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  1. Clarissa, are you saying there are no space aliens operating physical craft? And are experiencer reports of humanoid, reptiloid, insectoid and grey aliens entirely a perception deception mind control phenomena? I give your opinion as much weighting as any truther, if not more, so I would appreciate to hear your perspective. In case people are in any doubt, Clarissa is a genius. I point this out not to win favour with her but to encourage truthers to pay close attention to her information and weight her perspectives accordingly. I have been promoting the negative extraterrestrials hypothesis introduced to me by the likes of Karl Mollison and Stewart Swerdlow, believing in their authenticity as skilled psychics reaching beyond the mind control matrix and reporting the facts from the unbiased perspective of neutral objectivity. Now I am reassessing whether I have been misguided because Clarissa is providing me with a tight mind-matter "scientific" explanation for The Matrix which, incidentally, has got me back on board with the David Icke information as the closer explanatory approximation of the truth. This means an admission of my being wrong in my accusations of Icke as being a source of disinformation. As an authentic truther, I make no apologies, but I present myself as an example of why freedom of thought and speech must be respected in order for people to know: because the truth will out and Icke is once again proven to be on the right track and so his reputation as a truthful source of information is enhanced. I believe that knowing the truth about the space aliens and the UFOs is one of the keys to unlocking the mystery of The Matrix. Clarissa, you have revolutionised my understanding. I acknowledge your brilliance and appreciate your hard work on behalf of all of us chakraed up prisoners of The Matrix! I am sure you are right. Now I must verify it.
  2. Because people are asking about deprogramming, I focus your awareness on the pioneering expert in deprogramming the mind, Stewart Swerdlow, and his Hyperspace visualisation techniques. You can get an idea about this man's credentials and authenticity by watching the Reality Check episode embedded above for a brief introduction to his work. To find out more about the books that are available through Expansions, those interested can watch the weekly Expansions News Podcast where Janet Swerdlow takes up the opportunity to promote their books in between the news summary. I recommend the books Decoding Your Life and The Hyperspace Helper as the best starting point if you want to get stuck into deprogramming work. Good luck with your deprogramming because God only knows what is buried down in the deep subconscious out of sight, out of mind. My greatest fear is to find out that I have been taking one in the arse. (We all have our limits.) . I recommend to watch Swerdlow's lecture on the history of mind control first in order to get the broader context of mind control programming in addition to listening to the Al Bielek interview about the Montauk Project. There is over 6-hours of information to digest but it is required information for the authentic truth seeker who genuinely wants to know -- and is ready to know. I wish you fortitude in the process of reintegrating your fractured mind.
  3. You need to check out Stewart Swerdlow's information, the pioneering expert in deprogramming the mind. Swerdlow deprogrammed himself after the termination of the Montauk Project rendered him dysfunctional. I own a number of his books on the subject. What he teaches is Hyperspace techniques - visualisations - to access repressed autobiographical content and unlock DNA. I suspect people are put off by Swerdlow because of his participation in the Montauk Project and what that involved. As far as I can trust my perceptions, this is a situation where woowoo truth is stranger than woowoo lies, and the Montauk Project is, indeed, True Reality. I would check out what is freely available first, such as watching the weekly Expansions News Podcast and visiting the YouTube channel CHANNEL3X for old interviews with Swerdlow. (Hint: Judge his character and evaluate his mental state. Swerdlow is a kook, yes, but is he authentic or a grifter? Is he schizophrenic or in his right mind?) There was also a former psychoanalyst who wrote a series of brilliant books in German (translated into English) about accessing repressed emotion and the cycle of abuse. This is truthful information that is transformative, in the sense that, in the process of reading it, it awakens your inner child. Her bestselling book is called The Drama of the Gifted Child. Be aware that this autobiographical content is repressed for a reason: you are not equipped to deal with it. In my opinion, you need to be mentally strong enough, and have enough support around you, for the memories to surface (in addition to doing the work in Hyperspace). I suspect specific programming is more common than people realise, but the trauma remains repressed for the duration of the person's life, and no healing is achieved.
  4. I have invested a lot of my time recently looking into the Montauk Project: listening to the recollections of Preston Nichols, Al Bielek, Duncan Cameron and Stewart Swerdlow. (I have watched all the videos on the YouTube CHANNEL3X including 5-hours marathons listening to the Al Bielek monotone, haha.) What happened at the Montauk Point site is beyond science fiction but I have come to understand that this is, in all likelihood, woowoo truth. At Montauk Point the participants space-time travelled by replicating the frequency of a space-time point using a combination of consciousness and extraterrestrial technology. It seems that True Reality is that the satanic Deep State has both antigravity technologies and stargate technologies (and more). The satanic Deep Sate also has a scientific understanding of Mind and its relationship to The Physical and are working with the extraterrestrials in their secret projects. The riff-raff are so far behind intellectually in our understanding of the science that we are not even scratching the surface in our institutions. The most brilliant physicists - and they are intellectually brilliant - have been misdirected to focus their awareness on what is a scientific cul-de-sac. The textbook physics is "kiddie physics" for the riff-raff to keep them occupied while the illuminati have already achieved scientific mastery of the universe: they can do it all. . I remind that I am indulging in speculation in this post so beware of the pitfalls of the woowoo! None of this is verified information but us authentic truthers do our best to make sense of what is a limited and corrupted data set. It is not easy to make sense of the world given the circumstances of our existence. By the way, I am stopping at 400 posts so I may not be able to continue this discussion. I have to set a limit because as much as I appreciate the opportunity talk woowoo, this activity is distracting me from what I need to be doing right now. I recommend that authentic truthers check out the YouTube channel CHANNEL3X.
  5. How a human comes into existence is the science of The Divine. The truthful information is that between lifetimes the soul personality returns to The Astral Light for a interregnum, a period of rest. On return to The Physical - if you must return according to the science of karma - you pick up where you left off. And with all your accumulated emotional baggage. Therefore, the need to heal and and resolve karma in this lifetime. You never "asked" to exist - you probably resisted your return to The Physical - knowing what you were in for from your vantage point in The Astral Light. But you agreed to come back and finish what you started because you had seen the bigger picture and so made the sacrifice. . If you believe reality is an artificial construct it might be a good idea to do grounding exercises. For example, gardening, flush your energy body in the colour brown, and eat heavy proteins. I do rhythmic breathing exercises in order to seat my consciousness in my heart (and body) and out of my head. It is confusing because we have virtual realities, augmented realities, remote control of neural activity in the brain and disinformation bombardment. Promoting the idea that reality is an artificial construct is a good way to send the mentally fragile into psychosis! Healthy people are grounded. They live in the country, eat grounding foods, and spend their time outside in nature and are around animals a lot. A grounded person would never believe this kind of bullshit. They would look at you, shake their head, chuckle, and think "those city folk are off their rockers". . By the way, I am stopping at 400 posts so I may not be able to continue this discussion. The reason is because I need to ground myself and to be on this internet forum is contrariwise to this spiritual need to be grounded. At the moment I am sleeping all day, up all night, not exercising and not eating properly. Recent work commitments have fucked up my routines and I need to get myself back on track. I have to set a firm boundary of 400 posts otherwise I can waste days at time discussing the finer points of philosophy with you all. This activity is addictive but not productive. Wishing you all grounding in The Physical. My heart's desire is to get out of the city and relocate to the country -- but I doubt that my karma will release me from its clutch (this lifetime is fast passing me by). If you have not been out to the country recently, go for a drive, and compare the atmospheric energies in the CBD and the country. I do this frequently in my work and when I get about 50 km out away from the CBD it is like I can think clearly again! Take care my friends and my to-be friends. I appreciate you all in whatever state of mind and being you are in. We are all coping in our own ways and I have come to understand that to be dysfunctional in a dysfunctional world is acceptable. A feeling heart cannot cope let alone thrive in this environment! I wish the human family fortitude as the attack on mind and spirit ramps up and I anticipate the beginnings of the deep emotional healing that is required for the divine human to emerge triumphant in adversity. This post is a reminder to ground your energies. Go roll around in the dirt.
  6. Max Igan: A stoner-guitarist who hates the police and doesn't work for a living, couch-surfing in Mexico! Doing the bogan riff-raff Down Unda proud, Max! One of us, haha. (Good onya, Max, well done mate.)
  7. Words do not represent True Reality adequately due to the limitations of verbal language. However, all that I listed are True Reality phenomena. There is The Spiritual, The Astral, which interpenetrates The Physical and there is No Time and No Space (which is Hyperspace) but everything is not one and the same even if we originate from one Source. This idea of oneness diminishes the sanctity of life and is in denial of both The Divine and The Physical (not to mention a violation of boundaries!) . I call out the solipsism mindfuck as sophisticated disinformation. Its purpose is to focus your awareness away from what is happening in The Physical and disconnect you from your spiritual and physical sources. True Spirituality (to be in spiritual alignment) requires your connection to The Divine to be grounded in The Physical (earthed). The New Age fake spirituality ("oneness", "all is love", "all is light" et cetera) is how the extraterrestrials manipulate us according to our loving nature as divine humans. The mind control is straight out of the psychopath's playbook: he beats his wife so she feels unloved, then he tells her he loves her so she comes back to him. True Spirituality (God-Mind) acknowledges polarities in Neutrality and recognises the balance point between conceptual extremes to Know True Reality, What Is, in the correct context. God-Mind does not accept mind control and maintains established boundaries between self and other. . As a metaphor and a thought experiment, yes, I see that the hologram reality hypothesis is logically consistent (it makes sense in the abstract) but I assure you, your problems really exist and so do you. Pinch yourself.
  8. Yes, this is one of the fundamental truths that truthseekers at the vanguard realised many years ago. This topic is not addressed by Icke in his works, however, we have other quality researchers to inform us about secret space programs and breakaway civilisations such as Walter Bosley, Richard Dolan, Joseph Farrell and Catherine Fitts. As for the insiders blowing the whistle or being permitted to disclosing their experiences in 20-and-back programs, I am inclined to believe Tony Rodrigues's stories about working for the Deutsch (the Nazis) based out of Ceres in the asteroid belt and some of the anecdotes recalled by Randy Cramer and others. The more recent personalities that have appeared on the scene, I suspect of shilling for the satanic Deep State in order to control the narrative. As for the satanic Deep State, I favour the warring factions hypothesis in that we have at least two breakaway civilisations in competition. One is the Fake Jew faction of the illuminati Blue Bloods and one is the Nazi faction of the illuminati Blue Bloods. (There is tentative evidence that the Germans had antigravity technology going back as far as the 19th century.) . I doubt elites such as Gates are travelling around the solar system in TR-3Bs! But Deep State operators, yes, my tentative intuition is that human colony outposts exist in a number of locations in the solar system. I speculate that rocket technology is a cover story because if your focus is on rocket science, then space-time travel is not possible -- and the illuminati have, to this point, wanted to keep that a secret. I believe that the Montauk Project is an example of woowoo truth being stranger than woowoo lies which means that space-time travel is an engineerable science that is understood by the satanic Deep State! (The extraterrestrials are involved.) . Thank you to the OP for going to the effort of posting stimulating topics such as this one. I appreciate the opportunity to clarify what I have been able to discern out of the disinformation morass. I welcome and appreciate all corrections and clarifications to my postings because as an authentic truther, I believe that the truth movement needs to be a collective effort and no one person can work it out on their own.
  9. With all due respect, I do not believe you have investigated Mollison's information. I have listened to 113 episodes of the Get Wisdom Radio Show (at least once) and all of the abridged channelings posted to YouTube. That is over 100-hours of my time invested. I point this out in order to give me credibility as an authentic truther and to demonstrate that I am not a paid shill introducing programming language in order to throw the authentic truthseekers off the trail. (The going rate for paid shills is $100 an hour.) I invite authentic truthers to expose yourself to Mollison's information as part of your search for an accurate explanation of True Reality. (To reject Mollison's freely available channeled information on the basis of him charging a fee for healing services does not cut it as an argument. You will have to do better than that.) . Will your consciousness down out of your head (where you are vulnerable to mind control) and into your body in order to access cellular and intuitive knowledge. If the information is truthful, it will resonate with your subconscious and superconscious knowledge and you will feel a grounding of your energies. Disinformation will leave you feeling discombobulated and disorientated because it does not resonate with your greater intelligence, God-Mind (superconscious) and your lifetime, lifeline, personal experiences (subconscious) that you cannot access. The simulation hypothesis, personally, I believe to be disinformation. If Icke and others are speaking and writing metaphorically and not literally, okay fine, I get what you mean. But literally, no, it is misguided to suggest nothing is real and we live in a computer game. That is sophisticated disinformation, programming language. (Be aware of the misattribution of word meanings in mind control nomenclature in order to misdirect your awareness from True Reality to a programmed reality.) What is happening, is that your mental-emotional state is being controlled remotely via satellite and communications infrastructure and technologies. As victims of this neural abuse (mind rape), we experience false thoughts, false feelings, false memories, false beliefs -- that we believe are sourced internally but they are sourced externally. Therefore, false reality is programmed into you but you are not living in a programmed false reality! Do you see the difference? (Yes, it is confusing. I get a headache thinking about it.) Yes, there is. Mollison, Swerdlow (X2) and Bartzis are providing us with a close approximation of True Reality: The Physical, The Astral Planes (dark -> light), Hyperspace, The Divine; spirits, extraterrestrials and mind control programming; the principle of Neutrality experienced subjectively as one polarity, and, the science of karma. (As far as I can trust my perceptions, Clif High is another who has the correct understanding of the fundamentals of True Reality.) I am on the right track, but I am fucked in the head so I do not consider myself a particularly good source of truthful information. The problem is that all of us are fucked in the head so I feel I have a responsibility to offer up my 2-cents and participate in what needs to be a collective deprogramming effort. (I apologise for the graphic language but as Clif Hight says, we live in profane times, so profane language is appropriate in this context.) When I hear people say "your reality" or "nothing is real" my programming language red flag is raised because we are entering into the mindfuck territory of solipsism. . I am sharing what I have been able to discern and I appreciate the opportunity to examine my understanding and test my confidence in what I have discerned as Truth out of the disinformation morass. If we can make the search a collective effort, it takes the pressure off having to be right in exactitude about everything individually. This is woowoo and all of us are clueless as to what is what due to the circumstances of our existence. I suggest we focus more on the information and focus less on the personalities involved in order to remove personal biases from the analysis. I will make a conscious effort to do this except when questioning the authenticity of the source on the basis of being corrupted or compromised. I remind all that this thread is about the virtual reality simulation hypothesis. I call "disinformation" but as a metaphor or as a thought experiment for conceptual analysis, "I get it".
  10. It is a mind-pattern that I share with the other loners. In my life, I have made changes - no more alcohol, tobacco or drugs; ended toxic relationships (except limited contact with family); established a healthy lifestyle and daily routines - but an inability to heal subconscious trauma has rendered me, essentially, retarded. What has helped me is to put no pressure on myself to be or do anything except live. I tick off the days in my life like a prisoner doing time. If I achieve something, for example, this week I washed my car, then that is a bonus. (I am a retard in a family of high achievers, so releasing the need to be more than what I am, is quite the challenge.) I empathise with the OP: I am sorry, mate, I wish I had a solution for you -- and me. 0 little boys and little girls sweet and gentle in their own worlds while the other children play in pain and sorrow dream away the day 1 little children in despair it breaks my heart to see you there the stars above (Heaven's Gate) Eternal Light! I await your return to me 100
  11. Warning Speculation Warning Paranoia The disinformation is that The Matrix is a virtual reality, which in a sense it is, because it is a misunderstanding of True Reality that is programmed into your mind, which is the perception deception. I am not in the know as to which meanings of the words Icke refers to to in his nomenclature: if this is indeed what he knows and is part of the deception, or, if he is misguided. (Another possibility is that I am misguided.) If you understand that mind control programming is the method-of-operation by which the illuminati Blue Bloods and the extraterrestrials play us - we are their playthings - this kind of neuro-linguistic programming is straight out of their playbook. Word meanings are conflated in order to deceive us and throw us off the trail: to get you thinking along the wrong lines. Me, the writer, and you, the reader, are many magnitudes of IQ points behind these psychopaths. So you are trapped in a matrix, a programming matrix, which is mind control programming; but it is not a virtual reality. I understand it is confusing - I get a splitting headache from thinking about it - but True Reality is what it is, whether or not you or I are aware of it. As far as I can trust my perceptions, the simulation hypothesis is disinformation. Do you see how the virtual reality matrix concept diverts your attention away from True Reality: awareness of your programming matrix in The Physical? (So if it is not disinformation, it is doing its job.) . Disinformation PSYOPS The disinformation PSYOPS range from the unsophisticated to the sophisticated (there is something for everyone). If Icke is disinformation, it is tailored for the hardcore truthers. It is a brilliant deception because we get truthful information so we buy in, but in buying in our minds are under control. Do you see how it works? As long as your mind is under control, that is all that matters to them. The illuminati Blue Bloods will tell you their bigger secrets in order to hide their biggest secrets and keep you occupied while the New World Order agenda is rolled out. I do not know what the truth is about Icke. He is an enigma, that is for sure. If he is disinformation, unlike other disinformation PSYOPS, he is entirely convincing. As far as I can trust my perceptions, he disseminates truthful information about the conspiracy in The Physical but his understanding of reality is misguided. How do you stay grounded in a virtual reality? >> True Spirituality in The Physical is awareness of your connection to the earth, which grounds you in True Reality. << I believe the Oversoul is outside of the body. It is a "step-down transformer" from Source and comprises a plurality of "facets" of which you are one. This is the science of The Divine which is a subject for another time. 1 Knowing requires discernment in Neutrality (God-Mind) in order to understand - with 100% confidence - What Is (in the correct context). (The limitations of verbal language does not permit easy communication of these concepts.) .
  12. I did, yes, and I still do suspect Icke of being a PSYOP, because a number of his views conflict with what I know to be true. My suspicions were aroused when somebody I believed to be truthful and sincere told me Icke was a PSYOP -- that planted the seed. And yet, when I watch the David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast I find him to be 100% convincing. I purposely try to stop myself from posting here because I have difficulty suppressing the urge to attack Icke's work on his own website - which I consider to be bad taste, not to mention bad karma - in order to satisfy my questioning mind and reach a conclusion. Indeed, I regretted what I posted above. I am paranoid but we do have situations whereby what we think is meant and what is meant are not the same. Or, a nomenclature can include a plurality of meanings, depending on the what is understood by the reader. The illuminati Blue Bloods are master manipulators with the ability to deceive even the most perceptive of us. I have come to understand experientially the position of God in Creation and I look for this understanding in others in the woowoo such as Mollison (Source Creator), Swerdlow (God-Mind) and more recently, Bartzis (Prime Creator). I do not see this understanding in Icke but that does not mean he does not have it. (Perhaps this is what Icke means by Infinite Love?) My enthusiasm is for truthful information and Mollison is delivering the goods -- but he is not the only one: I have discovered corroboration for Mollison in Swerdlow and Bartzis. (Icke's information is a great starting point but I feel these other information sources are offering more at this point -- a closer approximation of True Reality.) By the way I am stopping at 400 posts because this is not the place for me to be -- but I feel that it is important to promote the truth, whoever is telling it, for the benefit of those who can see what I can see. The universe is a divine creation in the sense that a Consciousness willed it into existence and that Consciousness experiences all that is within It. The source of evil is the angels who followed their will, not God's will, which has led to corruption and depravity. I understand it sounds like religious indoctrination but this is True Reality. 1 My understanding of reality has changed. I now include The Divine in my model because without experiential knowledge of True Spriituality you have not the context to understand The Physical. . Since I derailed the thread I will rerail it by referring to the embedded thread by oz93666 regarding Brian Cox's comments about the holographic simulation hypothesis which Oz believes is disinformation. Do you see how belief in the holographic simulation hypothesis disconnects you from your Source? If it is not sophisticated disinformation it is doing its job! >> True Spirituality is experienced when the connection to Source is established in Pure Awareness. <<
  13. Finally! Someone in their right mind, God-Mind, who knows what is what (oz93666). Warning Speculation The Matrix refers to a programming matrix and is mind control nomenclature. To be a Child of the Matrix is to be specifically programmed? To steal Icke's language (spinning it) this is the biggest secret. Or, one of them, along with the extraterrestrials and their technologies. A virtual reality in which nothing is real is disorientating and traumatic to the feeling soul. I look out for conceptual extremes when I discern what is programming language, for example: nothing is real, everything is real, nothing exists, everything exists. What I do think is happening is mind control via satellite and communications infrastructure which can stimulate hallucinations, illusions that appear to real, in targeted individuals. If this is a perception deception, then the neuro-linguistic programming is a trap! ?
  14. People that make the predestination argument are typically secular materialists who make a rational argument based on the scientific laws that govern matter at the scale of the infinitesimal. There is no predestination except perhaps for subatomic particles with no consciousness. There is, however, mind control programming (external) and karma (internal) to reckon with. Your destiny might be have been mind programmed into your subconscious mind or karmically "predetermined" by your lifelines and your lifetimes! The fact of freewill in the galaxy is why the original corruption occurred in the first place: the fallen angels rejected God's will in favour of their own will. This led to the problem of evil. Those of us who understand True Spirituality will know that one can follow their own will or God's will: it is a choice. To follow God's will requires Oversoul communication in God-Mind Awareness which is experienced as intuition. This is karma in action. The details of your life might have been different but your life was going to play out along those lines -- unless healing was achieved. The problem I have had, personally, is an inability to heal. Therefore, I am unable to turn my life around. It is a nightmare for those of us in this situation. In my opinion, we are fucked, there is nothing we can do. I meditate, I pray, I practise healthy living -- but nothing much changes because no healing is achieved. The missed opportunities in life were not missed opportunities. Even if you took those opportunities, the relationship would have failed and the career opening would have led to nowhere. Your healing needs would have seen to it. Your external circumstances will change when your internal circumstances change. Until we heal, nothing much changes. ( At this point, you are karma's bitch. )
  15. It is what Jesus Christ represents that is subversive to the controlling powers because an understanding of True Spirituality is the path to God. I have come full circle because: 1. I reject Christianity due to corruption in the Church -> 2. I embrace godless New Age spirituality as a substitute -> 3. I reject godless New Age spirituality due its focus on a single polarity (light) being an incorrect understanding of True Reality -> 4. I embrace Christianity after coming to understand experientially that Being in God-Mind Awareness is the God as Father-Christ as Son relationship and the prototype-example is Jesus Christ the man. Are the controlling forces aware of this True Spirituality? I think not because it must be experienced to be understood. However, the controlling forces may have recognised its subversive potential and therefore coopted the movement and redacted the Bible at the Council of Nicea and later attempted to erase Jesus Christ the man from history. (The gods want God out of the picture.) This sort of mind manipulation is straight out the psychopath's playbook and will continue because nothing has changed. This is why finding truthful information sources is like striking the mother lode. The Bible is a redacted document but there is truth in it. I consider the Bible to be disinformation because Christianity was coopted by the Romans and used for mind control purposes. (Not to worry! We have Karl Mollison to tell us what God reckons!)
  16. Targeted Individuals complain about electronic harassment via carrier wave electromagnetic frequencies but in all likelihood also have dark spirits attachments feeding off their chakra centres and influencing their behaviours and actions. To deal with the dark spirit attachments requires working with the chakras and making healthy lifestyle choices. Truthful information source, Karl Mollison, informs us that dark spirit attachments, the corrupting force in the galaxy, is a divine-level problem due to the limitations of incarnation in The Physical. An intuitive outreach to The Astral Light will allow divine intervention according to the principle of freewill. To the secular materialist, this sounds like religious indoctrination, but spirits in The Astral is True Reality whether or not you are aware of it. (I am not sure if casting out demons, like a scene out of The Exorcist, is going to do the trick?)
  17. Although I agree with him that fasting can be a good idea this is a handwavy explanation of spirituality. True Spirituality, which can be defined with exactitude, has a basis in reality. My understanding is that the Spiritual War is literally spirits representing the polarities of Dark and Light in The Astral competing for influence in The Physical. The dark spirits are True Reality. The dark spirits possess people via their chakra centres. Any activities that open a person up to possession is inviting in the dark spirits so be aware of your vices and addictions. Truthful information source, Karl Mollison, informs us that 90 per cent of people have on average seven dark spirit attachments feeding off their chakra centres and influencing their actions in The Physical. I have experiential knowledge of the existence of these dark spirits: I have seen them in The Astral during an out-of-body experience. Conspiracy theorists know that the satanic amongst us invoke these dark spirits in their dark ritual magic ceremonies. It is important to realise that the demons and angels in Chrisitian theology is True Reality. So is Jesus Christ who was a flesh-and-blood man and is the prototype-example of The Divine Human in Communion with God.* Communion with God is to be in Spiritual Alignment (and in flux the Christ Consciousness). I am using Christian nomenclature in this paragraph but what is important is to understand what the concepts represent in True Reality. * -- John 14:6 (King James Bible) Thankyou to the OP, The OC, for the stimulus. True Reality cannot be known without experiential knowledge of True Spirituality. This knowledge is context for understanding The Physical. To realise is a Damascene moment! It appears to be religious indoctrination but is not!
  18. Hi TC, thanks, I am not sure if it is good to be back or not -- because I generally avoid internet forums and social media altogether due to the addiction factor, and the factor of anonymity and physical distance, not to mention feeding the data beast (food for the AI which will be weaponised against the authentic truthers in the information war). This is the only internet forum I use and nor do I use social media -- but I do get out and about. I am also concerned about creating more negative karma given I am already karma's bitch in this life. (Analogous to Hitler, perhaps, although I am no fallen angel; but I do feel that this incarnation is a karmic debt repayment and a learning experience -- and for this opportunity, I am grateful.) Since last time, I have made a few minor but significant changes in my real life; so I hope that I can maintain a state of mental-emotional stability while I communicate to you all and learn from you all. I am planning at stopping at 400 posts so this may be a brief return. (I am not convinced my presence is making a positive difference but I find that at times Universe gives me no choice despite my objections or will to the contrary. This is the difference between freewill existence (what I want) and God's will (intuition via Oversoul communication) for me, which is in my best interests despite my objections.) All of that said, and I am sorry to bore you with this rambling preamble, fresh coffee brewed and now to business -> Mollison's gift or talent or special ability is to channel from The Astral Light, Heaven, and The Astral Dark, Hell, and be able to discern the difference. Mollison is no ordinary channeler: he is different because he connects to his target via Source Creator. Mollison has developed a methodology in order avoid the channeling pitfall of an imposter intercepting the "call". In addition to channeling the dead, he also channels Source Creator: so via Mollison we are the recipients of (Mollison's translation-interpretation of) the wisdom of God. Mollison's information is more credible than other sources because of his ability to communicate with beings in The Astral Light that are beyond the mind control bombardment and other limitations the rest of us are subjected to in The Physical; not to mention, Source Creator of the universe, God. (I am not nominally a religious person, but this is the structure of consciousness in the universe, whether or not you are aware of it.) In The Astral Light, Heaven, all have the ability to do this - it is second nature - but Mollison is the master, the pro, in The Physical. Mollison is an interesting personality because he is not a truther, he is a healer, and for most of his life he has been a normie: a research scientist with no interest in the woowoo. So, due to the circumstances of his life Mollison has become one of us (a kook) but except for his special ability, he is (to all intents and purposes) a normie. In my opinion, this adds credibility to his information because he is dispassionate about the subject material. In fact, I perceive a reluctance in Mollison to communicate this information, so accusations of charlatanry are unfair. I consider myself a good judge of character - I get out and about and I know all sorts - and I judge Mollison authentic (but imperfect). You have to learn to judge character in order to discern who is a Light Being and who is a Dark Being (and who is in between): this is an art and it is difficult but those of us who are authentic will recognise the traits of honesty and sincerity in each other. Is Mollison the final word and right about everything in exactitude? No, but he is doing a sterling job, and it is personally appreciated if not widely recognised -- yet. Like all of us truth seekers, oz93666 is on a learning journey. I would expect nobody to be right all of the time: that is not realistic or even necessary. We are negotiating a disinformation morass and all are mind controlled in The Physical. oz93666 has arrived at woowoo truth - the end of the rabbit hole - and this is quite the achievement. He knows far more than I do, as many of you do, but of course, he has spread misinformation in the process, as we all do in the disinformation echo chamber. It is inevitable. I consider oz93666 a truthful information source in the sense that he has discovered the fundamental truths about True Reality, What Is. Eventually, we we all come to understand what are the fundamental truths about True Reality: we are going to reach a consensus -- including the normies. On these forums, oz93666 has got there first, perhaps, but the truth will out. This lengthy and rambling post is my present contribution to the collective goal of reaching a consensus understanding of What Is. I invite the reader to question this contribution to the information war in addition to judging my character and evaluating my mental-emotional state: because I could be a paid shill (the going rate is approximately $100 an hour) or a web-bot or out of my right mind (possessed by the dark spirits and I suspect I have a few hanging around me so that is indeed a possibility). I wish you all perspicacity and discernment and thanks for hearing me out. Goodbye.
  19. I had a read through the thread, focusing on oz93666's contributions. Having done so, I feel more confident this person is authentic and in his right mind, in addition to being exceptionally well informed. -- oz93666 quoted from the embedded thread -- oz93666 quoted from the embedded thread This is possible if you understand the mechanisms and structure of True Spirituality. People with this understanding of spiritual truth will come to understand what I mean, when they experience it. Reincarnation and karma does indeed make rational sense if you understand spirituality as well as you understand physicality, but of course, this is the realm of consciousness so it can not be measured or seen optically. Now, whether or not this is True Reality - Hitler was created by God to deal with problem of antisemitism; and provide a fallen angel the opportunity to pay a karmic debt - I can not verify, of course. Neither can Mollison. I am not promoting Mollison's information in exactitude but from what I do know, Mollison has a truthful understanding of spirituality which is the required foundation for discernment between woowoo truth and woowoo lies. (Hint: the New Age is a PSYOP.) I consider your perception of subversive behaviour as the result of woowoo truth being stranger than woowoo lies which can lead to cognitive dissonance: it a shock to the system to find out True Reality makes science fiction and fantasy fiction look mild. I have been through this personally - it has taken many years for me to deprogram to the extent that I can see What Is for what it is - and I have changed my opinions and beliefs in the process. Mollison is a channel and none of this information is Mollison's opinion. I have no idea what Mollison thinks, but my reading of his character is that he is in his right mind - God-Mind - and so would analyse from a position of mental-emotional equanimity. Mollison is a human and so is not perfect and channeling is a translation and interpretation of mental energy -- so Mollison's biases will potentially distort the message as intended. However, in my judgment, he is the master of this art so this personal bias is minimal. All said and done, you and others are right to question Mollison and voice your issues. I am sceptical by nature and I believe all woowoo information requires verification and that sources of woowoo information should be vetted. It is necessary because of the disinformation PSYOPS that we do this. (Hint: I have come to realise that woowoo truth is stranger than the disinformation narratives or any science fiction or fantasy fiction I have read.) There is no doubt that woowoo information is a morass and that charlatanism, grift and mind programmed disinformation is the rule and not the exception to the rule -- so I appreciate your scepticism and the opportunity to respond in turn. (This is the purpose of a forum like this, in my opinion, to get us on the same page so that truthers can reach a shared understanding of True Reality, What Is.) -- oz93666 quoted from the embedded thread oz93666 is a hardcore truther: he has watched every Mollison channeling at least once, been watching Alex Jones since the 1990s I believe, and whatever you think of his opinions, is exceptionally well informed. This gives him credibility. I am not like him, I am more of a sceptic, but I share his enthusiasm for Get Wisdom. These forums are not attracting hardcore truthers. Is Icke losing currency amongst truthers or is there a different explanation for the current lack of interest in Icke's work? Personally, I consider Icke an excellent introduction and overview of the conspiracy but for the deeper truths, you have to go to other less well known sources. Personally, I feel I have squeezed all that I can out the the Icke lemon - I have been on this journey for about ten years now - and I would be interested to know if other people feel similarly? (This is not a criticism or diminishment of Icke's contribution but my perception is that the direction of Icke's research has changed from a focus on True Reality (The Biggest Secret and Children of the Matrix) to a focus on metaphysics.) This has turned into a long post. I am always hesitant to post my thoughts because I do not wish to create discord or add to what is a misinformation echo chamber -- but I suppose I feel it is my responsibility to contribute when there is no one else providing this angle. (I would rather better informed and more perspicacious (and less crazy) people than I would do the talking, but, where are you?)
  20. In the woowoo, how do you discern between truthful information and disinformation? I am not the best at it because to see What Is requires a deprogrammed mind and I am mind programmed; but I have experienced True Spirituality so I know that communication with God (via Oversoul) is natural. In Mollison we have a man with an exceptional ability to channel Source but this would be normal if not for the mind control bombardment which is both technological (satellite and communications infrastructure) and organic (negative spirit telepaths and negative extraterrestrial telepaths); in addition to the genetic manipulation of the species to negate spiritual vision. You have to know True Spirituality and be aware of the structure of consciousness so see that channeling Source, the Point of Creation, is possible. It is a lack of awareness about True Spirituality and mind control programming that explains the denial of What Is. Mollison learned to channel spirits in The Astral Light, Heaven, and worked his way up to Source (Mollison himself sceptical about this possibility). I listen to the Get Wisdom Radio Show on YouTube because this is a summary of the channeled information and requires no sign up. I have listened to 112 episodes and looked into Mollison's credentials. I am satisfied this is the real deal but nor is it the final word -- because as gifted as Mollison is, he is still human. Now I am checking out another one of oz93666's recommended sources of truthful information, Andrew Bartzis, to see how Bartzis's information about galactic history stacks up against Stewart Swerdlow's information about the earth's galactic history. (Janet Swerdlow, Stewart's wife, also teaches True Spirituality: Oversoul communication techniques. Hint: finding sources of truthful information is like striking the mother lode.) I understand that all these information sources are controversial but all demonstrate an awareness of the structure of consciousness which is inclusive of God. I have issues with all woowoo information sources but I have come to know that Mollison and the Swerdlows are, at the least, on the right track: True Reality is that negative spirits and negative extraterrestrials control the earth via mind manipulation and mind control programming. Because this activity is optically invisible, we do not see it with our eyes; and therefore we must rely on gifted intuitives such as Mollison and Swerdlow to tell us What Is. There is no doubt that there are woowoo grifters selling questionable products based on questionable science to a gullible audience (in addition to selling disinformation). I judge the character of the source of the information in addition to an evaluation of their state of mind. My conclusion is that Mollison, a retired research scientist, is authentic. oz93666 realised Mollison was channeling truthful information because he had been researching the New World Order for forty years and had sufficient knowledge of True Reality, What Is, to verify that Mollison is woowoo truth. This is why he was so excited about Mollison and promoted Get Wisdom at every opportunity. I am doing the same out of a sense of duty (I get paid no royalties) because I know that this information is, indeed, wisdom. . Wishing all reading this clear insight (perspicacity) and discernment, and, mental-emotional stability (equanimity) in what is a corrupt and perverse society. (If you do not see this depravity in the world, your mind is controlled, you are out of touch with True Reality. Hint: the New Age is a PSYOP.)
  21. I have invested many hours into listening to Karl Mollison's information. If you take the body of information channeled, as a whole, what has (all but) convinced me of Mollison's authenticity is that it is the "best fit" given what I do know, experientially and intellectually, about True Reality and True Spirituality. I am aware of the fair criticisms directed at Mollison - for example, the hypothesis that Jeffrey Epstein is alive and the hypothesis that covid-19 does not exist - but in Mollison we have a man who is mentally sound, in communication with God, giving us woowoo truth as no one else is! (Finding truthful information sources is like striking the mother lode.) The ability to channel God makes sense when you understand that the truthful model of spirituality (see diagram above) is The Divine Being with God-Mind Awareness (Christ Consciousness) in communication with God (communion) via Oversoul. I am not able to verify if Mollison is correct in exactitude (nor is he), but as far as I can trust my perceptions, this is the best source of truthful information that I am aware of. Because the channeling process is a translation, and an interpretation, of mental energies, translation errors and personal biases are likely to distort the channeled subject's communicated message. However, as far as I can trust my perceptions, Mollision is the master practitioner of the art of channeling and the information is coming through loud and clear, directly sourced from The Astral Light, Heaven, and importantly, beyond the technological and organic sources of mind control bombardment. I am no fan of channeling because I believe Mollison's claim that almost all intuitives are sourcing disinformation from The Astral Dark / Hell via dark spirits and extraterrestrial psychics (if not their own programmed subconscious mind via carrier waves transmitted by satellite and communications infrastructure) -- but Mollison is different, he is no amateur. So this is a ringing endorsement and a free advertisement for GetWisdom but I assure you that my only motivation is to bring awareness to True Reality out of a sense of duty. I am dispassionate about the subject of extraterrestrials except as it affects me and the quality of my life. I have no affiliation or association with any information source: I promote what I know to be true and demote what I know to be false, to the best of my ability. 1 To the poster above, thank you for the encouragement, I appreciate it. Your interest and enthusiasm is the inspiration for this follow up post. To all reading this, I wish you clear insight (perspicacity), and, mental and emotional stability, in what is a depraved society.
  22. This is not about the individual Megan Rose but unfortunately if you sell disinformation to the gullible public then you are an example to be made of. As far as I can trust my perceptions, Rose is either a paid shill working for the satanic Deep State, or mind programmed. (If she is mind programmed she needs to deprogram her mind.) (Rose is a regular guest of Michael Salla -- and I have been paying very close attention to Salla and his menagerie of fascinating guests!)
  23. This is not about the individual Elena Danaan but unfortunately if you sell disinformation to the gullible public then you are an example to be made of. As far as I can trust my perceptions, Danaan is either a paid shill working for the satanic Deep State, or mind programmed. (If she is mind programmed she needs to deprogram her mind.) (Danaan is a regular guest of Michael Salla -- and I have been paying very close attention to Salla and his menagerie of fascinating guests!)
  24. I feel like we are going around in circles with multiple disinformation narratives confusing all who are interested in the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrials. I believe that the truth about the extraterrestrials (these are simultaneously physical and nonphysical beings) is that they are advanced and ethereal but not divine! Unfortunately, this subject is a disinformation echo chamber. Information about extraterrestrials, that in my judgment, is truthful, is the information channeled from Heaven or The Astral Light by Karl Mollison and the mentalist Stewart Swerdlow's information about the earth's galactic history. Both of these information sources tell us that it is evil forces that are in control in the galaxy. Please keep in mind that both of these intuitives have the ability to reach beyond the mind control bombardment that the rest of us are subjected to. Mollison channels from The Astral Light and Swerdlow has mental abilites that allow him to access hyperspace and is the pioneering expert on deprogramming the mind. (For people who are interested in these subjects, I recommend judging the character of the information source and evaluating their mental condition also.)
  25. I feel like we are going around in circles with multiple disinformation narratives confusing all who are interested in the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrials. I believe that the truth about the extraterrestrials (these are simultaneously physical and nonphysical beings) is that they are advanced and ethereal but not divine! Unfortunately, this subject is a disinformation echo chamber. Information about extraterrestrials, that in my judgment, is truthful, is the information channeled from Heaven or The Astral Light by Karl Mollison and the mentalist Stewart Swerdlow's information about the earth's galactic history. Both of these information sources tell us that it is evil forces that are in control in the galaxy. Please keep in mind that both of these intuitives have the ability to reach beyond the mind control bombardment that the rest of us are subjected to. Mollison channels from The Astral Light and Swerdlow has mental abilites that allow him to access hyperspace and is the pioneering expert on deprogramming the mind. (For people who are interested in these subjects, I recommend judging the character of the information source and evaluating their mental condition also.)
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