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  1. Nature please O nature wipe the crap out of them 'get rid of them' so I  don't have to smell their stink.

    2 hours ago, Truthspoon said:



    I know why you're here.


    Because you've nowhere else to go.



    Only a zombie would say that, because he is focused only on what he is instructed to do.

    I have my garden, my hobbies, my set of ideals and you are telling me I have no where to go.


    Like Jesus is the only way to live your life, that is not a healthy mind set.

    And evereyone asks why , and you say because Jesus said in this book





    Don't get upset but you are a zombie, you are one of those I see around, it's okay you will go with your jesus and we can finally be free of this BIBLE BULLCRAP that has cost me my youth.


    Eat meat chops and sing in the church Jesus song. If you don't you are anti christian, if you go into nature and eat greens you are with the devil, curse curse, evil tree lover haha.


  2. 2 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    There's the whole normie web for people to criticize Christianity, not sure why anyone would join a forum like this to mainly just focus on that topic. 🤔

    To answer your question my youtube page recomandations started to fill up with Jesus crap and god, I did not ask for those recomandations, Jesus saves, Get jesus or go to hell and other god crap. We know that you tube is owned by google and google is founded by zionist jews. These  Zionists are everywhere, but the people roam as zombies, it's not even about these zionists anymore.


    Now there is religious folks who invoke god just by talking with them, it seems they are zombified, they pop out of no where and just start talking about god shit, they are remote controlled, you can tell, they are zombies, 


    I remembered I use to have an account here on David Ike but i lost the login details because i haven't been here in years, so I made a new account. I saw this topic and I said grate. I'll just spill some facts in here to add to the topic.


    Then Jesus pork chop people that eat pork chop and pork bacon came here and said eat prok and say jesus is great or you are a nut case.


    I understand now that these zombies are everywhere, on the side walk, on the forums, everywhere, until nature decides to wipe them out since I'm a living being, I deserve better than this zombie culture where I live without such speciments that bother me with Jesus and this book of the dead of theirs.


    You can only invoke nature to cleanse this earth, to get rid of the zombies right. I don't want to live with the dead, I'm alive.


    I think my prayers will get herd, usually when I  complain I get it my way and get what I want.


    where ever I go they start popping in my face with church music, with Jesus and god and i noticed they are zombies, they just show up unexpected to bother me with their snake church.


    bueeaaacccc snake gods with snake church with dome on top, bueeeeeeaaaacccc. I HATE SNAKES.

  3. 1 hour ago, novymir said:

    Because the enemy noticed something within the consciousness that threatens it's hold over people and attempts to disrupt, distract, and direct attention away from the threat, by using another human tuned in to it's wavelength and believing garbage it(ego/egoMatrix) has fed it, and then spewing such garbage in a thread, thereby....




    The Truth is unstoppable.





    I'm holding religion by it's balls, with concoius craphola.

    What a bunch of crap.


    This thread topic is, why it is so immoral, not 'there is a gap in the ozone layer that threatens your hocus pocus'


    Thanks for trashing this thread with off topic nonsene.

    The starter of this thread I respect, he wanted to know why Jesus religion is such a bullshit.

    We;re done, not my problem.


  4. 6 minutes ago, Truthspoon said:



    Sadistic, sick and perverted. Sado masochistic, cold bath, sadistic, sick, perverted, cold bath....


    Yeah.... that seems to be the core of your interests.


    That's a lot of very specific projection.


    So enjoy that for eternity. 


    You're all the same really, you damaged people. I've seen it all before.


    But instead of trying to search through the wisdom of Jesus for a way to escape your pain you blame God, Jesus or harmless forum Christians.... anyone you can attack without immediate consequences.


    You have to forgive the person who hurt you...then your pain will disappear and you will be free.













    You should review my posts and why I'm here.


    Good day.

  5. 17 minutes ago, Truthspoon said:



    Only you can help yourself.....but I think you would rather bring others into hell than try to get yourself out of it. 


    I don't know what's with the cold bath reference.... seems a bit weird. Are you imagining me with no clothes on?



    Tell me when you eat the lamb, an innocent animal, do you ask it if it wants to be eaten.

    The indulgence into innocence of the lamb. They have lamb for easter, you are eating Jesus the lamb for easter.

    Jesus said eat from me, eat from my body in the body 'eat from him because he is sado masochistic'

    He is the bread of life sent forth by these gods, to be the lamb for everyone, it's why they are having the lamb for easter, they are eating Jesus. It's sick and perverted.


    Each easter you are eating Jesus the lamb, the sacrificial lamb set forth by god, and jesus said eat from me , eat from my body' i am life, eat because i'm a sadist.


    You should take a cold bath to wake up from this Jesus zombie religion, is what i meant.


    It does not cost me, nothing, no cost. It only costs you, you accepted Jesus sacrifice for you, I don't.

    You have to go with Jesus the tiger, Jesus owns you.


    It is you who needs help, i'm fine without Jesus.


    Don't forget to indulge into some pork chops and then say Jesus saves in the most sadistic way, shout at the skies, maybe he will hear you







    Jesus called the gods, what a cry pussy, but the gods did not care for him, they sent him to be jew trash can sin colecter.


    What a dumb ass to die for a bunch of baby eaters.


    Stay away from me Jesus, you have your zombie followers 




    He has his zombie followers, you are one of them.

    This disturbed our kind, and we cannot get disturbed.


    I don't want your F-ing Jesus. You disturb us you pay you zombie. 

    Your a zombie roaming on the sidewalk, bothering us. I see your kind everyday popping in my face with religious crap.


    You are like remote controled.

    You are going to pay for what you are doing, for not letting us be.

    Do you understand 



  6. 12 minutes ago, Truthspoon said:



    Seems I've struck a chord.... 


    I only want what's the best for you...... because I'm a Christian and I want to help others.....


    Rather than you trying to deny me my paradise I would rather wish one on you.


    But you're going to have to change.


    This is nothing to do with religion, just Metaphysics 101.


    If you were trapped in a room for eternity with projections of your own consciousness what would that look like Dann?


    It's just a metaphor of course..... but quite a pertinent and salient one I feel. 








    You can't help me, you can't even help your self, you are brainwashed dead and you want to help others.

    What paradise is that , were you eat lamb and pork and sing Jesus is great.


    Why don't you go take a cold bath



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  7. 1 minute ago, Truthspoon said:


    This has nothing to do with religion this is to do with you and the kind of person you seem to be.


    We will indeed see what happens at the end..... but I've already caught a glimpse.


    My warning to you is that you are in deep darkness. All hate, negativity, judgement on others, but there's nothing good to be discerned in your character. And you will take all of that with you into the next world. The next world will be everything you project.... except us good folks on the Icke forum won't be anywhere near you. You'll be trapped with your own kind....... all hatred, moaning, grumbling, judging and pointing fingers..... and not the slightest ray of light, hope or goodness to be found..

    That is what is waiting for you my friend.



    It has because all this bullshit in the end is the thing is going to cost you, this jesus thing.


    I'm done here preaching




  8. 1 minute ago, Truthspoon said:



    Dude, you ARE hell.


    Look at yourself, the way you think, they way you talk to people....


    You're already there.....

    You will see what I mean.


    Your religion = bulox and zero salvation.

    There is no salvation, only disaster waiting around the corner, it's a thin line, very very thin line. 😄 i laugh at your gods.


    You will see what will happen in the end.


  9. 7 minutes ago, Mr KLaaTu said:

    I know what the bible says. And I already knew you were going to start with the 'in OUR image' etc. Certain people can lead others to a certain point, are you aware of that? I personally doubt you are, although you may now lie and say you do, breaking another commandment. At the end of the day buddy... Well.. 


    The topic title is a false premise. It asks a question as if that is some kind of fact, which it isn't. I have already disputed that with a short argumentation. There is nothing more to say about it really.


    You are free to assume anything you like about why the bible continues in plural in certain cases. But the fact is, you weren't there, you didn't write it, so all you can really do is speculate why it says that. To then speculate and assume all kinds of negative things about it is just awful. I see that all the time coming from atheists aka satanists. How are they satanists people might ask? Well, they follow the satanic motto of: 'Choosing ones own will over the will of an externalized ruling God.' They do not worship a mistranslated, non-existent entity. It includes such things as choosing the left-hand path. It states clearly in the bible that the goats(satanic symbolism right?) are separated to the left. Amazing coincidence isn't it? Well, I believe you are a satanist for rejecting God/Jesus and speaking badly about something which was meant good and in certain cases actually DID do good.


    Stop your childish, oh he is here to troll us, because I do not agree with you. Typical ad hominem attacks of people who bite off more than they can chew. That is all I have to say to you. And for what it's worth....

    Have a nice day!

    How am I  ling, it's right there, i posted from the bible.

    You are making things up to excuse this god thing.


    Here is it along with a source from a bible online.




    Micah 4:5

    CLV(i) 5 for all the peoples shall go, each man in the name of his elohim, yet we will go in the name of Yahweh our Elohim, for the eon and further."


    This in constrast with the portion the lord takes when the nations are divided. It makes perfect sense.


    So the most high elohim divides the nations, the elders divide it and yahweh takes his portion, and the rest do also, and the nations are divided with each elohim for one nation.


    The truth is tragedy for the Jesus sect, they don't know how to remain brainwashed dead, it's tragedy for them to find out the truth.

  10. Each nation has his own elohim, as the elder elohims, the most elders split and gave portions to their children.


    Miḵah (Micah) 4:5

    For all the peoples walk, each one in the name of his mighty one'elohim', but we walk in the Name of יהוה our Elohim forever and ever.


    It tells you here that each nation has one, and that 

    It's a lie, monotheistic bullshit. So the elohim of israel is Yahweh, and he got a portion from the elder gods when they split the nations.


    This is in costrast with this passage from the bible;

    When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when He divided the sons of man, He set the boundariesof the peoples according to the number of the sons of God. 9But the LORD’s portion is His people, Jacob His allotted inheritance. 10He found him in a desert land, in a barren, howling wilderness; He surrounded him, He instructed him, He guarded him as the apple of His eye.…

    So the lord recived a portion from the elder elohim that is EL the cannanite god, because his sons and daughters were called bene elohim.


    EL is singular for one elohim god, but it's one of the many elder gods.


    So the elder gods gave their children the smaller elohim portions and divided the nations and yahweh portion is Israel.


    The term Elohim is not hebrew, it comes from the cannaites and babylonians, where in the land of cannan they had gods, and these gods were called ELOHIM for plural and EL for a single of these ELOHIM gods




  11. 37 minutes ago, Mr KLaaTu said:

    You once again did not answer my question. No, it indicates people were worshipping Gods that do not exist. Why do you start with the insulting again, with your Disneyland nonsense? It is you that does not understand what you are quoting. You quote English translations that find their origin in Hebrew. Certain words in Hebrew are very difficult to translate correctly with one word in English. As you will find that, in context it means such things as:

    'punishing those who hate him'

    'demanding exclusive service'


    Which is a little more along the lines of what was meant.


    And who is us? Do you speak for others here now? Or are you with others that share your extremely negative and twisted views on everything? You are a very insulting and negative individual. 


    But still..... Have a nice day!




    I answered you question, there are many quotes hinting there are many, with in 'our image'

    If god made you, it would say in his image, not 'our image' so that is not smart from you.


    Elohim | Hebrew god | Britannica

    Though Elohim is plural in form, it is understood in the singular sense. Thus, in Genesis the words, “In the beginning God (Elohim) created the heavens and the earth,” Elohim is monotheistic in connotation, though its grammatical structure seems polytheistic. The Israelites probably borrowed the Canaanite plural noun Elohim and made it singular in meaning in their cultic practices and theological reflections.



    So the form of this god is plural, the rest is made up to say it's singular.

    The elohim in the bible, use 'let us'    or 'has become like one of us'  or 'in our image' not in his image, but plural 'in their image'

    The name elohim that is already plural apears also with this plural forms of 'us' 'in our image' ' one of us'


    clearly you have not red the thread from the very start and you have come here to bring discord into this thread that is made for us expressing our disgust.


    the title of the thread reads, 'Why is christianity so imoral' and we are here to talk why. You are not on the topic, this topic is only why it's such a bullshit, and we are here to answer.


    You are clearly off topic and here to troll us, you are clearly at fault.



  12. 20 minutes ago, Truthspoon said:


    What craft is that Freemasons or copy pasta Kraft dinner?

    I did not say I'm a mason, you are making things up, as for my copy paste, i'm just pasting from the bible, how do you want us to debate on your book if we don't post quotes from the bible. It's impossible, we paste a passage from your book then we elaborate on it.

  13. 14 minutes ago, Mr KLaaTu said:

    Fine, I will have this discussion with you. Your quote there, you say it is an instruction, but the way that quote is phrased it most certainly isn't. You see, there are quite a few people that understand that Jesus was God come down here to teach people himself. To state God is ego centric... God has no ego. It is people that get messed up by their ego, as some here have already correctly stated. To think the love or appreciation you have for your own kind should be equal to the love or appreciation one has for the creator that made it possible that you have that love and appreciation to give in the first place is ludicrous. You attempt to twist it all negatively, which is not how these things were meant at all.


    Besides that, 'Sadist':

    a person who derives pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain or humiliation on others.


    We using different dictionaries or what? What does yours say?


    I am quite sure it says nowhere that God derives pleasure from people not understanding, not appreciating what he has done for them. Actually, I am quite sure it probably makes him quite sad, possibly angry at certain individuals, which in no way is not a fair response to such behavior.


    Have a nice day!

    God has no ego, hmm

    Remember one of the commandments, god is gelous, you should have no other gods because i'm a jelous god.


    Darn I found it.

    You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God


    This also shares an insignt that there are other gods who the lord competes with from other lands.


    But that is just the lord yah, the elohim do not have egos, they 'have supper inflated egos' 


    And Jesus shares a secret and says 'there are many 'elohim'

    You just did not read the bible in the most proper manner because you are in dysneyland bible mode.

    14 minutes ago, Mr KLaaTu said:


    Well that is your god not mine haha.

    I'm not here to convert you, I would not want you to be the fellow of the craft with me.


    Just stay away from us with Jesus and your god.

    This thread is also open to this discussion, I don't see any point in getting upset.

    You don't like it don't participate.



  14. 2 minutes ago, Mr KLaaTu said:

    You didn't answer my question, which is very much on topic. But I can answer it for you. It is not Christianity which is immoral, people behave immorally. To blame a foundation, because certain people claim to be Christian but do not follow the teachings is ridiculous. That is in the same order of blaming a car manufacturer, because some idiot got into a car and purposely mowed down a bunch of pedestrians.


    You can claim 'Gods' all you want, but if you actually would talk to real religious jewish people, they would tell you they understand 'Elohim' as a single God, no matter what you think to understand about Hebrew grammar.


    But go ahead... Just keep going.

    Have a nice day!

    well it's WHY.

    this is why


    Here is jesus gelous and masochistic in ego centric mode, only an ego centric person would say this, a sadist.


    Forced love, instructs to love him more than your children who came out of you.


    He is a SADIST.


    1. He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. Matthew 10:37
  15. 25 minutes ago, Mr KLaaTu said:

    The topic says 'immoral'. Not what you just made of it. So, fine. Here:

    • I am the Lord thy God: thou shalt not have strange Gods before me
    • Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain
    • Remember to keep holy the Lord's Day
    • Honour thy father and thy mother
    • Thou shalt not kill
    • Thou shalt not commit adultery
    • Thou shalt not steal
    • Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour
    • Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife
    • Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's goods

    Which one of these is immoral exactly then? By the way, you broke the second one... Might be an issue you know.


    Have a nice day!

    Let me alt to your list you made there some child killing



    He that curseth father or mother, let him die the death. (Matthew 15:4-7)


    so Jesus here says if you are dissobidient to your parents you have to be put to death.


    Jesus was a sinagoge priest, he followed the rules of the old testament.


    Jesus also said in the bible to abandon your wife and children and go with him, your own children made from you, from your soul, to abandon them, to go with Jesus the sado masochist.




    Jesus sends the devils into 2000 pigs, causing them to jump off a cliff and be drowned in the sea.  Clearly Jesus could have simply sent the devils out, yet he chose instead to place them into pigs and kill them. This is called animal abuse.  (Mark 5:12-13)



    Jesus kills a fig tree for not bearing figs, even though it was out of season.  Jesus must not be as smart as Christians would have us believe, for he was dumb enough to do something this silly.  You’d think the son of god (god incarnate) would know that trees don’t bear fruit in dry season.  (Mark 11:13)


    Hhahaha worship me and leave your children, hahahaha it's hilarious.

    Jesus as we see also controls demons, they are with jesus haha.




  16. J

    9 minutes ago, Mr KLaaTu said:

    The topic says 'immoral'. Not what you just made of it. So, fine. Here:

    • I am the Lord thy God: thou shalt not have strange Gods before me
    • Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain
    • Remember to keep holy the Lord's Day
    • Honour thy father and thy mother
    • Thou shalt not kill
    • Thou shalt not commit adultery
    • Thou shalt not steal
    • Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour
    • Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife
    • Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's goods

    Which one of these is immoral exactly then? By the way, you broke the second one... Might be an issue you know.


    Have a nice day!



    This thread asks why, and we are here to provide answers to why it is so, because Jesus is the bastard son of the elder gods. This is why.


    He came to the jews not you, he was there for them, you took this religion for you when it has nothing to do with you. Are you a JEWS, jesus came for them to get sacrificed for jews, he is the sacrificial lamb.


    Jesus words on the cross 

    Matthew 27:46-47

     The words with which Jesus thrilled the crowd were these: Elohee', Elohee', lammawh, sebakthanee', "My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?"


    Crying to his elohim gods.


    You have to be a sadist, a sadomasochist, to die for criminals, perverts, rapists.

    Self inflicted damage.    


    You want to be the lamb, you don't want to be the lamb that gets cut , you want jesus to do it for you, this is evil, why don't you become and Fin lamb, but you have to become first a sadist, a sado- masochist.


    Jesus may have been taken off the cross anyway, and told to leave Israel by the romans.

    It does not matter he is still a sado masochist with a predatory mind set.


    If you don't like this thread don't participate, we are here to spill our anger and dislike on this Jesus religious sect.

    It was created to ask why, it is for this purpose

  17. 12 minutes ago, Mr KLaaTu said:

    You see, I have been reading this thread. The fact it has actually gone off topic many times is one thing, but never mind. Do I agree with a lot of what was written here? No, but people have the right to figure things out for themselves all they want. You say previously 'no offense', but how is one to interpret your 'fuck jesus' statements then? You are purposely being offensive to other peoples religion. Your entire made up fantasy you have been pouring out here is complete garbage. That is my opinion, and now you are going to get it. Don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you. I will follow that once again right now. I always love sharing my music with my friends! Hi friend! Do you like my music? Here is a classic favorite of mine! Have a nice day!



    Your problem not mine, it's not off topic,


    The topic is; ' why is the crhistian religion so masochistic and sadistic.'

    we're just here to sheer our thoughts, don't like me, just hit ignore on me and problem solved.


    This is the right place because of the topic, where I come and share my dislike about Jesus the main figure of the Christian religious sect.


  18. On 9/17/2021 at 12:47 AM, pi3141 said:


    You say 'Risings' I'd say 'Emanations' (as you do) on an etheral level, but expansion or emergence can work too. I like how you describe it as 'risings' as well.


    It all flows from the source. 

    Etheric pfffttt hhahahaha.

    Clearly you are of your god.


    You don't know the Christ, you are of your kind, a predator.


    No Jesus this time, just kick ass time.


    Fuck the biblical Jesus, a sado masochistic predator.

    Teaches of love then instructs how to beat the slave with a rod, hahaha.

    Then in one of the books that is not in the bible because Constantine would not included it, Jesus tells us how the Tiger eats the man and this way the man get's saved in the tiger, this is salvation of Jesus. hahahaha. The human get's eaten by the big cat and it is assimilated in the tiger, it becomes the tiger 'sado masochist salvation'


    Well fuck Jesus then.

  19. 5 minutes ago, pi3141 said:


    Well I say similar, the universe did it itself. Call it nature if you like but the universe created life and thr universe sustains life. 


    It my opinion the universe is alive at some level. I see the universe as having a soul and that energy is my God.

    it's the christ who gave rise to the universe, the source, this source is concious nature where things may fire up and spark, this has an assembly, a structure, and this structure emanates things as in fires up, it's constantly on the 'rise'   it's a constant rising of things.  


    But asembly is made from prime nature, from the very essence of nature, the christ is nature.

    The true cross of christ was taken from nature, religions got it from nature practitioners, the cross shows up as the swastica and many other forms in nature at first, so the true Christ belongs to nature, it's just that.


    I'm not interestid in going into detail, and i don't want to debate it


    The word Christ is also taken from nature, Ch-ris, or C-ris.   ris = to rise. symbol of the sunrise a constant rising constant output.

  20. 11 minutes ago, Truthspoon said:


    Light transcends time and nature.....


    Nature is only a secondary effect of a prime cause. 

    Light interacting with matter = nature.



    Ha ha, nature is prime, you don't understand what nature is and i'm not here to preach, i'm not jesus.


    if you understand what nature is at it's core, then you will see things, you will if you get there and earn it.


    This light you say, it's just a show of lights, light is a Byproduct and cannot for example exist without the nature of batteries.


    Battery is over no more light, it is emanated from your flashlight as a byproduct. It's just that nature produces luminosity, plants do too for example, the energy glows when it is excited and that is what light is an excitation of the nature of things.


    You see the light is the fire, and the fire cannot exist without a source to express it's self, wood, batieries, clouds when lighting strikes  and so on.






  21. 8 hours ago, pi3141 said:


    I don't think the God of the OT is the true God. Again, Genesis is taken from earlier Pagan myths by the Jews while in Babylon. Taking the OT literally can lead to all sorts of errors.


    I don't believe in Jesus as God or the Saints either, the Roman Catholics have created many deities to pray to and worship - they are Polytheists, which of course they deny.


    Jesus was a powerful spiritual being who set an example for us all to copy as best we can. He is no God.


    When I go to church its not to 'worship' its to acknowledge and spend some time thinking or contemplating spiritual matters.


    I believe we have a soul, there is a God, there is a heaven and it matters how you behave down here.


    As for knowing God, we can't really. Occasionally we perceive it, coincidences or the appearence of the universe orchestrating events in your favour. I accept some people can feel God but apart from that God is beyond our understanding and doesn't demand worship like the Pagan OT god.

    There is no one god who created the universe and this planet. Nature did it. 


    The gods is a later construct. You are stuck on this god thing.


    The creation of the universes and world is the super natural, or supra natural.

    It's why it's called this, because nature has a  source and we can call this the christ.

    But this is not a god.

  22. 12 hours ago, pi3141 said:

    I'm not a polytheist, there is one God. Jesus was a prophet, perhaps a highly advanced man but he was a man.


    But we still can't be sure what Constantine and others may have put in.

    well in the bible the elohim creates man in the genesis, so I don't share your views on one god, nor do I believe this god inside of the bible that is actually the many gods is the source of things.


    I don't believe in the saints, in jesus, nor this god

  23. 8 minutes ago, pi3141 said:


    Well it seems you have me confused and think I'm a Christian, I oppose most organized Christian theology - Hell, Satan, Lucifer, Original Sin are all Christian lies to me. The exclusivety of the Roman church and its derivatives to claim Jesus as their own is abhorrent to me. And the crimes committed in religions name, not just by Christian but any religion disgusts me to my core. I oppose organized religion. How you thonk I'm indoctrinated is beyond me, I note you edited your text and removed another reference suggesting I'm christian.


    I have been attending a Unitarian church but thats mostly out of interest and searching for spiritual direction.


    Regarding Jesus beating slaves, the Bible has been subjected to much alteration and editing, how do you know Jesus actually advocated that and it wasn't inserted by Constantine or the early church writers?

    it's from the original manuscripts that can be found in israel.

    It's not altered by constantine, constantine took some copies of the manuscripts and made a bible, he left some books out and only included some.


    The only problem we have here is we don't know if Jesus wrote these, since they are after AD written by others in israel.

    These people say they wrote in his name, the folowers of Jesus after he died, they wrote what the apostols told them to write.

    Anyway the Jesus we see in the bible is not nice, the real man jesus may have been a preacher a priest, a royal israeli blood line, and a traveler.


    This does not mean I'm going to worship Jesus as the Christ nor his mother as a saint and pray to her icons in church. So to me Jesus may be just a wise being, that had a bigger intelect and understood things, that is it. He is no more than that.

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