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  1. hello everybody ----- i have put together in one place the information that i believe is what you need to form an outline of the complete picture of the situation on the earth. i also feel the need to add a few final comments to conclude my contribution to the information war at this stage. i may continue to make the occasional posting (if i see a need for it) but internet forums do my head in; so for my own sanity, i have to limit my usage of this format to very occasionally. i am doing this for your benefit, not mine. my goal is to win the information war. pay close attention to the information that has been posted by the member "oz93666"; this man has been researching the new world order for 40 years and has the complete picture (for example, many hundreds if not thousands of hours invested in watching alex jones over the years). i point people in the direction of oz93666. keep in mind that in order to be "liked" you have to say what people want to hear, and not what needs to be said, and that people who tell the truth tend to be unpopular. as far as i can trust my perceptions, the complete picture is that psychopathic aliens are the ultimate controllers of the earth and mind-control is their method of operation; if you want to make sense of the world, study mind-control. mind-control is both a technique and technological: you could view mind-manipulation techniques as "soft" mind-control and mind-control technologies as "hard" mind-control. we are all targeted individuals. what has convinced me that the solar system is colonised is seeing the raw footage of u.f.o.s (hundreds of examples including orbs, triangles, discs, cigars, shape-shifters and portals) and solar system anomalies posted to the internet. this evidence fits in with the truthful "testimonials" of whistleblowers and experiencers, and the channelings of karl mollison, as well as the contributions made by speculative document researchers. it is not my desire to tell people what to believe or who to follow, but remember that disinformation is the rule and not the exception to the rule; so finding a truthful source of information is like striking the mother lode. disinformation is a "truth sandwich" -- a truth between two lies -- and this is what hooks you in (because you sense there is truth to what you are being told) and so you are misled. when researching, expose yourself to the full data-set and analyse with clear insight. you are a part of god and god is a part of you whether or not you choose to acknowledge this fact. if you are feeling confused, bring your consciousness down out of your head and into your body where you are not vulnerable to mind-control: seat your consciousness in your heart. you have free-will to "ask" the divine for protection, guidance, and intervention; communicating with the divine is a practise and the divine is a resource that is available to you. you also have the free-will to do nothing to resist the roll-out of new world order agendas and to allow the subjugation of humanity to reach its conclusion. there are no saviours, so show initiative and take control. the power is with the people when we stop being divided and ruled. the reason for my brief visit to these forums was primarily karmic: to resolve my karma. i find writing to be extremely stressful because of the high likelihood of misunderstandings and because language is a limited form of communication (we all have experienced how hard it is to "get the message across" with words). because i obsess over every word and punctuation mark, i will be relieved to retire my "pen" and to not have to think so hard. i hate reading and writing -- this is not the life that i wanted -- but i now approach the life-experience as a lesson and a responsibility: rather than letting the good times roll, i have a job to do (that i do not get paid for). i concur with the sentiments of one of my taxi passengers who intends for her epitaph a terse inscription: "it is what it is". ----- goodbye everybody (for now) ----- a selection of recommended information to get you started on the right track the global conspiracy "david icke dot-connector" series: richie allen interviews david icke for "the peoples' voice" in 2013-2014 https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/22974-david-icke-dot-connector-series-richie-allen-interviews-david-icke-for-the-peoples-voice-in-2013-2014/ ----- the financial system "mike maloney's hidden secrets of money" series: mike maloney explains the currency-out-of-thin-air "ponzi scheme" scam https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/23070-mike-maloneys-hidden-secrets-of-money-series-mike-maloney-explains-the-currency-out-of-thin-air-ponzi-scheme-scam/ ----- true world history lecture: stewart swerdlow explains true world history https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/23164-lecture-stewart-swerdlow-explains-true-world-history/ ----- mind-control and programming stewart swerdlow lectures and al bielek interviewed (mind-control and programming) https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/23000-stewart-swerdlow-lectures-and-al-bielek-interviewed-mind-control-and-programming/ journal article (.pdf file): david salinas flores [2018] "mind control: from nazis to d.a.r.p.a." (the world mind-control project) https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/22976-review-article-pdf-file-david-salinas-flores-2018-mind-control-from-nazis-to-darpa-the-world-mind-control-project/ document (.pdf file): phillip walker's [2018] affidavit (torture victim) https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/22982-document-pdf-file-phillip-walkers-2018-affidavit-torture-victim/ ----- the mercenary army program "20 years a slave in secret space programs" series: dr. michael salla interviews tony rodrigues at mt. shasta https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/22960-20-years-a-slave-in-secret-space-programs-series-dr-michael-salla-interviews-tony-rodrigues-at-mt-shasta/ "breakaway" series: adam riva interviews secret space program insiders tony rodrigues and randy cramer https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/22957-breakaway-series-adam-riva-interviews-secret-space-program-insiders-tony-rodrigues-and-randy-cramer/ ----- real spirituality and fake spirituality: a unique perspective "overcoming the saturn moon extraterrestrial control system": dr. michael salla interviews george kavassilas https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/23109-overcoming-the-saturn-moon-extraterrestrial-control-system-dr-michael-salla-interviews-george-kavassilas/
  2. hello everybody ----- i am including a link to a thread dedicated to "omnisense" on the "general chat" forum that contains important information for your benefit. this man, a hero of mine, is primary source material. it is the raw truth. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/14011-does-omnisense-still-post-or-have-a-site/ ----- have a great day everybody
  3. g'day observed, hello everybody ----- re: destroying an established culture is psychopathic it is considered politically incorrect to talk like this, but the people who live in their country-of-birth deserve preferential treatment by their own government: their government is supposed to be working for them (to make their lives better). this is universal. when migrants get subsidised wages, for example, the working-class australians (the people who were born in this country) are being treated with contempt. this is part of the reason why there is so much resentment toward migrant workers in working-class suburbs. it is called "racism" by the mind-controlled, but in my experience, it is legitimate grievance; because when australians are barely subsisting and there are no opportunities for betterment, they are thinking: "what about us?" i feel for australian aborigines and what they have suffered (and continue to suffer) as a result of european settlement, but two wrongs do not make a right: a suitable resolution for australian aborigines is a separate issue. my point is that destroying an established culture is psychopathic. i love this country and its people and that is the natural order of things: you are supposed to feel allegiance to your country-of-birth and pride in your culture and love for your own people. australians beware: history is repeating. ----- victims no longer everybody!
  4. hello everybody ----- the information i am posting to this forum is the information that i believe should be widely circulating and is not. i have posted information that i believe will fill in the gaps in your knowledge. i am putting a lot of thought into what i post here and my reason for posting to the internet is to win the information war. when researching, invest your time and energy wisely by relying of truthful sources of information, that are not, by design, intended to mislead you. ----- have a great day everybody ----- visit the youtube channel "channel3x" https://www.youtube.com/user/CHANNEL3X/about ----- stewart swerdlow lectures about true world history, 2:00:52 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GI3PBYlA3M ----- information about the book "blue blood, true blood: conflict and creation" by stewart swerdlow https://www.expansions.com/product/blue-blood-true-blood/ information about the book "true world history: humanity's saga" by stewart swerdlow https://www.expansions.com/product/true-world-history-humanitys-saga/ watch the expansions news podcast with janet and stewart swerdlow https://www.expansions.com/expansions-podcasts/
  5. hello everybody a short disclaimer here: this is my best effort to paraphrase clif high's information accurately but "translation errors" are possible because much of this information is of a technical nature and is new to me. if you understand high better than i do, i welcome your corrections and clarifications. nor have i included everything in the presentation for the sake of brevity and clarity and readability. check out high's videos for yourself, if this is of interest to you. ----- explorers' guide to sci-fi world (series 0, episode 64): measuring woo ----- "humans have been measuring the woo since ancient times. ...in the woo it's always going to be discovery." -- clif high "this is a case of mis-measuring the woo: if it doesn't make sense -- back up. the woo is deep." -- clif high "is it really a stalker!? or just a car driving behind me?" -- clif high (as a paranoid) according to clif high measuring the woo - apply first-principles thinking when measuring the woo - the celtic cross as a measuring tool: using line-of-sight and trigonometry to measure the chinese communist party's bioweapon effort - the chinese communist party has collected genomic data via p.c.r.-testing in the years 2016-2019 - there is no evidence for a genome-specific bioweapon (individual targeting) - the chinese communist party's bioweapon effort targets a phenotype (group targeting) - targeting a phenotype in this way fails because our assumptions about d.n.a. are incorrect biorhythms - the "frequencies-that-are-you": physical and emotional - the immune system's three biorhythms: 1. innate (constant); 2. adaptive (responds to the environment); 3. inter-systemic - cells are receptive and permissive to virii: receptivity refers to the virus's ability to "stick" to the surface of the cell; permissivity refers to the virus's ability to replicate using the machinery of the cell - vitamin-d inhibits cell receptivity to virii (and cell permissivity to virii) vitamin-d - 90 nanograms per millilitre of vitamin-d is optimal; target greater-than 47 nanograms per millilitre of vitamin-d - vitamin-d is used in 3000 body processes - vitamin-d operates as a carrier-wave - sources of vitamin-d: sunlight; vitamin-d lamps; supplements china - "[the chinese communist party] want[s] to depopulate north america for food production." -- clif high - the evergrande bond fiasco will impact banks, real estate, and manufacturing worldwide - two possible scenarios: 1. bond defaults force the chinese communist party to revalue gold; 2. the chinese communist party attacks taiwan
  6. hello everybody ----- re: do i play videogames? i do play videogames occasionally -- i have a playstation 2 that i dust-off once or twice a year; and i used to go the arcade to play "daytona u.s.a.", feeding dollar coins into the thing. so i am not wanting to be a moralising kill-joy, or tell people how to live their lives, but i am making a point. the games that i play are not immersive, and if i do feel the need, i only play for a short time-period. i am telling you everybody, playing videogames is not getting your human-needs met: it is a "sugar-high" addiction that is designed to mind-control you as well as to steal your money and your time. ----- facebook's virtual-reality "metaverse", 4:37 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjEkOqttrcc ----- be in control of your mind everybody (or be mind-controlled)
  7. hello everybody ----- re: phillip walker's affidavit "in 2007...i was approached by a secret society and inducted... the cybernetic members of this secret society first inducted me with a list of instructions. ...my life has turned into a sadism fantasy of the most sadistic and powerful black ops sources. i live in a neural prison where i have been dehumanized and hit with trauma to the point of dissociation. ...i have been tortured over 40,000 times..." -- phillip walker .pdf file (uploaded by me) https://ufile.io/8tnepmj1 ----- victims no longer everybody!
  8. hello everybody ----- facebook's virtual-reality "metaverse", 4:37 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjEkOqttrcc ----- be in control of your mind everybody (or be mind-controlled)
  9. good news everybody ----- u.s. marine shows initiative, takes control, 0:17 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBIedBATnHI ----- putin talks sense (1), 0:46 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHRbtBT68Hg putin talks sense (2), 1:18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKXsaLqtkYY ----- cute animals (1), 0:46 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxCD81hvVTE cute animals (2), 0:29 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFKbTIFuubo ----- have a great day everybody
  10. explorers' guide to sci-fi world (series 0, episode 63): chrono woo ----- "time weighs heavy on the woo. ...[this is] the timing part of [the] war." -- clif high according to clif high world war 4 - the-powers-that-be vs. humanity - the-powers-that-be vs. the chinese communist party - the-powers-that-be jn. the chinese communist party (jn. <> "junction") - new zealand = taken - australia = almost taken - u.k. = 40% taken - u.s.a. = ??? - the-powers-that-be are the western global elite - russia is not-aligned - africa, south america, and central america, is mostly not-aligned weapons of war - spike proteins (1. the virus, 2. the vaxxx) - nanoparticles / graphene oxide (the vaxxx) - "the-powers-that-be are working with the c.c.p. to exterminate humanity." -- clif high the big die-off - the super-flu is a temporal clue - according to a mortician, the mortality rate is 2.5 times higher compared to the year 2019 - the injection sequence: 70% by july + 30% by october (the october 15 mandate) implies an april (2022) die-off - a quiet death in isolation - "we could lose one billion people over one year: ...consider a billion people popping into existence -- and reverse it." -- clif high economics and finance - demand for resources will fall - intercontinental goods transfers disruptions - the fiat die-off includes payments systems china - "they released the spike protein on their own population." -- clif high - "all this is about feeding their population." -- clif high - organ harvesting - a possible scenario: the evergrande bond fiasco will force the chinese communist party to revalue gold in order to prop-up the yuan health advice - traditional vaccines initiate a natural immune response; the vaxxx is a toxic injection - the spike proteins cause blood clots - "'vaxxxidents' -- watch out for 'em." -- clif high - maintain high vitamin-d levels
  11. hello everybody ----- re: who cares what woolsey thinks i am expected to believe that a former c.i.a. director believes that oswald killed j.f.k.? woolsey is is not a half-wit -- so his book is disinformation. why should we pay any attention to anybody who is deliberately misleading us? there are truthful sources of information, so why are we allowing ourselves to be mind-manipulated? ----- have a great day everybody
  12. hello everybody ----- re: why are the superpowers so interested in afghanistan? i speculate that the interest in afghanistan has as much to do with hidden history as it does oil, drugs, or geopolitics. are the mountainous caverns of afghanistan an entrance to the inner earth? i am interested to hear what everybody thinks about this? ----- have a great day everybody
  13. hello everybody ----- re: a silent invasion as far as i can trust my perceptions, the chinese communist party is employing takeover-by-stealth tactics: infiltrating institutions, weaponising migration, and buying the land: an electromagnetic pulse attack does not appear fit in with their strategy of "silent invasion". ----- have a great day everybody
  14. hello everybody ----- i have spent the past 15 months (up to the last day of june) driving a taxi all over the city where i live: because i worked in every suburb, i have a good feel for where the people are at and a good idea about what is going on in people's lives. in the inner suburbs, the educated people are mind-controlled to the point of zombification; but in the outer suburbs (despite the crime and drama), the human spirit is alive. because of the mind-control, those of us who are less educated are smarter (we see through the deception); and if you think we are going to put up with nonsense from the authorities, think again. the power is with the people -- when we stop being divided and ruled, and take control. ----- have a great day everybody
  15. hello everybody ----- australia has changed a lot; in the suburb where i live, chinese culture has replaced australian culture. i have nothing against the chinese people but the chinese communist party has infiltrated the institutions of this country and migration is being weaponised: it is invasion by stealth. ----- have a great day everybody
  16. hello everybody ----- david icke believes that blockchain technology is intended to be used for surveillance and control purposes. in recent weeks, the mass media has been publishing articles on "the metaverse": "the 3-d internet" that includes augmented reality and virtual reality and that will use blockchain technology for financial transactions. could blockchain technology be part of the "technological subreality" agenda that icke talks about? ----- have a great day everybody
  17. visit the youtube channel "exonews" https://www.youtube.com/c/ExoNewsTV/about ----- part 1, 1:08:03 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xli8K0jhDbg part 2, 54:40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8i2PgMu3DOo
  18. hello everybody ----- re: the buck stops with psychopathic aliens if the aliens that control the illuminati are the source of our woes, then that is where the buck stops, and that is what is most important. the mind-control and programming is originating from somewhere, and as far as i can trust my perceptions, the "somewhere" is psychopathic aliens that are disconnected from the divine. the spirit entities that corrupt the aliens and the humans in the physical universe are a divine-level problem and we have to "ask" for divine intervention on our behalf. the word from the light is, without divine intervention, we are toast. re: is david icke's focus on metaphysics a misdirection? i am puzzled as to why david icke has focused our attention on metaphysics and away from physics? ----- have a great day everybody
  19. tommydrifter


    hello everybody ----- re: what i have learned about 5-g technology and the physical body millimetre-waves are not energetic enough to remove an electron from a molecule or break a chemical bond and therefore will not affect chemical reactions. ninety percent of millimetre-waves will not penetrate beyond about one millimetre into the skin. if you were irradiated with millimetre-waves, you would feel heat from the thermal receptors in your skin cells, but you would not be physically injured. according to the fioranelli research paper, 5-g technology could produce the occasional submillimetre wave that could -- in theory -- create a virus. however, the basis for their speculations is mathematical modelling and no scientific experiment was conducted. as far as i can trust my perceptions, this badly written research paper is disinformation. ----- re: the best informed member on these forums, oz93666 according to the best informed member on these forums -- 40 years of researching the new world order -- oz93666, the weaponised 5-g technology is for mind-control and programming purposes: both individuals and populations are targets. remember that mind-control is the illuminati's method of operation. ----- be in control of your mind everybody (or be mind-controlled)
  20. explorers' guide to sci-fi world (series 0, episode 62): woo fighting ----- "you will win! get that thought in your head (this is the first element of your strategy) and they can never defeat you. all of this is psychological." -- clif high according to clif high legal strategies - "jurisdiction" implies the "the words rule"; latin is the language of law and in law everything is reduced to language - the legal system is required to honour its rules and the legal process is bound by procedure: gaming the system wins - judges do not ever want to be overturned (judges avoid setting precedents) so they make cautious rulings; make it in the judge's interest to make you win - use public relations to your advantage - waste their time, cost them money legal tactics - file with alacrity (time pressure) - file often - file diversely (to different courts) - point out breaches of procedures and rules - use up word limits but do not repeat yourself pro se - "i was pro se -- it was personal. i didn't have to cite any law. i point out the fact of the matter." -- clif high - legal references and points of law are not required to win pro se - find fact in law: be concise, be passionate, and express feeling
  21. good news everybody ----- a chinese kid breakdancing, 0:32 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdUlLxBu_U8 ----- have a great day everybody
  22. hello everybody this is not my research or opinions: i am passing the information on for your consideration. something i have noticed is that researchers often take information out of its original context to strengthen their argument; and therefore mislead us when they do. this is something to watch out for. ----- the earth and the moon did not condense out of the same nebula the oldest rocks on the earth are dated to 3.7 billion years old; the oldest rock on the moon is dated to 5.3 billion years old. this implies that the moon is older than the earth which implies that the earth and the moon did not condense out of the same nebula. ----- a circular orbit implies the moon was not captured by the earth's gravity if the moon was captured by the earth's gravity this would accelerate the moon as it approached the earth and it would reach equilibrium in an elliptical orbit. but the moon's orbit is circular. ----- the moon's shallow craters according to astronomers, the moon's largest craters are surprisingly shallow with a depth of only about 1/20 of the crater's diameter. ----- moonquakes are not like earthquakes in experiments conducted during the apollo missions, the intensity of the seismic waves recorded increased to a maximum amplitude and lasted for hours. ----- "what emerges from all this is that there is a substantial case for the idea that, at the minimum, the moon is covered in anomalous formations highly suggestive of an artificial origin. and at the maximum, all the strange features of the moon's gravitational pull, its almost impossible-to-account-for celestial mechanics in its orbit around the earth, its oddly shallow craters, the apparent presence miles beneath its surface of a hard metallic 'inner crust', and its ability to 'ring like a bell', may point to the whole planet being a gigantic artificial structure." -- joseph p. farrell [2007] "the cosmic war: interplanetary warfare, modern physics and ancient texts", p. 359 ----- sources joseph p. farrell [2007] "the cosmic war: interplanetary warfare, modern physics and ancient texts", chapter 13: "the mysterious moon" amy shira teitel [2016] "does the moon sound like a bell?", https://www.popsci.com/does-moon-sound-like-bell/ patricia zavahir [2012] "how deep are the craters on the moon?", https://astronomy.com/magazine/ask-astro/2012/07/lunar-impacts
  23. hello everybody ----- re: karl mollison's channelings as far as i can trust my perceptions, karl mollison's channelings are a truthful source of information. i encourage everybody to go to the "getwisdom" youtube channel to see for yourself what makes mollison different to other channelers. it is not my desire to tell people what to believe or who to follow, but remember that we are in an information war, and truthful sources of information are few and far between -- so when you find one it is like striking the mother lode. re: the hollow moon this is just one example i could provide of footage of a u.f.o. flying out of a crater on the moon; whether or not it is originating from inside the moon or the bottom of the crater is not known -- but it seems logical to me that inside the moon would be the safest place to park your flying saucer because the surface of the moon is a hostile environment. backyard astronomer captures footage of a u.f.o. flying out of a crater on the moon, 5:27 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_EZTBaSEWU&list=WL&index=36 ----- have a great day everybody
  24. hello everybody ----- re: the best informed member on these forums, oz93666 informative comments by the member oz93666: 40 years of researching the new world order -- what a valuable resource -- perhaps we should be paying attention? if 5-g is an intelligently-controlled weapons system, it does not make sense that the illuminati would target itself for mind-control and programming purposes. ----- re: what i have learned about 5-g technology and the physical body 5-g technology is not dangerous to the physical body because millimetre-waves do not penetrate beyond about one millimetre into the skin and are non-ionising (so no chemical reactions in your body are affected). if you were irradiated with millimetre-waves you would feel heat via the thermal receptors in your skin but you would not suffer any damage to your physical body. ----- be in control of your mind everybody (or be mind-controlled)
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