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  1. I think that's why they've targeted the hospitality sector. People cannot socialise, give moral support to each other and talk about current affairs. I miss not being able to go anywhere without the bloody mask, except eating or drinking in a bar or restaurant. Even children 6 years and above have to wear these evil masks outside. The pigs will fine you if you don't. During the strict lockdown in March and April in Spain, we weren't allowed out for exercise. We were under house arrest, except to buy food or medicine. This woman p
  2. Thanks for the video which I haven't yet watched. Alarm bells rang for me when Shaun Attwood did several interviews with an alleged ex US cop Mark Dougan who was allegedly in possession of tapes to incriminate Jeffrey Epstein, and who had fled to Russia, like the dubious Edward Snowden. Mark Dougan never released the tapes about Epstein, but he wrote a book about it! All the time Shaun Attwood was promoting Mark Dougan's book sales. There were loads of comments on his (Attwood's) Youtube Channel saying WTF are you doing promoting an abviou
  3. For an alternative view of Charlie Chaplin, quite possibly a paedophile and open to blackmail, I suggest members have a look at this thread. Best mates with Churchill and the Rothschild, Sir Philip Sassoon. "Charlie Chaplin Was a Sadistic Tyrant Who Fucked Teenage Girls" "Although the British actor and director was beloved for his slapstick comedy, Charlie Chaplin was a selfish, raging megalomaniac who treated his children and teenage wives with relentless cruelty." https://www.vice.com/en/article/wnwwwy/charlie-chaplin-was-a-sadistic-tyrant-wh
  4. An open letter to the BBC from Transgender Trend 22 December 2020 Dear BBC We are writing to you as a matter of urgency concerning an article on the BBC website by Ben Hunte. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-55369784 Mr Hunte misrepresents the High Court ruling of December 1st 2020 Bell v Tavistock saying that the ruling “restricts children under 16 from accessing “puberty-blocking” drugs.” The ruling in fact centred on the question of informed consen
  5. I usually start with the Wikipedia entry and try to research further. Tozinameran Tozinameran[12] (INN), codenamed BNT162b2, commonly known as the Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, and sold under the brand name Comirnaty, is a COVID-19 vaccine developed by BioNTech in cooperation with Pfizer. It is both the first COVID-19 vaccine to be authorized by a stringent regulatory authority for emergency use[13][14] and the first cleared for regular use.[11] Composition The vaccine contains the following inactive ingredients (excipients):[50][3][51] ALC-0315 = ((4-hyd
  6. Lord Mandelson – who was close friends with Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew – never met a Rothschild he didn't like. Lord Mandelson reportedly rents or rented a home from his friend Nat Rothschild, who lives on the Stowell Park estate adjoining chez-Mandelson. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2647971/SEBASTIAN-SHAKESPEARE-Mandys-modest-home-rented-Rothschild.html Prince Andrew, UK business envoy https://twtext.com/article/1289954926911610880
  7. I couldn't disagree more about Johnson being a "twat" He's a shrewd member of the gang playing his part in Covid Crimes Against Humanity. The world is run be a very small group of evil people, who care nothing of mankind. Exposing them is the only antidote.
  8. "The Rothschilds like nothing better than supporting kids" Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild just couldn't seem to do enough for her dear friends Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. https://twtext.com/article/1289954926911610880
  9. Lord John Sainsbury is friends with Rothschilds, including Lynn Forester & Jacob John Sainsbury is a Bilderberger & alum of Stowe School His daughter is married to Dame Butler-Sloss's son. Dame Butler-Sloss was the British PM's 1st choice to head a national Child Abuse Inquiry The editor of Britain's biggest-selling newspaper – The Daily Mail – is rather fond of Rothschilds. By complete coincidence, the Daily Mail regularly run reports and opinion pieces that vilify, humiliate, denigrate, and traduce victims of VIP pedophiles.
  10. Prince Andrew is friends with Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild and her husband Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, who were part of Epstein's inner circle. Prince Andrew's wife, Fergie, is also fond of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. Bob Geldof enjoys a hug with Sir Evelyn de Rothschild https://twtext.com/article/1289954926911610880
  11. I donated my penis to Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick
  12. It's not really strange spider. There was so much information exposing the gang of people who corrupt the world, that imo David Icke could not allow at least 15 years of member's excellent information to be associated with him. He could face financial ruin, like the case against him by the Jewish Richard Warman, when David Icke was forced to pay at least 50,000 pounds in damages.
  13. It's not going to happen when moderators delete my comments and their own I'm disappointed Eng. Ever heard of freedom of speech?
  14. The only comments were from you! and you then deleted them and some of my replies! Not off topic but they were not in the spirit of my thread. You should put them in context in this thread. Thank you for admitting you deleted comments without any justification.
  15. Would you like your comments deleted, when there was truth and no hate speach at all?
  16. If you were "goofing around", then why did you delete your own comments and mine? Isn't that against what Moderators are allowed to do?
  17. Why be a dickhead in the first place? I wasn't "upset" just pointing out your bias against Christians.
  18. Why did you delete this? You posted this earlier and have now deleted it. I have taken screenshots. It's dated 2015. I didn't have the avatar Golden Retriever in 2015
  19. You deleted my comment about Screaming Eagle saying to keep the thread in the Christmas spirit, which you have obviously ignored. THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS. PUT MY COMMENT BACK UP. THAT'S CENSORSHIP
  20. The thread was going so nicely until you butted in. BUTT out and let people enjoy Christams if they so wish.
  21. It doesn't upset me at all. Leave all comments. It exposes your bias against Christians
  22. Wow! You made a video about me on Youtube which is dated 2015! I didn't have the avatar "Golden Retriever" in 2015
  23. Well then you must know the Jewish Oligarchy are on your side. Screaming Eagle, another moderator asked people not to degrade the topic, but you have ignored that comment. Why?
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