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  1. Hello I thort I would start a post about The delusions in our existence that we get stuck in from birth, and different ways in which we can come out of them . It’s well documented that shock can snap you out of delusions and I believe this is going on right now . Some people’s worlds are being shattered in a positive way through the shock that certain people can be so evil . Once you move forward in this way there is no going back , baced on feelings I would say there is no urge to go back,which is the Wonderful thing about the set up we are in , For the average Joe they don’t even realise that they have and a inner fear that is triggered so fast and pacified so quickly That they just stay in the delusion , This is a learnt Behaviour from there childhood . For me I have always had the awareness but my problem has been the crazy world in which we live in , I reached the point and decided to do something about it . If anyone is interested I’m happy to tell more about this . My main concern with society at large is and always has been that people don’t use there foreseeing mind , yes sometimes we are snapped into it with the shock like I said but that’s not necessarily consciously looking with your foreseeing mind . David Ike is a kind of essence of the foreseeing mind , we should all be grateful for The expression of that through him , It’s very comforting. We are all capable of creating a seeing mind for ourselves , I see this is one of the most important things for us to do at this time , so we can all affect the people around us to open their minds to some realities , I would like to add that I am not into the new age movement, my approach has always been through action in reality And non-avoidance , this kind of approach needs to be happening everywhere right now and we need to not avoid the task at hand , the term waking up is not a very accurate one in my book I would say a more accurate description would be shedding your shit so you can see clearly how you more naturally should , thanks for reeding , billy
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