Jewish State of Israel Why? Do the research. The British aristocracy is now mainly Jewish including probably members of the Royal family. The Rothchilds have a close relationship with the Crown. Both Labour or Tory senior members of Government have and had close connections with Israel and Judaism
  7. I urge people to independently research the Jewish Talmud. It's the most supremacist dogma which exists. They hate gentiles of any race. This Israeli Jewish man speaks the truth and talks about how paedophilia is allowed according to the Talmud.
  8. It couldn't be more explicit. The Jewish State of Israel rules the USA and most Nations. When will you speak out against it?
  9. It couldn't be more explicit. The Jewish State of Israel rules the USA and most Nations. When will you speak out against it?
  10. Five countries that could be next to make peace with Israel Some view the UAE decision as a trial balloon, and will react positively based on how the next weeks and months play out. https://www.jpost.com/arab-israeli-conflict/five-countries-that-could-be-next-to-make-peace-with-israel-638821 The Jerusalem Post predicted with probably insider knowledge last month Bahrain (happened last week), Oman, Morocco, SAUDI ARABIA and Qatar.
  11. I posted this comment on a different forum in March this year. The Jerusalem Post updated the article in April, so there may have been changes. Coronavirus: Israeli scientists stumble on potential vaccine by 'pure luck' "Israeli scientists are on the cusp of developing the first vaccine against the novel coronavirus, according to Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis. If all goes as planned, the vaccine could be ready within a few weeks and available in 90 days, according to a release. For the past four years, a team of MIGAL scientists has been developing a vacci
  12. Banksy has to be an establishment tool. One of these days I'm going to research him properly.
  13. Children of Men is a great film. The film One By One is not well acted, but the message is THE TRUTH imo. The full length film can be viewed on Youtube (for the moment) RIP Rik Mayall ... your death imo by the Satanic Gang was not in vain. You helped to alert people of the evil.
  14. Most of them are homosexual pederasts. It's mainly boys. They were used to being buggered themselves at Eton etc. The Pink Mafia are far more powerful than people realise.
  15. Fake what? She's put her name out there, she's not annonymous. I agree question everything, and I don't support the police, but you have suddenly changed your mind from one hour ago!!!!!
  16. Come on now! I've given you the evidence. Her uniform in the video I posted says Policia CNP The National Police Corps (Spanish: Cuerpo Nacional de Policía, CNP; [ˈkweɾpo naθjoˈnal de poliˈθi.a]) is the national civilian police force of Spain. The CNP is mainly responsible for policing urban areas, whilst countryside policing is generally the responsibility of the Civil Guard, the Spanish gendarmerie. The CNP operates under the authority of Spain's Ministry of the Interior. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Police_Corps
  17. More info ...... she's Spanish, not Argentinian
  18. I'm 99.9% certain she's Spanish Police https://elcorreodeespana.com/sucesos/728077099/Sonia-Vescovacci-Oficial-de-la-Policia-Nacional-denuncia-el-actual-horror-policial-Por-Luys-Coleto.html I think the confusion arose because someone put up a Twitter video of police out in force in their cars in Argentina, suggesting it was in Sapin. They weren't protesting in Argentina about the Covid Scam, but about their fucking salaries!
  19. Small steps. Just so people know what's going on in Spain. Adults and children six years and over have to wear a mask EVERYWHERE. Smoking is banned EVERYWHERE. On the street or on an outside terrace. If a child over the age of six years is not wearing a mask, their parent can be fined 100 euros for the first offence, increasing I believe for multiple offences. Some police are enforcing this. In Majorca I read there were police helicopters flying over beaches, with loudspeakers telling people to put their masks on or be fined. What
  20. More or less she's saying there are police against the unfair fines and arrests for not wearing a mask. I think she's asking her colleagues to lay off citizens who don't wear one. One top comment "I imagine that if the soldiers and police rebel against these murderers we would succeed because the sum would increase"
  21. It's the same in Spain. It's all the fault of young people! Divide and conquer.
  22. Lots of Shekels Andy, via the American taxpayer. The American taxpayer through their labour and (via their Governments ... any party) have given trillions of dollars to Israel over the decades.
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