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  1. Whenever I see the word's Pfizer and children in the same article I get chills of the Kano trovafloxacin trial litigation. I never knew about what happened in Nigeria all those years ago until Covid and it's one of the prime reasons I will never trust the pharma industry again.
  2. I'm mentally exhausted with trying to explain my feelings and concerns to my family over what is happening, to little or no effect. I've come to the conclusion that it's probably for the best now I try and live my life best I can because the stress of all this is intrusive at the best of times. My immediate family have all been vaccinated and my decision to not take the same route has been met with a mixture of 'disappointment' and 'depressing' in my decision. I've been guilt tripped, coercion galore, threatened and made to feel like someone who has committed mass murder. Only a few weeks ago I tried to explain to a 'friend' who questioned my vaccination status... and I began by saying 'Yes' (to avoid a conversation) but then thought to myself... you know what, I couldn't give a toss what they think so said "no, I haven't". When the hell did we become so interested in someone's personal medical information? I was met with genuine shock and amazement when I explained my decision. It was completely pointless and I don't think I'll be hearing ever again from them - a blessing in disguise no doubt.
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