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  1. Yes a bit too much paranoia here I would suggest.
  2. Did I say you were stupid? Did I say you should just fuck off? Your spidey senses are a bit off mind you. Everybody here is free to do as they like, as am I. I chose to be here and have been on DI forums for donkeys years mainly as a lurker but I also use other sites. Just pointing out to everybody who is worried here, while this forums ending (so it seems) will be a great loss as was the older forum, there are many others to chose from if they don't like the new sorta social media forum that is being proposed.
  3. Listen guys there are tons of other forums out there. The Crowhouse Community,The vigilant Citizen,Truth Zone,The One Truth Forum, The Real Conspiracy Forum, Project Avalon, Godlikeproductions,Abovetopsecret, The Black vault and loads of others if your into Paranormal, Time travel and ufos/Aliens. Not sure about Reptilian Overlord forums though lol but maybe they are out there. Another truther is Richplanet not sure if he has a forum anymore though.
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