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  1. So good excuse now to blame the illegals and an even better excuse to try enforce digital id’s, with the non compliant supporting it. The orchestrated ‘PRS’ to unfold.
  2. Sorry about that, I couldn’t find it, so presumed my new phone didn’t execute submit. As I understand it, they are to be given a vaccine and antibiotics
  3. So the outbreak blamed on the illegal migrants presents as similar symptoms to vaccine injuries. hmm!
  4. Maybe David could use the common law approach with the aid of John Smith
  5. It’s been bugging me since her death was announced, was she given Midazolam or something similar?
  6. You maybe able to get on a trial with Synairgen, based in Southampton - they have a nebuliser system using naturally occurring ‘ interferon beta ‘
  7. Sadly it’s involved Kate McCann - fingers crossed she pulls through.
  8. The look in Liz Truss’s face was of fear!
  9. I do hope it’s not the lovely Kate McCann. Vaccine reaction my guess!
  10. Sadly the Fulham supporter passed away. There were a further 3 incidents at : Oldham, Bradford and Wycombe.
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