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  1. Dear David Icke forum team, I wish to start upfront that I totally agree with David's lectures most of the time and appreciate his great videocasts, but with the video about Vladimir Putin mentioned above, I don't entirely agree. I'm writing this message because I disagree with David's assesment of portraying Vladimir Putin as a psychopath. In my perception, Putin's reasons for the war in the Ukraine are different and genuine motives. I see completely different backgrounds here. So, I think, completely different questions have to be asked here! For example: Who and What is really behind this war? In my own perception, this war is not about Ukraine at all, that's just an excuse, in reality this war is about a satanic plan, about domination of the world. This is about a global world conspiracy that started in the 1760s in the middle of the 18th century. This plan is called: a NEW WORLD ORDER! This war is all about Vladimir Putin only! This russian President shall be removed, because he has spoken out publicly and refuses to hand over his russian people and his country Russia to the planed satanic totalitärian facist "ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT" ! For this reason alone Putin is being fought worldwide by a globally active SATANIC-CULT known as "Sabbatean-Frankists" or "ILLUMINATI". Dear David Icke, the real reason and the real cause of the war in Ukraine must be sought there and not with Vladimir Putin ! This war will end immediately when the ordinary Ukrainian people finally will wake up and realize who their own President (the Khazar-born Fake-Jew Wolodymyr Selensky really is. Then, the Ukrainan people will overdraw this Agent of Satan!
  2. The following Video is so incredibly evil, you must watch it! Here Klaus Schwab (WEF) and his fake jewish adviser reveal theit true intentions for the world! Sorry, but I'm about to womit!
  3. Under the title: Could micro clots help explain the mystery of "Long-Covid", I've found a very interesting Artikel in the Guardian Newspaper by the distinguished South African research professor Mrs. Dr. RESIA PRETORIUS, head of the physiological science department, faculty of science at the Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Personally, I am convinced that the inflammatory molecules trapped in the fibrin cleavage-resistent "micro-clots" descreibed in the article are indeed "graphene-oxid-nano-spikes" of the mRNA-vaccination! I very much recommend this article! https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/jan/05/long-covid-researche-microclots
  4. COVID SHOTS TO "DECIMATE WORLD POPULATION" warns Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (Germany) Watch this great interview on Gap-tv : https://tv.gab.com/channel/cybershell/view/covid-shots-to-decimate-world-population-609c2623afd5771f1222a597
  5. WHEN WE REALISE THE POWER WE HAVE, WE CAN END THIS (Feb. 24. 2021) Why is this Video censored? Feb.24.2021 ("c" and "v" words, meowed out for our safety) https://www.bitchute.com/video/QITE8Fd6Qzq8/
  6. It's not just what you see, it's the lyrics you should read!
  7. Madness takes its toll, but not for much longer...........The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Let's do the TIME WARP again!!!!
  8. The following scientific video THE SECRET BEYOND MATTER is based on the writings of the renowned turkish Author Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar) and was produced by the turkish SCIENCE RESEARCH FOUNDATION in Istanbul.
  9. How COVID ushers in The New World Order by Spiro Skouras https://www.bitchute.com/video/SU7cSzFs0r7g/
  10. THE VIDEO CAN BE WATCHED ON BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/GKc8akQn0ZZG/
  11. Malachi 4 1-6 For behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven ............. But they thought they were smart and made their calculation without GOD....... Covid19 5G SpaceX But God is infinite consciousness and all there is and ever will be! God is above and below and he will not allow, his name to be tarnished by the spawn of the devil! That's the law and his judgement: https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=spontaneous+human+combustion%qpvt=spontaneous+human+combustion&form=IGRE&1&scenario=ImageBasicHover/ You become aware of what you are directing your attention to!
  12. SYNDROM RACISM and RACE The term SYNDROM stands for "clinically recognizable characteristic" and also means "State of Mind". The term RACE means "Vibrational Rata" and refers exclusively to the inner being of living beings (SOUL). There are three original human races created by GOD living on planet earth: 1. AFRIANS 2. ASIANS 3. ARIANS The AFRIANS (Negroids) are the indigenous human beings living on planet earth, they are the hierarchiy of the monotonous creatures on the planet. Their physical bodies are perceived black-skinned with large black eyes, big lips, a broad flat nose and their hair is black and densely curled. Genetically they are endowed with a highly complex five-sense dual bio-computer (brain). Their race (vibrational rata) resonates with the frequency of the electromagnetic light-field of planet earth, they feed exclusively on negative charged energy. The ASIANS (Japanese) are strangers on the planet, they came from Mars and Maldek after the great catastrophe in space, when planet Maldek exploded in a nuclear meltdown and many alien people had to flee their home planets. They've landed on earth in the North and East. Their physical bodies are perceived white with dark slit-shape eyes, a short pointed nose and long straight black hair. They are genetically endowed with a highly complex five-sense dual bio-computer (brain). Their race (vibrational rata) resonates with the upper frequencies of the electromagnetic light-field of planet earth, they are capable to adapt to higher frequencies and feed on positive charged energy. They've helped to stabilize planet earth by placing the magnetic moon. Many have since left the planet earth again and have moved on to the star-system of Orion. The ARIANS (Teutonen) came from Venus. They also were refugees after the great nuclear disaster in space, when Mars and Venus were no longer habitable. They settled in the NEAR-EAST and NORTH on planet earth. They too are strangers on the planet, their physical bodies are perceived white with light blue, green or silver grey eyes which are slightly upward pointing and almond shapeed, they have a long pointed, often slightly hook-shaped nose (eagle-nose) and have blond to dark-blond or chestnut-braun hair which is long and straight or slightly waved. They were born with a highly complex five-sense dual bio-computer (brain). Their race (vibrational rata) resonates with the upper frequencies of the electromagnetic light-field of the planet, they are capable to adapt to higher frequencies and they feed exclusively on positive charged energy. They've helped to save planet earth by neutralizing the nuclear fallout, they 've built the pyramids and so sealed the radioactive mass. Many of them have left the planet earth again since and settled on other solar-systems (e.g. Proxima Centauri). On earth they maintain a base in the inner world just beyond the ice of the southern polar opening in Antactica. The REPTILIANS and SEMITES But then the solar-system moved into a period of darkness (shift of an age) out of the direct resonance with the central galactic sun (KRISTOS) behind an galactic arm of the milky-way galaxy, what caused a big decline of the frequency of earths electric light field and concurrently also a tremendous increase of gravity and decline of temperature in earths electromagnetiv atmosphere. It was then, when the dark beings (humanoid Reptilians) appeared and tried to settle and reproduce their kind on this planet, but their genetics was too weak and they plunged into the dark underworld. They posess a highly complex dual bio-computer. They exist on the lowest frequencies and feed exlusively on negative charged energy (fear and terror of animals and also humans and often children). They,ve kidnapped and programmed and are still kidnapping and programming many people today, they manipulate their magnetic minds with their own criminal thoughts and rituals. They've caused the genetic intermixing of the different kinds of people with each other und thus they've created and still are creating today the SEMITES (collective term for linguistically related peoples (ethnical groups) without racial or genetic uniformity (mixed breeds). Since then, these reptilian beings dominate and abuse many people, they control their dark power via the magnetic minds of those mixed human slaves and them forgot who and what them really are. Many believe that them were their body, others believe that them were their minds and many even believe that them were their car. The AFRIANS, the ASIANS and the ARIANS are three root races created by GOD and are part of the divine creation, they were all programmed by God with the divine "basic program" (genetic code DNS) the divine LAW. This sacred Law was with them from the beginning and prohibited the mixing of the genes. But this divine Law was broken when the SEMITES came into being. That was the start of the great calamity on planet earth, the people mutated to empathetic, emotionless, insensitive monsters and they lost the understanding of GOD. Today, over two thirds of all humanity are SEMITES, none is the same as the other, each individual has a little more or a little less genes from one or the other root-breeds. Certain "clones" are even adulterated with reptilian genes. Therefore, there is no such thing as a jewish, christian, muslim, hindu or budist race, those are but merely ethnical moral groups based on religious or political ideologies, language or culture, as well as there is no chinese nor arabic race. ONLY BY THEIR WORKS WILL YOU RECOGNIZE THEM!
  13. SABBATEAN SABOTAGE with David Ike On David Icke's Youtube Channel deleted grandious Interview with John Gage again online:
  14. This speech, THE ILLUMINATI AND THE CFR by the renowned american playwright and author, the late Myron C. Fagan was recorded as a audiorecording in 1967 and is now digitized available on the internet. and it fits all what David Icke said about the sabbatean-frankist cult:
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