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  1. LondonFake according to his Twitter feed was banned from this forum becuse of this comment which was the truth imo because I saw it and thanked him for the comment. Shame on the moderator(s) who banned him. Freedom of speech is not allowed on DIF, just like on MSM platforms. Goodbye
  2. Sharing not as an endorsement, but food for thought. (2017 Video) "Jack Dawson was a teenager when he realized he was attracted to young boys. His fantasies led him to seriously self-harm. Dawson, who uses a pseudonym to tell his story, says he has never offended against a child – directly or indirectly through child pornography. Between 1972 and 1975, he underwent intense National Health Service (NHS) psychoanalytic psychotherapy for his pedophilia, which he says resulted in complete cure.· https://www.rt.com/uk/377445-pedophile-treatment-stopso-abuse/
  3. Leave a message on either David or Gareth Icke's Twitter account.
  4. Joseph "Jose" Alcoff https://thepoliticalinsider.com/jose-alcoff-americans-financial-reform/
  5. We have to fight back. Go to MSM sites and Facebook, Twitter etc and spread the truth. Talk to your friends, family and neighbours. Posting on this forum is good, but most people here know about the deception. TODAY IS THE SECOND HASHTAG EXPOSE BILL GATES. DO IT. Do you want this?
  6. Daniel Andrews (right) and Martin Foley laying a wreath from the people of Victoria at Yad Vashem.
  7. bastards ... "Victorian anti-lockdown protest organisers raided and arrested before dangerous demonstration" "Two men accused of planning an anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne have had their homes raided and been arrested. Police vowed to crack down on the protest, planned in Melbourne's CBD on Sunday, calling it a "blatant breach" of COVID-19 restrictions. Officers seized phones and a computer, charging a 41-year-old Mooroolbark man with incitement. A 41-year-old Chirnside Park man is expected to be charged on Friday. The Facebook event has called on people to protest in opposition to the city's six-week shutdown and claimed to be a broader movement of planned protests." www.sbs.com.au/news/victorian-anti-lockdown-protest-organisers-raided-and-arrested-before-dangerous-demonstration
  8. Perhaps you should start looking into the Jewish Noahide Law for gentiles? They are a United Nations recognised NGO! One of the the Noahide Laws forbids idolatry, i.e. the worship of Jesus, Allah etc. the punishment is death! Ronald Reagan first accepted the Noahide Laws in prinicple and every US President since. Here he is with Chabad Lubavitch ONE WORLD .... ONE GOD, THE JEWISH GOD http://noahide.org/ STOP NOAHIDE LAW https://stopnoahidelaw.blogspot.com/2017/04/what-is-jewish-noahide-law-and-us.html
  9. Me too Jangles. And after doing some digging I find this on Anna Brees Youtube channel from November 2019. I do believe thousands of selected people in the media, medical establishment, financial oligarchies and of course politicians knew about this hoax in advance. When the news hit about Wuhan in January 2020 all British media were covering it extensively and singing the same tune, no doubt given the script by Downing Street and those who control them. This video by Anna Brees with Shaun Attwood in my mind is not a coincidence. November 2019 "Predicting a pandemic and media trust impact Nov 2019" @chud @Alnitak
  10. Beware of Anna Brees ex BBC and ITV journalist. I believe she deleted a comment from Dr Vernon Coleman on her Twitter feed. Red warning In this video she says how wonderful it is people are working within the rules and trusting the Government!
  11. Thanks Danny. I have always liked reading your comments. Although I agree with your post in the main, here are some observations for you to consider. How can Noahide Law represent Christianity when idolatry of Jesus or any other other idols of different religions is punishable by death? Where were the Christians when Ronald Reagan approved in principle these laws with Chabad Lubavitch, and every President since? On the surface elite Jews are using Islam, but imo the Royal House of Saud are crypto Jews, as is Erdogan in Turkey. In 2020 I believe most leaders in the Islamic world are pro Israel and Judaism. It's a great deception. And I would also add there are possibly millions of religious Jews who abide by the Talmud, the most supremacist dogma on the planet and its promotion of Noahide Law. The Talmud also allows paedophilia. Are they all "fake Jews"?
  12. Brian Rose says David Icke is not permitted to travel to London. That's disinformation, unless there is more information in the interview. To the best of my knowlege the police have only fined 13 people for not wearing a mask, out of a population of 60 million people. David can travel to London without a mask. If he was fined, and it made the news, then that would be great publicity for the anti mask minority don't you think?
  13. I started a thread about this also before the hack. Dozens of comments gone. Desmond is not amazing. He is being exploited by his parents and gay/transexual adults. And more satanic propaganda.
  14. I started a thread about this video prior to the hack. All comments now gone. My God young children and teenagers are watching and listening to these lyrics. Now 148 MILLION VIEWS. It's satanic.
  15. As you know, because you thanked me, I started a thread about Madonna and others before the hack. Now all lost. Just a reminder, Madonna on the artwork of her lastest album last year, Madame X usd a picture of a Corona typewriter and her wearing black gloves Here’s the ‘Madame X’ album artwork Tom Hanks also owns Corona typewriters. https://tonedeaf.thebrag.com/madonna-coronavirus-pandemic/
  16. No it's not. David Icke has to earn a living and part of that is from Brian Rose of London Real. I get it. You don't like me and will sanction me unfairly. It's no surprise to me you made that comment because you have publicly disparaged my comments, not about David Icke, but about Jordan Peterson and about asking Oz to clarify comments about the flat earth being a CIA construction. I have very rarely ever criticised Icke prior to his assocaiton with imo the charlatan Brian Rose. I AM NOT A TROLL WHICH YOU HAVE ACCUSED ME OF. YOU PUT ME ON PERMANENT MODERATION FOR DERAILING THREADS, UNTIL INK STEPPED IN AND RESTORED SOME ORDER ON THE FORUM. I DON'T DERAIL THREADS. Please PM me with your reply rather than derailing this thread. And I see KJ35 liked your comment! She called me a nasty bitch publicly without good reason.
  17. Magaret Sangster imo a satanist and Planned Parenthood needs a thread of its own. I don't want to distract from the eugenicist evil, but imo and many others this Margaret Sangster was a male to female transexual. If you look at the picture of him there appears to be a scar where the adam's apple should be. So many malign people in high places are being revealed today and historically as inverted transexuals. These people don't like hetrosexual folk who can reproduce. There has been an agenda to promote transexuality onto our children for years now.
  18. Sorry to say David Icke shares a platform with Brian Rose, who doesn't have a problem with Dershowitz. Mr Icke, you know Dershowtiz helped Epstein relating to paedophile charges and is accused of paedophilia himself. Why do you David Icke promote Brian Rose of London Real when he allows alleged paedophiles and gross pro vaxers on his platform. Money?
  19. Two posts, and you want to attack Christians. Be gone with you. I don't support any organised religion, but the words of Jesus Christ are uplifting imo. Have you ever read the Jewish Talmud, who David Icke said was the most supremacist dogma of any religion? The Jewish Talmud says Jesus is boiling in shit in hell! I kid you not. And that is why there is an attack on Christianity by a vastly dispropotionate Jewish elite in this world. But Noahide Law in Western countries is becoming the norm and idoltry (the worshipe of Jesus Christ) is not allowed. Check out the Jewish Noahide Laws in the United Nations. One God, the Jewish God. http://noahide.org/ https://stopnoahidelaw.blogspot.com/
  20. I thought he was pro Brexit and wasn't keen on immigration! Twitter meme. https://www.scotsman.com/read-this/why-far-right-leader-tommy-robinson-has-left-uk-2927755
  21. Molyneux must be a shill for the Tribe. I remember a podcast he made with Joe Rogan indoctrinating his young daughter to be anti Christian.
  22. What do you think about the Wikileaks exposures i.e. Brian Rose and Stratfor years ago? https://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/60/602133_re-customer-service-technical-issues-podcasts-.html
  23. This isn't a thread to bash David Icke, but it is a thread to expose a possible person who is not on the side of truth, i.e. Brian Rose. I think a significant minority of people who know about false flags like 9/11, the banking scam, vaccines, big pharma and so much more are deeply disappointed David Icke has associated himself with this dubious character called Brian Rose. I am disappointed with Icke and that is why I don't want to post of this forum much anymore. Brian Rose features on Wikileaks no less, for being invloved with Stratfor! Brian Rose worked for the derivative traders named ICAP in London twice, spanning over a decade and Wikileaks published some benign correspondence between Brian Rose of ICAP and STRATFOR, the global intelligence company On the face of it, the emails from Brian Rose look innocent, when a customer services person replied. But then later a Global Intelligence officer for Stratfor, a Solomon Foshko, oh vey, took over the dialogue. Why on earth would he do that about the size of the font on the Stratfor? On Nov 12, 2009, at 6:48 AM, Brian Rose wrote: Any word on the printable web page fix? I still am only able to print stories in a very small font, and cutting and pasting into Word is just not convenient. Thank you. -----Original Message----- From: STRATFOR Customer Service [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: 26 October 2009 13:35 To: Brian Rose Subject: RE: [Customer Service/Technical Issues] Podcasts Unfortunately I do not have a timeline for this fix, but I can assure you this is a priority. Regards, Solomon Foshko Global Intelligence T: 512.744.4089 F: 512.744.4334 [email protected] www.stratfor.com https://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/60/602133_re-customer-service-technical-issues-podcasts-.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stratfor https://davidicke.com/article/129043/63433-stratfor-emails-us-government-contractor-was-involved-in-gaddafi-killing-now-aiding-syrian-regime-change Experience Founder and CEO London Real Oct 2011 – Present8 years 10 months London, United Kingdom London Real is a weekly video talk show that introduces you to the most fascinating people in the world. Our guests include Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, The 4-Hour Workweek author Tim Ferriss, 6 time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates, British MP George Galloway, and Russia Today's Max Keiser. We have produced over 500 episodes that have been watched over 300,000,000 times. London Real has an audience of over 1,500,000 followers & subscribers and the London Real Academy has graduated over... Silicon Real Jun 2013 – Present7 years 2 months London, United Kingdom Silicon Real is a weekly talk show dedicated to the People of the London Technology Startup Scene and recorded LIVE in Shoreditch at the Silicon Roundabout. Each week we feature a CEO or Founder of an important company or integral institution in the technology startup ecosystem. In over 60 episodes we've logged 5,000,000 downloads on iTunes, over 750,000 views on YouTube, and have an audience of over 25,000 technology professionals each week. Credit Derivatives Broker ICAP 2002 – 20119 years London, United Kingdom Senior Broker of High Yield Credit Derivatives Chief Financial Officer LuxuryFinder.com 1999 – 20012 years new york city Credit Derivatives Broker ICAP Jul 1997 – 19992 years London, United Kingdom Fixed Income Derivatives Trader First Chicago Bank & Trust Jun 1995 – 19972 years Greater Chicago Area Traded the CMT (Constant Maturity Treasury) Swap and Options Books. Fixed Income Derivatives Trader Bankers Trust Jul 1993 – 19952 years Greater New York City Area Traded the Fixed/Floating Swap Book and the CMT (Constant Maturity Treasury) Swap and Options Books Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bachelor's degreeMechanical Engineering 1989 – 1993 Activities and Societies: Zeta Psi https://uk.linkedin.com/public-profile/in/brian-rose-99569728?challengeId=AQHftqvJEvks3gAAAXOVYqVstp3OIH5ByaDUxJ6cUvt6l7hAdRg1nqisOQ63P4XCyrEyk_UEr1eLhwRuuM5pdIuH9Qbt4cqxBQ&submissionId=3469136d-30ea-2516-b487-0a07c03fbe43
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