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  1. The moral of the story is - we should not take 'ourselves' too seriously - Look over the garden fence at all the looney's that fell for all the crap and allowed themselves to take a > probable life threatening product into their bodies < Raise a middle finger at them - and be as 'smug' as we possibly can be, without drowning ourselves in glory Pity - empathy or even sorrow - is now just a wasted emotion Look on the good things - My ex-wife took the vaccine We just stand our ground no matter what - and as David said - DO NOT COMPLY Take care my friends
  2. Isn't it infuriating when you spot an error you made and can not correct it - so bollox - here is the correction ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss I meant plural - otherwise it makes me sound like a right f**** flid
  3. Just because I am a bit of a dick - with time on my hands - I research and try to find answers that probably have not got a question - but would love to know your opinions I studied the temperatures , either side of the days in question and all the relating factors surrounding the latest fires from around the globe - I covered this field at university - Climatology etc - and put my knowledge to use - - - - - > long story short < some of these fires are out of season - so to speak Do you think - it could be possible that Elon Musk's satellites have been through their tests - and are the origins of - at least some of these fires I know they beam 5G onto the planet - which in itself 'has' to be a concentrated energy source - now - try to visualise not so long ago - and all those ants that suffered under your magnifying glass [yes you did don't lie] on a sunny day - concentrated energy source right - If I was testing 'my' satellites I would narrow the beam down to see just how concentrated I could get my beam - in order to calculate what sort of service I could offer to that particular area Of course I would be offering a service - who knows what Elon Musk has planned
  4. Anti Facts Sir - has made me see sense - perhaps I need to go and find someone to argue with elsewhere - I only subscribe to a couple of channels - I don't have any friends - so a 'facebook ' account would see me arguing with myself - and I will win every time - although I have been known to lose - I have never been involved with 'twitter' and all of my 'porn' channels have applied for a restraining order against me - So it looks like I will have to find a darkened room, lock myself in and argue with myself once again - cheers chaps -
  5. Pierre-Luc - it is getting worse for 'them' - We are ok - so let us sit back and watch the show
  6. I think 'Fluke' has his hit the nail on the head - 'I've' always sat on the outside - I always consider it is what is happening to 'them' - I never include myself - and when I can back into my own little corner and find some companions like you bunch - I know we are safe in our beliefs - and bollox to the other lot - let them get on with it - because sometimes, you just can't reason with these people And they do have the ability to suck more and more people > TalkRadio < into their web Keeping our eyes open is crucial Take care my friends
  7. Maybe I misunderstand the reasoning behind creating a forum - or - is it just that everyone on here - has their eyes wide open and we are all in agreement - I certainly couldn't wish to be among better people - BUT - I was hoping to have an ongoing conversation and hear different views and different takes, on what is happening around the world today - for this very reason I think it is wonderful they are going to jab kids - and I think it should be the kids choice - but only kids over five years old - I think everyone should get a jab - and why not - it will help save mankind - and it's free - I think it should be made mandatory because the un-vaccinated are putting the vaccinated in danger I think the vaccines have got to be safe - otherwise they wouldn't be pushing for everyone to get one - I think they only want to vaccinate > jab < everyone to save us from this deadly virus - what other reasons could they have ? - I don't believe what the internet tells us about Australia - and I think the BBC is impartial - a valuable source of information and worth every penny of it's fee - I also think that everyone should buy a television licence, and if they haven't got a television - the fee should be another form of tax I think if you don't get the jab you shouldn't be allowed to work at all - let alone among people who are vaccinated and I think it only right that cafes and pubs should ban you if you haven't had at least two jabs - Also it makes sense to me that we should all get a booster every eight months because this is just enough time for the variants to develop - I think the Arab terrorists that committed the 911 attacks 'were' orchestrated by Bin Laden from his cave in Afghanistan - and think it only right that America declared war on the middle east - and I don't believe some theory's - that oil was involved -I also believe Jane Standley's explanation about her report of Building 7 I think Tony Blair made a simple mistake over his belief that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction - and it was better to be safe than sorry anyway What do you all reckon ? Is there anyone on here that thinks otherwise - and why for god sake
  8. Not what I thought - It certainly looks the business - Does it have a permanent installed chimney
  9. This is first time I've read this particular report - I started my research from when the Ruskies won the battle of the eastern front in World War Two because the Germans came to a standstill in the winter months - It was this victory or defeat - depending on your viewpoint - that started this whole idea that controlling the weather could be used in warfare - but the initial experiments were a miserable failure all through the 50s and 60s - then the Germans got involved with the Swiss and they were actually funded to create fresh snow for the slopes - whether this was a pretence or for real I don't know - but again this failed due to high costs and the inconsistent results - Of course the American intelligence > lol < suggested the Russians were behind it and falsifying their results It was a post or pod cast that David done - way back ??? that caught my interest - he mentioned it again when he was talking about Elon Musk in 2018,2019 and the possibility that his satellites beaming 5G at given spots on the planet could affect weather patterns - I'm always open minded - but these latest extremes of weather are not out of the ordinary - maybe the fires should be questioned - The Amazon is being destroyed on mass daily and is now being matched in places like Borneo, Sumatra and Papa New Guinea - The crazies are going on about high quantities of Carbon Dioxide that have to be reduced - Trees live on this and give out Oxygen which keeps 'us' alive - so what they are saying is - there is not enough trees to use up all the Carbon Dioxide - which is debatable - this 'they say' is why they want to create rain - you can see a pattern here - It is difficult to determine the truth - all I know is that once the damage is done - it can't be undone --- of course reducing the reliance on what oxygen is left by depopulating the world would help - obviously - and I think that is what is happening - stopping any further destruction would also help - but these morons don't seem to cotton onto this - I've been trying to find out why - oil reserves do come into it - but not on any high level - at least not so far - unless of course they know more than they are telling us - if this is the case - why the electric cars ? Sorry mate - I do go on a bit don't I P.S. Mask wearing reduces oxygen intake - another way of saving it - or am I now joining the conspiracy market Take care M
  10. By posting Newell's report I take it that you have looked into this more deeply M - What is your findings - and what is your opinion of these experiments they apparently are still conducting today - Since the space-race has all but come to an end - what do you consider is their present agenda
  11. If you follow this through M - it amounts to an expensive failure - I take your note about my silly introduction on my post - yes this was a 'genuine' experiment I should have chosen my words a bit better - but I'll be honest - I was just hoping to get into a conversation I majored in Geography and the twelve or so related subjects - Geology - Seismology - Zoography - Volcanology - History etc - I spent five years burning the candle at both ends and landed up being a rebar designer and wasted it all - It pains me when I see these climate change protestors doing what they believe to be good - but with no real understanding of where the problems are - Not that I have any solutions to suggest Take care my friend
  12. Hi M - If you go into your 'my' profile - there is a button that allows you to 'activate status updates' and when you activate this and it goes blue - as you come back into your data - it tells you that you can now post in your own thread I thought I was being clever - but alas - as always I got it wrong 'ink' explained - you don't see your replies and it doesn't really work as it should Lesson learned to not try solving problems I know nothing about on my own Take care buddy
  13. Has anyone on the forum any links to genuine videos or articles that prove that 'chemical trail trials' were real - I have read some amazing facts - that seem to indicate they really were used - only to discover with further research, the opposite - As a physics engineer I can not see the haphazard principle behind them. Interfering with cloud formations to entice rain and/or snow were conducted from the ground in Switzerland in the early seventies - but proved to be too costly for the quantity of vapour production needed and so was abandoned - and additionally the results were very unpredictable The practice of forced avalanching was linked to these experiments and the activity of chem-trails in a sinister way - and as is the practice of 'Chinese Whispers' people now believe that > those that be < can and are controlling these latest whether patterns The deforestation of the Amazon basin - will and does - cause a change in the weather - forest areas at night chill down and as the sun rises and heats the forest - condensation rises into the atmosphere - it is carried on the 'jet stream' and as it comes into contact with various elements - example - as it hits a mountain range - the air between the mountains and the jet stream that is - the pressure is reduced - it rises into colder air and reciprocates as rain - that is why it is always wet in mountain regions - or it can come into warmer streams of air etc etc - that may explain why the Sahara is one of the coldest places on the planet at night - The 'jet stream' acts as a top hat - I can go into this in great depth - it was my major at university If you look at the history of our planet and understand it's cycles - these weather patterns are not new - however - it is possible that some of these latest forest fires may not be natural - and - if you deforest areas - like those in Germany where the roots of the trees gave stability to the soil - it is obviously there are going to be consequences - the roots gave stability to the soil - which acts as a dam to the water table - without this - we have landslides and flash flooding Once you cut down a broad leaf trees that took 100 years to grow - replacing it with a faster growing tree is not the answer - it is too late It is the actions of human greed - cutting down trees to build housing - make furniture or build motorways or just to farm - is the major factor, why these 'normal' weather patterns look so dramatic - The need for more housing and more motorways and the need for fast areas, to be given over to growing food if a major factor behind why the psychopaths want to depopulate the world - It is partly 'why' farmers are being paid to let perfectly good arable land turn to pasture The continued filtration of chemicals > pesticides etc < into the soil 'will' eventually take it's toll on the quality of that soil and it will need to be allowed to replenish - but it ain't going happen in our life time Another factor in you study geography - will will see that food producing areas around the world are very few, in comparison to the size of the planet and the amount of people living on it - and just as my closing note - young single mothers are having more kids than ever because it means more 'Child Benefit' So - where does the blame for all out woes lay - answers on a post card
  14. Mikheil my friend - Should we bring our own blankets ? and how are you off for tea bags Seriously sounds like you are well prepared for all eventualities I think a kachel is the same as a an arguer over here Take care
  15. I'm not sure whether anybody can see my 'status update' I'm not actually sure, what a 'status update' is and felt a little lonely over there - and thought this point is worthy of posting - if not for most of you on here - maybe for your parents or uncles and aunties or the man that offers you free massages at your gym I do not know how many other fossils are on this forum - but just a thought - I worked for forty years - without an unofficial break - every week I paid my National Insurance stamp - that payment was for the National Health Service - Taxes were a different thing altogether - Now I learn that unless I participate in a government experiment 'and' restrict my ability to breath by wearing a mask - there is no longer an NHS service for me - Can anybody shine a light on where and how I go about claiming a refund
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