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  1. Medical incident at Sheffield Wednesday - getting to frequent
  2. I’ve been following Peter Stone of the Sovereign report - a recent guest on iconic tv with Gareth. there could be light at the end of the tunnel
  3. I agree, he is well versed on this topic. also the man behind ‘PUB’ - who are taking government to court regarding covid scam!
  4. 2nd emergency at halftime when an away fan required Defibrillator!
  5. I did read participants of the control group got jabbed. crazy
  6. True, gut feeling tells me, one was jabbed - I fully expect more stadium incidents in the upcoming months. just hope the person makes a full recovery
  7. Fan collapsed, paramedics with De-fib. i wonder if they have been jabbed, I expect a few more scenarios to unfold like this.
  8. Watched Whitty in front of the Committee earlier - he got rattled by Dr. Caroline Johnson on a few occasions, which was nice to see.
  9. Is there any demos in London today?
  10. Agree, put JVT and Hancock along side him.
  11. Please to say - MP, Marcus Fysh is calling for the resignation of Chris Whitty after his carcrash car crash conference yesterday. he was on TalkRADIO with Mike Graham who is also supporting his resignation!
  12. Has anyone managed to do this successfully and if so what’s the procedure? its a nightmare driving in London now with the new road layouts and cameras on side roads, meaning if you drive down the road at a certain time you will get a penalty charge. congestion charge, ULEZ, now this nonsense, it’s a nightmare to earn a living.
  13. Superb information there - John Smith has gone very quiet - is he still around?
  14. I was there, I didn’t hear any boos for Katie Hopkins, in fact she got the crowd cheering and hugging thy neighbour.
  15. Mr Icke had a very informative interview with John Smith @ CLC’s, does anyone know what’s happened to him, there has been No updates for 4 months????
  16. Hi All, Been following David’s work since about 02/03. I have been to a few meets, including where Mr Icke made a speech at Trafalgar Square. I follow the U.K. Column news.
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