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  1. That is a meaningless statement, mate. Give your reasons, please. 9 I want to conclude my contributions to these forums for now with an expression of disappointment. I believe Karl Mollison's information about negative extraterrestrials, mind-control and spirituality to be truthful and I am frustrated that people are suppressing this vitally important information. (What are their intentions? Are they really that stupid?) All I can say is, check out information sources for yourself, and be discerning. Put the work in! If I have brought awareness to some of the issues related to sexuality - in a way that is balanced and fair - then I have made a positive contribution. I do not have a side in this debate - which is probably why I am the person that has to bring this up - I see both sides and empathise with all well-intentioned people. Where you stick your bits is a touchy subject. It would be nice if we could laugh about it and remember who the real enemy is -- oh yeah, but Karl Mollison is a shill , so of course there is no extraterrestrial agenda to control your mind: that must be bullshit. THEY ARE LAUGHING AT US! My unconditional love to you. Your naivety is sweet and appeals to the lighter side of my spirit. (How could I hate you when you are so stupid?!?) May we find our common humanity before it is too late! Thankyou to Karl Mollison, Denny Hunt and Brian Kelly -- I appreciate your contribution to my understanding of what I know to be truthful. (We are so stupid that the illuminati feel justified in mind-controlling us -- let them loose and then what?) All right netizens, thus spake Tommypoofter. 9
  2. Rant: Heterosexual Hostility toward Closet Homosexuals People are pissed off because if you are a closet homosexual and hiding something from the world -- people are not stupid, and they sense that. So they are thinking "WTF?"; "Who is this person?"; "What is this person about?" It is the secrecy that fuels people's paranoia and suspicions. So simple-minded people think "What are those sneaky homosexuals up to?!?" and "Why am I not included in their secret swingers club?!?" Why are public personalities put on display who are clearly homosexuals pretending to be heterosexuals? This two-faced behaviour fuels the homophobia and the hostility. I am angry about it. I feel betrayed when I find out that another one of my "heroes" turns out to be a two-faced liar, so I am thinking "What else are you lying to me about?" I feel like I cannot trust this author, this actor, or whoever it is, anymore because you are not presenting your authentic self to the world. What example are you setting? It is upsetting. That said, I understand the homophobia and discrimination is hurtful. I have been on the receiving end of it myself -- but it takes one polarity to attract the opposite. I am angry, right now, at homosexuals. As far as I am concerned, if you are not presenting your authentic self to the world, you have no integrity. I am wondering why I continue to stick up for homosexuals? I am running out of patience with childish heterophobes. And just to remind you, I hate you regardless of your sexual orientation. I hate homophobes and heterophobes alike for their small-mindedness and stupidity. Right now I am angry at the homosexuals. I feel betrayed by your secret activities. Show your authentic self to the world or piss off. And to all the self-righteous "heterosexuals" on the political left who tell me how to live my life and then attend a secret swingers party (that I am not invited to), piss off. You have no right to be moralising when publicly you are one person and privately you are another person. To the courageous homosexuals who come out and show their authentic selves to the world, you have my complete admiration and respect. You are heroes of mine, given the low-life homophobic human-shit that populates this planet, and I thank you for the example that you set. Thanks for listening and get fucked - in the arse or the vagina or any other hole - just make sure you know what you are doing (and spare me the details). I pray for resolution. 9
  3. Sexuality and Programming If the synchronisation of the right and left brain lobes is broken a male/female can be made homosexual/heterosexual. *** I promote the work of Stewart Swerdlow and his lovely wife, Janet Mourglia-Swerdlow, not because I have any association with these people; it is because I want to help you and help myself and these two are the only people I know of who teach deprogramming techniques publicly. I am not a member of their website community but I do buy and read their books. I encourage you question my motivations and I encourage you to develop your intuition in order to discern if I am talking sense or talking shit. The thought of misleading you is stressful to me personally. The whole situation on the earth is stressful to me personally. I feel like I am losing my mind, at times, and my biggest fear is to find out that I am specifically-programmed. The world is ugly. The New Age spirituality is a misdirection, unfortunately. This is why I also promote Karl Mollison because he is one of few people who are telling you truthful information about negative extraterrestrials, mind-control, dark-spirit attachments and is bringing truth into alignment with reality. There is only a handful of people who are publicly doing this, that I know of. The "experts" and the big names in the woowoo (dis)information sphere are talking shit -- you are getting partial truths from these public figures, at best. Their intentions may or may not be pure and their motivations may or may not be their own. I suspect some are compromised, I suspect some are specifically-programmed. I want you to be aware. I encourage you to watch the video (18:56) from April 2000 - Al Bielek in Denver - talking lucidly about mind-control slavery and the Montauk Boys program. It is chilling! Find courage, face the truth, and may the divine human rise at-long-last! Now is our time! Note for the Moderators/Admin You have my "permission" to ban me, delete my posts. I feel that I am in an impossible position, in that I am burdened with a responsibility that I do not want -- which is to tell the truth (as far as I know it). If you ban me then it is your karmic burden and I am let off the hook (karmically): I am free to go and do something that I want to do rather than get paid nothing to post controversial information to the internet. So yes, I am grumpy about my lot in life. My life is not my idea of how a life should be lived: outdoors, joyful and free. Hence, my tone: I am exasperated; I am at the end of my rope.
  4. homophobia feelings of disgust toward homosexuals "It is not human!" "They are possessed by the devil!" "Sick freaks!" heterophobia feelings of disgust toward heterosexuals "Those stupid men!" (contempt for male masculinity) "Girls have no personality!" (contempt for female femininity) Stereotypes are necessary for educational purposes. I want you to be aware. *** I understand that sexuality is difficult for everybody. I also have a history of sexual problems because like you, I am also part of this world. My understanding is that nothing is "natural" on the earth, or to the earth -- our hybrid species is a genetic experiment and we are mind-controlled by extraterrestrials in ways that you do not understand. In my opinion, this is the biggest secret. sexuality sexual orientation (genetics) sexual expression (masculine/feminine, active/passive) (mind-pattern -- internal control) mind-control and programming ("the no gender agenda"): femininity programmed in men, masculinity programmed in women (mind-pattern -- external control) Wishing you all a healthy, loving sexuality, beginning with yourself. It can be frustrating, that is for sure! Work out for yourself, what is going on in your situation. And get fucked. 9
  5. TRUTHS Question for straights: If I have a horny arse, what should I do? Question for gays: Why not find a partner and develop a meaningful relationship openly, instead of bumming in secret? Revelation for homophobes: Everyone is gay so you might as well get over it. A sexual perversion is not a sexual orientation. About Me I hate gays and straights in equal measure. I am a misanthrope and I hate you. I consider you to be stupid and small-minded and this judgement is in no way a reflection of into where you stick what; it is a judgement based upon your level of maturity. (No offense.) When you all grow up we can continue the conversation as adults. In the meantime -- use protection. 9
  6. This world is sexual abuse central. Most of it goes unrecognised because it could be as subtle as a look or a thought. Everyone is sexually abused and everyone is a sexual pervert -- to some extent. If you cannot see that you are in denial. Children are sexualised by their parents all of the time in ways that go unrecognised. There is no doubt in my understanding that this is playing a role in the power dynamic that manifests as a man's secret desire to overpower another man. This is homosexual rape culture. It is everywhere: once you see it, you see it. I personally know of many homosexuals who are not like this (they appear to be in mutually-respectful loving relationships). I have a problem with rape culture but nor I am here to tell people how to live their lives. If men want to play these kinds of games, that is their choice. However, we should all know what is going on in our world. (The boys are all into it.) My hypothesis is that homosexuality is a combination of mind-pattern and reptilian genetics. I am not sure if this a conversation people are ready to have but at some point we have to grow up. Time is running out for us, our species, so it a case of bring truth into alignment with reality -- or perish. Like I have said repeatedly, I hate to be the source of conflict. I encourage the moderators to ban me so I no longer have the burden of being the bringer of bad news. When I talk of Oversoul communication, I am attempting to point out that is my karmic burden to piss you all off and focus your attention on something you do not want to look at. The world is ugly. What do you think about sado-masochism? Is this a healthy way for two (or more) people to relate? Does sexual dysfunction and sexual perversion have anything to do with sexual orientation? Should we not even talk about this and continue to live as child-adults: naive and stupid? Moderators, feel free to delete my posts and this thread, ban me for ever -- I could not give a shit. Then it is your karma, not mine -- and I can get on with my life. Until you do, I am probably going to have to keep pushing in this direction under the guidance of Oversoul to play my part in the revelation of the truth. It is a burden to me personally to post this because I know I am touching a nerve. I am doing my best to present my insight in a way that is sensitive to the circumstances of the individual and the collective and I know verbal language is a communication method that inevitably leads to misunderstandings. I am always happy to be questioned, I encourage it. I believe you should question my intentions and my beliefs -- I question yours. I trust not a single one of you! (I pray for resolution.)
  7. It is a fair question to ask where I am sourcing my information from. First of all, I want to reiterate that I am in the process of working it out and am party clear and partly confused about the situation in total. It pains me to think I am misleading people but I believe I am giving you a partial truth and what I have to offer is as good as you are going to get at the moment, in terms of clear insight. I have a unique perspective due to my personal history - we all do - but I am choosing to not go into that because I do not want to bias your perceptions and I believe that my insight should be judged on its own merits -- and it should be judged. I judge it questionable myself and I anticipate verification. This is how the process of insight works. It comes to you first as a "flash" of inspiration, then you doubt your own perceptions, and await verification or rejection of your hypothesis. I study science and mathematics at the Khan Academy website. I have completed the High School Biology - NGSS course (100%) and am working through the AP/College Biology course (24%). I have a basic understanding of the scientific theory of genetics. My information about reptilian genetics and mammalian genetics and reptilians in general is primarily sourced from Stewart Swerdlow. I understand Dr. Swerdlow is a controversial figure, however, in my opinion, he is the best source we have for information about the illuminati. It takes some work to understand Swerdlow because he is a mentalist -- so you have to think like a mentalist to understand that Swerdlow is a truthful source of information. Swerdlow teaches about about mind-pattern and gene expression as well as deprogramming techniques. Swerdlow's information is "out there" for sure, but I have verified the information about mind-pattern and gene expression as truthful. (His other information could be bullshit, I have not verified it, time will tell.) And let us not forget his missus, Janet, she also knows a thing or two -- and is reputedly and reportedly good in the kitchen (a good old-fashioned housewife). I am from a different sort of a background to these two but what they have taught me about spirituality and mind is truthful. (And it is a good thing because their books are not cheap!!!) I know it is the real deal and not the usual bullshit that you waste your time and money on. (With so many "experts" talking shit, finding a truthful source of information in this day and age, is like striking the mother lode.) I recently spent 15 months driving a taxi for between 11-12 hours a day, five days a week, so I have been in contact with a lot of people all over the city where I live. I have been talking with people out in the suburbs, listening to people. I have seen with my own eyes what is going on out there. That is in addition to my own life-experience. Right now, I am understanding a lot through direct insight into my own personal history: realising what happened to me, and the reasons why. Seeing the recurring patterns in my life, my karma at work, watching my own self-destruction -- in hindsight. You youngsters reading this, when life wears you down a bit more, you will see what I mean by what I say: May your fate offer you something of life's sweet delight in order to keep your spirit light and thinking forward! Bemoan the tortured and the twisted! I pray for thee! 9
  8. Homosexuality and the Christian Right A number of Clinton's high appointees are homosexuals. There is a high correlation between homosexuality and the occult and also a big correlation between the type of "Jews" Clinton has chosen and Satanism. -- Fritz Springmeier During the inauguration week witches, homosexuals and homosexual witches gathered at the White House for various celebrations, to perform, to hold rituals, and other events. These people were invited by the president for various things. Clearly, those who are known publicly as a witch or a homosexual are considered honorable by the president. -- Fritz Springmeier Bloodlines of the Illuminati Volume 2, iLLamanti Research Group [2019], p. 202 https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/44433407-bloodlines-of-the-illuminati?from_search=true&from_srp=true&qid=RptvyKTgWr&rank=1 (a waste of money in my opinion) *** In case you did not know, I focus your awareness on the prevalent attitude of the Christian Right toward homosexuality. It is considered, by many Christians, to be Satanic. Homosexuals should be familiar with the homophobic attitude, already, if they are consciously aware. My responsibility, as I perceive it, is to bring knowledge into alignment with reality. I have no agenda, except the resolution of my karma, which is my duty to myself and my God. I believe that homosexuals, mixing in these conspiracy theory circles, should be aware of prevalent attitudes toward them, if they are not already. Many are hostile toward you! *** I have come to understand that it is indeed true, as Fritz (not his real name) has written, that there is a high correlation between homosexuality and the occult -- for ritual purposes. It is also true that the number of people who are homosexual is much higher than what is publicly acknowledged -- so there is a high correlation between homosexuality and everything! My feeling is, and this is speculation, that homosexual icons are promoted in the mass media for mind-control and programming purposes, as well as to divert attention away from occult homosexuality -- so occult homosexuals can point to a programming icon in the public consciousness as a "poofter" to divert attention away from themselves. Remember that the illuminati has an occult understanding of sexuality and practise sexual magic as a method-of-operation. That is all I have to say. I reiterate that I am no expert and I am relying on intuition (Oversoul communication) as to what I post to the internet and when. I would rather not stir up controversy! This is a source of stress to me personally, and I hate to spread information that I cannot verify. I am an evidence-based person, of a scientific bent, you could say -- and I hate to spread misinformation because I know it is my negative karma if I do that! My whole reason for existing right now is to create positive karma! I am already shouldering the burden of negative karma for fuck's sake, I hardly need more of the stuff! *** Unconditional love to homos and heteros, alike: you are person of dignity so behave like one and treat each other with respect however you may orient yourselves -- which I do not want to think about! All right netizens, take care and be aware!
  9. consciousness undifferentiated awareness awareness differentiated consciousness
  10. What else should I be? All apologies What else could I say? Everyone is gay In the sun, I feel as one All alone is all we are... -- Nirvana, All Apologies [song] *** The purpose of this post is to bring knowledge into alignment with reality -- so you know what is what! Unlike most human-beings I know, I am not stirring-the-pot. I am in spiritual communication with Oversoul and I am "sanctioned" to post this insight. If you think this is about my ego, your thinking is wrong. I hate conflict and for this reason, I hate posting to the internet. homosexuality sexual orientation (genetics) sexual perversion mind-control The underlying reason for sexual orientation is genetics. You are a combination of mammalian and reptilian genetics. Reptilians are androgynous: of indeterminate sex. A sexual perversion is, for example, the result of child sexual abuse: a re-enactment of a trauma in order to master the experience. (Think about the dynamics of power.) Homophobes take note: a sexual perversion is not a sexual orientation! Mind-control is the illuminati's method-of-operation and homosexuality, and in particular anal sex, is promoted and encouraged in the mass media. Homosexuality could also be programmed into an alter. *** There is more to it, of course. Dark-spirit attachments in the lower astral planes possess people to commit acts of sexual degradation and acts of sexual violence and a scenario can arise in which the (physical) body and the (spiritual) soul are incongruent. (The truthful model of reality includes the astral planes along a fourth spatial dimension which is travelled by modulating the frequency of the body.) In a sense, homosexuality is not natural to our species, it is the result of genetic manipulation. The homophobes are correct, in a sense; this is the source of their feelings of moral superiority. *** I am not responding to posts. I may or may not read your reactions to this insight. This insight is not the whole truth but it is truthful. I no longer have the energy for debate; I present my truths as revealed to me as a karmic responsibility. Please understand that I am not going to respond to you but I encourage that people share their unique perspectives in a spirit of collective understanding and unconditional love. *** You have to work out for yourself, what is going on in your situation: What is my sexual orientation? What are my sexual perversions and in what ways have I been sexually abused? To what extent am I mind-controlled and programmed?
  11. This man explains getting started with the RTL-SDR dongle/antenna kit in a way that is easy to understand. 19:23 The Hobbyist's Guide to RTL-SDR by Carl Laufer https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22106999-the-hobbyist-s-guide-to-the-rtl-sdr ~ antenna higher frequencies -> short antenna lower frequencies -> tall antenna dongle RF signal -> digital datastream ~ I am posting this information for my own reference.
  12. ...cheap hardware, free software -- and just look at what you can do? it is fantastic. for myself, i am approaching it as a learning experience, a way to get a deeper understanding of the science by actually getting my hands dirty. my interest is in the subject of physics, although that is not my background; regrettably, i flunked school. i suppose that is why i am here studying the woowoo -- but there is no money in it. ~ re: Deca's research i watched the webinar about radar sensing in assisted living. i had to watch it twice. on the second viewing i took notes because it is not easy to follow. this application of radio frequency technology is a privacy concern, no doubt. for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with this, it is able to track people using Doppler signatures. ~ also, i might as well share that i have learned visualisations to protect myself against extremely low frequencies. my understanding is that this is the mind-control band. visualise a violet bubble with a reflective surface on the outside to protect yourself against extremely low frequencies. credit for this information goes to the team at www.expansions.com. they are the experts on mind-control, programming and deprogramming. if you think about it, what is a colour? it is a frequency... ~ anyway, just putting the information out there, got some more bits and pieces to post in a moment... i really wish i did not have to because this takes up a lot of my time -- and posting to the david icke forums pays me a grand total of $0.00. jesus wept. ~ i want to post a resource to your research thread, Deca: free education in the physical sciences. because this field is technical, i believe knowing this information might be useful. if we are going to mix it with the big boys, we have to understand the science; and to understand the science, we have to be able to do the math. just giving you a heads up, because i am hesitant to post at all. (for all i know, you are a phD in electrical engineering, but in case you are not, i am going to do that. if you can use the resource, that is great; if not, so be it.) ~ all right: all is said that is to be said. if admin bans me from the forums for promoting the wrong people, you are doing me a favour, so please do! (i kid, i kid.)
  13. thanks, mate. i'm very excited about accessing the radio spectrum. just can't wait to get started. f.y.i., i've no background in this, so i'm winging it, going to learn on the fly. i gained some confidence with my tech. skills recently, when through perseverance, i resurrected my laptop computer (blue screen of death). it's been a learning experience. what got you on this path, Deca? you mentioned the video that got you into it -- did you just come across that video by chance? it's kind of a specialised field, this. i'm interested to know more... keep posting the videos, mate. i'm benefitting from your work but also it's bringing awareness to the issues. that's important because people need to know what's happening before it's too late...
  14. re: Radar Sensing in Assisted Living webinar Dr. Julien Le Kernec [see page 2 of this thread] existing tech. cameras wearables ambient sensors (acoustics, infrared) smart floor privacy ! radar sensing data quality privacy microwaves mm-waves 1 Tracking the Activities of Daily Living 2 Vital Signs Monitoring --- 1 Tracking the Activities of Daily Living data generation data processing feature extraction classification extracting information from spectrograms (Doppler signatures) -- Dr. Julien Le Kernec 2 Vital Signs Monitoring breathing heart rate sleep deep light REM wake [ paranoid Tommy's note: the ability to monitor sleep cycles ! -> programming the subconscious mind ? ] --- The Micro-Doppler Effect in Radar [2011] by Victor C Chen https://www.google.com.au/books/edition/The_Micro_doppler_Effect_in_Radar/eJ7eMHpxt30C?hl=en&gbpv=0 -- Dr. Julien Le Kernec
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