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  1. I am new to this ability of corresponding via a forum - Macnamara  pointed out that instead of posting loads of one paragraph bites - I would be better read with my own feed


    I activated - I'm not actually sure what I activated - 'status updates' whatever they are  - so I am under the belief I am writing in my own thread or feed or status or post


    Now it is very probably - and something I am well used to - I am talking - or should I say writing - to myself   -  If anyone reading this is old enough to have kids  - they probably know the feeling


    Can anyone tell me whether I am now writing in my own thread and not bumping, other peoples posts down the pecking order - Thank you in anticipation and hope


    1. Macnamara


      why don't you PM one of the staff and ask them to merge all your posts into one thread?


      You could suggest a title to them for your thread

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