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  1. just to clear up the confusion, this source explains it. The Sabbath Planet – The Forward Ze’ev Orzech writes from Corvallis, Ore.: “I am intrigued by the connection between the Hebrew name for the planet Saturn, shabtai, which comes from Shabbat, and the word ‘Satur’ or ‘Saturn’s day.’” How, he asks, are we to explain this you are praying to snakes my friend, their holy day is holy snake day. god is father saturn the gypsy and his son little gypsy Jesus. I really thank nature i'm not a gypsy jew
  2. it's the 6 day, there were only six days in ancient israel. he he, saturday was the last day of the week. the sabath meant holy day when the jew rested, it has nothing to do with the 7 day when god rested. saturn has a hexagon to it 6 sides of saturn it is represented by number six. the word sabatto means saturnday, sabbato = saturn the holy day and rest day of the jews. Why Are There Seven Days in a Week? | Discover Magazine The seven-day week spread throughout the Near East. It was adopted by the Jews, who had been captives of the Babylonians at the height of that civilization’s power. Other cultures in the surrounding areas got on board with the seven-day week, including the Persian empire and the Greeks. it was late addopted by the jews and from babylonian culture, they included the 7 day, before this their week ended with the six day the sabat, the end of the week. 6 day = sabath = 'saturn'
  3. you did not read the bible, i had to quote it to you, i'm not a preacher priest. if you did not read it your problem not mine. i have read it a few times and out of anger i wanted to wipe my ass with it when i went to the toilet for the next time, god dam book has so much rape and violence in it, i'll wipe my ass with it
  4. there is so much evidence and you are still hooked to this church thing. just a few. jesus condones slavery and beating the slave. bible codones rape and raping virgins. bible condones human sacrifice. and you are still into these things like no bigy right, let god deal with them, what rape ooo no problem god needed to populate the earth. or something similar that church people make to justify an existence of psychopathical religious doctrine inside their head. if you look in the bible the new man is a snake, it's in the genesis. and god created man on the 'six day' he is a six, this adam man, a 666. because it's written in the bible that 666 is the number of a man. and this man is man him self, of a man meaning of men, the number of man, of adam is 6-66. and god on the 'six day' saturn-day saturday creates man, but you see it does not create it, but recreate it out of the dust of his old dna that god made sure to trash, ravish because that is what a snake does and then lies. adam the number 6 the gods created beasts and look around man is indeed a beast, endless wars, he is indeed a beast of the serpent. there is no god creator, it makes you feel better and safer because god is watching over you. you live in dysneyland, it's these snakes
  5. have a good day but i called your god a snake and you got upset. that is not normal, why would you get upset for debating god, there is no point going upset, only religious fanatics do that.
  6. well have it your own way morpheus, go with your snake god, if snakes are your thing, just don't cry when at the end you made your choises. there is zero mercy this time by the way, nature will descend like a killer shark. zero mercy. i'm obligated to read you the warrant before the poopoo blows in the fan. there is a very thin line left before anger breaks into a cataclysm, a very very thin line left. there is the edge, right there, if you look at it you will see how close you are to disaster.
  7. why get upset from the chat, you get upset because i told you what your god is.
  8. before the homo sapien it was homo erectus, and before that something else. homo sapien changes abruptly after a long time of slowed paced natural evolution something happens and this pace breaks and all the scientists can't explain why is there an evolutionary gap between all the other humanoid speces that evolved into eachother at a costant pace and then something abruptly happens and the homo sapien takes birth in a very short period of time developing very fast making a gap in human evolution. your snake god change his dna, trashed it, reduced it to dust and out of dust rebuilt in his image, out of the dust came a new dna out of the residual dna man had, because god infested him with his gene that was vile and agressive reducing everything to dust inside the human at that time. but your god could not touch his soul, that is the problem, but managed to trash the dna. the talking monkey had a soul and was magical beyond your imagination
  9. have it your way, ode odin g-od. it's where it derives from. because god coded the dna, the image of god is code, the dna, in god's image. we know this god of saturn is a white snake, the elohim liar god. I shall call him 'father liar' and it created adamic race in his image, in the image of the snake.
  10. what are you serious , human remains, evolution of man, stages of natural evolution, he was this then that then changed to his final form that is homo sapien, clearly nature behind it, natural evolution and you come here to 'B' us and say it's not so, and that it's your god. your god only infested to remake the gene into his disgusting snake image
  11. and why the adamic race is created in the image of the serpent, the image of the elohim. and why it will end in tragedy. it's all lies except for the part that they did create the adamic race, but out of dust, and this is just a fable. human was before this but the snakes changed human dna by infesting him and this new gene that he was infested was vile and agressive, it ate at the human's core of his gene and turned it into dust, and from dust it reshaped into the new gene of the elohim god. this god bullshit, it's all a lie and if people are not willing to accept the truth and change, then F the people, f them, they will get whipped out by nature, because man came from there at first, it is where he originates from, from nature not god. At nature's core there is the heart of nature, prime nature, and with the help of this source 'not a god' man in time came to be. god actually means odor, nasty odor, where the name god comes from, the od the ode. then there is the code of nature, but it's not really odor but since we have no name for it we will call it code. for example the chief god of the nordic people was 'odin' and the name odin again is derived from odor. so it's why god istructed for altar and sacrifice to smell odor, because it feed god because god is made out of this, his spirit is made out of fucking odor, because that is the description of a god a 'g odor' so god ordered first people to be burnt on the altar so god may smell burning odor, and then god ordered for humans to be exchange with animals, so god can still smell the burning odor out of animals, so he can feed, add to his odor, accumulate fucking GARBAGE, more and more odor that is the glory of god. your god is so small compared to the source of nature, your god could get obliverated anytime once the source grows in anger, you and your god will sease to exist.
  12. morpheus, elohim apears in the original text of the genesis story found in the original manuscripts, it appears as the creator of Adam. Later the scribes changed the name elohim and replaced it with the name lord or in english bible the name god. the israeli scribes had to transcribe the manuscripts they found, re-write them down. the name elohim was all over the genesis story and got changed to lord
  13. i am , you should read about jesus other books not included in the bible, where jesus shares the secret of salvation, how one can save another. he go's on to say that the tiger eats the man, and this way after the tiger devoured the man it is saved inside of the tiger, part of the tiger, his flesh has become the tiger. so this is what kind of salvation jesus offers. it's all about eating really, this salvation of jesus, the pig get's saved too once jesus eats from it, it becomes part of jesus, rapture of jesus. you could become mad teaching your children to pray to jesus, it's mad to do this, your like teaching your child about the second Santa. Santa 2. Jesus also gives instruction on how to beat the slave, jesus is a crow, he is a gypsy. You got your child praying to a gypsy. The gypsy Jesus dressed in white robes that go's around teaching how to beat slaves with a rod. People are mad and for that they should get what they deserve for praying to a f-ing gypsy.
  14. this is just more bible degeneracy, where they thought the world is flat. if i get day light on the other side of the globe and where i am it is dark, obvious it's a globe. no matter where i am in the world during day time the sun is up in the sky , high above, if it were flat it would illuminate the whole world. The afternoon sun is really high up, the other people from the flat earth would see it where there is night. stupidity of religious doctrine, this is what happens when you let Jesus explain to you how the solar system works. dumb dumb dumb
  15. tested, you have failed into the Test Trap of the snakes. There is no test and you don't have to atenend anyoneone. You have fallen into the trap of the Bene Elohim witch daughter Put your hand into the box cube. It is a test, the bitch snake daughter of god is with her stinger pointing to his neck. It's all a lie there is no test, these tests draw energy from you, and the tests last forever, you are tested forever and ever until they suck the life out of you for your fullishness. It's a test, you are going to be tested again, and they feed off of you again by inflicting pain, they put you inside the cube box again, and again, you are connected to their little game scheme, to god. Haven't you figured it out, it's a sharade to keep on the feedster. They feed off of roasting, when things burn on the altar of sacrifice,they roast, they feed off of it, god fed from the altar and his children did so with god, they fest off of the roasting animal that was burnin on the altar. You see it's his hand burning and when it does these witches bene Geserit Elohiom go into bliss because they are feasting on him. god feeds out of burning babies, burning animals, his hand is burning , it's feast time I mean I mean TEST hahahahahahahha. Yea yea it's a test (yeah right)
  16. It's not real Christianity because Christ is nature really. So Christianity I am guessing real Christianity is like pagan nature practice without the pagan gods. Jesus is not the Christ, he's a fake Saturn like figure. Christian religion is as immoral as pork chops are. If you eat those you are a true religious Christian of Jesus, because the pig is filth and eats his own excrements, then you eat the pig and you are what you eat, then you go to church and you find out the Priest had pork chops just before holding the preaching. He eats the most dirty animal on earth then preaches in church the LOVE OF JESUS. It does not get any immoral than this
  17. The matrix does have you. This material dimension we live in, our bodies connect to them to this god because we are focused on creating energies that connect to them. In my country is called Dumnezeu. Meaning god of the dome.The Word dum or dumne meaning dome. This god is evil, it's gods actually. So you feed energies to the bible god, all energies go's on that field where god is, and god makes sure by waging wars, keeps man focused on this energies. and Bastards here are helping him keep it this way, the priests who preach, then it's the hidden men the helpers of god. There are many people involved. The material world resonates to different frequencies, one of this is to this god to this dimension where the dome of god is. It's the food man eats that makes him resonate to these and his mind set. Like to break free you have to eat mostly greens and to change mind set. God hates vegetation and raw greens, of course he hates them because he is a fucking asshole and made out of trash. So to break free from Jesus and God you must resonate at other frequencies that does not include processed foods and lots of meat. This is the truth. Unfortunate is that we can't abstain from sweets, chips, meats,and other processed garbage, these make life so much easy and less difictult, you're in god's hands, life is easy. You eat barbeque the bliss of ignorance, god eats too after you. Grilled bliss of ingorance. This bliss on this energetic level, going with the flow is what connects one to that dimension. I can't cope with my self " I want some one to push my weelchair" let god do it in "barbeque stile mode" Life is so easy plugged into this matrix, connected where they have their dome, it feeds the dome of god so god can remain in power. You feed him(them, actually along with their children), don' call nature evil when it decides to wipe you out, know why it will decide to wipe you out.
  18. Body can be modified thru nature and natural practice. There would be humans if there was no meat, in fact they were around long before your Adamic kind showed up and none of them consumed meats. Why scientists can't explain the emergence of homo sapiens so fast since humans evolved very slow and then there is an evolutionary gap, all the sudden they evolve into home sapians in a short period of time, while prior to this they evolved at a slow constant rate. This gap is the changing of genetic material in a short period of time, the evolution gap between what was before and the homo sapien. The tampering with the genetic pool by something, something changed it in a sudden manner, natural evolution does not do that !!!! it is constant and slow. It must be your GOD, I presume, because god could not wait to smell burning babies on the altar, burning animals, so god could smell the burning odor emanating from roasted child meat. Hurry up Adam, I'm hungry, evolve predatory so I can have some babies for dinner. Even tho this new gene took over that tranformed man into a so called modern man, homo sapein, even tho, some kept their old energies , their old belongings sort of speak inside of them and did not become predators. This is just a group you are talking about, not all of them were hunting animals. You don't know history and I'm not here to reveal it to a god worshiper and a proud meat eater. To show your irational thought, you believe in the bible god and what is in there, then you belive in the garden of eden, and there if I remember there were no animals to eat. So adam was a vegetarian eating from the trees. This is irational, what I have seen from you are just contradictory arguments that contradict. You want religion back in society but you don't know how you are going to get that religious Christianity back into your society. You read the bible without reading it!! you don;t see anything in the bible that is written there, you read like a machine not noticing things. You believe the bible and god yet you are not ready to concede even if your bible shows you that you are wrong. This is a contradictory mind set of a Predator. This is what the predator is. This is how things slap you in the face, your own religion slapping you. and Adam was kicked out of the garden and they became predators. Haha fantastic, even your bible says man was vegetarian at the begining. This is the truth man was like that, but the bible is twisted and perverted. It does not elaborate on this garden and what it was and of course it did not belong to your god, it's just the construct of nature where man was prior to becoming trash. You FAILED at nature because of your god that you worship. He he my boy not our problem and fault. Not our problem. Zero Shit Given and the official I don't care about your kind.
  19. That is an incorect statement, the neolitic farmer was prime, the people of neolitic civilisations planted plants, veggetables . This is some of the neolitic cultures you mean, some cultures were oriented towards hunting, some were not. No culture came before the other. Gardening starts at the begining of the neolitic age and some cultures are based on it while others are not. During the Ice age man hunted but some ate just fish with grasses. So during stone age these sides were still there. Animals were rare and hunting was dificult. Main practice was fishing and eating frozen veggies from beneath the snow. Some hunted it does not mean it's all of them
  20. So you failed and gave up. I'm not at war with nature. You don't understand nature. The lion is less natural than the deer, the rabbit and so on. The explenation is that evolution of these animals that are predatory took them out of the construct of nature not inside of it. A simple example for you is the habitat in which the animals live in. The habitat offers food. But the lion cannot feed off of the habitat directly, only indirectly by waiting for other animals to eat from it and then eating the animals that ate. So the animal has to process the food from the habitat for the lion, to build up meat so lion can eat the meat off of the animal. Then we appeal to reasoning and ask. What if we take all the animals away from the habitat and leave the lion alone in it, will it survive in the natural habitat. The animals are not the habitat okay, they live in it. So the habitat is the natural world they live in. The answer I'm afraid provided for you is no, the lion will die because it cannot survive on the natural habitat by feeding off of it, it is alienated from it, it evolved towards out of feeding from it. It cannot survive alone off of nature, it cannot feed directly on what the planet's nature provides, trees, bushes, plants. The other animals can, the lion can't. So the lion is less natural because predators are less natural and cannot survive alone in the wilderness. The bear for example is more natural than the lion because it can eat from the bushes, eat honey from wild honey combs, eat berries, it eats flesh very rare in fact. The wolf can do it, the lone wolf splits from the pack and does not hunt anymore, wolves only hunt in packs, once the lone wolf is born this wolf will survive on what the bear does. It rareley eats meat that he found on the ground dead. Wolves only hunt in packs. So if you are a 100% predator you cannot survive on the natural habbitat, the habbitat has to have animals inside of it for you to survive. A natural creature will always be able to feed off of the bushes, off of the trees and so on. Predatory construct leads outside of nature, not inside of it. You could not make it as a vegetarian, you have alienated your self from nature. You failed.
  21. Human did not evolve like this, during the ice age man ate grass and fish. The grass frossen beneath the snowy ice and other plants that grew very small. You have a wrong idea on evolution. Ice age started about 2.6 million years ago and lasted until roughly 11,000 years ago. There was no big crops to feed animals. People survived on what they could. "With meat eating humans there would be no humans who could subsist comfortably on a vegetarian diet." You mean your type of human, there are like different kinds.
  22. Cows don't grow on such conditions not any animals, it is the food that has a long shell life like non meat or animal products because these have a very short one. Rice, beans, you can grow sprouts salads. It's the other way around. They grow in containers, animals needs fields to gaze, they require lots of grain food to eat, you need to plant large crop fields for them. In a place that is devoided of everything this will be hard for you. I can just throw something in a container and start eating after it grows, I can stalk up on rice and other things, you can't if you are a meat eater. But god is on your side TruthSpoon because he is a meat eater too, likes to smell dead flesh burning. But your god cannot contain the fury of nature once the glass is full.
  23. Actually the cultures realated to some haplogroups in neolitic ages contradict you, they eat meats from time to time or not at all, they are based on agriculture and vegetable greens. So only some you mean. Neolitic age starts at the end of the ice age 10.000 to 12.000 years ago. Many visions of god, what do you mean, the law was across all of israel, it was the law of the land for a very long time, not in just some places, everyone had to give a child and later it was replaced with something else, an animal, so god can eat. Well if you can't become a vegetarian it is totally not our fault mister Spoon. This is your problem not ours.
  24. Enigmatic, I'm the evolution of Atheism, I believe this gods exist but I just don't like them. It's like Ultra Atheistic Evolution, call it that.
  25. I can show you, but I'm not going to do it friend, it seems you only like to quote the good side. It's in the bible, search the bible, I have all the quotes if I want to provide them to you. I'm not going to do so. You have to search the book. They sacrificed children and other people that were not jews, then they banned it and the god of israel told them to replace the child with an animal and burn the animal instead to save the child from sacrifice. Replace it with something else to give. It was religious law of Israel, they had to burn something to their god. This with burning of animals for god to smell the burning odor, incense of the flesh of the animal is also macabre. What kind of clean creator of everything would want to smell burning flesh. They burned people in ovens that were visitors, they burnt children then the family had to give a goat or a sheep to save their child. The law at first was that they had to give on child to get burnt on the altar, then the law changed and they could replace the child with an animal and burn the animal instead so god can smell the odor from it and feed off of it. You look like a smart guy right, do the math the name God if I add an or at the end what do I get. Do I get G-odor and it wants more odor burning as it is emanating. Don't you find this disgusting ?
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