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  1. 2 minutes ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    This comment has been spotted in the Telegraph in response to the recent article concerning the deliberate psychological manipulation of, and mass fear created in, the British public by the government.





    Hi Eve. Long time


    The Daily Fail of all people also hightlighted it!  Tide turning ... I do hope so.



  2. 35 minutes ago, Ergo Storm said:

    Since we're talking about generic fascism and Nazism, etc., it occurs me that the dissidents and Jews that the Nazis detained en masse consisted significantly of the very sort of people who are now imposing this repressive health security regime on us.


    Don't misunderstand - I'm not defending mass incarceration.  I'm not even sure that it's right for convicted criminals in general, never mind dissidents, and I also accept that many of the people put in these camps were blameless.  But not all of them were blameless. 


    I know this is controversial, but my opinion is that Britain and Europe lost the Second World War to the Left, Jewry and anti-European forces, and I think it is possible - this is only a theory - that what is happening now could be the 'final battle': in other words, part of a continuum in which the underlying social, ethnic and ideological conflicts of the Second World War were never resolved, but are now reaching finality.


    I agree, and I suggest to start a debate in a new thread. Kudos to you for speaking truth.

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  3. I don't usually "do" petitions, but in dire times anything goes.  This petition is about number 17 in the current pecking order.

    Let's get it above the football petition🙂

    Petition Do not rollout Covid-19 vaccine passports

    "We want the Government to commit to not rolling out any e-vaccination status/immunity passport to the British public. Such passports could be used to restrict the rights of people who have refused a Covid-19 vaccine, which would be unacceptable.

    More details

    On Dec 14th 2020, Nadhim Zahawi MP said 'there are no plans for vaccine passports'. He continues to deny the Government has plans despite reports that people who have received the Covid-19 vaccine will be offered a passport proving they have been vaccinated as part of a government-funded trial.

    The Government must be completely clear to the public about the use of vaccine passports & their intentions, which will undoubtedly affect societal cohesion & effect the economic recovery of Great Britain this year & into 2022."



  4. On 11/7/2020 at 5:44 PM, lake said:

    Was just going through some old folders I have and wish to share these images so that others can also (if they wish to) hold them!


    I found these back when I was searching cached content of the old forum and I thank @Golden Retriever for these.




    Bigger image:




    Bigger image:





    Bigger image:





    Bigger image:




    Linked images updated




    Police Investigation Concludes, Points to Edward Heath as Pederast Prime Minister of UK

    February 12, 2021 Thomas Müller Articles by Thomas Müller, Crime, Hidden History, International News, Politics, Winter Watch Articles



    My biggest awakening during 2017 was the degree to which Great Britain is a cesspool run by the worst elements imaginable. This goes back well over a century to the buggery era of Cecil Rhodes, Lord Kutchner, Lord Milner and Lord Northcliffe.


    The little known case of Keith Harding the pederast head of the Spys Lodge is essential to the background. These men established a homosexual-pederast clique that ruled and controlled the country. This clique has always had a bloodthirsty, sadistic, war-mongering element to it. Readers are urged to use the links above to set the stage.

    Note: Pederasty is a homosexual relationship between an adult male and a pubescent or adolescent male. Pedophilia is a disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Pedophilia is much more rare than pederasty.

    download-1.jpg Savllle on left, Heath on right. They appeared on ‘Jim ‘ll Fix It’

    Former U.K. Prime Minister Edward Heath has been the subject of a murder and pederast investigation called “Operation Conifer” since he died in 2005. Heath’s wingman during a long reign of serial murder and abuse was the infamous Jimmy Saville. Now, after 12 years, police say they are 120% certain Heath was involved in these crimes and 30 witnesses have come forward. These witnesses came forth decades ago and law enforcement worked to actively suppress and bury the cases.


    The reporting of the Daily Mail aka Daily Fail is illustrative of the problem, as the rag ran articles quoting others within the power structure who are alleged to have been a part of the pedo ring as calling the inquiry “futile beyond belief and one-sided and an abuse of taxpayers’ money when Wiltshire Police say they have scant resources.”

    As this investigation was underway, a readily apparent and orchestrated doth-protest-too-loudly gaslighting, slur and inversion campaign was forthcoming against the investigators. This was very reminiscent of the infamous Dutroux case in Belgium and Frankin Scandal.


    In late 2017 the Wiltshire police department at the heart of the investigation has at last revealed its final report. Shortly after the report the head of the investigation took a lateral job transfer elsewhere. Sounds like Veale was lucky, as other investigators such as Gary Caradori in the Franklin case ended up dead in a “mysterious” plane crash.

    The Sydney Morning Herald reports Wiltshire Police Chief Constable Mike Veale said the findings were a “watershed moment” for those who believed that there had been a state cover up for senior figures involved in child sexual abuse.

    Of the more than 30 people who have now come forward, investigators say they all gave a “strikingly similar” account of sexual abuse, and none of the individuals were known to each other. The allegations included child sexual abuse and rape and indecent of assault, physical abuse and sexual abuse. Each allegation was investigated. In 24 of the cases, police took a direct statement from the alleged victim. Heath seemed to have a proclivity toward predatory “chance encounters” (in this case: shadow language for rape) as opposed to more organized pederast themes. In the Belgian Dutroux case victims (young girls) were usually kidnapped or procured for the pedo elite.

    The alleged offenses against those victims were:

    • In 1961, allegedly raping and indecently assaulting an 11-year-old boy during a “paid sexual encounter in private.”
    • In 1962, indecently assaulting a 10-year-old boy during a “chance encounter in a public place” in the company of another adult male.
    • Around 1964, indecently assaulting a 15-year-old boy during three paid sexual encounters.
    • In 1967, indecently assaulting a 15-year-old male in private “during a chance encounter in a public building.”
    • In 1976, indecently assaulting, over clothing, an adult male at a public event.
    • Around 1992, indecently assaulting an adult male after consent was withdrawn in a paid sexual encounter in a hotel.
    • Around 1991, indecently assaulting a male between age 12 and 14 during a “chance encounter in private gardens.”

    According to the report in the Mail:

    The disclosures come after several senior politicians dismissed the allegations against Heath as absurd and unfounded. Former Tory Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind complained Heath’s reputation was being ‘besmirched’. Heath’s sexuality has been the source of much speculation over the years. Some believed he was gay, others said he was ‘asexual.’ At one point, he was being investigated by no fewer than five police forces – the Met, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Kent and Jersey.

    The claims, some of which have been proved false, include alleged links to a convicted brothel keeper known as Madame Ling-Ling. A paedophile dossier compiled by Labour peer Baroness Castle said he offered young boys trips on his yacht, and in a separate incident one man claimed Sir Edward picked him up hitchhiking in Kent as a 12-year-old in the 1960s and lured him to his Mayfair flat.

    A number of other previous police investigation into Heath pederasty were never concluded either. It was reported in the Daily Mirror in August 2015 that a man had claimed that at the age of 12 years he had been raped by Heath in a Mayfair flat in 1961, after he had run away from home. These allegations provoked several articles and responses.

    Allegations about Heath were being investigated as part of Operation Midland, the Metropolitan Police inquiry into historical claims of child abuse and related homicides. A witness called “Nick” was introduced to the police by the Exaro website, who had asked him about alleged child sexual abuse by prominent figures at the Dolphin Square apartment complex in Pimlico, London; Heath was reported to be one of the figures.

    Sky News reported that Jersey police were investigating allegations against Heath as part of Operation Whistle.

    Brian Coleman, a senior Tory member of the London Assembly and himself a homosexual, claims the ex-PM actively sought gay sex in public places. He said it was “common knowledge” among Conservatives that Sir Edward had been given a stern warning by police when he underwent background checks for the post of privy councilor.

    In an internet article for New Stateman magazine, Coleman claimed that homosexual men had run the Conservative Party in the capital for years, whether as officials, councilors or volunteers. He wrote that Britain “had managed for decades with gay men holding a significant number of public offices.”






  5. On 2/2/2021 at 12:59 PM, Macnamara said:

    Sabbatean-jewish power is just a 'conspiracy theory'?


    grow up

    All the Jews Biden has tapped for top roles in his new administration

    From secretary of state to attorney general, a diverse cross-section of American Jewry is set to fill seats at the incoming president’s Cabinet table and elsewhere in government

    By JTA 20 January 2021, 6:45 pm

    US President Joe Biden filled the months before Inauguration Day lining up a slate of Cabinet secretaries, assistants and advisers, many of them Jewish.

    Biden’s choices reflect a diverse cross-section of American Jewry and possess expertise gleaned from decades of experience in government, science and medicine and law.

    Here’s a rundown of the Jewish names you should know as the Biden administration begins:




    I like your comments Mac, but you like David Icke don't touch the Talmud.


    Why not?


    If David Icke exposed the most supremacist dogma which has ever existed against

    non Jewish people to keep them slaves then maybe, just maybe a force would emerge to

    counter that evil.


    Goyim TV for those who want to learn more




    The official narrative of the Holocaust underpins all that we see today. Jews are victims. 


    Six million Jewish people died?


    No they did not.  


    There weren't six million Jewish people in Europe at that time afaik.


    The Germans used gas chambers to exterminate Jews? Where is the evidence?


    To question the gas chambers publicly in some countries makes you a criminal and puts you in jail!

    Why is the Holocaust a subject people are not allowed o debate?


    In the future to question 9/11, 7/7 etc and the Covid scam will put you in jail too, no doubt because

    Jews and Zionists are at the forefront of the alleged "war on terror" and BIG PHARMA




    Sadly many non Jewish people will go along with the great deception, like the

    great reset.


    Talk about the Talmud folks, because that's the only way people will wake up.

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  6. John Kaminski nails it again


    Published: Thursday, 28 January 2021 13:54

    From six feet apart to six feet under



    "In millions of households around the world, one anguished question gnaws at the back of everyone’s mind. Now that my business has been closed or my job has been lost to Big Pharma’s terrifying attempt to rule the world, will the government keep paying me? For how long? And then, what happens when the payments stop? How will I stay alive?

    As suicides mount and murder by injection multiplies with each cynical jab, these thoughts are now running riot throughout the world.


    They’ve taken away our jobs, landlords are raising their rents, homeowners can’t make their payments, markets are running out of food! Where are ordinary people supposed to go when their jobs and homes have been taken away? How are children supposed to eat? Is this why we are supposed to support our government? So they can take everything away from us?


    How are we supposed to live? Or is that the point of all this bogus hoohah known as the Great Pandemic leading to the Great Reset is really leading to an epidemic of senior citizens suddenly dying of government-recommended flu shots and everybody’s money stolen by the richest people in the world.


    This the Bill Gates-Dr. Fauci-Donald Trump version of population control. Fake disease, phony lockdown, starving everyone ’til they take shot and lose their minds for good.


    We’ve discovered that the mad doctors who poison our minds with invented diseases and bogus cures have never isolated nor purified their latest pox, meaning the most stunning fact is actually that no one has died from this mysterious COVID disease because no one can prove it actually exists. The CDC has admitted this. The CDC has also admitted their magical vaccine doesn’t cure anything, which makes you wonder why anybody is taking these shots at all.

    There is something about those recipients who weren’t immediately killed that resembles more robots than humans. Perhaps that is the purpose of the mRNA vaccine, which is not a vaccine at all.


    Before any debate ever takes place these criminals who invented this sham epidemic should all be tried, convicted and executed. There is simply no calculating how many people they have already murdered with their cynical deceptions.

    With clear minds, only then can we figure out how to prevent people from being exterminated by our trusted medical authorities.

    Lockdowns are death practice


    What do children learn when they’re kept at home wearing masks?


    They learn their society is insane and they too must act insanely lest they be branded as anti-social and racist.

    And so the powers that be, supremely confident that the entire population has been brainwashed down to the level of imbecility, can create an imaginary disease to lock down the world and on the heels of that, stage a landslide election and then promptly reverse the results and observe that hardly anyone even cares that this colossal fraud was hatched and actually succeeded.


    This is the depth of the coma. But when the checks stop coming — or coming attached to various deals with the devil — then we will finally see, for only a brief moment, the teeth of the state as it consumes us.

    Children caught in lockdowns and wearing masks are being dosed with misinformation they will never forget. The measures explained to children create the scars of malicious psychological programming with lies that are not medically sound and will last a lifetime.The rules for handling children are like removing them from the real world. Post-traumatic stress features were 4 times greater in children that had been quarantined compared to children that had not. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7323677/


    Not birth control, death control


    Lockdown lunacy: Six feet apart equals six feet under. Lockdowns are warping the next generation now, turning them into mind controlled robots permanently suspicious of their neighbors.The opposite of birth control is death control. We’re seeing it now with a shot guaranteed to kill you the next time you get the flu if not before, according to Dr. Dolores Cahill.


    I think of those half million farmers in India who committed suicide because they were forced to plant Monsanto’s seeds which produced crops only one time and could not be re-used. Suicides in India always make me think of Bill Gates and how he murdered a half million young girls there with his poisoned concoctions masquerading as medicine but later described later as population reduction devices.


    The same thing is happening now all over the world. Population reduction. Lockdown lunacy: Six feet apart equals six feet under. Killing all small businesses. Ripping families to shreds. Shortening battle-scarred lives with deliberately contraindicated medical mistreatment. Letting our beloved elderly die alone, prevented from seeing their families in their final moments. This is sadistic medicine, one that our doctors are famous for, as they torture the world with their lies.

    Stop thinking about the future. All your grand plans have been canceled. By a bogus plague. Verified by public media never known for telling the truth and doctors making money with their shady deals.


    Do you have any more questions about whether or not you should take the shot?

    The mRNA shot will make the next time you get any kind of flu a fatal encounter, according to a famous Irish doctor.




    Trump vs. Biden: this proves that the Deep State can change reality right before our eyes and make it stick, thanks to a bought-off media and the parasitic pimps who get appointed to office. It’s astonishing how many people were in on the election fix and it took 2.5 million imaginary votes to change the future from bright to dark.

    The people who control us want it dark. That makes killing easier for them. Social isolation is the goal. Creates clearer targets.The lockdown proves they can do anything to you. This pathetic excuse for a vaccine proves that they will"


    It's depressing reading, but it's the truth. Only exposing their agenda might be the antidote   



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  7. My thoughts exactly................


    The British Limp Upper–Lip



    I don’t normally kick-off like this against my fellow man. I’m normally a guy of decorum and politeness, but I’m really getting a bit edgy about this now.


    I’m talking about the increasing lunacy and apathy of the people around me. I’m sick of their total lack of courage and I’m increasingly looking at them with disdain and contempt. If that sounds a bit strong, let me balance it up a bit by explaining my ‘schizophrenia’ on this. At other times, I’m the opposite, in an almost teary-eyed moment I almost want to put my arms around them and tell them not to be frightened and to explain that it’s OK - this whole Covid thing is a pantomime - along with practically everything else they believe through official channels of information.


    But I’ve had a weekend of walking past people who I see as less than human. Maybe it’s a good thing they are wearing masks - even outside in the fresh air! - so that I can’t see their loose, limp upper lip (that was once stiff) drooping around their characterless face. Even people's behaviour is changing. Increasingly, I’m finding people I pass as gauche and awkward, sometimes even looking scared that I've said 'Good morning'. Part of me wants to reach out to them, the other part is close to snapping at them something like ‘For God sake, take that mask off, you sorry excuse for a human being. Get off your knees and grow a backbone again.’




    Sorry if this is a bit of an out–of–character rant but people need to regain not only their humanity but perhaps even a little of that once great British humour and cynicism.

    If we have to educate people in this society about their Common Law constitution that places them as sovereigns in authority over their own government, what do you think will be the reaction from the majority. ‘What?! Stand up and question what I’m being told? Question the authorities?’. Let alone helping to strike off an ill thought-through statute when on a jury!


    I know I'm preaching to the choir, but I’m not impressed. By now people really have had long enough to read the tea leaves and pick up the information around them. It is now time to call out ignorance for what it really means. As the great speaker on Natural Law Mark Passio points out, the word ignorance derives from the Latin word 'Ignorare' - to be unaware, but specifically, by disregarding or even rejecting information that is present. The word ‘ignore’ is the base word of ignorance. People around us are ignoring the ample clues and information around them to make sense of what is really happening. As Passio says, ‘We are drowning in information’. There is no excuse anymore.


    I’ve had enough of this because they are responsible for our collective enslavement and they are missing one entire side of human behaviour: the sacred masculine. The side of us all that drives us to self defence and generates the much needed righteous anger when we are in danger of losing our liberties.


    Their fear is as much about having to face the possibility that they have been scammed on a massive scale as it is about Covid as a deadly virus.


    Well, instead of a vaccine, let’s feed them the tonic they really need: the information about the British Common Law Constitution. We’ve got to help get these people back on their feet again. The news about our Constitution is incredible. Massive power and authority is invested in the people in our system of law, so let’s give them that good news and get them fighting again. Tell them to take that mask off so we can see their stiff upper lip once more.




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  8. Let's just be honest about who is behind the destruction of Christianity and European culture

    in so many countries.


    They are mainly Jewish people with a lot of money and power.


    Anyone can do the research themselves to find Barbara Lerner Spectre is funded

    by Rothschilds.


    Look up Moshe Kantor,  Tony Blair etc about their wish for diversity.





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  9. 29 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    Depends what is more important to the elites at this point, profit or power, but I also understand that there is a correlation between them. We're seeing a massive wealth transfer to the elites, most people are going to be ruined.


    We have to oust these people who deceive populations and practice crony capitalism, and now it appears communism also with their laws restricting everyones God given right to freedom in the name of a mild virus




    How the people do this is another matter and to replaced by what?


    Honest politicians, bankers, media, pharmaceuticals and corporations working not only for themselves, but for the people they pretend to serve seems like a pipe dream.

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  10. 46 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:





    His name is Jake Angeli. Alleged QAnon supporter and actor also!


    "Among the supporters of President Donald Trump who mobbed their way into the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday, one – unmistakable in his fur, horned hat and painted face – was Jake Angeli, a QAnon supporter who has been a fixture at Arizona right-wing political rallies over the past year."



    Jake Angeli

    Actor/Voice Over Artist/Singer

    Phoenix, AZ






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    Why are Basket Case and Screaming Eagle (moderators) closing and opening this important thread?


    I posted a couple of Coronavirus protest song videos in the mega thread, which I'm told should be in the protest song thread.


    Who cares?


    They are on topic, one being called "Coronaliars" and the other "Vacci Nation" The latter one Gareth Icke endorsed.




    What's going on?


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  12. 29 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

    I thought I'd drop this here. An anthem for the times and quite fitting who the lead is:



    Been waiting for a good anti-establishment song. 


    Professor Griff of Public Enemy told the truth about the Jewish music industry, but was slated by the Jewish MSM.


    Very disappointing he bowed down and apologised like all these high profile people do.


    But he's back with a message?


    I prefer this one, from some unknowns. I don't agree about Snowden nor possibly Assange..


    Banned by Youtube, but reuploaded.








  13. 55 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

    They are rolling out Neil Ferguson again.


    "Professor Neil Ferguson has given an extraordinary interview to Tom Whipple at The Times, in which he confirms the degree to which he believes that imitating China’s lockdown policies at the start of 2020 changed the parameters of what Western societies consider acceptable.


    “I think people’s sense of what is possible in terms of control changed quite dramatically between January and March,” Professor Ferguson says. When SAGE observed the “innovative intervention” out of China, of locking entire communities down and not permitting them to leave their homes, they initially presumed it would not be an available option in a liberal Western democracy:


    "It’s a communist one party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with it in Europe, we thought… and then Italy did it. And we realised we could."


    There you go, confirmation from the darling of the Government's SAGE committee of a Communistic ploy to lock people down.



    - Professor Neil Ferguson, The Times





    Ferguson's wife on the right looks kind of masculine. Mistress is in the middle.. What a difference.









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  14. 12 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    How to report your neighbours for breaching Tier 4 coronavirus rules to police this Christmas


    This Mirror Group newspaper teams up with the police to encourage public denunciations and secret informants against their friends and neighbours, the modern version of the Soviet Union's 'whisperers'.


    Bloody hell. 


    This is George Orwell's 1984. Next they will be indoctrinating children in school to snitch on other

     children and adults alike, including their own parents eventually.  This makes me feel quite despondent.


    From 1984


     "Nearly all children nowadays were horrible. What was worst of all was that by means of such organizations as the Spies they were systematically turned into ungovernable little savages, and yet this produced in them no tendency whatever to rebel against the discipline of the Party.


    On the contrary, they adored the Party and everything connected with it…. All their ferocity was turned outwards, against the enemies of the State, against foreigners, traitors, saboteurs, thought-criminals. It was almost normal for people over thirty to be frightened of their own children." 


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  15. They are rolling out Neil Ferguson again.


    "Professor Neil Ferguson has given an extraordinary interview to Tom Whipple at The Times, in which he confirms the degree to which he believes that imitating China’s lockdown policies at the start of 2020 changed the parameters of what Western societies consider acceptable.


    “I think people’s sense of what is possible in terms of control changed quite dramatically between January and March,” Professor Ferguson says. When SAGE observed the “innovative intervention” out of China, of locking entire communities down and not permitting them to leave their homes, they initially presumed it would not be an available option in a liberal Western democracy:


    "It’s a communist one party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with it in Europe, we thought… and then Italy did it. And we realised we could."


    There you go, confirmation from the darling of the Government's SAGE committee of a Communistic ploy to lock people down.



    - Professor Neil Ferguson, The Times
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  16. 7 hours ago, oneantisworthtenofyou said:

    How will you deal with the facial recognition cameras in the streets up and down the country

    do you have a strategy that will enable you to hide your identity from these cameras?




    Point taken, and that is one of the reasons I left London years ago to live in a semi rural location in Spain, with very few cameras at all.

  17. 5 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Yep. I wanted to cry for them when I heard the news this morning. I mean look at the joy on this little guy's face, only a monster would want to take away his happiness.




    We have to keep on keeping on and exposing the Talmudists.





    The only antidote is exposure to the Talmud, which Zionists follow also.


    Go on David Icke members ..... research the TALMUD, and then the truth

    will set you free.




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  18. 9 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Keep your chin up, Syria! I hope you see many more Christmases.



    The world is not allowed to know there are many Christian Syrians, and the Syrian Muslim majority don't mind their celebrations.  It's the Jewish MSM who don't want that information known to the world.






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