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  1. Thankfully at least Le Tissier has the balls to speak out.
  2. Sadly the Fulham supporter passed away. There were a further 3 incidents at : Oldham, Bradford and Wycombe.
  3. You should report them to the RSPB. They need to be arrested for killing those birds.
  4. The irony- Matt Le Tissier was speaking recently - “ investigations are required urgently”
  5. I’ve been following Peter Stone of the Sovereign report - a recent guest on iconic tv with Gareth. there could be light at the end of the tunnel
  6. I agree, he is well versed on this topic. also the man behind ‘PUB’ - who are taking government to court regarding covid scam!
  7. 2nd emergency at halftime when an away fan required Defibrillator!
  8. True, gut feeling tells me, one was jabbed - I fully expect more stadium incidents in the upcoming months. just hope the person makes a full recovery
  9. Fan collapsed, paramedics with De-fib. i wonder if they have been jabbed, I expect a few more scenarios to unfold like this.
  10. Watched Whitty in front of the Committee earlier - he got rattled by Dr. Caroline Johnson on a few occasions, which was nice to see.
  11. Please to say - MP, Marcus Fysh is calling for the resignation of Chris Whitty after his carcrash car crash conference yesterday. he was on TalkRADIO with Mike Graham who is also supporting his resignation!
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