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  1. I apologise Grumpy. I missed that comment. A lot going on today with a comment of mine not being brought forth on the abortion thread. I do have to say, you have never liked a comment of mine ever to the best of my kowledge and this was before you became a mod. You don't like my imput.
  2. Read my commnets on this thread. You are not agreeing with me at all. No likes for me trying to highlight a scam?
  3. You're another "sleeper" account. You joined the forum 10 days ago, but all of your comments are today, mostly this thread about the Jewish, Zionist Rebel Media. Anyone can click on your profile to see it.
  4. Who the fuck are you? Be nice? You joined a couple of hours ago. All these sock accounts everywhere. Fuck off.
  5. FFS You must kow he worked for Israel and was a tool. What's the matter with you?
  6. Hi Mr Anderson or Rocco. I'm not playing your game anymore.
  7. Rebel News are an Israeli organistation to promote hatred against Muslims. I want controlled immigration but Rebel Media are controlled opposition to stir up hatred against Muslims and other immigrants instead of hightlighting the bleeding obvious. Elite Jews want the destruction of Europe how we know it. Avi Yememi is Rebel Media's voce in Melbourne. He's a Jewiah Nazi
  8. Rebel News lawyer to help people with their fines is a lawyer for Isreal. DON'T FORGET TO DONATE http://www.uklfi.com/category/people
  9. Out of likes, but the people are was referring to are not new to this.
  10. I was very disapppointed without mentioning any names that posters on this forum and elswhere are promoting Rebel News or Rebel Media. Erza Levant is a Canadian Jewish Zionist COME ON NOW ................ ARE YOU THAT IGNORANT OR ARE YOU TOO CONTROLLED? If you don't know Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins etc work for Israel, well then I really do despair of people I had previously considered to be the "good guys" OK. Let's break this down. You REALLY MUST DONATE. Who to? In the first few seconds he tells you the lawyer i
  11. I called out Brian Rose early on. Very few members listened, even when I gave loads of videos of Rose promoting the Queen, 9/11 and the Holocauat. David Icke got it wrong with Rose but he will never ever admit to it, because he hates to be wrong! Or was he part of it? Kate Shemirani supports the Judeo-Christian religion. What is that? Katie Hopkins of ((((Rebel Media))) supports her side kick Fiona Hine. Is Hine Jewish too? Kate Shemiani was allegedy kept in custody for 36 hours wearing her "20,000 pounds of jewellry" Her son went to
  12. Out of likes. But this poster has to be Hasbara. That's from following him for over a year on a different fourm. He lies.
  13. Eng ... where did that image come from. Do you have a link?
  14. It's not about the tech in this example, it's about the truth Rocco. You are a Confusnik mixing truth with lies. I'm just a woman looking after my elderly mother sat here trying to make a difference between truth and lies. Why have I got such a good rating on the forum? For misreprensenting the truth? No You hounded me on Truth-Zone and the owner Novum apoligised to me for not nipping it in the bud sooner than he did. I know you and your sort. You are being polite on this forum, so you don't get banned. Anyway back to point an
  15. I still don't really understand what occurred today on this forum. Please don't delete any comments. All I did was to copy and paste some text a friend of mine sent to me via a private Yahoo email. When I tried to copy his critque, this forum would not allow it multiple times even when I deleted references to controversial groups and words. Then, when I posted EXACTLY THE SAME COMMENT ON TRUTH-ZONE, it was able to be replicated on this forum. A friend of mine wrote this. I tried multiple times to post this on DIF today, but it wa
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