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  1. Out of likes Mac. I think their plan for the next few years may be to promote Nationalism and then tear it down. I read the EU from the 1st January 2021 may bar British people from tavelling to the EU, due to the fake virus except for essential travel. Take a look at the Rockefellers 2010 document. Someone has highlighted the relevant points in this pdf, not about nationalism, but about many crucial aspects of the future world. https://stopbsnow.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/The-Annotated-Rockefeller-Foundation-Lockstep-2010.pdf This is o
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if all of the above MP's signed this. "We Believe in Israel and the Israel Britain Alliance have published a list of the 231 General Election candidates who have signed our Pledge for Israel, an increase of 33 compared to the previous General Election in 2017." 60 of the candidates are Conservatives, 37 Labour, 48 Liberal Democrats, 26 Brexit Party, 15 DUP and 45 from other parties. Activists from a range of pro-Israel groups sent over 26,000 emails to their local candidates to ask them to support the campaign. “It is grea
  3. Because he married a Jewess, his children are Jews, so I suppose he has "a dog in the fight"
  4. Lol "the Muslims run the Federal Reserve" he says "only losers talk about Zionism" That includes David Icke. It beggars the question why is Icke still having interviews with this Israeli loving, fat dickhead in 2020.
  5. The hitherto deeply concealed, politically incorrect truth concerning the Talmud's absolute hatred, hostility and malevolence toward women:
  6. This link will give you the details. x https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13422590/moment-care-staff-dementia/
  7. I posted a comment about this situation on the mega thread recently. I do believe the family could lawfully hire a private doctor and ambulance to transfer their loved one from the "care" home to the family home. 'We sprang Grandma from the care home' https://www.bbc.com/news/stories-54366336
  8. Imagine a baby born this year or young children growing up this year seeing people wearing masks. They can't see smiles. It's social conditioning at its most evil. In Spain, where I live it has been mandatory for the entire country from 6 years up to wear masks in any public place AND OUTDOORS TOO since about July. In the summer police helicopters were deployed in Majorca with tanoys telling people to put on their masks as they were walking along the beach! Police are looking to fine people all the time. Spain afaik has issued over 2 million
  9. George Soros is one of those Jews. Whether his story about how he was protected at 14 years of age in Hungary is anyone's guess, but imo this a psychopathic Jew. The Interview George Soros doesn't want you to see
  10. Burnham Beaches is owned by the CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF LONDON, as is Epping Forest. https://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/things-to-do/green-spaces/burnham-beeches-and-stoke-common/burnham-beeches-stoke-common-byelaws There have been many reports of "alien" sightings in both locations. Also rituals in Epping Forest. The Corporation of the City of London also owns the City of London Cemetery and Crematorium, in East London, the second largest such municipal facility in the United Kingdom. Convenient site for disposing of any unwanted bodies.
  11. That's good news, because they worked for the filth. They are much happier now. In fact one of them won the 2020 Coronavirus Cup! Spoiler alert ... It wasn't The Big Prick, riden by the unpopular jockey Little Willy Gates and trained by Manlinda Gates
  12. The talented and much loved deceased author Roald Dahl has had his name dragged through the mire today. Jewish Hollywood and the powerful lobby group the Campaign Against Antisemitism have taken their revenge. Roald Dahl Story Company finally issues discreet apology for author’s antisemitism as his estate signs lucrative Hollywood deals "A spokesperson for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “The admission that the famous author’s antisemitic views are ‘incomprehensible’ is right. For his family and estate to have waited thirty years to make an apology, apparently until luc
  13. Words fail me. That also appears to be an inverted cross French is wearing.
  14. Bloody hell. Give it a rest. "The Vicar Of Dibley will take the knee and deliver a sermon about Black Lives Matter when the BBC comedy returns to the screen for a series of Christmas specials. In a move critics say could undermine the BBC's impartiality, the Reverend Geraldine Kennedy (played by Dawn French, above) addresses the killing of George Floyd by US police officers and the broader issue of racism in one of the three ten-minute episodes." https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9022023/Vicar-Dibley-takes-knee-Dawn-French-deliver-BLM-sermon-B
  15. The Israeli Jewish Erza Levant of REBEL NEWS has employed a jewish Zionist Lawyer to help fight to pay your fines due to Covid in the UK BUT DON'T FORGET TO DONATE!!!! "BREAKING: Legal campaign launched to help FIGHT Covid fines in the UK" https://www.rebelnews.com/legal_campaign_launched_to_help_fight_covid_fines_in_the_uk So who is this lawyer? Daniel Berke Daniel Berke is a solicitor specialising in criminal and professional discipline law. He has acted in numerous high profile cases and has appeared on a variety of news
  16. THE MAGIC NUMBER SEVEN Breton Woods, Christine Lagarde (now president of the European Central Bank) and 2021. In 2014 Christine Lagarde, then in charge of the International Monetary Fund made imo an occult speach about numerolgy and the magic number 7 in which she or he stated there would be seven good years, taking us to 2021. She or he stated 2014 was the 70th anniversary of Breton Woods, 2021 being the 77th anniversary of Breton Woods. There has to be a financial crash because of the Scamdemic and I envisage this to happen some time in 2
  17. Eve ... I only just read your comment today because I didn't follow the thread. I was rather surprised with your comment, sort of endorsing Rebel Media, but I'm pleased I have given you more information to ponder upon xx
  18. Rebel News has employed this Jewish Lawyer to help you with any unlawful arrests! Don't you forget to donate to the jewish funds! Daniel Berke Daniel Berke is a solicitor specialising in criminal and professional discipline law. He has acted in numerous high profile cases and has appeared on a variety of news and current affair programs to discuss aspects of criminal law and justice. He is also the producer of the PLOD police law podcast. He was a recipient of the World Zionist Organisation Herzl Award and has served as Chair of the Zionist Central Council of Mancheste
  19. LOL All I can say is to you is Fuck Off. You have to be Hasbara. Rebel News is owned by a Israeli loving Jew. I'll give the forum loads of evidence, if you want me to. Avi Yemini, a dual citizen Australian/Israeli ex IDF (Israeli "Defence" Force) national, is Rebel News "man" in Australia.
  20. What Gareth Icke says from about 54 minutes is CRITICAL. He says the UK Government admits they don't know if the Pfizer vaccine will make you infertile. I started a thread about this today
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