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  1. We were not talking about laws of the old testament, I don't know what you mean. We were talking in the old testament how it is written that these elder gods elohim split the nations and gave portions to their sons, and how lord jehova was one of them, he recived jacob and his people as a portion from the elders. but then we were debating that this jehova is not really trully the son of the elohim but he was adopted and took birth from thes saturn like beings, rebirth from these elder gods and Jacob and his people it seems are his heritage, so the elohim gave them to him because it's his own people, the hebrews, the lord traces his heritage from his people, he was of these people prior to being adopted. These hebrew people are before adam. Then there is jesus and the jews, and you, and half baked cookies , the jew is babylonian mixed with some hebrew and other arabic elements, he has his babylonian traits. It's why the jew has the talmud, the kabala because he is babylonian. As the name implies the Kaba-la or the word Kaba means CUBE. KABA = CUBE, CUBA. Kabala is the science of the cube and jesus practiced it. It does not matter if it's the old or new, in the new testament Jesus teaches us how to beat slaves when they go wrong. Jesus says if the slave go's wrong intentionally to beat him in a severe way, and if the slave is not at fault and you are angry still beat the slave but less, hahahaha So it's all garbage anyway, you would have to get hit on your head with a rod and forget what it is to still practice these religions. This god is not one but many gods, you are indoctrinated to the core it seems. In the genesis the name Elohim appears in the original manuscripts, and the word for Elohim is plural for gods, not only this but but if you look in genesis what does it say. It says in the genesis bible, man has become like 'one of us' what us, if it's just one god, it's many not one. man has become like one of them. Another aspect from the genesis book is; Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” You see plural appears many times, 'let us' 'in our image' 'in our likeness' and it;s not god said, in the original manuscripts the name Elohim appears not god, or lord god or our lord god. So it's not in his image but in 'their image' as in what they were, their image and what they liked. It is later that the jewish scribes modifies the word elohim with 'our lord' there for changing the name of elohim to lord god, to pervert everything and make one single god. You have to be crazy to worship any of these gods and to practice the religion of self sacrifice. Obviously the name Elohim is plural for gods, but now the jew priests make up bullshit and say it can be singular too, we know that only EL is singular of the elohim. EL refers to an elohim god out of the many others , when we single out one of these gods we say EL and when plural we say elohim.
  2. of course this is not the trade you think of, but i'm not telling, it is specific to something. the deals you make, it's your business. they bought slaves on saturday and made deals signing papers. Ownage of other people, and other things that i won't post here. mercury is the planet of real commerce, saturn is the other type of commerce, the trade of things, you trade this for that. your problem what you trade, not mine.
  3. well why don't you figure it out. if this star of israel has six sides seven must mean the middle and represent the god of saturn. it's not so hard once you give up the red meat. this is the flag of israel right, and the 7 day is of this god, the six day is of the men he created in his image. so this god is in the middle and man is represented by the day he was created on, the sides of the star, the hexagon so in the begining the jews did not have a 7 day weekend, man did not have a 7 day only six days, and on the six day representing man this man made on the six day, man would buy and sell stuff, it was the day of trade. This is the original meaning of the sabath. and then in the bible they say you cannot buy or trade if you don't have the mark of saturn on you,. the mark of this snake god and associated with trading, selling and buying. it is later that it becomes the day of rest. you know nothing, but i'm obligated to tell it to you, just limited information and that is it. they add one more day, sunday becomes the first day for the jews, but this is only later. it even tells you, let those who know calculate the number of the beast it's '666' meaning this mark of saturn, and then it go's to tell you exatly this, that this day is for trade, and you cannot buy or sell if you do not have this mark, this image. It then go's to tell you that this number is the number of ',MAN' and what day did elohim create man, i believe it was the six day of the week. So man is the beast, with the seal of saturn on him, it's man kind, you are the beast, the adamic kind is the BEAST. FOR IT IS A NUMBER OF A MAN [the number of man]number 6 the day he was created on so six represents the hexagon and the 7 point is the middle of it. but this is for saturn, number 7 naturally represents the sun in the sky. good good good, you must know, and be responsible. no more i did not know You fuck up you go to hell, hahahaha, no more we did not know. goooood everyone will know, we don't pay for your fucking shit nor for your fucking god. you eat red meat we don't pay for your meat, you pay for it in saturn. saturn is your grocery store i believe, it only has bullshit juice and red meat. Here is the seal of aproval from saturn you like all that red meat, mmm saturn is your thing, just look it's all red meat. we're finally going to get rid of predators , you're going home with your god.
  4. you're crazy i posted from the bible, to show you it's bullshit. you are indeed ignorant, religious brainwashed dead. From Deuteronomy 32:8 ► i'm posting from your religious book. pffft absolute garbage.
  5. sabath is the day of saturn, you can believe what you want. from the bible When the most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the sons of Adam, he set the bounds of the people according to the number of the children of Israel. 9For the LORD'S portion is his people; Jacob is the lot of his inheritance. but the original manuscript does not read like this. instead of most high the name elohim appears. and you see the lord has a portion given to him by this most high, elohim, he inherits them from the most high. in the original the name of children of israel does not appear since it would be fullish for the jews to own the nations, but the scribes changed it, instead the name 'children of god' apear. it says here; For the Lord's portion is his people; Jacob is the lot of his inheritance." Deut. 32:9 "And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of hosts, in the day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him." Mal. 3:17 so they were not his, the elohim gave them to this lord as his portion, because he made portions for his children to inherit nations. But he gave the lord the people who he was related with, because the lord altho a child of the elohim had another past before the adoption of lord jehova into the elohim hood, he came forth after as a son of these elder gods. You are readying a book of lies modified and translated in a wrong manner by the scribes of israel intentionaly
  6. haha you are confusing numeral 6 with numeral 7 hilarious, i won't say anything. 7 sapte - Google Search 6 sase number - Google Search september does not derive from what you say, it's derived from the word sap meaning seven. Saba comes from number six, it is the 7 of the sixes made out of the sixes. it represented the original six day of the week when the week was just six days long. the bible got written in time you see, why you see 7 as the rest day, but before any of this before they wrote this down the week had only six days, and on the six day, 'saturn day' they would buy and sell, it later became the rest day. the sabath was represented by shopping, it is later that it turns into rest day and the seven day, this LORD made it the seven day, you have no idea what planet you live on. and they say in the bible, to calculate if you are good at it, the image of god, sell buy, no one can sell and buy if they don't have the image of god 'image of the beast' 666 and you can buy and sell with it, if you don't have the mark you will not be able to shop, go buy and sell. You read the bible in the wrong way, because the hebrews who knew the craft of the hebrews, were against the jews that have less hebrew heritage. so you got in the bible differnt factions that are against eachother. This lord Jehova is not the elohim god, and there is a conflict between jehova and elohim. This lord god is a child of the Elohim, but not really the gods adopted him and he got rebirth out of saturn, but they did not manage to change him for good. If you read the cananite mytholigy, EL the elder god that is the elder elohim god has many children, among these children there are two brothers Yah and Bal, and where ever yah go's so does bal. So ball is the brother of Yah, and it is written that Yahweh gets a portion a son of the elohim, jacob and his people. But the lord knows he is not of these Snakes, so there is a conflict between them, because prior to being addopted this lord comes from Lemurian descendance. Bal is the lord's other side, his temperment. The anger of the lord. So the snakes adopts Jehova and he is born again from saturn sort of speak, from them. You're with the snakes, not with this lord god, at least this Jehova lord god is more direct. As for me I'm not obligated to worship any of them, but this lord Jehova is like better than the elohim if you ask me. How ever i'm obligated to tell you this, what is what and that is it, no more obligations. Not our problem anyway, you are walking a very thin line anyway, your kind. These gods and lords are no match for the source, once the source decides it is game over, it is game over. I walk down the street and the puppets play church music just when i pass by, they see me and say god is great, and i'm like in my mind, fuck off with your religion and your god. They are not going to stop until some major earthquake collapses their house with them inside of it. When it does, I will laugh near their grave and say 'WHERE IS YOUR FUCKING GOD NOW' We don't need to suffer because of your kind, fuck your kind, i'm not going to suffer for you, pay for your own shit, i'm not paying.
  7. this is the six day of creation And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so. And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day. if you notice it says there, 'be fruitful and multiply, and replentish the earth and subdue it. the word replentish can only be used in a contex where there was something else and it ran out, word replentish can only mean that there was something else before that it ran out and now it needs to be replentish repopulated. and replenish the earth, and subdue it meaning there was something else before prior to all of this and god created man to replentish the earth, because something happened and the earth needed to be replentished, repopulated. as i said the world replentish cannot be used in any other contex except if there was something else before this, you don't use the word replentish to fill in something new, only if something has empty out you re-plentish it. So before this there was the other man, that your god infested and his genetic material turned to dust, and from dust your god reformed his gene by giving him his image, his dna, image of god means the genetic structure of god. but it's a lie because all tho we're all adamic now our dormant energies our soul from prevous man still remains and god can't wipe it out as much as it wanted to. Just the dna and surface energies got 'dusted' to dust and dust, ashes to ashes dust to dust. god can't judge me, but he can judge you, because you crawl before it's presence and ask god to forgive you. You are of your god, father lies. Soon the construct of reality will hit you on your head, i love reality, it's the ultimate judge, you live in this bullshit fantasy world created by god inside your head, where deer, wild goose and wild rabbits hop inside your head under the rainbow from biblical times to give you bliss.
  8. i posted an article to give you a source with it, with the link attached to it. we're not in a competition, I did so to post from a credible link. the six planet of our solar system is saturn, as for the hexagon representing the planet that it makes it's obvious why it was the six day. the god of the bible is the saturnial god and so is the sabath. The sabath is the day of man, man's birth day, the six day of the bible genesis. Man rests on this day, later it became the 7 day. i hope bbc is good enough. BBC - Religions - Judaism: Sabbath Every week religious Jews observe the Sabbath, the Jewish holy day, and keep its laws and customs. The Sabbath begins at nightfall on Friday and lasts until nightfall on Saturday. In practical terms the Sabbath starts a few minutes before sunset on Friday and runs until an hour after sunset on Saturday, so it lasts about 25 hours. I don't want to compete with you, you can believe what you want. I just refuse to worship your god, father lie i believe is his name. No offence, go to church pray to the man on the wall, indoctrinate your children into crhistian religious doctrine, say amen, eat pork chops, fart while walking on the side walk, and then say i'm normal they are not, we have or christian faith, haheluja. Procede to your living dead culture. The culture of the living dead awaits judgement day when father snake lie judges as the elder man.
  9. haha macnamara you want to become the corn of god some rain, but it's not from your god. i think these events will grow in intensity, it will punish man kind
  10. i'm not falling for everything, this universe is pretty real to me, there is no illusion in nature, nature is real, the trees have their own fields this planet has it's own fields, even the grass has them, they emanate bio energy. the illusion is the hocus pocus, the magician, with his light tricks. if you think people and animals on this world are not real then you got a serious issue against reality. i was talking to this guy i rememeber long ago and he said let go of your fear, we were debating the matrix movie, and how they jump from one place to the other , jump the blocks. today i have seen two children splatered on the sidewalk , they were on the news, they feel from the 10th floor, they were playing on the balcony, it's unclear for now, they got on the tip of the balcony above, one thing is for sure 'they were fearless' since they got on top of the balcony, they just failed down and splattered, in the matrix neo falls and the program is reseted, maybe they were playing neo the matrix guy, who knows. Harsh reality they won't be playing anything now. these children did not reset like neo, instead their brains just splatered all over the asphalt, today on the news, it saddened me because they were just children. i don't think you understand, your life is not a toy, we don't live in the matrix movie. the only illusion is a laser holographic light show , then the lights go off and if it's dark you will bump into things because you can't see them. it's the light of the snake that is the only illusion, the show the snake puts up, the rest seems pretty real to me. it's like the other world, dimensions of spirit are as real as this material world, they are all accouned for, this is just another dimension that is material out of the many ones who are just spriritual. i'm not buying into this new age bs, with it's all an illusion, let go, and drink pink powder juice. next they will say you can kill your self to see it for your self, and because you are already imbalanced because you drank the cooley, you might just kill your self, kill a life inside of you that was a gift to you once you were born. the gift a life. i don't see a bright future for man, i only see it will get worst, this is what i see. i don't have time to make this shit up, so don't think i'm making it up. you see they were fearless, wondering around, no fear at all. let go of your fears, jump off the fucking balcony, it's an illusion, right, neo just resets, look at neo. i see something else instead here, it's tragedy. this hocus pocus new age, it's just lies after lies.
  11. that is just you, not everyone else. there is a very very thin line left, and the gloves come off. it's in my dreams, in my core being. it told me, that it will wipe it clean if they do not stop and they are not going to. god is going to keep bothering me asking me to eat pork chops and it's going to bother others to go to church to knele before the great man. and man is going to continue on it's path to ego centric trophies. i don't think the future looks good, just my opinion, it's going to get worst and the events we have seen unfold are the begining of a cataclysmic era where nature just wipes man off.
  12. haha nature does not care about people in general, it only cares about a few, if it did care about everyone these gods would be long gone. it has the right not to care, but it can get angry and ravish the believers of god. there is nothing set, if things continue on this path there is a cataclysmic event, this path as in trash. i personally don't give a shit about man, who cares about trash, i don't. no one should, they like crawl for money and do anything, you can't take away meat from them because it's like life support for them, they need it more than oxygen. look at this earth, it looks like a fast food dumpster, a trash bin with animals locked up as meat reserves so man does not run out of it. there is nothing taken care of, it's worst than ever just look around you, people have become trash puppets, animated like a walking trash can. i'm sorry you must live on another planet
  13. yes and the name isu, from isus, meaning jesus in latin. it's irelevant because they got you worshiping a man, an image of a man drawn on the wall. look it's jesus the man, bow down to his image, to the image of man.
  14. jesus was a sinagoge priest, he is a son of the elohim royal family line, but the elder jews wanted to get rid of him, but by jewish law they could not because he was part of the jewish royal family line, so they had the romans do it. under jew law you got stoned to death by stones, under roman law you got cruccified. so these jews found away to get rid of him, because they wanted to rule it, and he was becoming very popular. so they could not accuse him of anything, so they used the romans to put him on the cross and cruciffy him, but then they took him off the cross and the romans told him he must leave, it's one of the roman ranking officers who tells them to remove him from the cross, because the cross is only for thieves and the two thieves remain but jesus is taken down and is told to leave by one of the roman officers . jesus leaves to asia, india, learns buddist phylosophy, joins with some monks there, it's the exodus of jesus. i don't think he died on the cross, this is a fable i think. they did not find anything, they faked his death, there is no trace of him being inside of that tume. i could be wrong and he died on the cross, but that is less probable. so they just wanted him gone, and they did that with the roman law, jesus was accused of breaking roman law, not jew law, but it was ploted by these elder jews who wanted power for them over israel and to get jesus away from israel. some say he was this bloodliner of the serpent gods, some say he was half god like. it does not matter , he is not the christ, only the christ of the jews. the christ is the original source, the cross that is the original symbol of nature represents the christ, but this cross first appears in nature, then in religion. the cross is a symbol of nature , but integreated into religion, so religions took it from nature. it does not matter, Jesus is not the Christ, he cannot be, he roamed as a man on this very earth. at best someone who does this is a representative of christ, not 'the christ' such postures gives rise to worshiping an image of a man imprinted on a wall, to worship the man, the snake, the image of your god on a freaking wall. to pray to a man that is drawn on the church wall or on the dome of the wall that extends upwards. god is in the dome above watching down from the church dome. and you go to pray to the man that is inside the dome, god or jesus drawn above the church wall where the wall sealing forms a dome above, you worship the dome god. i see them all the time how they crawl to church like maggots and mentions god one million times a day, once something go's bad they invoke god, they say ooo god please give me give me, look god what happened to me. god please i can't cross the fucking street, i need your help, once something go's wrong it's god invokation, like god needs to rule their everyday life. so jesus is not Christ, and god is not it either. if you want to continue to pray to god and jesus, go ahead continue to pray to snakes. these jesus and god are saturn like characters, snakes.
  15. well that is what a god is, a snake spirit, it's nothing else, christ is something else. nor is jesus the real christ. i would not be here if they did not bother me, the more they bother me the more i will reveal about them. it stops when they go away, fine by me.
  16. no all this stuff is inside the universe, 4thD it's just a dimension inside this universe. so i did not mean 4D but outside the construct of cosmic space.
  17. i hear you are dreaming, stick your hand into the cube, it is a test. this is part of the second clip i posted, it is up there, the jabbar.
  18. you don't understand, it's outside of the universe and it's not a god. it's nature at it's very core, the source, it has structure, concious decisions. it's not a god. bur from the christ because this is the true christ, the source, emanates streams, and these streams enter the universe and they empty inside of it forming the nature of the universe when this stream mixes with other stuff inside of it. so it's inside because it's streams enter it, but it's outside and it's streams are like it's hands that reach inside the universe. you cannot get there, no one from here can, it is not a god. you say god you blow it. this god should be abolished, you worship snakes
  19. it will be given to you so you know what it is, so you don't make up excuses. sort of now you know. you were excused was long as you did not know. you eat meat it has blood in it, you can see it, once you see the blood coming out of it you should stop eating it. i'm not paying for your crap, none of us are, so get a grip what it really is and you fuck up you pay for it. there is no sado masochistic jesus on the cross to pay for everyone. this is the truth, it's not happening. you do shit you pay for it.
  20. domnul nostru - Google Search LORD - Translation in Romanian - bab.la as for duma you might not find it because it's an old romanian word that is not in use, people don't use it but duma means dome in romanian. it's spelled dumâ with an a that has a hat on it. you pray to saturn when you do, that is it, it's not that easy to get in contact with the source. no one can hear you when you scream in the dark, if the source knows about you, the christ of nature, it can hear you because it will focus on you. if it does not know about you, these snakes answer your prayers. there is no god creator, it's the source of nature, nature has a heart where it came from, and from it, this nature enters the universe and forms the nature of the universe. if you call god you are going to get god, not what i explained to you. your prayers don't count at all. this source has to know about you first, where you are, who you are, if it does not know about you it won't connect to you. to do so you do with nature of practice, once it knows you it will keep in touch with you regardless but it found out who you are and it will keep an eye open for you. but only if it likes you, if you are a carnivore and don't care about nature it will not like you, it will turn away from you like a shy butterfly.
  21. you know romanian better than me. it is called dum romanian name for dome is duma, the world is taken from the romanian meaning mister, dumne - dumneata dumitale. meaning a mister covered with his head covered with a hat like a dome on his head. dumne means dome man, from man that has a hat on his head like a dome, what we call a mister. as i said romanian name for dome is duma dume dumne -zeu, zeu = god in romanian. it translates to 'dome god' saturn the dome god. you are praying to it. to 'domn god' meaning dome god, the dome of saturn. god of saturn, elder snake god. the word mister 'domn' in romanian comes from the hat he wears that is like a dome on his head. the word domn comes from the word dome, and as i said in romanian it's called a duma or dume. mister = dome = saturn. it's the mister of saturn it's 'father shit head' that you pray in church, they go to church here and say domnul nostru , domnul nostru = dumnezeu = god. they invoke saturn. it's disgusting, i see them crawling to church like cadavers that crawl like maggots everyday on the street. the oposite of coverning is duna, dune the covering with a long hat that is contrary to domn, dumne meaning mister or lord meaning dome or the other kind of hat.
  22. steven i can't wait to hug a fucking tree, and you are talking about your dreams and the snakes that appear in them. it even shows you in second clip, she asks him i hear you'dream' stick your hand into the box to test you, and she gives him pain to feed off of his suffering. i can only stick my middle finger inside the box to squirt bad intensions inside of it so all the snakes die from within the box cube. you have fallen pray to the snakes of the cube, they project inside your box dream, your cube.
  23. dome god has you, his dome is on top of this world, he is chief good snake. girls getting upset with red face all i can see.
  24. it became the 7 day after they adopted a 7 day week from the babylonians, the hebrews only had 6 days in their week with sabath being the last day. the six day rest day is birth day of adam, the six day, sabath. the day of man, of adam. right makes sence, it's your birth day, you rest and have a good time. if you like to read how the 7 day came to be you can read here; How the Days of the Week Received Their Names - Tales of Times Forgotten The first people to develop a calendar with weeks consisting of seven days were the ancient Babylonians. Each day of the Babylonian week was associated with one of the seven celestial bodies that are visible with the naked eye. this after babylonians capture the jews and they were in captivity they came with things from them, including the talmud, the kabala and 7 day weekend plus other things. they only had 6 days prior to this, this is late , it changes late. the day of rest was saturn, and it was the end of the weekend the six day. later sabath becomes the 7 day here are a few extra sources. Where the Five-Day Workweek Came From - The Atlantic The roots of the seven-day week can be traced back about 4,000 years, to Babylon. The Babylonians believed there were seven planets in the solar system, and the number seven held such power to them that they planned their days around it. Their seven-day, planetary week spread to Egypt, Greece, and eventually to Rome, where it turns out the Jewish people had their own version of a seven-day week. (The reason for this is unclear, but some have speculated that the Jews adopted this after their exile in Babylon in the sixth century B.C.) At the very latest, the seven-day week was firmly entrenched in the Western calendar about 250 years before Christ was born. Why Are There Seven Days in a Week? | Discover Magazine The seven-day week spread throughout the Near East. It was adopted by the Jews, who had been captives of the Babylonians at the height of that civilization’s power. Other cultures in the surrounding areas got on board with the seven-day week, including the Persian empire and the Greeks. what you saw in the bible is written later after they have addopted the 7 day from the babylonians. the sabath is related to planet saturn, and numeral number 6, not 7. this is the original order. you have been decieved. number 7 is dedicated to this god and to his rest day not to you, to you it's the six day, the day you were created on as the second human sort of, because adam is not the original human, he is bullshit man out of sixes, he he. numeral 7 is either the sun in the sky or the light within saturn in the middle, but not man, man is 6, the sides of saturn, the image of god that is the middle of things, a six replica after this god. blullshit man that walks talks, something of the sort.
  25. the name for planet saturn is sabath. you're confused not me. you should read more religious dogma, you are going to believe in your god blind pfffff. that is not good. so let's see if you are right. i guess i'll have to use wikypedia with you. Shabtai - Wikipedia Shabtai (Sabbatai, Sabbathai, Shabbatai, Shabbethai, etc.) is a Jewish name common in the Middle Ages for boys born on Shabbat, and may refer to: Saturn (known as Shabtai in Hebrew) Israeli scientists crack the mystery of Saturn's day (ynetnews.com) The length of a day for most of the planets in the solar system is clear physical data and well-known to modern science. Until now, however, there was no accurate data on how long it took Saturn (or "Shabtai" in Hebrew) to make a full turn on its axis. so we see in these sources that sabath is derived from the word saturn in hebrew.
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