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  1. If 'anyone' reads this - well you don't actually have to read it  - just see it - Could you let me know it's visible - I'm a dimwit when it comes to understanding how forums work, and already made a nuisance of myself by hogging one 'topic' section


    Right now I believe I am writing in my own thread


    I once told my son - when he asked me - 'What did you say dad'  that I was talking to myself, because the conversation was more interesting and nobody answered back and I agreed with myself   - I joined this forum so I could have other people's opinions and listen to their views


    While I'm here - I do not know how many other fossils are on this forum - but just a thought - I worked for forty years - without an unofficial break - every week I paid my National Insurance stamp - that payment was for the National Health Service - Now I learn that unless I participate in a government experiment 'and' restrict my ability to breath by wearing a mask - there is no longer an NHS service for me - Can anybody shine a light on where and how I go about claiming a refund

    1. ink


      You are and your not!

      Status updates don't really act well on the forum and replies aren't really seen.


      You are better to get a mod to put your threads (the ones you wish) into a single thread, somewhere in the forum structure .... then post as you wish into that :)

    2. KissmeHardy


      Thank you ink - I thought it felt a little lonely over there - It is fortunate I spend most of my life talking to myself - all I get from my son is the occasional grunt - if I'm lucky


      I'll get the hang of all this in time - if I live long enough 😁


      Thanks again my friend - take care - talk again soon

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