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  1. It's working to murder the vaccinated. It's doing what (((they))) want not what the sheep being sent to slaughter want.
  2. I think they're happy with him. He looks and acts like a bumbling fool while fulfilling Zionist plans. He's a wolf in idiot's clothing. Why do you think he still has that retarded haircut?
  3. She wants revenge for Brittan trying to civilize India. They failed and India is still a country of murder and open sewers in the streets but she's still bitter. Everything she does makes perfect sense if you remember she wants to destroy Brittan to bring glory to India.
  4. I think we all know what the opposition to Cryptocurrency is REALLY about. Environmentalists don't complain about all the electricity used to run their TVs and electric cars but Bitcion mining scares them. They say it's about the energy used but we all know it's really about the banking cabals.
  5. If New Zealand bans meat what will they do with all their sheep? I don't like smoking. I think it's a dirty habit. It's wrong to ban it though. It's all about forcing compliance.
  6. We'll be just fine when the vaxxed die off in a few months. All those liberal sheep dead and the adrenochrome class with only awake independent patriots left. They're shooting themselves in the foot. They're concentrating the opposition.
  7. Scotland has the highest vaccination rate in Brittan. Having the highest death rate is good proof that the vaccine is toxic.
  8. This is a lot to take in. Can anyone tell me how accurate it is?
  9. This is a new Christmas song that's predestined to become a new holiday classic.
  10. Did you ever hear about boiling a frog? They're still raising the water temperature slowly. They know the sheep will take their poison but they need to keep people afraid so they can keep flipping the weakest minded people who aren't sheep. They want to tire out the people who can't run the marathon against them.
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