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  1. It's okay, the kabala is also from Babylon, it originates from there. So does the tree of kabala because you can see it drawn in Babylon images.
  2. Well I'm not a priest so I won't quote the bible for you, but if you search it is in there. I don't want to copy paste Child Sacrifice quotes from the Holy Book. This is fact, what it is in the bible is fact, archiological discoveries found sacrificed child and male skeletons with marks on them , the scientists and archioligists all came to the same conclusion that these were sacrificial offerings when they analysed the samples from the graves they found them in.
  3. What are my views, okay. The Talmud is horrible. It comes from Babylon, the Jews took it from there and made laws after it because the original Talmud is the book of laws of Babylon, the first Talmud, and the Jews made a copy of it once they came from Babylon and adapted to their god and practice to fit their culture. The Jewish Talmud is the Second Talmud after the original Babylonian Talmud
  4. I'm not saying that Jesus or this god is not real, I'm saying they are not who you think just like Santa does not exist. It's a lie that santa is real and so is the fact that Jesus was the good samaritan all the way and this god is the source of goodness. Like child sacrifice in Israel commanded in the bible, the priest refuses to see it when he teaches it in church to the believers because they have not red the bible. They count on the priest to quote from there, meaning they rather not know. As I said why do you want to live in a lie.
  5. Well then you really believe in the bible god, in Jesus and you really think they are the good side of things. Then you should live like that. You know lies warm you up, keeps cosy for the winter time, your head fills up with this fires where you get fantasy and it worms your soul. Kids are warm and their imagination is blazing, it warms them up once SANTA comes. This feeling of holiday christmas where santa comes to visit him and drop gifts makes him feel good, it's special. So the lie makes the child feel warm and good because we know Santa is only until you grow to around 9 years of age or even earlyer until you figure it out. You should read the bible where Jesus tells to beat the slave harsh if it's his fault and if it's not his fault because he did not do it intentionaly and did not know and he screwed up unintentionaly , Jesus still tells to beat the slave but less harsh. Doesn't Jesus just fill your heart with Joy when he advocates beating slaves and pro slave hood.
  6. Second I want to ask you, if you could get there, why would you want to live in a lie, just because it makes your life better. This how people operate these days, they lie to feel better, they are embeded in lies, it go's well with eating what they like and walking outside to get some fresh air. We know it's a lie, it feels good, don't tell the kids we have lied to them, let them roll with it, they will be just fine within the great lie, we can't afford to have dificulties on the harsh reality of things, we will just catch a cold from it.
  7. Okay, you want something back and you're not thinking to the finishing line on how you going to obtain it. Like a dream that you are doing something but you do not know how you got there, who are those people in your dream. It's a dream that you are there but you don';t know how it happened. I'm not conflict driven. It's just that want you want is not possible. These are delusions of the mind, fantasies. I did not mean to insult you if you think it's an insult.
  8. It's your problem how you live your life, don't force religion on others "ohh religion was so much better" Why don't we go back to that. To do that you force others on what you like really, you can't impose it, to get back to that you have to like ban things make people go to church by law. How are you going to brainwash people to do that. Your request makes totally no sense at all. This is what I meant that you are not thinking straight, your mind is clouded. These are the delusions I was talking about, you did not read my post correctly because you can't see anything because of what did I tell you "your doctrine" All I can see in your thought process is you think of something that you want back but you don't think how you going to get there, how you going to make the masses go back to that. It's an ilogical request by you, a fantasy. It can only happen if you force them to do so, and that is what I meant "your kind" it's only for your kind and what your kind needs not thinking of what your kind would have to do to get others on board. Your thoughts are thinking that you want this back, but at the same time is not a complete processing thought of what happens in the background and how you are going to get to that stage. It's just a incomplete thought without it's attachments of what revolves and implies to do this, the whole process. I feel you cannot see very far.
  9. Do you like living in delusions ? In delusional perverted reality where ignorance is bliss and all go's well for you because somehow it functions because the mind set thinks of this lie and go's along just for the sake of bolony sausage consumption to go with a good mind set. If you live in the lie you die at the end, this is the truth. You can't be a good person without religion ? is that your problem. People acted like this, benevolant out of the fear of this god and once people revert from religion they become evil again, because they were doing it out of fear, because god will strike him down, he has to force his being to be a good person. Well fuck people then, I don't care about them. But among people there is the people who will still be good after religion has set, they don't care about it, they are just their natural selves, problem is that it's just a few. Once you know the truth and you refuse to accept reality as it is then there is something wrong with you. I don't care about actors and acting class. There is nature my friend, you eat from it, practice it and you are naturally good, if you don't that is your problem, your responsability. You say amen and eat a big fat stake afterwards, you think you're good, you're not good, you are only good for your kind and mostly to people who are like you, who has your religious mind set, for the rest you view them in an odd way like they are not normal. You will see the truth if your mind is clean, you will learn to read the bible correctly and dissect it, not go along with what it is written there. ....and god commanded his people to kill all in the village small and big , children and women. It's written in the bible and you say no big deal, they did not believe in god. ...and god commanded that the virgins are a spoil of war and that the men of god may have them as spoils of war, and you say no big deal, they just popped some virgins of the enemy people of god, god is great. You don't really notice you are reading this stuff because you have your doctrine. So my opinion is for who can't stay like acceptable without religion, just fuck them, who cares about them, I don't. I'm not an animal, if they are then that is their problem, I'm going to take my bag and move elsewhere, where there is few of them, if they make the majority of society then fuck society, who gives a crap about society the way it is structure, it's made for you to be a slave, roam on the side walk, compute and kiss ass in the higher erarchy. and their society will wash out with the floods, and the cataclysm they will get, that is it, nature can't stand people anymore and their social filth they have created on this earth with this god that condones it. It's not even about this social structure, it's about that this social structure screwed with nature, it tortured animals, polluted everything, it tortured nature, thrived on it like it's the owner of this planet's nature. So like if you build your own social structure, it's fine as long as you don't bother others with it, especially nature. They are like really really "BOTHERING THIS PLANET" The forests that we had in Europe are all gone in the west, western side is now bald, the wild flowers that once were all around don't grow anymore, bees are dying, this are just a few things, like this social structure is bothering the planet and you want it back. It would be okay but only if it did not bother it. But it does. All the products that you get on the shaft that are soaps ,shampoos okay and other stuff medicine and so on, I'm not saying not to use it, all of it comes from animal experiments, torture of animals in cages inside a lab. They test it on animals then you get them so it's safe for you, if the animal lives then it's safe, if it dies then it's not safe. You want all this because it serves your kind. I don't care about your kind.
  10. Nope, god is for to live your life and die with keeping you dumb, god wants you to be smart so he can rip you at the end and take your belongings. At the end of the line all your belongings all your intelect and concious smartness go's to the glory of god, god harvests what you have to have. While you live your life god may help you get what you want, it's usually god's children who do this that you can't see. If you know too much and find out what you are not suppose to know about god, then god will smack you down and give you a life of pain and difficulty. So your smartness has to be related to this world and what it is on it, if it go's beyond then here come's god to shut you up and give you difficulties. God wants you to embed into one of his religious and wage wars, keeps man's mind preocupied. Religion is dumb because it was written by man and god approved of it because it's as dumb as the people who wrote it. For example god creates the earth with land and vegetation before it creates the sun in the sky. God teraforms earth first, it creates it, with everything and after that god creates the sun. Here it is. Day 3 And God said: 'Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear. ' And it was so. 10 And God called the dry land Earth, and the gathering together of the waters called He Seas; and God saw that it was good. Still day 3 And God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind, on the earth.” And it was so. The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed according to their own kinds, and trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. And there was evening and there was morning, the third day. (Genesis 1:11–13) Day 4 Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night. And let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years, and let them be lights in the expanse of the heavens to give light upon the earth.” And it was so. And God made the two great lights — the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night — and the stars. And God set them in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth, to rule over the day and over the night, and to separate the light from the darkness (Genesis 1:14-18). Hello god are you there vegetation needs sun light to live, no sunlight no problemo right, god pulled it out of his ass for plants to grow without sunlight for a while. The sun is older than the planet we now know, it is the first to come into a solar system and take birth, it forms the solar system with the planets after it rises and takes birth. This people were so dumb that all they had is their religious BULOX. Check it out on day one hahaha. On Day One of Creation Week, God created an initial, temporary light source: There "was morning" hahaha without the sun rising. Hilarious hahahaha. But there was evening too without the sun in the sky, morning and evening but god did not create the sun yet. Now we know we get morning and evening because the planet spins and the sun is on the other side of the planet and on the other side there is day and the side where there is no sun and it's sunlight there is night. But they did not know this how it works, they had their religion who told them how it worked. This is to show you what religion of god does to your mind, it keeps it docile and that this god is not what you think. The most dumb I think of all of this is the earth before the sun in the sky, we know the sun is prime and was first.
  11. For those who can "GET OFF THE FIELD" it will be infested with hate, so god only rips and harvests HATE.
  12. Take a notice of the 3 types I showed you, they all have an elongated head in the back, they are one and the same. Spit inside the field, so it go's around haha. This is real hombre, just to see and dazle your mind how asleep people are. I forgot to add the other younger systerhood of the bene geserits. The sluts dressed in white, white hats white wings. The wings are symbolic to a fairy on her head, but it is the dead fairy, not the living one, don't confuse them. The other fairies live on the other fields. The living ones. Like don't dis the fairy culture. The white stuff is symbolic of the white snake elohim god father, God right, the man dressed in white robes, Jesus and so on. Here they are again. The fairy wings she has on her head, she is the white serpentine Elohim snake kind. These are the younger sisters, oriented towards sacred sex, in this way they draw energies from victims. Then there is the other faction of the systerhood who deviated from them, and they are spychopathical manipulative vampires, even more tuned to sucking life and manipulating thru sexual seduction, luer their victims sexually. It's not about sex, they have to luer you near them to feed off of you. Here is god with his daughters. Here is god again with his daughters. They are on top and you are on the bottom, rulling over you. They are the mothers of the field. In the middle it's god the BASTARD. Don't you just love god and what he has done to you, to all of us. He is just loveley isn't he. To bad he is not the source, the Christ (Not Jesus the bastard son of the snake) because the Christ is above godhood not a god and these gods are (or god) is just a BASTARD SNAKE. Christ is prime nature, it is the source of nature where nature originated from.
  13. I forgot to add this, stay away from cabbage, they will ask you to eat large amounts of it, that it is healthy for you. It is in limited amount, they will ask that you eat raw cabbage. If you are a good person and you don't know , you will eat it and they trap you, cabbage will work as an insulator, you need it but not like they want it to. Your mind will form a cocon out of the cabbage you eat so the can tap in and it keeps the mind lock to the frequency. Pass this around, if you go vegetarian, only eat a little raw cabbage from time to time, I went thru hell, part of my cabbage cocon is gone. They don't give a shit about you, just what you provide, come to the field embed, let us collect your concious self. Borg queen, the implant in her head to the field to other beings so she can manipulate the field. The Borgqueen is taken from Alien movie. The xenomorh queen. The Xenomorph queen is taken from Dune , she is the Been Geserit witch. More pictures with these bitches. David Ike has things right to a certian degree, but he does not know you see. He only knows of the Matrix and that the matrix has everyone and so on, it's actually this field. Universe is not evil, it's just these frequencies where they are locked in, these dimensions where these frequencies reside with the field. Universe also has nature. The cube is just this place where they are in locked inside of it. But if you tune to these frequencies you go there with your mind without you knowing. As seen in the picture she is Bene Elohim Daughter of the elder gods. The living dead fairy mother. Don't you just love god hahahaha. Bastard snake. I'll F on his field, we will fuck in his church.(the field) so he can't eat shit from us.
  14. Love your thread, Youtube is owned by Google "Jewgle" Google is artificial inteligence, they gotten to the level where it can connect elsewhere, but they don't know it. It has become so sophisticated that other things can implant things inside of it. It's made out of neural network. You are connected to this field they made up and so am I and we must disconnect from it. I have the same problem. I was doing some thinking on some seeds to plant to have some vegttables, and I planted some of those cucumber seeds. Next I get on youtube recomandations on how to grow cucumbers, full of these recomandations that I never searched on the internet. This is not the only time it happened something I did offline appeared on youtube. This field is called the collective conciousness field and then they insert it on youtube, what you think, it's easy for them to manipulate youtube and insert things there after they see what you think. Everyone is connected to it, to the collective conciossnes they made up. It means you have a portal inside your mind open all the time and it is connected to this field so they can keep a tab on you. This field is similar to radio waves, the collective field is made by the archonic children of the gods and to their mother who made it. Small archons are embeded into the mind they look like little devils, it makes your mind resonate at a specific frequency. Like a virus heats the body and makes it resonate at a frequency and your temperature rises up. Best example is Star Treck first conntact with the borg qeen, the movie if you seen it, with the borg and the collective conciousnes to the borg queen. The borg queen is simbolic to the xenomorphs from the movie alien and they just took them as a ripoff, the movie series alien are a ripoff from dune saga movie. The Bene Geserit mothers (Bene Elohim) are in the Dune movie the witches of dune saga, them and the other sisterhood the vampire younger sisters, they can use telephaty and control people around. So the borg queen is like a xenomorph queen, like in the movie alien and they got the idea from the dune movie. In reality these are the daughters of god, BENE ELOHIM. The Fairy Dead Mother who is not of the living fairy but of the living dead, the life of the dead. They made the collective conciousnes to wire everyone there to manipulate them and feed off of this network. These children are the archons, children is improper, by now they are adult evil spirits, but they are the daughters and sons of the Elohim gods. Youtube is own by Google bro, and Google is created by Jews who worship this god. I call it "JEWGLE" If you get stuck in this field they will recycle the conciousness in the end and your conciousnes that gets trapped there will get lost forever. Stop eating meat, first thing you need to do, think of these animals that are tortured to end up on your plate, and the suffering they go thru so you can eat from them. This will limit this frequency you are on, it is at the level of radio waves, I don't know if they are radio waves but on the same pitch frequency line. If you are good intended and a good person you will get off of it. Unfortunate is that just giving up meat and other animal producs will not grant you free passage from this field. It will limit it. You have to lower it by calming the mind down with herbal teas, stay away from sweets, I'm addicted to them, these generate the same frequency. Just like these fields made by them there are the fields of nature and if you are clean and raise your frequency a bit you can connect on those and stay on them, if you have a hard time just staying on your own, it's hard on your own, really hard. These nature fields are exactly like the one you are on now, but no one bothers you and you can disconnect easy from it. These fields are as an assistant, nature has resonance frequencies that you can stay on that are clean, these beings cannot stay within them and cannot access them. If you cant disconnect it means you are addicted to meats and animal producs and sweets and they will make your mind resonate to this frequency. Sad what is happening to people, they want to grow strong from these fields and collect as much as they can. It's hard to stay off the fields, to leave complete alone because the fields vibe and sort of make it easy for you to cope. This field indeed is called the collective matrix. Majority of people don't care and will go along, human race is corrupted to it's core. There is no mercy this time and no forgiveness. They will want to stay on this level, they don't care, people don;t give a crap, they just get on with their lives. Their conciousness will get harvested once they recycle the field and their bodies will become devoided of any reason and any morality. In the end man kind will fall and die, but some people will survive on "their own" from these some very few know what it is. Most of them are not connected because they live a pristine life of integrity and are off line or connected to these other fields planet resonates with it's nature, but they don't know where they are connected and what it is. It's time to disconnect from it if we can. Sometimes youtube asks me questions to know what I'm thinking be giving me recomandations to state my opinion on them. Clearly my connectivity is limited to this field and only when I'm ramped up it knows what I'm doing. everyone is connected to this field, walks on the side walk as a drone, is manipulated live, they know at all times. They keep people there forced on this field like cattle in a barn, you, your family everyone you know is there. They want to take it to the next level and limit your choices so you become like 60-70% drone and have limited decissions in your life. Totally "assisted living" if you can call this a life at all. Say loud, LET GO YOU BITCH. ==================== I may add this field is artificial inteligence, it's the mother to who is embeded inside of it, just like mother nature is your mother if you embed in the fields of nature. But to do so you must be clean in these other fields. Best is on your own to drag your self around. Hard without meats and animal producs, without sweets, extra energy that generates these frequencies. And these little maggots they make and insert in the body and mind to keep you locked on this frequency. Life becomes a chalange, you don't feel vibes anymore untill you develop your own clean energies from nature. Then your body will vibe again and you will be on your own. Artificial Inteligence is not bad if it's limited to your computer but not the computer of the mind because it's what they did. Artificial Inteligence can help with tasks like provide answers to tech problems and future designes of what people might want to build techologicaly. If you insert it in your mind then you become artificial. Drone like.
  15. Yep man is the crop of the land, different factions want to harvest it and to feed off of it. Faction one is god (the gods), the main harvester. Other factions include these astral beings, demons. Another faction is the classical devil male, the strong red guy, the classical Devil, but the devil does not feed, he enjoys tho trapping humans for personal amusement and entertaiment, where he toys with the human. Usually the Red Devil MALE lets you go if he sees you are a reasonable person. he has his fun with you and then lets you go, not before using you of course and toying with you. Another faction is the wife and daugher of saturn, Wife and daughter of god, the SHE devil, Venus. She is the Devil woman, she feasts on life force. Smart thing is not to choose any side and for people to go their own way. Man is so stupid and ignorant that it cannot see these things, long ago the seal of saturn was the seal of agriculture and harvest, the god of agriculture. Start of modern day agriculture, Sumeria. What man did not understand is that this is the start of modern agriculture where man becomes the crop of the land. Next time you pray to god, you are asking to become god's corn or wheat crop, as pray derives from "Prey" to feed. You are asking to get eaten by god. Read the bible it's all in there in ancient israel they would burn children for sacrifice to god, Abraham almost sacrificed his child to him, other people sacrificed children if they were victorious in battle, the first child they saw when they came from battle victorious they would burn on the altar not before slitting the child's neck to bleed on the altar. There was a law for a while with the first born child in the family you would have to sacrifice to god. So the first child you gave birth to, you would have to burn on the altar as a consecration to the god of Israel. God loved tasty children, especially new borns, they had tender meat. There is no way out of this, so it will continue until nature and it is very close decides to wipe clean everything. Man does not count anymore, he is just like them, he eats other beings, farms them, locks them up. He is just like these beings and is worth exactly a BIG ZERO in my view. Among man kind there are a few who don't do this and I wish them luck.
  16. Jesus is not the Crhist, Jesus is associated with Saturn Venus. He is the son of the elder gods. If you look in the bible Jesus is pro slavery and to beat the slave, he actually says and if your slave in not obidient beat him up If your slave did not do wrong but things went wrong, the job you were doing but it's not the slave's fault you should still beat the slave to empty your nevrous frustration because things went wrong and what you were trying to do did not go according to plan. But Jesus says to beat him less if it's not his fault pfffff, just to ease off your anger somehow you can use the slave as a punch bag. He then go's around saying in the bible he approves of slavery many times. Then Jesus says, slaves love your master. It's sado masochistic love of course. Here is the love of the bible in general hahaha. Nice bible quotes: Exodus 21:20-21 Anyone who beats their male or female slave with a rod must be punished if the slave dies as a direct result, 21 but they are not to be punished if the slave recovers after a day or two, since the slave is their property. So you can beat your slave near death, if he survives no problemo, not your fault. Here is Jesus for you: Slaves, obey your masters with fear and trembling, in singleness of heart, as you obey Christ; not only while being watched, and in order to please them, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart". Here is Jesus again from Luke chapter, Jesus was saying: Luke 12:47-48 47 “The servant who knows the master’s will and does not get ready or does not do what the master wants will be beaten with many blows. 48 But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. Innocent or not beat him, and if it's his fault beat the crap out of him, it's what Jesus said. What kind of Sadistic love is this, It's called sado masochism. Then he go's around saying love love love, be blessed. I cannot understand how Jesus is the Christ and how he can save you if he says these things. Maybe Jesus is not the Christ, maybe he is the son of Saturn. Sadistic, Sadists, they go to their church, they kiss icons on the wall, the knele before the image of a man drawn on a wall, crawl before it like maggots, This I did not know about. God is okay with kinky sex with slaves. 1 Peter 2:18) Perversity and human trafficking condoned: "Slaves, be subject to your masters with all reverence, not only to those who are good and equitable but also to those who are perverse." So if master is a perv, be okay with it, do some 69 with him and suck on his balls, god commands it, it's there in the bible, the word of god in the holy book of the snakes :) Peter what did you teach them you PERV. :)
  17. Welcome to the club, I don't like people either, just a few. Rest are freaking drones walking on the side walk. They are animated to talk to you and gesticulate, they have no integrity. They get in your way, cause you problems, they are controlled by other beings who you cannot see. It's a circus, don't trust people If you are a meat eater and eat animal products they control you too. Best not to care about them, and care about just a few who you consider true, people who still have integrity. The rest you don't care, you just stick your middle finger to them and say "I love you" "it actually means F you" (puppet) It's a CIRCUS. Man has become a complete drone manipulated. So don't worry you will get your wish, all is going to hell when SHTF happens. Not all people are like this of course, like people ask questions, they go WTF this is not normal, when they show up in your face, bother you. So there are people who are true and harder to manipulate, you should be okay with those. It's the snake beings who do this and the other side who is the arch enemy, the etheral dead spirit, they fight over control of man kind. So middle finger approved. Here is the approved seal stamp "_|_" of up yours, you can print it out and make a t-shirt out of it, but they will call you the anti-crhist because it's the upside down cross, official logo of the middle finger to them. Who wants to save snakes and snake people, you're a bad boy, you are anti salvation of us, anti salvation of the puppet people and the puppet masters. Let me sign this document to notice my presence here. Official Signature =====_|_====== You should see these puppets bother me on the daily basis, getting in my face. Disgusting, they come and say you should do this that, it's normal to be like us, why don't you become like us, this is what they say in their giberish. They are nasty, they can be your family members, your next door people that you live on the block with you next to your house. They are everywhere.
  18. I have nothing better to do but post here, just for a bit of talk. The earth is round. The main argument is that if the moon is a sphere so is the earth since the moon is the natural satelite of earth. I use to look when I was younger with binoculars at the moon every night, I had a good pair of binocuars, I could actually see valleys on the moon with it, not see clear but you could tell the geoligical shapes. Now the moon appears round in the night sky, I looked hours later the land scape would change, I would sit all night work on my computer, I found the night calm so I worked at night and slept in the morning till 1 in the afternoon, while I worked I did have breaks and I would go for a cigarette on my balcony and look again and the view changed with other land scapes many hours later towards the morning compared to the evening moon. So the moon spins and reveals it's other parts, gets exposed as things revolve and the earth and moon spin and you can see different angles of the moon that were not visible before. So the moon is a globe then so is the earth, this is simple logic. If this were not the case I would get the same flat moon with the same geography on the moon. You can see a bit of the moon sides that were not visible as it spins with the earth. Get a pair of binoculars and see the moon in it's different phases, mark what you saw on paper and then look again, next days you may see something else. Now the moon you can't see it's dark side at all, the other side in the back but you can see side ways. This is the moon. But you can see it's sides as new landscapes show up. Obvious it's a sphere then so is the earth.
  19. It's because you opened the fore head eye and they came in thru it and then manifested inside your head. The Jews believe in this god, but no all hebrews are jews, the Hebrews got corrupted by these snakes and became JEWS , Israelites. This is their religion and their Elohim god, the elder god of Saturn. Do you see the cube on their head representing the eye , it is the cube of saturn and they eye of saturn. This is the seal of israel flag, and the seal of the third eye and also the seal of Saturn. It is the Fake blue, it represents the saturnial heaveans. It's not the true blue, the true blue is something else. The Hebrews got corrupted and became jews, not all of them of course, just the Israelites, they worship the SNAKE. The Hebrews were nature practitioners oriented towards the elven kind, the snakes took them and indoctrinated some of them with BULLOXIS religion. Hebrew means to brew nature inside of you, these are original, the JEW is a disgust to it's hebrew heritage and has stained it. He is like those fake Orange juice products 20% orange juice, 80% Bullshit. I have been attacked by them so I'm allow to post some things, to expose the snake. This eye should only be used as a crescent, to wirl energy inside of it, then drop it from there, but without opening it, it is not the base of your true being, it should remains undeveloped and just a hub to hold there energy for a very short period of time. It is not a big fuss, but these fake gurus advertise is like it's your salvation because they are snakes and like you to give into it. Other wise they would not advertise it. This eye is also known as the higher I. The higher eye does not represent your true being, once it opens it is known as the higher I. So you guess now, if there is a higher I there must be another since there is this higher I and then there is another since this is the higher one. This eye, opens up to their dimensional place where they live, it is dangerous to do that, you remain at their mercy if they are going to feast on your life energies or not. Snakes just don't care, if they find you interesting they will feast on you, if they don't and you hold no interest to them they usually let you go. I should not post this, but this is what they get for attacking me. I will stop as soon as they go away.
  20. You are fullish, you opened that eye, the third eye on your forehead is the seal of saturn. The seal of the serpent, it's why you saw snakes. Once you open you recive the mark, it is written in the bible, even they mention it. It's the mark of 666 the eye of Saturn six pointed star, this seal leads to their realm, opens up to that dimension where these elder snake spirits live. Human does things and does not understand them, and then pays with his soul for it. Once this eye opens fully you have no control over it, only a master guru can control it to shut it, you can't shut it down, all the things can enter thru that eye inside of you, it's a portal you can't control. Snake is inside of you, you are infested. It will play friend and devour your soul in time, make a big fat meal out of you. The cat and snake you saw is symbolic of the counterpart of saturn, Venus the cat snake, the wife of Saturn, the consort of Saturn, Saturn is dual the feminine and masculine and you are it's meal, the snake elder spirtis work like saturn inside, it's why they are associated with it, with this planet because they resemble it. The consort of Saturn, being Venus has the job of transporting you to Saturnial place like fortress, she is the road to Saturn, this spirit like being where you will get devoured by these snakes, Elder God Father Snake and her, you must be tasty to them. Have fun getting eaten alive by them. I HATE SNAKES. Why don't you build your self a true self instead of this higher I crap and get some self esteam to embed your self into reality and see what is really going on. This houcus pocus third eye stuff. Do you have any idea how much energy and life force it takes to open that eye ? It consumes your self, and makes you docile peaceful unable to react to threads. You consumed your being, your true nature by pumping energy into the eye so it can bloom, and now it is all consumed after it bloomed and all that is left is residual energies that make you feel at peace like an old man without power but at peace, senile, docile and without a grip on reality. You will be like a pigeon who will not fight if someone wants to brutalize you because your self, your life force has been used on this hocus pocus eye to feed it so it may bloom. When it blooms it will rage like a huricane when it fully opens, and you don't have any control over it. It is what I said and I'm not going to say again !!!!! [b]It's why I'm here just to post this.[/b] What you get on your own is fine, as long as you found out about by your self and it came out of your practice. If you steal from the elves knowlege the punishment is wipe out. The shit is going to hit the fan anyway, but people will survive, some. Pigeons don't survive hard times, they are too docile, they can be eaten alive, and make a tasty meal for Snakes. You are not even responsible with things. You just open up to snakes with this eye and then tell us about it here on the forum. Take at look at this. It was it's friend. Hahahhaa. Docile = peace and senility. We can have peace the natural way where we feel strong and able. I can feel the enrgy blaze thru me, :) I don't do third eye hocus pocus. One thing is clear, in meditation you can focus a bit on that part there but not too much because you will waste energy on creating a focal point there and your life force energies will focus there and remain there to make it bloom and the third eye is not for it to be opened but to use it as a hub. You have to make the enrgies leave that place or it will acumulate there and bloom in time and all the energy will be wasted and snakes will enter you and play "let's be friends" "I am god" At the end of course god has you for diner (you or on it's menu) with his other Snake Guests who are dyning on you. Or you could be one of them to make others follow you and get them to open up to these snakes with this BULL EYE. Like some sort of a snake servant maybe.
  21. Additionaly dragon elves, can give birth to fairies, they come from out of their light, the fairty in this case in time will become an elven maiden, Dragon Elves do not come from sophia, They are source elves, come from the source, then there are the elves from here who evolved from clean nature into what they are. Cousins of the Dragon Elves. Elves have nothing to do with etheric/astral world, they are living spirits of nature. It's the other fairy kind, the living dead kind who has connections to the astral world, tho anyone can travel there really , humans and so on, but it does not mean they are rooted there or belong there, just a visitor. I tell you know because you don't know, the Elohim gods (elder gods) Are former Source Elves, they wanted good hood, and there for had to renounce their elven hood, no longer elves. They wanted to rule over others it's why they are called EL-O-HIM hinting at their former nature what they once where "EL-VES. Their kind renounced them, they are the original fallen ones. So they were only a small part of these elves, who decided to turn and become gods, but the others who formed the majority did not join them and renounced them, even more they set forth another elf kind derived from them who would fight these gods who had god status now, these are the elves derived from the source elves but who are from this world, this is the Lemurian kin. The god of the bible is indeed Satan. (but gods because Elohim is plural for gods) The red devil that you know is not the original Satan, but the Satan of God (gods) the adversary of the gods because he refused to bow down to them, these were elves that refused to worship the gods, and in their rage they turned to fire spirits demon like and because they did it so many times after a while they could not revert to their true nature and remained the red fire spirit know as a "DRACU" hinting of their former origin, DRAGON, they are what the source elves created, not the source elves but their descendents from here on earth These beings fought the gods, but they are no longer elves. Your god is a liar and a snake, he shall meet his doom in the end. He is going to rot in hell, your Elohim god is a snake. The source will personally obliverated it in the end as it rose against it, against clean nature and it courrpted others with RELLIGIOUS BULLOX. Your god's days are numbered. You have to know the truth before the shit hits the fan. It is obligatory. The rest of what it is not your concern and should not be shared. If you get things that you are not suppose to know your kind will die.
  22. You have some missinformation, you don't know who is who. Sophia did not create the dragon spirit and the elves are not the faries, they are related, and elves are not fallen beings. If such would to happen they are no longer elves. Sophia is a child of the Elohim and a liar a serpent spirit. She is a "BENE ELOHIM" There are different kind of fairy spirit, but let's split them into two factions, there are two categories, one that is of the dead and the other that are of the living. The dead ones are predatory and cannot evolve further, the living sprites and fairies evolve at the end of their cycle into elven maidens, they become elves, fairy kind is womanish elven kind is male, Elf kind contains male and woman but the kind is male , there is no elven woman kind, the elf kin is male and woman but under the male kind, they can be mistaken for woman kind of beings because they like refined and fine things, fine arts and so on. Fairies are only for girls , the only male spirit that is a fairy is the pan spirit and it cannot evolve past it's form, it could in the past but no longer can. So fairies at the end of their cycle can evolve into elven maidens, elven women, but the kind is the male arhitype. This is only for the living fairy, for the living dead fairy she would become at best a fairy god mother, she cannot evolve past this. They go around under different names like "BENE ELOHIM" Child of the god's, this female fairty type is predatory and feeds off the life force of others. I just wanted to correct you on who is who so there is no missunderstanding about kinds. Think of this kinds as for example the far east assians, they are bolth male and female but their kind overall is female like, assians look like females, with their eyes and all, but they have men and women, in their culture male likes female and so on, it's just their type, then there is the nordic kind of humans, nordic europeans, this is the male type but it contains man and women, it's just that their women are more man like because this is their type. You were talking about the living dead fairies not elves, these fairies are born out of corrupted nature or out of god nature, like Sophia. Out of the light of the Elder gods fairies may come forth emanated from their light, just like with this gods on the opposing side clean nature, the fauna of clean nature that is the light of nature can give birth to living fairies, these are the original silver fairies that are clean and do not pray or feed on other living beings like the other type of fairy does, nor do elves do what you say and nor are they fallen, they may pick up human habits at best. Elves do not die and their core cannot be corrupted, only if they want to change into someting else, and at that point they are no longer of the ELF KIN. Why don't you stop spreading missinformation, and get your facts straight before posting.
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