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  1. The moral of the story is - we should not take 'ourselves' too seriously - Look over the garden fence at all the looney's that fell for all the crap and allowed themselves to take a > probable life threatening product into their bodies < Raise a middle finger at them - and be as 'smug' as we possibly can be, without drowning ourselves in glory Pity - empathy or even sorrow - is now just a wasted emotion Look on the good things - My ex-wife took the vaccine We just stand our ground no matter what - and as David said - DO NOT COMPLY Take care my friends
  2. Isn't it infuriating when you spot an error you made and can not correct it - so bollox - here is the correction ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss I meant plural - otherwise it makes me sound like a right f**** flid
  3. Just because I am a bit of a dick - with time on my hands - I research and try to find answers that probably have not got a question - but would love to know your opinions I studied the temperatures , either side of the days in question and all the relating factors surrounding the latest fires from around the globe - I covered this field at university - Climatology etc - and put my knowledge to use - - - - - > long story short < some of these fires are out of season - so to speak Do you think - it could be possible that Elon Musk's satellites have been through their tests - and are the origins of - at least some of these fires I know they beam 5G onto the planet - which in itself 'has' to be a concentrated energy source - now - try to visualise not so long ago - and all those ants that suffered under your magnifying glass [yes you did don't lie] on a sunny day - concentrated energy source right - If I was testing 'my' satellites I would narrow the beam down to see just how concentrated I could get my beam - in order to calculate what sort of service I could offer to that particular area Of course I would be offering a service - who knows what Elon Musk has planned
  4. Anti Facts Sir - has made me see sense - perhaps I need to go and find someone to argue with elsewhere - I only subscribe to a couple of channels - I don't have any friends - so a 'facebook ' account would see me arguing with myself - and I will win every time - although I have been known to lose - I have never been involved with 'twitter' and all of my 'porn' channels have applied for a restraining order against me - So it looks like I will have to find a darkened room, lock myself in and argue with myself once again - cheers chaps -
  5. Pierre-Luc - it is getting worse for 'them' - We are ok - so let us sit back and watch the show
  6. I think 'Fluke' has his hit the nail on the head - 'I've' always sat on the outside - I always consider it is what is happening to 'them' - I never include myself - and when I can back into my own little corner and find some companions like you bunch - I know we are safe in our beliefs - and bollox to the other lot - let them get on with it - because sometimes, you just can't reason with these people And they do have the ability to suck more and more people > TalkRadio < into their web Keeping our eyes open is crucial Take care my friends
  7. Maybe I misunderstand the reasoning behind creating a forum - or - is it just that everyone on here - has their eyes wide open and we are all in agreement - I certainly couldn't wish to be among better people - BUT - I was hoping to have an ongoing conversation and hear different views and different takes, on what is happening around the world today - for this very reason I think it is wonderful they are going to jab kids - and I think it should be the kids choice - but only kids over five years old - I think everyone should get a jab - and why not - it will help save mankind - and it's free - I think it should be made mandatory because the un-vaccinated are putting the vaccinated in danger I think the vaccines have got to be safe - otherwise they wouldn't be pushing for everyone to get one - I think they only want to vaccinate > jab < everyone to save us from this deadly virus - what other reasons could they have ? - I don't believe what the internet tells us about Australia - and I think the BBC is impartial - a valuable source of information and worth every penny of it's fee - I also think that everyone should buy a television licence, and if they haven't got a television - the fee should be another form of tax I think if you don't get the jab you shouldn't be allowed to work at all - let alone among people who are vaccinated and I think it only right that cafes and pubs should ban you if you haven't had at least two jabs - Also it makes sense to me that we should all get a booster every eight months because this is just enough time for the variants to develop - I think the Arab terrorists that committed the 911 attacks 'were' orchestrated by Bin Laden from his cave in Afghanistan - and think it only right that America declared war on the middle east - and I don't believe some theory's - that oil was involved -I also believe Jane Standley's explanation about her report of Building 7 I think Tony Blair made a simple mistake over his belief that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction - and it was better to be safe than sorry anyway What do you all reckon ? Is there anyone on here that thinks otherwise - and why for god sake
  8. Not what I thought - It certainly looks the business - Does it have a permanent installed chimney
  9. This is first time I've read this particular report - I started my research from when the Ruskies won the battle of the eastern front in World War Two because the Germans came to a standstill in the winter months - It was this victory or defeat - depending on your viewpoint - that started this whole idea that controlling the weather could be used in warfare - but the initial experiments were a miserable failure all through the 50s and 60s - then the Germans got involved with the Swiss and they were actually funded to create fresh snow for the slopes - whether this was a pretence or for real I don't know - but again this failed due to high costs and the inconsistent results - Of course the American intelligence > lol < suggested the Russians were behind it and falsifying their results It was a post or pod cast that David done - way back ??? that caught my interest - he mentioned it again when he was talking about Elon Musk in 2018,2019 and the possibility that his satellites beaming 5G at given spots on the planet could affect weather patterns - I'm always open minded - but these latest extremes of weather are not out of the ordinary - maybe the fires should be questioned - The Amazon is being destroyed on mass daily and is now being matched in places like Borneo, Sumatra and Papa New Guinea - The crazies are going on about high quantities of Carbon Dioxide that have to be reduced - Trees live on this and give out Oxygen which keeps 'us' alive - so what they are saying is - there is not enough trees to use up all the Carbon Dioxide - which is debatable - this 'they say' is why they want to create rain - you can see a pattern here - It is difficult to determine the truth - all I know is that once the damage is done - it can't be undone --- of course reducing the reliance on what oxygen is left by depopulating the world would help - obviously - and I think that is what is happening - stopping any further destruction would also help - but these morons don't seem to cotton onto this - I've been trying to find out why - oil reserves do come into it - but not on any high level - at least not so far - unless of course they know more than they are telling us - if this is the case - why the electric cars ? Sorry mate - I do go on a bit don't I P.S. Mask wearing reduces oxygen intake - another way of saving it - or am I now joining the conspiracy market Take care M
  10. By posting Newell's report I take it that you have looked into this more deeply M - What is your findings - and what is your opinion of these experiments they apparently are still conducting today - Since the space-race has all but come to an end - what do you consider is their present agenda
  11. If you follow this through M - it amounts to an expensive failure - I take your note about my silly introduction on my post - yes this was a 'genuine' experiment I should have chosen my words a bit better - but I'll be honest - I was just hoping to get into a conversation I majored in Geography and the twelve or so related subjects - Geology - Seismology - Zoography - Volcanology - History etc - I spent five years burning the candle at both ends and landed up being a rebar designer and wasted it all - It pains me when I see these climate change protestors doing what they believe to be good - but with no real understanding of where the problems are - Not that I have any solutions to suggest Take care my friend
  12. Hi M - If you go into your 'my' profile - there is a button that allows you to 'activate status updates' and when you activate this and it goes blue - as you come back into your data - it tells you that you can now post in your own thread I thought I was being clever - but alas - as always I got it wrong 'ink' explained - you don't see your replies and it doesn't really work as it should Lesson learned to not try solving problems I know nothing about on my own Take care buddy
  13. Has anyone on the forum any links to genuine videos or articles that prove that 'chemical trail trials' were real - I have read some amazing facts - that seem to indicate they really were used - only to discover with further research, the opposite - As a physics engineer I can not see the haphazard principle behind them. Interfering with cloud formations to entice rain and/or snow were conducted from the ground in Switzerland in the early seventies - but proved to be too costly for the quantity of vapour production needed and so was abandoned - and additionally the results were very unpredictable The practice of forced avalanching was linked to these experiments and the activity of chem-trails in a sinister way - and as is the practice of 'Chinese Whispers' people now believe that > those that be < can and are controlling these latest whether patterns The deforestation of the Amazon basin - will and does - cause a change in the weather - forest areas at night chill down and as the sun rises and heats the forest - condensation rises into the atmosphere - it is carried on the 'jet stream' and as it comes into contact with various elements - example - as it hits a mountain range - the air between the mountains and the jet stream that is - the pressure is reduced - it rises into colder air and reciprocates as rain - that is why it is always wet in mountain regions - or it can come into warmer streams of air etc etc - that may explain why the Sahara is one of the coldest places on the planet at night - The 'jet stream' acts as a top hat - I can go into this in great depth - it was my major at university If you look at the history of our planet and understand it's cycles - these weather patterns are not new - however - it is possible that some of these latest forest fires may not be natural - and - if you deforest areas - like those in Germany where the roots of the trees gave stability to the soil - it is obviously there are going to be consequences - the roots gave stability to the soil - which acts as a dam to the water table - without this - we have landslides and flash flooding Once you cut down a broad leaf trees that took 100 years to grow - replacing it with a faster growing tree is not the answer - it is too late It is the actions of human greed - cutting down trees to build housing - make furniture or build motorways or just to farm - is the major factor, why these 'normal' weather patterns look so dramatic - The need for more housing and more motorways and the need for fast areas, to be given over to growing food if a major factor behind why the psychopaths want to depopulate the world - It is partly 'why' farmers are being paid to let perfectly good arable land turn to pasture The continued filtration of chemicals > pesticides etc < into the soil 'will' eventually take it's toll on the quality of that soil and it will need to be allowed to replenish - but it ain't going happen in our life time Another factor in you study geography - will will see that food producing areas around the world are very few, in comparison to the size of the planet and the amount of people living on it - and just as my closing note - young single mothers are having more kids than ever because it means more 'Child Benefit' So - where does the blame for all out woes lay - answers on a post card
  14. Mikheil my friend - Should we bring our own blankets ? and how are you off for tea bags Seriously sounds like you are well prepared for all eventualities I think a kachel is the same as a an arguer over here Take care
  15. I'm not sure whether anybody can see my 'status update' I'm not actually sure, what a 'status update' is and felt a little lonely over there - and thought this point is worthy of posting - if not for most of you on here - maybe for your parents or uncles and aunties or the man that offers you free massages at your gym I do not know how many other fossils are on this forum - but just a thought - I worked for forty years - without an unofficial break - every week I paid my National Insurance stamp - that payment was for the National Health Service - Taxes were a different thing altogether - Now I learn that unless I participate in a government experiment 'and' restrict my ability to breath by wearing a mask - there is no longer an NHS service for me - Can anybody shine a light on where and how I go about claiming a refund
  16. If 'anyone' reads this - well you don't actually have to read it  - just see it - Could you let me know it's visible - I'm a dimwit when it comes to understanding how forums work, and already made a nuisance of myself by hogging one 'topic' section


    Right now I believe I am writing in my own thread


    I once told my son - when he asked me - 'What did you say dad'  that I was talking to myself, because the conversation was more interesting and nobody answered back and I agreed with myself   - I joined this forum so I could have other people's opinions and listen to their views


    While I'm here - I do not know how many other fossils are on this forum - but just a thought - I worked for forty years - without an unofficial break - every week I paid my National Insurance stamp - that payment was for the National Health Service - Now I learn that unless I participate in a government experiment 'and' restrict my ability to breath by wearing a mask - there is no longer an NHS service for me - Can anybody shine a light on where and how I go about claiming a refund

    1. KissmeHardy


      Thank you ink - I thought it felt a little lonely over there - It is fortunate I spend most of my life talking to myself - all I get from my son is the occasional grunt - if I'm lucky


      I'll get the hang of all this in time - if I live long enough 😁


      Thanks again my friend - take care - talk again soon

  17. I am new to this ability of corresponding via a forum - Macnamara  pointed out that instead of posting loads of one paragraph bites - I would be better read with my own feed


    I activated - I'm not actually sure what I activated - 'status updates' whatever they are  - so I am under the belief I am writing in my own thread or feed or status or post


    Now it is very probably - and something I am well used to - I am talking - or should I say writing - to myself   -  If anyone reading this is old enough to have kids  - they probably know the feeling


    Can anyone tell me whether I am now writing in my own thread and not bumping, other peoples posts down the pecking order - Thank you in anticipation and hope


    1. Macnamara


      why don't you PM one of the staff and ask them to merge all your posts into one thread?


      You could suggest a title to them for your thread

  18. When the elite cancel Christmas - It is obvious we'll not get snow until Easter On a serious note - Have you noticed how the shops now stock up for Christmas in September
  19. Thanks M - will do - That way everybody can make a choice to get bored Of course it is going to depend on whether I have any thoughts Usually my main morning thought of the day is 'How do I get these bleeding socks on ' - My evening one is - 'How do I get this bleeding tea shirt off' - I'm getting old Thanks again M - take care my friend t
  20. I am so sorry to everybody on this forum - I am new to this ability to converse on a forum - and didn't understand exactly how it worked - I thought 'my' threads were in a folder under my title - I certainly did not intend to be so selfish and hog the site - I got carried away - It is very therapeutic to put your thoughts into words that can be shared - I only ever get an incoherent grunt out of my son, when he wants something - Thank you M for pointing this out My apologies go out to all and everyone one of you on the forum
  21. I know there is problems with the 'government' run DVLA - I have been affected myself - provisions have been made to accommodate the situation though - like carrying on regardless - The European problem only arose recently and needs to be addressed That really wasn't the point I was making in my post - a bus load of Polish workers were shipped in to work at a turkey processing plant in Norfolk / Suffolk because, home grown people did not like the working conditions It is understandable - due to the poultry wage they were getting I wouldn't want to work under such conditions unless it was worth it, financially > where's there muck there's money < no longer stands up - which is a shame As I pointed out - I worked a forty hour week, which young people today, can not get their heads around - but - I got a forty hour week pay packet Other points I have made in other posts - we were united as a work force, and would negotiate with the management to improve those conditions, in what ever way we saw would work - Management do not work on the shop floor, and don't experience the conditions - all this working together for everybody's benefit just doesn't seem to happen anymore - because - people are disposable - It is why agencies exist And it has to be said - young people - understandably - do not have a pride in their employment - or the fact they 'are' employed, and a part of something It's a sad world we live in today - and it is created out of greed Take care M
  22. I am a 'grey top' born in 1951 - yes a f*** ing antique - I have no inclination to be apart of any experiment I have been reading reports of people my age - and anti-vaxers - being refused medical treatment and turned away from hospitals - So very early on in this hoax - I thought I had better make sure I stay out of harms way - and not need the help of the dancing brigade > NHS < no ladder climbing - electric saws or nail guns etc When you no longer have any respect for an organisation - you have to adapt - SO - I started being careful - what I did and how I did it - and - started taking an interest in my well being as far as my diet is concerned - I'm not yet perfect - probably because I'm lazy - but my food intake has changed dramatically - and I haven't felt as good as I do at present - for a very long time - SO - I have to be thankful for covid As far as respecting the NHS - I just watched another post of the dancing clowns - have nurses no self-respect - supposedly mature, dedicated grown ups - sitting on a hospital bed - being pushed along a corridor and pretending it's a boat There are two things to think about - one - If this covid is for real - these nurses are acting like school children , while patients are suffering and succumbing to this illness - which is a disgrace - or - two - they know it's not real and haven't the courage to say so Either way they and my doctor can all go and do one - and if I cock up - at least I'll die surrounded by my family and not some morons that look on me - just as another problem that will interfere with their dance routines It has come to a very strange stage - where if I saw my doctor on fire - I wouldn't waste my piss on him - and basically he hasn't done me any harm - but he wants to
  23. I have been looking around my town - More than every other shop has closed down, and that made me think about familiar names on the high street, that are no more Rainbow and Somerfield, and a thousand others - the list is endless Then I started to look at landmarks > buildings < that they have knocked down to be replaced by modern monstrosities. - Housing estates where, if you are not careful when you walk out your back door, you accidentally walk into your neighbours front door, they are built so close together, in order to cram as many dwellings into a very small space as possible. Fields that were once occupied by wildlife, are now multi-lane motorways - I know what I'd rather have - even if it meant my journeys took twice as long We are slowly destroying our planet in the name of progress - I agree there is a housing shortage - BUT FOR WHO - thousands of illegal immigrants If it was part to do with 'my' vote - then I revote to get someone in power to do, what the majority of us want - and closing our borders would probably be top of the list. We would not have to build these ugly housing estates, and build over green land - I understand that people are living longer and there are a hundred kids per mother than there used to be - but why are we letting those in power, exacerbate the problem by > bringing < thousands of immigrants onto our shores If businesses - said sorry but we only employ English born citizens - that would at least, be a start - BUT - and its a big but - the English work force would have to be willing to do the work - Now we come to the rub - and how it came about - I don't know - and that is - the working week and a proper wage In my day - I'm old - I used to work a forty hour week - and get paid a reasonable wage. Our newly elected leader would have to 'ban' cheap imports, and restore the pride we use to have in products manufactured here and marked 'Made in Britain' - perhaps a DAT could be added to Chinese imports > devalue added tax < or - their products could be slowly phased out completely - I am sure our kids could live without all the shit that occupies them nowadays - bring back bikes and footballs Of course McWanky would have to be put to sleep - it's only kind - and the United Kingdom would have to be restored I imagine there would be changes that many would find hard to adapt to - but wasn't this once a 'Green and Pleasant Land' OK I hear you - yes I live in a fantasy world - more nostalgic than fantasy - What would you see changed - and how would you change it
  24. I agree with your sentiment 1000 percent - It is the narcissistic arrogance of the human race, that will bring about the demise of the planet - Some people can see this coming and have a will to put things right before it's too late - unfortunately I think we have past the point of no return
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